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Testaverde latest Hurricane headed to College Football Hall of Fame

Heisman trophy winning Hurricanes quarterback Vinny Testaverde will be one of 14 former players and coaches who will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as part of the 2013 class.

The National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame made the joint announcement Monday during the telecast of College Football Live on ESPN. The remainder of the 14-member FBS class will be announced Tuesday at noon press conference from the NASDAQ OMX Market Site in New York City.

Testaverde was Miami’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1986 and led the Hurricanes to three bowl berths. He went 23-3 as a starter playing for legendary coaches Howard Schnellenberger and Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson.

The Bucs picked Testaverde as the No. 1 overall selection in the 1987 NFL Draft, and his pro career spanned 21 seasons with seven different teams. The 1998 All-Pro and two-time Pro Bowl selection finished his NFL career seventh all-time in passing yards (46,233) and eighth in touchdowns (275).

He remains among only four Hurricanes to have their jerseys retired at Miami.

Testaverde will become sixth Miami Hurricane player and 10th overall to be enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame. He joins: Bennie Blades (2006), Don Bosseler (1990), Andy Gustafson (1985), Jack Harding (1980), Ted Hendricks (1987), Jimmy Johnson (2012), Russell Maryland (2011), Gino Torretta (2009) and Arnold Tucker (2008).

The 2013 College Football Hall of Fame FBS Class will be inducted Dec. 10, 2013, at the 56th NFF Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. They will be honored guests Jan. 2, 2014, at the National Hall of Fame Salute in New Orleans at the Allstate Sugar Bowl.


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Would rather take the bigger kid....that can actually see over a college football line that averages 6'4 - 6'5.....even Coley knows this. AG & Co will be fine. Why are you even here??

Actually....both are welcome....let them compete?

To all you "CANE" fans out there SO WORRIED about our team....let me give you advice from a REAL FAN.

As a "REAL FAN" of The U I expect our offense to be off the charts this year....no less then 35 points a game and that's being conservative.

I expect our defense to be improved as well. We were...what...#116....#117 in the country defensively last year? I expect our defense to be ranked between #45 - #75 this year....that would be a great improvement from last year obviously. If our defense is ranked next to last again this year and we only win....say....7 - 8 games...Coach D needs to go...FOR SURE....END OF STORY.

MY GUT FEELING....is our offense will be off the charts....and our defense will between #45 - #75 for no less then 9 wins and a Coastal Championship & ACC Title game against Clemson.

If our defense is better then #45 your looking at a 10 win season....possible 12-0 if our offense can average 35 points per game.

All the crap being spewed here is just that ,crap. If all you know it alls knew it all you would be coaching but your not . Most of it is pure uneducated guessing . None of you know what AG said to any of these recruits so why create negative recruiting ,We get enough of that from other schools . If the kid from Hialeah wants to be a Cane he will be , if he is confident in his ability he won't be afraid to come here . At barely 6' he is probably not going to be a pro QB so he may be willing to play another position if he can't win the QB job . He is an athlete so he has options . I can't beleive how much propaganda is made up on this site it's rediculous . Go Canes

Shannon casualties

Jacory Harris
Aldarious Johnson - BUST
Tommy Streeter
Ben Jones - Took AGS people to finally get him somewhere
Sean Spence - Would not have torn knee up had he been better developed early on by Randy
Clint Hurt
Mark Whipple
Arthur Brown - *****Biggest failure
Thearon Colliar - Booker T kid never developed....BUST
Marcus Forston - NW kid....BUST
Davon Johnson - BUST under Shannon....AG finally gets production and some "return on investment" from schollie
Brandon Marti - BUST - Discipline issue
Cannon Smith
Vaughn Telemack - Never developed early by Shannon...cost him...
Robert Marve - Shannon plays favorites - Discpline issues
Jermaine McKenzie
Adewale Ojomo - broken jaw by walk-on under Shannon...cost him an entire year...hurt our defense that year
Ray Ray Armstrong - Under achiever - troublemaker
Dyron Dye - BUST
Kacy Rodgers - BUST
Storm Johnson -Pothead - Shannon no due dillegence on this kid prior to wasting schollie on him
Chase Ford - BUST - Not sure which game film he was watching

And the list COULD go on.....

