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Testaverde latest Hurricane headed to College Football Hall of Fame

Heisman trophy winning Hurricanes quarterback Vinny Testaverde will be one of 14 former players and coaches who will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 class.

The National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame made the joint announcement Monday during the telecast of College Football Live on ESPN. The remainder of the 14-member FBS class will be announced Tuesday at noon press conference from the NASDAQ OMX Market Site in New York City.

Testaverde was Miami’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1986 and led the Hurricanes to three bowl berths. He went 23-3 as a starter playing for legendary coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

The Bucs picked Testaverde as the No. 1 overall selection in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his pro career spanned 21 seasons with seven different teams. The 1998 All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection finished his NFL career seventh all-time in passing yards (46,233) and eighth in touchdowns (275).

He remains among only four Hurricanes to have their jerseys retired at Miami.

Testaverde will become sixth Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame. He joins: Bennie Blades (2006), Don Bosseler (1990), Andy Gustafson (1985), Jack Harding (1980), Ted Hendricks (1987), Jimmy Johnson (2012), Russell Maryland (2011), Gino Torretta (2009) and Arnold Tucker (2008).

The 2013 College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class will be inducted Dec. 10, 2013, at the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. They will be honored guests Jan. 2, 2014, at the National Hall of Fame Salute in New Orleans at the Allstate Sugar Bowl.


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Scandals went on at South Carolina , LSU , Auburn, Florida and Antler spray Alabama. Nobody guilty of anything. Couldn't find no wrong doings. If Miami was in the Sec. No wrong doing would have been found . No investigation. Mark Emmer it and ESPN would love the canes.

coach d(oosh) and calvin feel like they re the only ones with opinions

I agree- joachim noah is one fugly and obnoxious mofo. just bc he plays hard dont change the fact thathe is an annoying blabber mouth. The prototypical gator doosch bag with his annoying pony tail and attitude to go along. Yeah he has 2 ships. Ill give him that. But he wont get NBA rings. Not at th expense of the heat..

Calvin you are BOZO. All of us here have you pegged as a gator. so stfu.

If gator pukes dont like to hear this stuff, here's the bottom ine- NONE of you belong on this blog. There is a section for UF on this site. Go there. have fun. talkk about those days with tebow. reminisce. But gtfoh. Otherwise, just like you will on 09/07/13,

You may get punched in the mouth

Joachim Noah's stupidity last night cost the Bulls momentum at a critical point in the game. His typical Gator ignorance and behavior does nothing but make opponents dig in harder and help the opposing team.

Latest University of Miami Cane Sporting News...

A m[]_[]llet jumped in Lake Oceola on Campus earlier today...

That Is All...

Last nite's game and the game before that are teway it's supposed to be. The Heat i the best team and should win out. There is nothing Noah can do to change that. All he can do is play had and keep his team close, which he does.
The Heat would love to have Noah play for them, so wold any other team, period.
UD is a former gator and so is Miller, two very popular Heat players.
Georgia don't compain that Gator fans post here, if you look at the UF blog there are a few canes posting there routinely.
It woild be nice to have a healthy back and forth among the big 3 school fans but the reality is that most of the canes here are delusional,bitter and defensive only posting make belief and stupidity. They are also very quick at name calling and personal attacks. Like I said before that means they have no valid points, no factual evidence to back up what they say or to refute what's said about them.

unless you were born yesterday, coach d

read back on this blog and look at the pathetic low life dirty down posts here about BRian Pata (rip) posted by none other than jealous petty gators

go s-rew your self with your preaching. Its on here.

oach D I did not complain about you guys being here I basically said if you dont like what you here when here you should not be here . I actually enjoy the back and forth if it's in the spirit of competition but when it's about insulting players that have died whether it was players at he U , FSU , Uf or any other school in the country for that matter I find that in extremely poor taste and have no interest in hearing it .Go Canes

I too saw the post about Pata and that is uncalled for. However that is only one person and you can find individuals like that everywhere it is best to ignore such stupidity. I am referring to posters like the fellow above who change their name constantly but always post personal attacks and such. Heck this guy even takes the names of other posters like Calvin and Gallo and makes up stupid handles with them, you can't get more personal than that. So it is not about wether I like what I hear or not but more about if what's posted has some semblance of truth, reality or rationality. We all have different opinions but if you are completely ignorant about the subject on hand then your opinion is worthless.
If you don't like my "preaching" that is too bad, just try to elevate your discourse to a higher level and then the preaching wouldn't be needed anymore.

