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UM dual-threat QB commit Alin Edouard wavering, as pro-style QB Brad Kaaya announces his commitment

Hialeah High quarterback Alin Edouard committed to the Hurricanes in February for 2014. Miami has been his lifelong dream school, and Edouard was ecstatic to get the offer.

The offer is still there, according to Edouard and his high school coach, Marc Berman, who said he spoke to a UM assistant coach at least twice Monday. But Edouard, a three-star quarterback rated the 16th best dual-threat QB prospect in the nation, is starting to have his doubts. He said he was offered by former assistant Mario Cristobal, who quickly left UM to join the staff at Alabama. He said new offensive coordinator James Coley had not communicated with him directly even once until Edouard received a private Facebook message from Coley on Monday.

"I'm guessing either they don't really want me or it's just something that happened,'' he said of the lack of communication since February. "It's not the same as it was before.''

Edouard said he is still committed to UM, but is also considering Louisville, where his friend Teddy Bridgewater stars as the starting QB going into his junior year.

The other schools Edouard said he is considering: USF, Syracuse and Tennessee.

Berman told me that Edouard "as of this point is committed and they are committed to him. Alin can do things with his legs that other kids can't. They'll probaby sign two quarterbacks from what I've been told, and that's the way it is around the rest of the country. It's all about competition.''

The Canes are loaded with quarterbacks, and have also offered two-star Malik Rosier of Mobile, Ala., for 2014. For now, besides senior Stephen Morris, there's junior Ryan Williams, redshirt freshmen Gray Crow, Preston Dewey and David Thompson, walk-on freshman Garrison Lassiter and incoming freshman Kevin Olsen.

 Edouard said he is not intimidated at all by competing for the QB job. He is just worried that coaches might try to switch his position to, say, receiver and he is adamant that he stay at quarterback.

  Meanwhile, Brad Kaaya of West Hills (Calif) Chaminade High, proclaimed his commitment to Miami on Monday. Chaminade is in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. Kaaya is a three-star, pro-style prospect. He is 6-4 and 213 pounds, and rated by Rivals.com as the 19th-best  pro-style quarterback prospect.

  Kaaya completed 126 of 186 passes for 1,875 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2012 as a junior for 12-2 Chaminade, which lost the state title game to Serra Gardena. He threw his only two interceptions of the season during that game.

   Edouard completed 64 of 132 passes for 926 yards and nine touchdowns, with nine picks last season. He ran for 559 yards and seven touchdowns.

   "Brad is excited,'' Chaminade coach Ed Croson told me today by phone. "Miami had a different feel, a different flavor, and Brad liked that.''

   Croson said Kaaya also likes the way Coley wants to throw the ball around and the way the offense works. UM kicker Matt Goudis played for Croson, too, and made Kaaya feel comfortable.

    Croson said Kaaya is a great student who "never gets in trouble, works his butt off and has talent. That's the guy you're looking for.''

   One thing is for sure: recruiting can be a brutal process. And it's a long process. You can only imagine how much things might change -- and probably will change -- before signing day 2014.





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Gallo...seriously....you want to debate the subject. The kid basically said Shannon's last year was the worst as far as moral...said "their was no structure in place like we have now"....Shannon played favorites....no one could understand how Tommy Streeter could be sitting on a bench (Al got production) being wasted. He said the 2010 season got to a point that when ever they would get some momentum they would end up blowing a game and having setbacks. He noted the blowout loss to FSU at home was the worst feeling....we felt "outcoached and unprepared". He said he "knew something was up" with Shannon's job status after the USF loss...."Dude....we knew he was gone after that loss....that was his "MO" every year....blowing two or three games at the end with the talent we have.

Facts are facts....

Seriously y'all Cane animalistic, brUtes. I'm thinking Goldie's team defense will improve... to around NO. 77/NO.78 nationally.
Too bad that will DE-volve into a 8-4 record.
And absolutely NO a.c.c. championship game CAMEO appearance. Huh.

TK SWANN....I think 9-3 is the minimum....8-4 is underachieving....7-5....goodbye.

9-3 with a Coastal Championship is way more then what the last two coaches were able to deliver.