I like the kid from Cali better....taller....heavier then the kid from Hialeah...they say he is barely pushing 6ft....he will still be able to come to Miami but will have to compete.

Posted by: U R DUM DUM | May 13, 2013 at 02:44 PM

Anywho...back to Kaaya. Rated a 4* by ESPN who has this to say in their scouting report.

This is a guy who is going to be picking up steam throughout the spring and summer heading into his senior year. Kaaya is a big, good-looking pocket player with a quick strike release and a nice presence about him. Tall and with good bulk -- nice stature and command.

Posted by: GaturdTrashSaysWhat? | May 13, 2013 at 02:51 PM


The Hialeah kid 6-1/185 4.42 40 is an ESPN 4-Star and actually ranked higher than the Cali kid. Truth is that neither of them is likely to be a solid Star Starter in College, but it confounds me that Golden offered the Cali kid as a basic PR move to get the Cane name out West all the while unknowingly making an awful Local PR move that is far worse overall than what the Cali Q.B. could bring. We GOT 6 QB's ALREADY and 5 UNDERCLASSMEN !!! And it only further proves to me that Al, as much as I had hoped he does, just doesn't get the old School FENCE AROUND Miami Thing. He says it from time to time to sound cool, but his actions prove otherwise. The collateral damage that could come from this just isn't worth the risk offering a guy that has just ONE OVERALL offer from San Diego St. rather than a local kid that has multiple Big-School offers.

Al better hope that the Cali kid doesn't come in and flameout while the Hialeah kid goes to Louisville or Tenn. and become a Star at Q.B. or even Slot/Wr which is where he's projected. All I'm saying is drop the Cali kid and lets see if the local kid can return Kicks/Punts, play the slot/WR or DB and be a difference maker leading to other S. FLA kids following. The upside "Athletically" with the Hialeah kid is obviously far higher than than Cali kid. Just the offers prove that. Keep the Loacal kids that can BALL home rather than dropping them for a not so diamond in the rough.

And you all can compare me to the TURDS and TURD trolls here, but if you don't like hearing the truth, you're just as dumb as they are. I'm not, nor will ever be a blind follower. When there are problems, they must be identified and corrected. We still have lots of corrections to make before were are back.

I'm sure you are a TRUE CANE FAN and won't doubt your passion. But this...

....possible 12-0 if our offense can average 35 points per game.

Posted by: U R DUM DUM | May 13, 2013 at 03:56 PM

is just unbelievable. No name calling. But just stunning after the last few years and what still remains added to what we still lack.

And if Morris goes ACL ?

And if our D is, well our D. ?

Give me 8-4 with an FSU-TURD split and I'll take it right now.

dum dum: you have it wrong

shannon casualties for 2013

17 Stephen Morris - shannon
8 Duke Johnson - shannon
79 Malcolm Bunche - shannon
70 Jon Feliciano - shannon
62 Shane McDermott - shannon
65 Brandon Linder - shannon
77 Seantrel Henderson - shannon
46 Clive Walford - shannon
4 Phillip Dorsett - shannon
1 Allen Hurns - shannon
80 Rashawn Scott - golden
86 Herb Waters - golden
71 Anthony Chickillo - shannon
91 Olsen Pierre - golden
96 Curtis Porter - shannon
51 Shayon Green - shannon
59 Jimmy Gaines - shannon
34 Thurston Armbrister - golden
52 Denzel Perryman - golden
2 Deon Bush - golden
37 Ladarius Gunter - golden
30 AJ Highsmith - shannon
29 Rayshawn Jenkins - golden
22 Kacy Rodgers - shannon

dead has never looked so good, lol

2012 Golden casualties or discipline issues:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties or disciplinary issues

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal
Eddie Johnson
Rashawn Scott - currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry
Robert Lockhart
Sony Michel
Preston Dewey
Alin Edouard

there a team right there including a coaching staff....golden has created a new addition to the ACC.....plus it can use all the help it can...