BTW Georgia, it's NO D

sorry to dissapoint you, coach no duh.

There are multiple whiney, petty, jealous, waanbe gaytor fans on this blog.

They dont belong here but if they post something nasty they get some nasty back. period.

if you dont like it then read the gainseville times or whatever.

I just jumped btw

by the way, fo all of "coach no D"'s pontificating, fake indignation, and purity, its quite hypcorytical thathe will ask us to maintain a higher discourse, and use facts and such when dumba55 uses the password "coach d" in reference to coach donofrio

that is quite disrespectful. And you sir no nothing about football just like idiot calvin and cool cat- Donofrio was in his 2nd year coaching the D at Miami and morons like yourself were already disrespecting the man

practice what you preach.

What is "hypcorytical"?
Onofrio has coached for two years already, and what does he have to show for?
Methinks you are the one who "no nothing about football" Is it disrespect to point out the obvious? The UM defense has regressed, that means it got worse, each of the 2 years Onofrio has been at the helm. So much so that it set a record of futility last year never before seem in UM history. Therefore the reference to No D and the removal of the D from the man's name. I must point out he has been called worse by many UM fans.
The reference about a higher discourse is meant to be among the bloggers here starting with you who refers to others as idiots, morons and dumba55 when they have valid opinions.

ok you got me. hypocrytical. I guess my spelling was suspect there.

good for you for picking that up, sally the librarian.

Not only are you a d-#k head, but you are a d-kk head that spells well. congratulations.

the defense has regressed compared to what, mr rocket scientist? Golden had to rebuild this team from scratch since shannon didnt leave him anything. And that was particularly true od the defense

But if you are going to make comaprison, let me explain to yoou and remind you what I reminded another sage (Calvin) about when he also was spewing this moronic nonsense about coach donofrio--

1984. Jimmy Johnosn just took over Howards NC team. What happened? Team went 8-4. They lost to BC giving up something like 500 yds to that runt Flutie. They lost to Maryland after the D gave up 31 unanswered points. They didnt win the ship for another 3 years.

Point is, two years is not nearly enough to make these judgements (that is if you know anything about football- which you dont). After year 3, I's day OK. If this D is as bad as it was last year then He needs criticism. and probably needs to go-

But this garbage was going on after year one- and last season. Never mind thatthe year before UM lost to USF! Thanks Randy Shannon.

Last years D would not have done better if Bill Belchick was the D coordinator- players were small, wet behind the ears, freshmen, or sophomores or rookies, weak, and under conditioned.Leadership was non existent. Some were injured. Some never panned out (VT, RAy RAy) and some were plain stupid: Eddie Johnson, Finnie.

Addition by subtraction. You clean the house, take out the garbage and start again.

My pred- UM will go 10-2 next year. D will be much better. You, Calvin,, Cool cat and cane72 will have to eat the same crap you spew.

Your commentary about Donofrio is racist or stupid or ignorant.

Really. Stop making excuses for Coach D.The defense was headed in the wrong direction.This is not a reflection of Randy S. The South Fla Bulls had a decent program. Ask the sSeminoles, fighting Irish, wolf pack , mountaineers and Louisville about the bulls.The well wasn't left dry for Coach D. Put the blame where it belongs.

What we are looking at is not Miami football, not Miami footbal lrecruiting. Not Miami football scheduling and definitely not Miami football pride. You have a shot at a SEC powerhouse and you walk away from a nationally televised game. What does this do for recruiting.If you want to be relevant again. You accept the challenge and prepare to win. Do not play a bunch of cup cakes games and run up the stat sheet have a fantastic record go to a bowl and then get embarrassed by the team you didn't want to play.