I honestly think we run the table.....IF OUR DEFENSE is better then #50 in the country we go undefeated....thanks to a favorable schedule of course.

Gallo I wish you would go with Bridgewater then we would not have to read your nonsense every day. You are such an idiot , always talking about $hit you know nothing about . If you and Calvin and others who know who they are dont like whats being built here then take all your genious knowledge and Coaching expertise and take this team where it needs to be. Morons. All on Hialeah kids Nuts but his stats suck worse than Olsens , Stupidity is the only explantion I can come up with for all your dribble. Go Canes

shannon was 9 & 4 in his 3rd year and ran the gauntlett in the first 4 games opened up with #18 Florida St., than #14 Georgia tech, than #11 Virginia tech and than #8 oklahoma and shannon didn't cry one bit and made it clear, these are the type of games that you want to play and why you come to Miami. It'll let us see where we're at as a team, and after a 3 & 1 start, the situations was not bad, but a bought off under table oc, a snake ad in kirby lo-cutt and a troll president low ballin this man and trying to be the gate keeper of what football players come in or don't, shannon still excelled.

Here coach goldie is crying about a weak 2012 schedule, and this year it's weaker, "NO EXCUSES"!
Posted by: Calvin |


ABSOLUTELY yes. Coach Shannon was bloody well UNDERMINDED by at least a QUARTET of Cane CONSPIRATORES.
The bottom line is Mr. Shannon was NEVER, sincerly welcomed with open arms by the Miami big monyed boosters and Miami sports media-nexus and several POWERS THAT BE, suits on campus.
Nonetheless, I believe he lost the team and a MAJORITY of his assistants BAILED OUT on him in 2010. ENTER the Sun Bowl fiasco!!

Why was it so clearly stated that Shannon "would not talk" to anyone?? They said he was horrible with communicating to people esp the media. Many said he was "cold shouldered" a lot....you cant be like that in that position.....Jimmy hated the media....but he damn sure communicated to them....and very effectively.

D....#77 OR #78?? That makes no sense.....WE WON THE COASTAL at #116 in the nation on defense....why...offense as you know. If we move up to #77-#78....with our offense....it will equate to 9-3 or better and ACC Champ game.

I think cAlvin's true colors are starting to show.. what exactly did you mean by "we can throw in Hurlie Brown when it comes to being credible from a social standpoint.." Social standpoint? What social standpoint makes him credible?

Just a few of cAlvin's LIES:

1. cAlvin said that Donna Shalala said that "UM was recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami".

TRUTH: Telly Lockett, former coach of Miami Central H.S. said that he just thought that UM was recruiting a diffrent kind of athlete.

2. cAlvin siad that the University of Texas wanted Shannon to be their Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting but didn't want to pay him the money that he would have lost from Miami.

TRUTH: Texas did offer him their DC job BUT Shannon accepted the Head Coaching job at Miami INSTEAD.

3. cAlvin when confronted with the "truth" about the timing of the Texas DC job offer, replied with another lie: "This exactly why they came back after him once he was free again, in fact they wanted him as the Head Coach in waiting".

TRUTH: Texas NEVER contacted Shannon AFTER he was fired by Miami. They snatched up Manny Diaz who turned around Mississippi State's defense only 24 days after Will Mushcamp took the Florida job.

4. cAlvin said "Come on man, it's common sense that no school wanted to hire Shannon in the midst of him having to sue Miami as well. Do you really think Shannon could have just walked right into another University after being fired an owed money by another University, that's just not common sense, and that's BEFORE the lawsuit."

TRUTH: Shannon interviewed for and was offered the Maryland D-Coordinator job a mere 4 months after he was fired by Miami. So which is it? No school wanted to hire him or Texas went after him after he was free again or he just went on the interview at Maryland for the "experience"? Below is the link AGAIN to Shannon saying why he took a year off from coaching.


Even after being corrected, cAlvin continues to stand by "his" stats that Miami was the 117th ranked defense last season.TRUTH: Colorado was ranked 117th. Miami wasn't much better coming in at 116th.6. cAlvin QUOTED Ed Reed as saying "Hell Naw, I'mma veteran dawg" when trying to play up John Harbaugh as not being weak minded like Al Golden and being able to handle what's perceived as direspect.