I watched a 10 minute highlght tape of the kid from Cali and while I know it is a highlight tape he looks really good , hell maybe we should look at some of his Wrs too. They look good as well nice hands. There will never be a fence around sofla again that secret is out and you can't get all the talent down here on one team. I think you hit it hard but good players are everywhere. Go Canes

Chew on these FACT CANES, ACC and Boob Stoops...

Since 2007 EVERY SEC TEAM, and the ONLY CONFERENCE to do so, has been ranked in the BCS Top-15 at some point... EVERY TEAM !!!


And YES even Kentucky was No. 7 in the BCS in Week 8 2007, Vandy was AP No. 13 in Week 7 2008...

ACC Teams during that same time period []_[] axe ?

Only 6 Teams Ranked in BCS Top-15 and 6 NOT, NEVER, NO HOW !!!

Can []_[] say SEC Schedule Strength ? ... Or ACC LACKThereof ?

It's an S.E.C. THING... []_[] Would NO COMPRENDE Cane Cl[]_[]cks ...

[]_[] LOOOSE Again...

S.E.C.#1 I know you your that guy who was a Texas Fan when they were on top , USC fan when they were on top , Nebraska fan when were on top etc,etc. Go Canes

If somebody thinks "all we have to do is average 35points a game and we'll be 12-0" we don't need to drug test them, we already know. Had we averaged 35points a game this year we would've had 6 losses instead of 5. This job is to big for coach goldie, if he can't get the home town recruiting right, like luke said "that'll be recruiting suicide". I've said it before and i'll say it again, coach goldie is going to have to make up in his mind that he's either going to be for the team or for the adminisration, you can't be for both at UM.

The coaches that were for the football team and football team only were the most successful here, the coaches that tried to appease the administration, the facts speak for themselves. It's already well known that this administration has put the mandate out that "we're recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami". Meaning, alot of the losing kind.

Can anybody with common sense justify why coach goldie kept trying to move d-linemen to the o-line. luther robinson fought and won, bu dyron dye, lewis, perry, now briscoe and o'donnell are there now, but yet all we kept hearing about was the depth issues on defense, lol, not only did goldie try and move players from the defensive side of the ball to offense, he got rid of alot of defensive players that would've been real solid to top notch in the usual 4-3 scheme that we play.

deon bush would be better in a 4-3 defensive scheme, same with jenkins, the same with tracy howard, thomas finnie, and the rest of the db's on the team. When the defensive players get here that are from Miami, they're not going to understand why we keep running all of this zone, zone defenses don't challenge offenses, they just hope that the qb makes the wrong read.

People talke about thos 3-4 pittsburgh defenses, they got torched and lit it up by any team that had a 3rd widereceiver. This is how jimmy johnson ran all those old head 3- defenses coaches out the nfc east by bringing in that 3rd wide receiver like a kevin williams that any linebacker matched up on him was basically going ot have problems. Spread those big lumberjacks out and it's over. They can only hope that the oppossing qb is color blind.

We'll see with james coley being here if we're going to be able to recruit good solid qb's again. That's the one area i know jedd fisch had no clue about. jedd had more confidence in his ability to coach the position than actually having a real eye for talent at that position. So right now as it stands, preston dewey cant' beat out crow and apparently crow or dewey are already being pegged as being behind kevin olsen and thompson hasn't hit the field yet. The good thing is, we at least have some qb's to work with, after morris leaves, it's going to get real interesting.

As it stands right now, shannon did a real good job recruiting j70 & smo17. Let's see if coach goldie and crew can surpass or at least match those 2. I got this other qb commit rolling out, just like goldie let teddy bridgewater roll out and alot of idiots kept making comments saying they were glad he bounced since he came from the West, but now teddy is being talked about as being possibly the #1 off the board come next year and if he is, he gotta go and get that.