I'm afraid that's where we're headed. I remember when it use to be said about us and the reason we got to championship games is because "we didn't play nobody" and i use to tell people all the time, nobody wanted to play us, but if we didn't play nobody, how come when we get to the championship games we win. Now it's looking more and more like we;re headed in the same direction and blue print as the big 10, where once they get to the championship games, they get out athleted.

We'll continue to have the athletes on offense, but defensively, the philosophy is going the wrong way and using the athletes we have the wrong way. The best we can hope for right now is having a defense similar to what notre shame had this year and that's not UM football and that type of defense can and will easily get picked apart by the better teams. To much zone and it also gives your own offense a false sense of being better than what they are since they don't and won't get challenged off the line.

We'll see if coach james coley has a better approach to offense than coach jed fisch did. I like what jedd brought but to many times we ran a lot of cotton candy offensive plays when we should've been in power formations. To many times jedd took away the threat of the run on 3rd & 2's/3's, went shotgun and we went 3 & out. We'll see what james coley can do, we had enuff offense to make he kansas st. & notre shame games more competitive than what they were, jedd called to many soft plays and didn't use mike james enuff in those games.

Anybody trying to defend this defense besides coach goldie(we know why he's doing it, cause that's his boy), they either don't know football, or they're an imbecile. Than come this year, with the weaker schedule and coach goldie continually trying to soften the schedule and worst off, making it publicly known that that is what he's trying to do is sickening and does not represent UM.

I'll say it again about coach goldie, he needs to be mentally raised about what Miami football is all about, you can't come down here and fake like you're tuff, him or his boy oach OH-NO. They can yell and scream all they want to in practice, nobody is going to respect them, like in the first year they came in, and clown 117th was yeling at jordan futch "quit runnnig around the block and jack em up" he lucky he didn't get swung on that day and also, i knew than, uh oh, we're going to be a slow defense because they're teaching them to engage blockers, shed and than make the tackle, by that time, the runningback ahs picked up 8 to 9 yards.

That type of technique negates defensive team speed, so in the first season, we saw logan thomas walk right up the middle of the defense, why, in the rezone, guys trying to engage and than get off a block, by that time, endzone. Trying to take speed players and get them to slow down and engage instead of running pass/around would be blockers is not Miami football. You only seek to engage a blocker if he's actually in position to block you don't seek em out and hel[ him block you by engaging, that's stupid and counter productive. Add to that, to our most physical linebackers are no on the team anymore in eddie johnson and gionni paul(who consistently racked up double digit tackles and played more like ray lewis did in college, where he racked up tackles but wasn't as impactful as at UM as he was in the the pro's).

For the first time in a long time we were going to have a lot of talent at the same time at the linebacking psition on the field together, as jim gallo said the other day or something along the lines of "a coach has to be a real moron to get rid of a player like eddie johnson".

Right now coach goldie doesn't have that real Miami respect right now where even law enforcement would know to leave the football players alone. for instance in the old days, had gabe terry been on the team, you would've never heard about him and that situation, it would've been kept in house and gabe would still be on the team. Notice how most of the guys/playmakers on defense just happen to have a lil bit more action off the field as well, but they've been kicked off the team, only to have coach goldie hollering about guys being selfish.

Coach goldie is the most selfish person in the program, at the expense of UM losing games, he's been making every excuse and trying to justify why his boy clown 117th should be here at all cost. So we let john lovett go for this guy, lol. goldie is being selfish because all he's done is create depth issues on the defensive side of the ball all in the name of trying to buy his boy clown 117th more time because he wants them to win a national championship together. I got news for coach goldie and the rest of these goldie slurpers, as long as clown 117th is here, consistently getting outcoached by mediocre oc's, the acc championship will be the only thing alot of yall will have to look forward to and try and brag about. I could careless about that acc championship crap, just get to the real game and that's the only one that matters, it's still "national championship or bust" in my book.

### UM, which already has an oral commitment from Hialeah High’s three-star Alin Edouard...

Not anymore, Edouard is a DEcommit and has re-opened his recruiting process... we'll that didn't take long.