TRUTH: While Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were vocal about their displeasure of practicing in full pads after they were destroyed by the Texans.. cAlvin simply made that quote up. As for Harbaugh not being weak minded and being able to handled preceived lack of respect.. Funny how they made no effort to resign Ed Reed and they cut Bernard Pollard. Just a coincidence? Yeah I have ocean front property to sell you!

It could have been U: The news here is that Eduard is on UL's radar. U see, RS had it right and was moving in the right direction. UL with Bridgewater is one of the top teams next year. U might as well just give the Heisman to Bridgewater right now, because Johnny Football ain't going to have the same kind of year next year like last.

It could have been U: Heck, can U imagine what UM would be like w/ Teddy? And then minus the DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, IJustDunno and w/ RS as DC....

UM must get rid of DC. Only then does the prominent past crack open its door.

Hey Coke or Pepsi: I used to work out and play b-ball and run w/ RS frequently. I never had a problem understanding RS. U seem to have a little bit of a different "problem" than just plain communication. Players never had a problem w/ him, either.

Long lists have been shown to correlate with small brains

and other organs

Cool Cat....I never said he did...I don't know him. It was reported that he was not a good communicator in public. Does not mean he could not speak properly...he just did not like the "act" of doing it.

I watched a 10 minute highlght tape of the kid from Cali and while I know it is a highlight tape he looks really good , hell maybe we should look at some of his Wrs too. They look good as well nice hands. There will never be a fence around sofla again that secret is out and you can't get all the talent down here on one team. I think you hit it hard but good players are everywhere. Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | May 13, 2013 at 04:39 PM


Hey maybe Goldy can offer the D.B.'s this No Offer Stiff played against as well so he can look like an All-American during 7 on 7 and Scrimmages...

I don't understand why we are still talking about RS . I like him alot but he was not the man for the job that's all it's not personal just factual. AG may not be the man for the job either but he deserves a legitamate opportunity without all the extra bs that has been involved with the ncaa stuff stunting our recruiting and if he does not work out then we will try again . Go Canes

The Bigger the Golden Lie... The More Cane Cl[]_[]cks Will Believe it...

Yeah cool cat so you ran around with Shannon eh?

Good maybe youknow then how crappy of a coach he was

Prolem is --- with teh exception of thestudentathletes- the africanamericans on this blog have a BIG problem with Golden and his staff- simply because they are white and they took brother Randy's coaching spot.

Your blind racist rage is preventing you from seeing the truth

cool cat
Cane 72

racist pigs all of you

And you know no football. clueless

The Canes are loaded with quarterbacks and have also offered a scholarship to two-star Malik Rosier of Mobile, Ala., for 2014.


Wow !!! Hope we can pull this kid over his ONLY other offers from Furman, S. Miss, Arky St., and Northern Ill.

Any bozo that keeps disputing a quote that the troll president made in a UM commercial for the school must of just started following UM football. They finally figured it out after we started pointing it out to them so the ytook that commercial down with the quickness, but it's out their in games some of you may have recorded.

The thing about the hypocrites on here, they were the same ones riding shannon's sack after the team went 6 & 1 IN 2009. What they all fail to bring up is, j70 basically was throwing with 4 fingers that same year around that time. But definitely going in to the unc game and the bozo oc knowing this still had j70 throwing the ball over 35 times. All people want to talk about are the picks that year, but they fail to say the man kept us in every game, won more and barely lost a few, both bowl games except against notre shame were winnable games, he was a True freshman against cal and balled.

smo17 couldn't beat j70 out even now, because j70 was more accurate and knows how to run an offense. j70 came in he had matt pipho as his starting right tackle, shannon as his center, people began to see what j70 would've done behind a legit o-line. As long as j70 ws the qb here, we neve rgot held to 3 points except against usF and we still won that game and that had more to do with the way jedd fisch was trying to attack them.

The expectations arond here may be high, but they'll soon come to realize, this defensive philosophy makes no sense here. Coach goldie and clown 117th need 20 year juniors & 25 year seniors in order for this defense to crack the top 15in the country.