Canes land commitment from hungry, versatile, athletic 2014 Hialeah QB Alin Edouard

Just when you thought the recruiting news had reached an end point down in Coral Gables, here is some more for you: Al Golden and his coaching staff have landed a commitment from another quarterback of the future -- 2014 Hialeah High standout Alin Edouard.

The 6-2 3/4-inch, 185-pound signal caller, who stood out at UM's Junior Day last weekend, picked up three new offers around lunchtime Wednesday: Boston College, Penn State and Miami. By dinner, he made up his mind. He called UM associate head coach Mario Cristobal and told him he wanted to be a Hurricane.

"When I went to Junior Day at Miami I felt like I was already home," Edouard said. "I was the only QB there. I got a chance to speak with [offensive coordinator James] Coley for awhile just one-on-one. He basically wanted to find a quarterback who could run and throw, have accuracy and be a leader on the field. He said I had all those tools.

"When I called Coach Cristobal tonight I don't think he saw [my commitment coming]. I kind of caught him off guard. But he was very happy. So was Coach Golden."

Hialeah coach Mark Berman, a coaching veteran of nearly 30 years in Miami-Dade County, said the Hurricanes have landed a rising star. After starting in a handful of games a sophomore, Edouard started all nine games for the 5-4 T-Breds this past season and put up decent numbers in a Zone Read spread offense. He completed 64 of his 132 attempts for 926 yards, 9 TDs, 9 INTs and ran for a team-leading 559 yards and seven touchdowns. Berman said Edouard has a lot of room to grow because he's only been playing football since the ninth grade.

"When it's all said and done everybody is still going to offer the kid," Berman said. "Miami got in at the right time. He had a great junior day and has really been doing well during 7-on-7. I think Coach Coley saw his arm strength and saw what he can do when he takes off running. Alin runs a 4.6.

"Everybody in college football today is running a zone-read, whether it's in a two back or one back spread. UM ran a lot of zone read last year. I think Coach Coley's philosophy is similar to Coach Fisch. What Alin gives you is that extra ability. He can take off any moment and break off a long run. He reminds me of a young Vince Young."

Edouard, the first Hialeah player to commit to UM since defensive lineman Adewale Ojomo, said he grew up a Canes fan since middle school. "I used to watch Jacory Harris in the seventh grade a lot and always admired him," Edouard said. "I've even built a little bit of a relationship with Stephen Morris from going to games.

"I'm going to say this is it for me. I know there are always other opportunities that might come. But I'm sure I'm going to Miami. They want me to play quarterback and that's what I want to do."

Edouard said he had previous offers from Ole Miss, FIU and Louisiana-Lafayette before Tuesday. Berman said Canes fans should follow Edouard closely his senior year and take a look at his junior highlights to see "the kind of hungry player he is."

"He can throw every ball out there. His arm strength is as good as you're going to find. Maybe I'm prejudice. I think he's the best quarterback anywhere around here," Berman said. "He goes all out all the time. The first game of the year we had a running back break like a 70-yard run down the field. You know who was his lead blocker? Alin. He's done it two or three other times. He just loves football."


6-2 3/4 and now he s[]_[]cks and is barely 6 foot ?

[]_[] d[]_[]mb cl[]_[]cks were all fired up over this stiff and were ALL FIRED []_[]p how he was going to be a STAR and TR[]_[]e CANE !!!

Well, now HE GONE !!!

Welcome to The U. Kids sounds hungry to me. Sign him up, Maybe a red-shirt since we have Olsen next year as a RS. So, we could start to build up the QB pipe line with talented and mature players when their turn comes.

Posted by: DMoneyUM | February 13, 2013 at 10:08 PM

This kid is scary. Long strides. Reminds me of colin kaepernick. I likey. New cane.


Posted by: 5>3>2 | February 13, 2013 at 10:10 PM


[]_[] BABY !!!