I would say that there will be a lot of commits that will decommit leading up to Feb. like the last few years, but we have so few commits now that number hopefully will fall. But the 2-3 average Star project kids will certainly continue as Golden will no doubt blame it all on negative recreuiting by others which is BS. When he gets a huge 2-3 years in a row of multiple Top kids, I'll be a believer. So far he has had one decent class and 2 overall Whiffs on the other 2.

No Bucks, No Buck Rogers and we don't have enough Bucks starting right now, when we use to have them 3-deep.

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry
Robert Lockhart
Sony Michel
Alin Edouard

Joseph Yearby and Trevor Darling on deck......

I cant ever remember this kind of situation where there have been so many de-comitts at UM.....loose against fsu/florida will nail the UM coffin shut.....maybe thats what is need to exit these idiots (golden/dnofrio).....don't forget to add the exit of the majority of UM's best players to graduation next year....

Although Hialeah’s Alin Edouard is currently committed to Miami, James Coley has been hot on the trail of multiple out of state signal-callers. Malik Rosier of Mobile, Alabama and Brad Kaaya from West Hills, California could be Miami Hurricanes within the next month if everything goes as planned.

In an interview yesterday with CanesInSight’s Tito Benach, Edouard said he hasn’t been speaking to Coach Coley.

“I haven’t talked to him often at all. I’ve even tried calling him and he doesn’t answer.”

Edouard was recruited by Mario. Coley likes tall QB's and Allan is all of six feet. Sucks for the kid because he desperately wants to be at UM.

Alin ^^^^^^^^^^

Canes sign 6'4 210 qb from California

Gallo....your point? Again....being stupid as usual...

Shannon casualties

Jacory Harris
Aldarious Johnson - BUST
Tommy Streeter
Ben Jones - Took AGS people to finally get him somewhere
Sean Spence - Would not have torn knee up had he been better developed early on by Randy
Clint Hurt
Mark Whipple
Arthur Brown - *****Biggest failure
Thearon Colliar - Booker T kid never developed....BUST
Marcus Forston - NW kid....BUST
Davon Johnson - BUST under Shannon....AG finally gets production and some "return on investment" from schollie
Brandon Marti - BUST - Discipline issue
Cannon Smith
Vaughn Telemack - Never developed early by Shannon...cost him...
Robert Marve - Shannon plays favorites - Discpline issues
Jermaine McKenzie
Adewale Ojomo - broken jaw by walk-on under Shannon...cost him an entire year...hurt our defense that year
Ray Ray Armstrong - Under achiever - troublemaker
Dyron Dye - BUST
Kacy Rodgers - BUST
Storm Johnson -Pothead - Shannon no due dillegence on this kid prior to wasting schollie on him
Chase Ford - BUST - Not sure which game film he was watching

And the list COULD go on.....

Turds opening opponents since 2006....

2006 - Southern Miss & Central Florida - National Championship....hmmmmmmm ******
2007 - Western Kentucky & Troy
2008 - Hawaii & Miami - National Championship....hmmmmm....******
2009 - Charleston Southern & Troy
2010 - Miami of Ohio
2011 - Fla Atlantic & Alabama Birningham
2012 - Bowling Green

Canes opening schedule since 2006....

2006 - FSU, Florida A&M, Louisville
2007 - Marshall & Oklahoma
2008 - Charleston Southern & Florida
2009 - FSU, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma - (Yeah....like the turds would even have the bal*s to schedule like we did for 2009...haha)
2010 - Florida A&M & Ohio State
2011 - Maryland & Ohio State
2012 - Boston Collage & Kansas State

So...you tell me what looks more impressive on paper. I think its safe to say had the Turds scheduled some "tougher" opponents in 06 & 08....perhaps they don't have a chance to play for those two titles. Actually....I'm convinced...are you a ware that they had at least one loss in both those seasons but still played for the championship while there were other undefeated teams in the top ten that did not get a shot. Never an undefeated season?




In an interview yesterday with CanesInSight’s Tito Benach, Edouard said he hasn’t been speaking to Coach Coley.

