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UM Canes baseball coach Jim Morris will NOT coach in NCAA regional opener

MIami Hurricanes baseball coach Jim Morris will NOT coach in UM's NCAA Louisville regional opener against Oklahoma State.

That's the latest news out of Louisville, where UM assistant coach Gino DiMare just spoke to reporters at a news conference -- relayed to me from Miami Herald correspondent Tom Whitus.

Morris, who was admitted to the Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., before last Saturday's ACC tournament game, is expected to remain in the hospital tonight. Like I wrote last night, he still wants to leave the hospital to travel to Louisville for the double-elimination regional, but that would depend on whether his lungs are clear enough, obviously, to be released.

"He's trying to get out of there,'' DiMare just said during the news conference.

Left-handed sophomore Chris Diaz (6-5, 1.75 ERA) will start the first game against Oklahoma State at 2 p.m. Friday. However, DiMare wouldn't reveal the options for Game 2 -- depending on whether UM wins or loses the opener.

DiMare said he plans on talking to Morris by phone today. 

The Hurricanes are 36-23 -- 27-10 at home, 8-11 away and 1-2 neutral.

The Cowboys are 39-17 overall, 24-7 at home, 9-6 away and 6-4 neutral.

The other game Friday features No. 1 seed Louisville (46-12) vs. No. 4 seed Bowling Green (24-29) at 6 p.m.

This is a double-elimination tournament.

All the Louisville Regional games can be seen on ESPN3.



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It's doubtful this team will go far anyway. Morris should sit back and let Gino get the experience.

Maybe this article should state the reason why Coach Morris is in the hospital? Sloppy writing.

Morris should stay in the hospital, then fly to Miami,and then pack his bags. he is in no shape to coach this team. THAT has been the case for the last 6 years

Great choke job again gator girls! Hows that Capitol One trophy looking a "title troll"? Beaten as a #2 by a #7 Tennessee. Now there is only one SEC team on the ws. man what domination.

gallo, what makes me laugh is alot of people think they know what Miami Hurricanes football really is just because they went to alot of games, lol. Alot of people think what they know as Hurricanes football started in Coral Gables or something, i got news for you, it didn't. Miami Hurricanes football at UM was aggressive because alot of individuals lived aggressive with or without football pads. if you grew up in Miami and several parts of South Florida, you already understood what real competition was before you got to UM.

Alot of us know not just the talent that made it to UM, but we know the amount of talent that didn't make it and many were better than what actually got there. Under coaches like howard & jimmy who didn't try and get personal with players and understood where they came from and they were about, but they took that and help to provide and create and environment to hone in those talents and give them a platform to excel, no matter what the administration thought, dennis erickson eventually understood that fact too as well and broke it off with tad foote. Those 3 coaches understood the hypocrisy of, let's turn them boys loose on Saturdays and make alot of money off of them, but let's make sure they don't embarras us to much.

As logn as they making money for us, we can deal with them for a lil while, but once we get tired of counting, than we'll start slowly but surely eroded the culture of living to free and to many high-minded people felt like they were losing control. So they started sending in double agents to the program. This is why butch davis was despised whe nhe came in, with all that talk about changing the culture and this and that. davis earned some respect because he understood the formula and went with it.

I luv the days when campus police & even regular police didn't even bother to try and get to the players, they'd just let howard ot jimmy know what was up first. We got a double agent at the helm now in troll shalala. i mean really, how much allegiance does she really have for UM. Alot of older players would coach here for free and have done it. It's inside job why this team has been mediocre for this long, after butch left, so far, the only coach that wasnt' a yes man has been shannon, so they gave him the axe. They wanted shannon to be happy they gave him a chance to have the job, but they did that man like they did cuba gooding jr. in Men of Honor when he went to dive, and chief Sunday cut a hole in his bag and than threw it in the water.

This is why it's laughable to hear coach goldie crying all the time about a few normal/regular discipline isssues that were always handled in-house. He goes to the media with it, "you just can't keep weeding the garden" shut yo sissy asp up coach goldie with that fo real and man-up. This won't be the first time you got players with that icky sticky, the practice field, it's not called "GreenTree" for nothing. The sooner coach goldie recognizes where he's at, the better. He'll see just how much that troll likes him as soon as he either continues to lose or he tries to step outsie of what she deems acceptable.

Reading cAlvin's last post was like watching Billy Madison when the moderator waited for him to finish explaining the Industrial Revolution.... "we are all dumber from having heard that and I award no points for you. May God have mercy on your soul."