Much needed addition giving his skills shown on the footage above, I'm willing to say he will leave a legacy at UM... This team has quickly become a loaded with future household names...

Posted by: miamimike | February 13, 2013 at 10:58 PM


LOCAL HIALEAH Alin Edouard WILL leave a LEGACY at d[]_[]h []_[] !!!

This kid is really something. He reminds me of Tyrod Taylor. So, I'm guessing Olsen will be redshirted and will battle in 2014 and Alin will redshirt and battle in 2015. If this is the case then our pipeline of QB's has gotten unbelievably solid.

Posted by: RichmondVaCane | February 13, 2013 at 11:45 PM


LOCAL HIALEAH Alin Edouard QB WILL BE the next Tyrod Taylor !!!


TUNE IN To Hear All The Godlen Showers BS !!!

MArk B and Calvin are sisters. Or the same uneducrted, no footbal knowledge Golden haters.

Why do youall hate Golden so much?

Be a man Calvin- admit it- You a racist chump. You hate him bc Shannon was fired, and Golden was hired.

Compare the two go haead dumba55es.

Year 1- Shannon was 5-7 and his "team" the same team that had Kenny Phillips etc etc, who wqon the year before in 25 degree weather at Boise lost to UVa in the OB 47-0.

Year 2- 7-6 and got his lazy a55 whipped by Cali. Sure Cali had Jahvid Best bit thats it.

Year 3- 9-4. Even I had major hopes for this team and this coach. Despite the fact that he choked his way out of another bOwl loss against Wisconsin. Despite teh fact that Wisc had Monte Ball and JJ Watt.


Shannon goes 7-6 A-G-A-I-N! With their vaunted 2008 class!

Golden comes in before his first year he recruits his a55 off bc Shannon had like 4 commits in January after he was fired. And Golden goes 7-5 or something like that. Reagrdless that "team" chokes as well against ND.

Year 2- 6-6/ ACC championship game invite. Not the gretest yr but who knows had UM played the Ccch and then a bowl... who knows.

So you all need to quit- You are transparent and many of us can see right through your Malcolm X selves.

You opinions dont effen count. No cane would come on here and spew all that hate. No way.



Talking Cane Split-Tail Tennis BABY !!!

Calvina claims that Jedd Fisch has no idea about quarterbacks...someone please tell the wingnut that Jedd was a highly respected quarterback coach in the NFL.

Fisch has a combined nine years of NFL coaching experience, previously leading the Seattle Seahawks to a 2010 NFC West Divisional Championship as the team's quarterbacks coach. Fisch studied under two-time college football national champion Pete Carroll, two-time Super Bowl Champion and Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan as well as Super Bowl champion and former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick. He has also worked with three-time Pro Bowler Matt Hasselbeck and began his coaching career as a graduate assistant to current South Carolina head coach and former Florida Gator Steve Spurrier.

With the above in mind...Calvina think she knows more about quarterbacks than Jedd...very funny indeed!

Women's College Tennis Team Rankings...

1 University of Florida
2 North Carolina
3 Texas A&M University
4 Univ. of Georgia
5 Univ. of Southern California
6 Univ. of Miami (Florida)



Elmer F[]_[]dd Morris on Hurricane Hotline next !!!

Sez, "We're 1 of our last 16 verses the GATORS but we're closing in on them."

Elmer sez, "Those road loooses can mostly be attributed to the fact that the wind was constantly blowing out for the Home Teams."

Miami moved into the top 10 of the 2014 recruiting composite rankings compiled by 247Sports with the commitment from QB Brad Kaaya.

The above is a stunning accomplishment by Coach Al Golden when you consider he has had a historic NCAA investigation hanging over the program approaching 3 years, which would have destroyed most any other program.

PS: The nitwits taking shots at QB Brad Kaaya know nothing and that is reconfirmed when learning his recruitment significantly moved the Canes up the national recruiting ranks...Go Canes!

well that was painf[]_[]l radio ...