“I haven’t talked to him often at all. I’ve even tried calling him and he doesn’t answer.”

"Still, it's just odd the way all this went down. For six months Miami wanted Denver Kirkland. Then six days before National Signing Day they decided they didn't want him anymore". feb 12, 2013 herald

same with jaynard Bostwick choice to go to Florida because he said he and his parents were ignored at Um weekend.....golden never approached them

Like I've always said...golden and company treat players like commodities.....

national signing day is a LONG way off....more to come

Top Floida recruits that golden couldnt close...

#2 Vernon Hardgreaves - florida
#4 Matthew thomas - fsu
#6 Kelvin Taylor - florida
#8 Demarcus walker - fsu
#9 Ryan green - fsu
#11 Danile Mcmillian - florida
#12 Artie burns - UM
#14 Stacy coley - UM
#15 Marcell harris - florida
#20 Ira denson - fsu
#22 Ahmad fulwood - florida
#25 Caleb brantley - florida
#27 Keanu neal - floida
#30 Jordan sherit - florida
#32 Alvin Bailey - florida
#33 Jamal Carter - UM
#34 Freddie stevenson - fsu

Nobody could close Thomas obviously....Gallo....

When are you cane fans gonna wake up and realize that you're FINISHED? You're getting smoked in recruiting and you have a shoestring budget for coaches. There is nothin you can do at this point to alter the recruiting landscape. The UM brand means absolutely nothing to today's recruits. Zero! Miami kids are balling elsewhere. UM will always get some good sofla athletes but there is a Lon established pattern now of not getting nearly enough. Utough? Please. Gotta wonder how long UM fans will think that the programs on the verge of something big? It's laughable. There are dozens and dozens of better rosters around the country yet you think you can compete? You guys are unbelievable. Wake up.

nobody wants to play defense at UM....look who we lost, plus golden kicking defensive players off the team all adds up......

and why?......because of dnofrio and the reality of golden is setting in.....the luster is off....a UM team at #116 defensively....ru kidding?

notice that the UM family is totally fragment and non existent?..when was the last time you saw former players on the sidelines....even Michael Irving is tired....old time canes are turning into WW2 veterans...soon they will be lining the streets in wheelchairs at parades wearing 1986 UM baseball caps....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | May 13, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Will you be fishing Boca Grande over the Memorial Day weekend?

la atlantic / 3-9
savanah state / 1-10
usf / 3-9
gt / 7-7
nc / 8-4
wake / 5-7
vt / 7-6
duke / 6-7
virginia / 4-8
pitt / 6-7

this schedule will not save golde/dnofrio is UM looses to Florida and fsu......UM will be toast 2014 recruiting

Oh yeah, definitely fishing Boca Grande this summer. Just not on Memorial Day weekend this year since my buddy will be hanging out in Ryan Newman's pit that weekend. We slaughtered some monster Tarpon last year. Too bad I can't post a pic here but Last year we touched a tarpon that was sniffing 150 pounds. Thanks for the tip about Red's but the old lady was pissed that I talked her into Tripletail instead of Linguine Fra Diavolo. But thanks.
Just so you feel better about yourself, I'm making up everything about Bokeelia/Boca Grande. Never even been there. I failed the bridge trivia inquisition, how could I possibly have ever been there? Of course I've never stayed at a house on Tortuga Street I made it all up.

P.s. I'm not Gallo u dumb jakkkassss

Tell us ALL Football Observer, WHY it matters to you about the Canes and their fans? Why even bother posting your opinion, WHY is it such a concern of yours that we should all just give up on the Canes? Please impart your infinite wisdom on us poor down trodden Caners.

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | May 13, 2013 at 01:07 PM

Sure your not....and i'll keep an eye out for you ;)

West Hills Chaminade (Cal.) three-star quarterback Brad Kaaya orally committed to UM today, choosing the Canes over San Diego state. He's the second QB oral commitment in this UM class, but it's not certain if the other (Hialeah's Alin Edouard) will be part of this class.