In the meantime, all shannon did was start alot of freshman in 2008, offense and defense and got alot of results. Coach goldie doesn't understand the real Miami players, like aldarius johnson, thomas finnie, guys like eddie johnson, ray ray armstrong and them. He sends them packing. Well, it's an old saying, and if he keeps his boy oach OH-NO over there at the expense of us losing games, i mean this guy has given lead after lead, basically all the games have been lost because of him.

When you at UM, and you score over 40 points, let alone 52 points was scored, and the game was still undecided against duke, it's high time for somebody to be on skates!

Ahahaha, what a retard - Jacory Harris SUCKED balls.

Randy Shannon was absolute garbage as a head coach but Japicky was the main reason UM lost all those games.

PS - this miserable troll was on here talking about what a bad coach Golden was for starting freshman.

RS was a loyal Cane but if the Peter principle hadn't already been identified, it would be coined as the randy principle. Excellent DC, but no way he could be an effective HC. The head coach position is much more like a CEO, and puts stress on public speaking, fund raising,interpersonal skills, positioning and a host of other things, that to be kind, were not RS strong suits.

Golden has many of those skills. We'll see if he can pull it together.

Calvin didn't read your blog...you beat me to it....you have a good memory like me......

Posted by: Jim Gallo | May 14, 2013 at 10:52 AM

Don't worry man, great minds think a like. This blog reminds me of an old saying man, the way alot of these goldie slurper's post, you remember that saying "you can fool most of the people most of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all the time" well that's how coach goldie got them. They're rooting for a guy who's doing alot of things contrary to UM football. crying and softening up schedules, running a primarily zone based defense that got his mentor in al groh fired, that same defense coldn't stop middle Tennessee St. Imagine if they played up-top Tennessee st. Recruits consistently feeling dis-trust and betrayal.

When shannon was the headcoach, guys committed and 99% of them stayed with it unless they couldn't get in, maybe 1 would flip, but shannon was clear with all of them and they knew "you start looking, we gone start looking too". shannon recruited the players like men. shannon's downfall was not having enuff coaching soldiers to ride with em. Had he been able to bring back art kehoe & soldinger, and got a legit oc, we would've been playing for a national championship by now.

We offering california widereceivers now, lol. cali db's, lol, is coach goldie serious. I'm having trouble, can somebody name any Cali db or wide-receiver that ever came here and shined at a high level. The best player that i can think of is dj williams and when he was here, he was just one in a number, didn't outshine and was decent, but didn't make no game changing plays, just real solid. n fact he had more of an impact as a True freshman when butch had em playing offense and on those trick special team plays!

cAlvin what year did those "commercials" where you allege that Shalala made those comments? Their is absolutely nothing on the internet with her saying that UM was recruiting a different type of athlete. Also, you stated previously that you weren't sure why she was never questioned what she meant by that. Now you're saying that they pulled the commercials after "we pointed that out to them and they took it down with the quickness". Which is it? You keep changing your story. What did you mean by coach Hurlie Brown has credibility from a social stand point?

This blog reminds me of a cesspool where losers like Calvin, who obviously has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going on in his personal life come to write dissertations about how bad UM football is.

Seriously, get a life, this is beyond sad.

It's not just that you're here all day every day posting paragraph after paragraph that no one reads - it's that you're so patently and unambiguously wrong that you're not even worth arguing with.

No UM fan agrees with you. Not one. Randy Shannon was a terrible head coach, that's why he lost so many games and will never even sniff another head coaching job at any level.

Japicky was a terrible quarterback. That's why he threw so many limp wrist interceptions that lost games for Miami and will never sniff the field for the Edmonton Eskimos.

Everyone knows Golden needs to win big to keep his job. Everyone hates D'Onofrio.

But the only person who "agrees" with you is Soldy/Jim Gallo - the Gators troll who has lived here posting his ignorant trash for going on five years now.

Should be all you need to know.

Calvin must be blind and deaf, at least with regard to Shannon. Couldn't you see that classic deer in the headlight look showing how far away he was from being a head coach? And it might have been preferably to be deaf and not hear the man try to string together a few words.