Calvin and Mark B......read my post again.....I will clarify......if our defense is 45th or better this year we will win 10 games and possibly go undefeated with our offense averaging no less then 35 points a game......I used the word coservative as well in regards to our points.

I welcome both qbs actually.....let them battle. The Hialeah kid looks great on tape.....no question......God bless him......

Going to be fun watching these clowns try and justify why the defense is still getting torched. What's funny is, people like to try and talk bad about that 2008 class, but shannon had more guys from his 2008 class that made plays than that 2011 class coach goldie brought in. People keep acting as if coach goldie is head and heels above shannon and you'd think for a headcoach going in to his 8 year as a headcoach should be much further ahead, but instead all coac hgoldie consistently tries and do is justify why our defense is 117th. And than try and convince many people that somehow clown 117th's track is on par with anybody in the country, lol.

You can either sell pipe dreams or smoke the pipe, either way, you're brain locked!

Calvin......cmon dude......your agenda is obvious......Shannon failed as a coach.....he was not a game day coach......he digressed his third year.......he did not have a handle on Hurtt who has cost us......Golden deserves a chance in his third year......face the facts......Golden in his third year will do better then last.

I don't know much about California highschool football. What I do know is A few high schools from Florida went to Texas , California, Nevada , Alabama and Ohio and beat their legendary highschool teams. Some were undefeated for many years. So yes Florida football is the best.Great talent is right here. Ask Howard S. Ask Dennis E. Ask Jimmy. Ask any highschool coach in Florida. I don't believe Kaaya would be the best QB in Florida If he played highschool football here.

With the schedule this year. I expect Golden to have a special year. Great coaches would. Perception is reality winning cures all . I believe everyone on the blog is rooting for the canes. Even our gator fans Deep down in there little gator hearts they want to be canes. That's why they are here. No one on this blog is a racist. They are passionate about the canes and where the program is going.



Why does nobody care that BRIANPATA was a COKE DEALER???? His name should be permanently removed from UM.

Athlon Sports ranks the Top 25 greatest college football dynasties since the AP Poll debuted in 1934:

1. Oklahoma Sooners (1948-58): 107-8
Legendary head coach Charles “Bud” Wilkinson began a miraculous run in his second season at Norman. Over this 11-year span, Oklahoma had four undefeated seasons, six with just one loss and only one year (1951, 8-2) in which it lost more than one game. The Sooners claimed three national championship (1950, '55, '56), all 11 conference championships and one Heisman Trophy winner (Billy Vessels, 1952). The most impressive aspect of this dynasty? Two of the top 10 longest winning streaks in NCAA history, including the the all-time mark of 47 straight victories from 1953-57. Oklahoma also won 31 straight from 1948-50, which ranks 10th all-time in the record books. Oklahoma's historic run in the 1950s was the most dominant dynasty in college football history.

2. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1993-97): 60-3
Is winning more than 95 percent of your games a good thing? That is what Tom Osborne did at Nebraska over his final five seasons. Led by arguably the greatest college quarterback of all-time in Tommie Frazier, the Big Red posted four unbeaten regular seasons, all of which culminated in a trip to the national championship game. One loss to Florida State in the ’93 Orange Bowl is the only thing that kept the Huskers from four national championships in five seasons. A huge upset in the inaugural Big 12 title game to Texas was one of just three losses during this stretch. This Nebraska run produced the 19th longest winning streak in NCAA history with 26 straight wins from 1994-96.