Calvin, you play for the []_[]? No? Then stay in your fantasy world. Geez man. LOL

When i read parts of that dribble. That sewage that was Calvin's post my IQ dropped about 50 points. I felt my medulla oblongata being sucked out of my foramen magnum

Calvin, you are a chump.

A piece of work

I grew up in south florida. I know better than you what a miami hurricane is and was. I also am a realist. It isnt 1987 any mo. Not here, not in gainesville, not in tally, not in tuscaloosa

You think that nick Saban is allowing that U swag mentality in his team? No way

And furthermore, how can you be so stupid not to realize that the NCAA doesnt even allow kids to look at each other the wrong way before they throw a penalty? And schools are all quick to suspend players who stray? Those days of smokinh weed at half time, etc etc are done

Newsflash to readers... Calvin sounds like Luke. It may be him. Newsflash to luke... I was a cane before you bro

We may finally win without Morris!!!!

UM changes schedule approach...


[]_[] already play in the worst Football Conference in the Country and now []_[] pad []_[] sorry schedule with more FAMU's, Bethunes, Savannah States and S.Fla. plus now home and aways with the likes of S. Miss and Arky St. ? That's SECOND Tier Football. []_[] put the []_[] in P-[]_[]...

p[]_[]h... p[]_[]h... p[]_[]h... p[]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[][]_[]sssssssies !!!

and here’s the new preferred approach: one marquee game, two games in which Miami will typically be favored, and one versus a lower-division school.


ie- Golden Temple mentality... []_[]r Strength of Schedule rank should be right around that Sieve that []_[] call an 'efense... []_[] play only 3 Ranked teams this year and 8 of your 12 opponents had a losing record last year... So Al wants to lighten the load so []_[] d[]_[]mb and blind silly Cane Cl[]_[]cks will be all pumped with 8-4 records with terrible SOS's, no Conference, but we were close, Championships and more mid-December Bowl games... BUT []_[] Co[]_[]lda, Wo[]_[]lda and Sho[]_[]lda been 10-2 !!! GOLDEN'S B[]_[]ilding sumting BIG !!! But it looks and smells a lot like Mt. Trashmore.


[]_[] Play TWO TEAMS, []_[]r In-State BIG Brothers, that are Ranked this Season... []_[] play THREE TEAMS with an above .500 Record giving []_[] NINE Games on []_[]r schedule are against Teams with NON-WINNING Records from last season. NINE !!! y[]_[]p, time to lighten up that brutal ACC Schedule, Mr. "Anytime, Any Place" in denial del[]_[]sions Cane Cl[]_[]cks...


Idiot gatir- your stupid garbage was posted on Barry's column

Bottom line is you inbred, Miami is doing exactly what you necks do in the SEC year in year out- with the exception of the pu55ie hgatrs who wont play anyone OOC OO state. At least LSU, Alabama and even Aubrun have the --lls to go out of state to play someone. No- the SEC dont count. You genetic inbreds know the venues, coaches know the style of play even the playbooks of the SEC opponent.That aint as tough as you incestual cousins like to believe.

Try going to say, Norman Oklahoma, or Columbus to play one day.

Nahhh! Jeremy Foley, in true gator form pu55ied out.

Reading canesport and recruiting blogs it drives me nuts to read the response some of these potential recruits have about prospective programs

" They're in the running"
" Theyre in my top three"
" They have a good chance"
" It will be a suspenseful signing day"

Newflash to some of you recruits: Stop. Stop with the nonsense and the showmanship and calling attention to yourselves so much. You havent done squat. High school stats dont mean squat. Once you go to the big leagues- whether its FIU, FAU< Miami Alabama or Oklahoma, EVERYONE THERE is either as fast as you or as strong as you (with very few exceptions). So be glad you are being recruited. be respectful. Be proud but be humble. Be confident and always know academics comes first NOT the other way around. Look what happened to superstar QB from Notre Dame. Where he now? Out of Notre Dame. My advice is look at several schools make a list of the top 5 schools you'd want to go to (even if 20 are recruiting you). Go to those schools. Dont answer any media questions about who is in the running. Then pick one. Sign with them, stick with your decision. Period.

I hate this recruiting process. Its a circus and it has to stop.

Hey Moron 9.5.2 why don't you try going to Baton Rouge sometime? Heck why don't you see if LSU wants to play you say at a neutral site one day?
Oh that is right they wanted to and you ran away scared.
Run from competition coward cabes.

that would be coward canes

Posted by: Just Sayin | May 31, 2013 at 10:07 AM

"Hey, Gatr Trailer Trash, why don't you try to play a Big East team at a neutral site? Oh yeah, you did and got pasted. Why don't you try to play another team from the Big East on the road? Yeah, the last time you did (waaaaaaaaaay back in '91), Syracuse pasted you by 20.