We should be excited that we got a kid over San Diego State being his other choice ? This is happening far to often with Golden and Miami now. Getting kids over their other choices like, Marshall, Idaho, Buffalo, Texas St. Cent. Michigan, Iowa St., Western Kentucky and other mid-low level programs. Aim low and hope? Listen, I hope this and these types of players workout, but the fact remains, we are not on par recruiting wise with the Top Schools. And We know who they are. We keep aiming low and hoping, we'll be right where we were the last 8 years and are now. It simply is not the model to becoming a Top-10 Program again no matter how smooth and polished Golden is at the Lecturn. It is not sustainable and anyone that doesn't see this as a problem is just to blind to see it.

Listen, I don't want this.

Alabama Rivals Class Rankings:

2007: 10th

2008: 1st

2009: 1st

2010: 5th

2011: 1st

2012: 1st

2013: 1st

But Top 6-7-8-9's and a Top 5 Class every 3-4 years would be nice and the only way we come close to competing at a BCS level period. We must to start hitting on over 60% of recruits (15 of 25 kids a year and 60 of 100 over years). We haven't in far too long because we've been "settling" for average players "hoping". If not we will continue with the 7-5/8-4 records. We may have 15 nice/good to very good players on this squad from the last 3 Recruiting Classes. Look it up and tell me I'm wrong. Bottomline ia that it is just nor sustainable and if it's not corrected, we will continue to be mediocre with an occasional flash in the pan Win only to be cancelled out with the eventual bad loss or two to far inferior programs (but maybe not teams talent wise which is deplorable.)

Sorry if this hurts or pizzzes some Canes off, but it's the truth and I won't settle for it by blindly rah rahing with non-proven false hope.

I call it the ed reed syndrome......where a low number at a time when the rating/recruting data base technology was at its infancy....golden thinks that low hanging fruit will rippen to an ed reed type....with todays technology reed would be rated in the top 10 NATIONALLY.......

very low probability that these tier 2 players work out....its a statistical thing, lol

And Futhermore. We have a LOCAL MIAMI QB Kid that commits and WANTS TO BE ALL CANE that is a tremendous Athlete and Golden blindsides him by offering a NOBODY reach QB from Cali who's only and I mean ONLY "top" offer was San Diego St. ?

Wanna know why we're not getting TOP Local S. F.L.A. boys lining two by two by two three and four deep to be C.A.N.E.S. ?

There you go.

There's your answer and it's unacceptable.

mark b: thats called the denver kirkland syndrome.....

Excellant points Canesallnight and unfortunatly all to true. It's where we are at and if not changed, where we'll be for years to come. Middle of the road. And the sooner it's addressed and accepted that it's unacceptable, the sooner we will be closer to being back to where we were and should always be.

We are MIAMI ! Not the TURDS or other teams that run away from the Top Competition.


What we are looking at is not Miami football, not Miami footbal lrecruiting. Not Miami football scheduling and definitely not Miami football pride. You have a shot at a SEC powerhouse and you walk away from a nationally televised game. What does this do for recruiting.If you want to be relevant again. You accept the challenge and prepare to win. Do not play a bunch of cup cakes games and run up the stat sheet have a fantastic record go to a bowl and then get embarrassed by the team you didn't want to play.

Posted by: canesallnight | May 13, 2013 at 12:50 AM

Coach Golden to the Hialeah Q.B. : "We are recruiting you to compete for the Starting Q.B. job at the University of Miami and if you make a commitment right now you will get that chance. Now we might recruit a few other "Athletic" Q.B.s that we forsee as being W.R.'s and D.B.'s but we believe in your ability as a Starting Q.B."

Coach Golden to the Cali Q.B. : "We are recruiting you to compete for the Starting Q.B. job at the University of Miami and if you make a commitment right now you will get that chance. Now we might recruit a few other "Athletic" Q.B.s that we forsee as being W.R.'s and D.B.'s but we believe in your ability as a Starting Q.B."

That kind of thing gets around to the Local Kids and just will not fly.