3. Miami Hurricanes (1986-92): 78-6
On the heels of Howard Schnellenberger’s 1983 championship, Miami returned to the promised land under Jimmy Johnson in 1987 and Dennis Erickson in 1989 and '91. Over this seven-year span, the Canes lost less than one game per season, moved into the Big East and won two Heisman Trophies with Vinny Testaverde (1986) and Gino Torretta (1992). The 29-game winning streak that was snapped by Alabama in what was Miami’s fifth national title game appearance in seven years is the 13th longest streak in NCAA history. From 1983-92, Miami posted a record of 107-14.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide (2008-present): 61-7
There is more than one dynasty in Crimson Tide history, but it’s tough to argue that Saban’s run isn’t the most impressive. After nearly 20 years without a title and against the most ruthless conference ever built, Alabama claimed the national championship and the school’s first-ever Heisman Trophy in 2009. The undefeated ’09 team is arguably the most talented Alabama team ever constructed. Then, after a 10-3 year in 2010, the defense and quarterback A.J. McCarron have dominated college football’s biggest stage with a combined 63-14 drubbing of LSU and Notre Dame in the past two BCS National Championship Games. A narrow loss in the 2008 SEC title game to Tim Tebow and Florida after a 12-0 regular season is the only thing keeping Alabama from going for its fifth title in six years. The most interesting tidbit about this five-year dynasty? Alabama has won more national championships (3) than SEC titles (2).

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1941-49): 75-7-6
Led by the great Frank Leahy — who took a two-year leave to serve in the U.S. military — Notre Dame won four national championships (1943, '46, '47, '49) and posted five unbeaten seasons during this remarkable nine-year window. From 1946-49, Notre Dame didn’t lose a game and only tied twice — costing the Irish a fifth national title in 1948. Leahy coached three Heisman Trophy winners in Angelo Bertelli, Johnny Lujack and Leon Hart during this dynasty.

6. USC Trojans (2002-08): 82-9
Led by Pete Carroll, the USC Trojans won seven straight Pac-10 conference championships, won two national championships (2003, '04), claimed three Heisman Trophy winners (Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush), put countless players into the NFL Draft and tied Miami for the longest modern winning streak. The 34-game run from 2003-05 is sixth all-time and ended when Vince Young scampered around the right end in the greatest game ever played. The Men of Troy never won fewer than 11 games for seven straight years. Was this team tainted by an NFL agent wannabe scandal well after the fact? To some degree, however, it wasn't a recruiting violation that impacted a competitive advantage. No matter how you view the Reggie Bush issues, this USC dynasty was one of the best in college football history.

7. Miami Hurricanes (2000-03): 46-4
Butch Davis built it and Larry Coker finished it off. On what many believe to be the best team ever assembled — as its 17 first-round picks indicate — Miami won four straight Big East championships and one unbeaten national title in 2000. This team came up one pass interference call against Ohio State from back-to-back national crowns, and, at one point, rattled-off 34 straight wins. The winning streak was the longest since Wilkinson’s 47-gamer in the late '50s and is still tied for the sixth-best in NCAA history.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide (1961-66): 60-5-1
In Bear Bryant’s fourth season (1961), the historic coach returned Alabama to the top of college football’s hierarchy with an 11-0 national title. He went on to lose just five games over the next five seasons, including two more national championships (1964, '65) and another unbeaten season (1966). Hall of Famer Joe Namath, the “greatest player [Bear Bryant] ever coach,” spearheaded this team for three years (1962-64) to a 29-4 record as a starter. This remarkable six-year run — with three national and four SEC crowns — built the foundation for legend that is Bear Bryant.

9. Army Black Knights (1944-49): 49-2-4
Under historic head coach Earl “Red” Blaik, the U.S. Army dominated college football for the better part of the decade. While the nation was captivated by the ongoing World War in Europe, the Knights steamrolled college football. This team won three consecutive national titles (1944-46) led by an All-Heisman backfield of Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis. Blaik posted five unbeaten seasons in six years.

10. Florida State Seminoles (1992-2000): 99-11-1
Few teams have ever dominated a conference like the Seminoles did in the ACC during the 1990s. Bobby Bowden’s team never finished outside of the AP top four and won all nine ACC championships during this span. His team played in five national titles games, winning the whole thing in 1993 and '99 behind eventual Heisman winners Charlie Ward and Chris Weinke respectively.