Glass houses, Gatr Trash. Look it up, that is if that third rate education taught you how.

Funny how Turds are talking smack about our schedule....the SEC is the league that invented this type of scheduling....maggots...idiots....get real...

The SEC conference is like every other conference out there....you have 3-4 teams that are good and the rest are average.

We play FAU and Savannah State first three weeks....with TURDS in between....


The SEC conference is like every other conference out there....you have 3-4 teams that are good and the rest are average.

1 Alabama (56) 13-1 1400
2 Oregon 12-1 1322
3 Notre Dame 12-1 1253
4 Georgia 12-2 1213
5 Texas A&M 11-2 1171
6 Stanford 12-2 1167
7 South Carolina 11-2 1064
8 Florida State 12-2 942
9 Clemson 11-2 916
10 Florida 11-2 886
11 Kansas State 11-2 841
12 LSU 10-3 775

6 SEC teams in the top 12. For those of you in Coral Gables that would be half of the top 12.
PAC 12 has only 2
ACC has the only 2 teams of any worth in that conference.
6 teams, not 3 or 4
No other conference comes close

yep, lost in the white noise from the Gatr Trash is that preseason polls basically mean nothing.

Wasn't the 5-7 Arkansas team ranked in the preseason top 7? How about Missy St.?

Preseason polls are nice to look at but don't mean much. Of course, the Gatr Trash has to point to that because that is all they have.

Low comprehension cane moron, the above quoted poll is the final poll at the end of the 2012 season.
The one that means everything

Yo Cane trash

Yo cane clUcks can U read?
Do U have any reading comprehension?
Do U comprende my MDCC reject, GED wannabe?

Yo cane pig with multiple names aka fake Jim Gallo
Mr Fact Check owns U
He exposes U

Yo somebody said it best so I'll borrow it:
It's not what U want
It's what it is
It's not the way U think things are
It's what they are
Cane clUck fantasy vs reality
Cane doUche make belief vs the truth

U keep posting Ur cane maggot fantasy about scheduling and tough conferences and such
Facts tell a different tale
That is why U r a delusional dUmmy

Fact is U run from competition
Fact is Golden Retriever has turned into a coward
He wants to fashion a soft schedule where he can win at least 10 games
By default not because U r any good


I am outing you...

All your posts have the following:
Cane cluck
and of course LOOSERS you patent signoff.

Stop already.

Get original for once with new stuff.
Retreads are for tires not trashy posts.
Come on you can do better than that.

I will stop reading the same old, same old.
Go 'Canes

9.5.2 is that giant moron Canesrule 21 'ships. Why don't []_[] have enough NUTTSAKK to stick with one name you foamy mouth loser? Typical Canadian coward. Do the clucks over at Canespace know about your 9,5.2 and canesrule names? Huh Montreal-Cane? You spend so much time trying to keep your trolling names separate and you fail at it. Go back to Canada you PoS

Texas a and m was a below average team in the big 12 and went to the sec and was one of the better teams. How did that happen?

Gatr Trash is such thin-skinned garbage. Too funny.

Chomp, chomp, you trailer donkey.

Posted by: Tallycane
Johnny Football

Posted by: Jim Gallo
Trash is a national treasure, you should be honored he shares his wisdom with you

Yo Cane trash

Yo UGoNowhereCane
Thanks for the feedback doUche
U miss the point
Do not get distracted by the many colorful adjectives employed
Read carefully and U will comprehend the message
Remember I bring U an outsiders perspective
I tell U the ugly truth most of U dont want to hear

Yo I agree 9.5.2 is one big loser and moron

Yo fake Gallo
UGoNowhere's post applies much better to U chUmp

Yo Just Sayin
U B pretty wise too
U forgot Sumlin at A&M
A good coach is such an asset

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Oh God....just started to check schedules for all SEC teams....Bama, Turds, Georgia.....all for the most part play 7 home games and 5 away....Georgia actually plays a tuff game first against Clemson. Thought I saw it all until I came across LSU....WHAT A FING JOKE....are you serious??????

LSU plays 8....YES 8 home games and only 4 away....hahahahahahahahahahah.....talk about scared to travel. There first 4 games are at home.....hahahahah.....

They play 3 patsies....UAB, Kent State & Furman....

The SEC.....where its all smoke and mirrors....


"They play 3 patsies....UAB, Kent State & Furman....

The SEC.....where its all smoke and mirrors...."

SEC teams play 3 pansies and 4 or 5 top 20 teams
Canes play 2 top 20 teams and 10 pansies
7 NC in a row is far from smoke and mirrors
Do you realize how stupid you sound?


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