Turds turds everywhere....keep slurping our boards. Our schedule is like everyone else's in the SEC....we play a couple of cupcakes and our conference opponents. What does it matter to anyone who we play? It is what it is. We play UF & FSU this year....I think we will beat both. Turds could not even play a spring game due to injuries and players bailing out on that program. The U is the only team in Florida poised for a breakout season this year. Not the Turds....esp not the Noles trying to break in a freshman QB....boy....will they be in for a surprised....WOW. The reality isn't for Miami....it's for those teo schools.

LMFAO..... getting creative with the imaginary disgruntled "cane fan". A+ for the trolling but an F- for actual football knowledge. Kaaya is about to blow up...

Gallo/Curse didn't take his meds today, thus he's on hyper tilt!!!

His addiction to Canes football is worse than a crack addict's behavior. Day and night, weekends and holidays he squats on Canes blogs posting lies and idiocy under literally hundreds of aliases that could only come from a cowardly Gator.

Cursie, That "reminds me" that Muschamp is a bagman who pays his players off. (LOL!)

Miami does not need all its players from south florida....plain and simple. I firmly believe we should get most of our skilled players from here....the rest from around the state and country. We will be good this year...no less then 10-2 and ACC Championship....not sure if we win it.

UFelony - 8-4
Free Shoes - 7-5

Will be a tuff year for both those teams unfortunately.

Lies, cowardice and stupidity, that's called the Gallo/Curse syndrome!

Posted by: The Curse of Art Kehoe | May 13, 2013 at 01:07 PM

Posted by: Mark B. | May 13, 2013 at 02:08 PM

Posted by: Jim Gallo | May 13, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Dissociative identity disorder.......

I like the kid from Cali better....taller....heavier then the kid from Hialeah...they say he is barely pushing 6ft....he will still be able to come to Miami but will have to compete.

Anywho...back to Kaaya. Rated a 4* by ESPN who has this to say in their scouting report.

This is a guy who is going to be picking up steam throughout the spring and summer heading into his senior year. Kaaya is a big, good-looking pocket player with a quick strike release and a nice presence about him. Tall and with good bulk -- nice stature and command.

#33 Pro-Style Q.B. (upper 70's overall ranked Pro/Duel Ranked Q.B.) Brad Kaaya 6-4/208... Chaminade College Prep West Hills, Ca.

College Offers...

Miami-------- Yes
SanDiego St.- Yes
Arizona------ No
Arizona St.-- No
Arkansas----- No
Oklahoma----- No
Oklahoma St.- No
Oregon------- No
Oregon St.--- No
Washington--- No
WashingtonSt. No
Cal---------- No
Stanford----- No
UCLA--------- No
USC---------- No
New Mexico--- No
Nevada------- No
UNLV--------- No
Boise St.---- No
Colorado----- No
Colorado St.- No
Idaho-------- No
Wyoming------ No
BYU---------- No
Utah--------- No
Utah St.----- No
U.T El Paso-- No
Texas Tech--- No
Fresno St.--- No
Hawaii------- No

So what does Coach Golden know that all these Western United States small and Big College Football Coaches don't know? This offer is a classic example of throwing sheeet up against the wall and hoping it sticks. That and trying to get Miami's name out West for anything, even at the cost of losing a local kid and future local kids at the price of trying to get kids out West, That even the Teams out West don't want.

Just absurd, and a seriously flawed recruiting strategy. And I know you're out there, "trust in Al" guys, but this blueprint model is not just absurd, it's greenhorn, small-time mentality, plain dumb.

God, I wanna continue to like and trust in Al Golden, but he's making it really, really hard.

Alin Edouard Q.B. Hialeah H.S. Miami, Fl.

College Offers...

Miami------- Yes
B.C.-------- Yes
Mississippi- Yes
Nebraska---- Yes
Penn. St.--- Yes
Syracuse---- Yes
Tennessee--- Yes
Louisville-- Yes
S. Florida-- Yes
F.I.U. ----- Yes

To the guy that would rather have the Cali kid over the local kid, you and Golden must think alike. Even at the HUGE risk of ostracizing multiple local S. F.L.A. future kids over a single handful of Cali kids for years to come.

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