Really ? Great minds think alike Gallo and Calvin? I don't think both of you together have half a brain. You guys always talk $hit like you have special priveledges and are the fly on the wall in every discussion with every recruit and exactly what was said and who said it . Besides every other problem you guys have you are habitual liars and have very selective memories . Go Canes

gallo, these vampires continue to try and learn how to inhale the righteous garlic, but they can't do it. They luv coach goldie and his 13 & 11 record and the 117th ranked defense. As weak as this years upcoming schedule is from the sounds of things, if the schedule is weaker than in goldie's 3rd year than what it was in shannon's 3rd year, shannon won 9 games, goldie should at minimum with the watered down schedule win 11 games this year.

If you can't rely on your defense as a team to get stops, than see West Virginia last year with geno smith once they ran up against a real defense.

gallo i'm with you though, if the "war canoe" doesn't make it back to Miami, somebody needs to start preparing another 300 page binder.

"teddy bridgewater: sophomore

5,939 yards - 46 TD's - 20 INT's

Stephen Morris - junior

5,010 - 31 TD's - 18 INT's

I think I'll go with Teddy Bridgewater.....lol"

- Gallo

The competition Hooked-On-Phonics (Teddy) faced:
2-10 Kentucky
3-8 Missouri State
8-4 North Carolina
3-9 Fla. International
0-12 Southern Miss.
6-7 Pittsburgh
3-9 South Fla.
10-3 Cincinnati
4-7 Temple
8-5 Syracuse
5-7 UConn
9-4 Rutger
11-2 Gayturds
...a bevy of bums.


Steven Morris

2-10 Boston College
11-2 Kansas State
9-3 Bethune Cookman
7-7 Georgia Tech
7-6 N.C. State
12-1 Notre Dame
8-4 North Carolina
12-2 Florida State
7-6 Virginia Tech
4-8 Virginia
3-9 South Fla.
6-7 Duke
...3 title contenders with 6 solid teams.

Morris would put up Heisman numbers against the garbage Teddy Lispy Phonics faced last year. smh

exaxctly.....all that matters is the state championship.....then it will all be settled.....

but loose to florida/fsu.....pack your bags.....

cant stomach any more boston college/duke games like last year.......last year was insanity and stupid.....UM linebackers have always been the key to our defenses...

paul - johnson - gains - perryman (big and strong)....cant believe we don't have them in a 3-4 this year....alex will be weak and confused this year.....all freshman are. This is gonna hurt golden, youll see.

GAllo and Calvin are the prime examples of stupidity- even dumba55 calvin answered his own questions-

"Jacorry threw with four fingers"
whos fault was that, genius? Jacorry for not speaking up? or Shannon for makinghim play with an injured hand?

Unbelievable these idiots hang on every word of a 17 year old trying to sell himself. Running QBs don't win 'ships. Great defenses win 'ships.

Actually I can believe that these guys are idiots and all on in the same...Gallo, Calvin, Coke with cherries, who else wants the crown of idiot, outsider looking inside? You don't know a thing about football. This kid needs to listen to coaches and play WR. He had 9 INTs in high school. That reflects to 20 in college.

And Teddy is padding stats against the Big Least and best a Gator team that didn't even want to be there. Yay, Teddy!!!

teddy was compared to Olsen on Alin going to Louisville to be mentored by teddy...read the blog or invest in Rosetta stone.

Morris was used just as an index to teddy performance.....but its ok if you think he sucks....because of golden we lost him and are stuck at the QB position..Alin was the pick, not this cali kid.....

2 years went by and golden ignored the QB position and didn't prepare anyone for Morris's exit on graduation.....

nobody wants brad kaaya....QB's are not usually available at this point.....

Alin will become kirkland 2013.....don't come any local than that....college football requires running ability...end of story......pro-style QB in NCAA doesn't make for the most part.....

just ask denard robinson (michigan), johnny manziel (texas am), collin klein (ksu) or braxton miller (ohio state).....plus golden/coley said to Alin thats what they were looking for.....

as a parent I say...fu...ck both of them.....my son is playing QB.....Louisville here we come

"When I went to Junior Day at Miami I felt like I was already home," Edouard said. "I was the only QB there. I got a chance to speak with [offensive coordinator James] Coley for awhile just one-on-one. He basically wanted to find a quarterback who could run and throw, have accuracy and be a leader on the field. He said I had all those tools." Alin

so I am confused.....so golden decided to change his mind AFTER the kid commits? WTF..is the staff that inept that at this point they still don't know what they need?