11. Oklahoma Sooners (1973-80): 73-7
The Sooners' second dynasty took place just a decade later when Barry Switzer took over in 1973 as head coach. He began his tenure with eight consecutive conference titles, two national championships (1974, '75) and a Billy Sims Heisman Trophy (1978). During this span, OU never lost more than two games in a season and posted a 28-game winning streak, which ranks 15th all-time in NCAA history.

12. Alabama Crimson Tide (1971-79): 97-11
Bear Bryant’s second dynasty began seven years after his last one ended. Alabama won eight SEC titles in nine years and claimed the 1973, '78 and '79 national championships. Alabama’s school-record 28-game winning streak began in ’78 and ended three seasons later in 1980 — most of which took place during this dynasty. The 1979 championship featured the best record in school history (at that time) at 12-0 and gave Bryant his third and final unblemished campaign.

13. USC Trojans (1967-79): 122-23-7
One of the longer dynasties on this list, these Trojans were led first by John McKay (1967-75) and then John Robinson (1976-79). The tandem won four national championships (1967, '72, '74, '78), nine conference crowns and two Heisman Trophies (O.J. Simpson, Charles White) over the 13-year period of time.

14. Florida Gators (2006-09): 48-7
Urban Meyer posted three 13-1 records in a four-year span and the only time he didn’t win 13 games, Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy (2007). This dynasty featured two national titles in 2006 and '08 and came up one game shy in 2009 of what would assuredly have been a third championship.

15. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1964-73): 69-15-4
The Ara Parseghian era got started with a bang when the first-year coach won the 1964 national championship as John Huarte won the Heisman. The Irish would go on to win two more titles (1966, '73) before the legendary coach would step down following the 1974 season.

16. Texas Longhorns (1961-70): 89-17-2
The Longhorns won three national championships and six conference titles under Darrell K. Royal during the '60s. This team also won 30 straight games, good for 12th all-time in NCAA history. Royal had seven seasons of one loss or less during this span.

17. Minnesota Golden Gophers (1934-41): 54-9-1
Starting right when the AP Poll debuted, the Golden Gophers were one of the first true dynasties in college football. Hallowed coach Bernie Bierman won five national championships and lost just nine games during the eight-year span. Minnesota won all but one Big Ten crown from 1934-41.

18. Oklahoma Sooners (2000-08): 102-19
Head coach Bob Stoops led the Sooners back to the promised land in just his second season by claiming the 2000 BCS national title. During this nine-year run, Oklahoma played in four national title games, won five conference championships and claimed two Heisman Trophies.

19. Ohio State Buckeyes (2002-10): 99-17
Jim Tressell returned Ohio State to the pinnacle of college football with an unbeaten 2002 team. He then won six more Big Ten titles and a Heisman Trophy (Troy Smith) over the next seven years while playing in two more BCS title games.

20. Michigan Wolverines (1940-48): 68-13-2
Coached mostly by Herbert “Fritz” Crisler, Michigan won four Big Ten championships and two national titles during the 1940s. This team rattled off 25 straight wins from 1946-49 and posted two unbeaten seasons — coached by Crisler and Beenie Oosterbaan (1948).

21. Texas Longhorns (2004-09): 69-9
Over this six-year span, Texas averaged more than 11 wins per year and played in two national championship games — including winning the greatest game ever played in 2005. Mack Brown lost one bowl game during this span.

22. Ohio State Buckeyes (1954-70): 118-34-5
Woody Hayes had two five-loss seasons during this span but few coaches can claim five national championships in any amount of time much less 17 seasons.

23. Nebraska Cornhuskers (1969-72): 42-4-2
Head coach Bob Devaney won two national titles, posted a 23-game winning streak and lost just four games in his last four years in Lincoln.

24. Georgia Bulldogs (1980-83): 43-4-1
Vince Dooley had one of the best four-year runs in SEC history when he lost just four games, won three SEC championships and claimed the 1980 national title.

25. BYU Cougars (1979-85): 77-12
LaVell Edward’s high-flying, revolutionary offense rolled through opponents until the pollsters finally awarded BYU with the 1984 national championship.


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