These idiots arenow trying to bring teddy bridgewater down, that's one of the main reasons that man didn't come here, he saw how these same hypocrites turned on j70, lol. Now they want to say teddy b is padding his stats against weak competition. Let's see who padded they're stats with a common opponent, although the smo17 won't be going up against the same gaytor personnel from alst year, we'll see how he does against the gaytors.

Or why don't we just use a comparison already, these guys are idiots for real if they don't think teddy b is way better than morris. teddy b stats against unc last year:
Teddy Bridgewater
Comp-Att23-28 Yards=279 TDs=3

smo17 finished 12 for 26 for 155 yards and two interceptions. Took him 3 1/2 quarters to put up those great 14points

teddy led his offense to 36 points at the half against that same tarheel team.

gallo, this shat gets comical, let's see if they try and tell us now about how smo17's ankle was the cause.

They think louisville is soft, i would luv for us to meet louisville in a bowl game this year, just so coach goldie can get a close-up of what he missed out on and learn to never turn his back on Miami qb's again. We'll see if the pressure of trying to justify why you're making 500K is starting to get to james coley by going out west to bring this guy and take your chances with him because it seems like he doesn't have the real faith needed in alin, time will tell.

The way coach goldie recruits, we'll see guys balling all over the country and it won't be "how did we not get him" it's now more like "why in the pluck do we keep snatching schalorships away from the balla's".

In a way though, i'm glad some of these players are not coming here, the way coach goldie does, alot of them will get kicked off the team anyway since coach goldie acts like weed in college is some new phenomenon or something, GTFOH and coach, no need in us being down thomas finnie, gionni or eddie johnson. ray ray got dismantled, vaughn telemaque became irrelevant somehow but kacy rodgers got all of his time, lol.

Gallo & Calvin....the 80's are loooonnnngggg gone.....get over it. If a team like Stanford can be ranked in the top 10 as they were a few years ago....and do it with good kids....we can do the same. The difference is....the talent pool in south florida with athletes that can qualify put together with other quality athletes around the country will equal success. The days of the Two Live Crew and Randall Hill waist thrusts are through.

Well you can also compare Teddy Phonics and Morris vs South Fla.:
Steven Morris 21 of 32 for 413 yds 3 TD's and 0 INT's
Teddy Phonics 21 0f 25 for 256 yds 2 TD's and 0 INT's
7 more passes = 157 more yards. And Morris has a talent like Duke Johnson to share the offense with.

But these stats tell the story also:
Teddy Phonics vs that infamous jugger-NOT of the Rainbow Belt FIU:
19 of 36 for 198 yds and 2 TD's with 2 INT's
...yeah, very impressive. smh

Calvin and Gallo are the biggest dummies on here. Keep talking nonsense dummies..

Gallo read Canesport The Hialeah kid wants to go to UM so shutup with your negative crap . His coach said he spoke to him Monday and he said if UM wants me I want them. Go Canes

Why do these dumbas$$ qbs keep coming to um?! they think theyre gonna play?! its impossible! enuf qbs already! we need killer lbs and lineman!ugh!!!get rid of overrated morris and play ryan!!!ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Morris overrated....more like under rated...he was not even in the top 25 2013 QBS in one of the magazines....not even top 25??


It's true we need linebackers and lineman but Morris overated thats a retarded statement . What the hell are you talking about? Go Canes


who knows what they want at this point.....remember TMZ dictates, lol

2013 Golden Confusion: (new category)

1. we don't need an OL (Kirkland) but then we get nick linder
2. we don't need the #3 solo tackler on the team (Eddie Johnson) but we get a freshman in Alex Figueroa
3. we dont need the #2 kick return man in the whole NCAA but then we swap out to Philip dorsett

oh for all you koolaid drinkers.....UM does not have joseph yearby locked up.....don't underestimate terry lockette (usf)

Um national championship equation:

2 live crew (hit pool) + Randall hill (dancing with wolves) = 5 national championships

or the golden equation:

TMZ + 300 page binders (discipline) = empty trophy case and crocodile tears about schedule

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