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UM dual-threat QB commit Alin Edouard wavering, as pro-style QB Brad Kaaya announces his commitment

Hialeah High quarterback Alin Edouard committed to the Hurricanes in February for 2014. Miami has been his lifelong dream school, and Edouard was ecstatic to get the offer.

The offer is still there, according to Edouard and his high school coach, Marc Berman, who said he spoke to a UM assistant coach at least twice Monday. But Edouard, a three-star quarterback rated the 16th best dual-threat QB prospect in the nation, is starting to have his doubts. He said he was offered by former assistant Mario Cristobal, who quickly left UM to join the staff at Alabama. He said new offensive coordinator James Coley had not communicated with him directly even once until Edouard received a private Facebook message from Coley on Monday.

"I'm guessing either they don't really want me or it's just something that happened,'' he said of the lack of communication since February. "It's not the same as it was before.''

Edouard said he is still committed to UM, but is also considering Louisville, where his friend Teddy Bridgewater stars as the starting QB going into his junior year.

The other schools Edouard said he is considering: USF, Syracuse and Tennessee.

Berman told me that Edouard "as of this point is committed and they are committed to him. Alin can do things with his legs that other kids can't. They'll probaby sign two quarterbacks from what I've been told, and that's the way it is around the rest of the country. It's all about competition.''

The Canes are loaded with quarterbacks, and have also offered two-star Malik Rosier of Mobile, Ala., for 2014. For now, besides senior Stephen Morris, there's junior Ryan Williams, redshirt freshmen Gray Crow, Preston Dewey and David Thompson, walk-on freshman Garrison Lassiter and incoming freshman Kevin Olsen.

 Edouard said he is not intimidated at all by competing for the QB job. He is just worried that coaches might try to switch his position to, say, receiver and he is adamant that he stay at quarterback.

  Meanwhile, Brad Kaaya of West Hills (Calif) Chaminade High, proclaimed his commitment to Miami on Monday. Chaminade is in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. Kaaya is a three-star, pro-style prospect. He is 6-4 and 213 pounds, and rated by Rivals.com as the 19th-best  pro-style quarterback prospect.

  Kaaya completed 126 of 186 passes for 1,875 yards and 13 touchdowns in 2012 as a junior for 12-2 Chaminade, which lost the state title game to Serra Gardena. He threw his only two interceptions of the season during that game.

   Edouard completed 64 of 132 passes for 926 yards and nine touchdowns, with nine picks last season. He ran for 559 yards and seven touchdowns.

   "Brad is excited,'' Chaminade coach Ed Croson told me today by phone. "Miami had a different feel, a different flavor, and Brad liked that.''

   Croson said Kaaya also likes the way Coley wants to throw the ball around and the way the offense works. UM kicker Matt Goudis played for Croson, too, and made Kaaya feel comfortable.

    Croson said Kaaya is a great student who "never gets in trouble, works his butt off and has talent. That's the guy you're looking for.''

   One thing is for sure: recruiting can be a brutal process. And it's a long process. You can only imagine how much things might change -- and probably will change -- before signing day 2014.





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sorry...still don't see it

first 2 years:

randy shannon: (rookie) 12-13 / 6-10 conference / 1 bowl appearance.....kyle wright only

al golden: ( 7 yrs as a head coach)
13-11 / 8-8 conference / no bowl appearances

harris / morris handed to him on a silver platter.....

what am I missing here?

Gallo....you cant take Goldens first year into account. The first six games of his tenure were with out starting players who were suspended due to the Shapiro mess (on Randy's watch of course).So rational people will start from last year...so....basically Goldens first year (2012) he was 7-5 his first year. All Goldens wins and loses starting in 2012 should be what we all go by.

Again....you fail to answer my question again....your argument in the past has been:

Golden is not the person for the job....reason:

Randy left him with A LOT of talent
Golden only went 6-6 his first year and 7-5 last year....WITH ALL THAT TALENT.


Why? Because Shannon and Co. could not develop talent....that why we had the following take place below!!!!!

2007 season slide with 4 straight losses to end season
NC State - L - 19-16
Virginia - L - 48-0
Virginia Tech - L - 44-14
Boston College - L - 28-14

2008 Season slide (again!!) with 3 straight losses to end season:
Georgia Tech - 41-23
NC State - 38-28
California - Bowl game***** - 24-17 - Wait blame it on weather....too cold that night in San Fran

2009 - Another bowl loss
Citrus Bowl - L - Wisconsin - 20-14 - Wait blame the weather again....too cold in Orlando....

2010 Season slide again (again????)
Virginia Tech - L - 31-17
South Florida - L - 23-20
Notre Dame - L - Bowl game******* - 33-17 - Players seen throwing snowballs at one another on sideline....great job Shannon!!!!!

How do you explain the above season ending skids under Shannon??

whatever do to one...you do to the other.....so delete Randy's rookie year as a head coach.....that is much more overwhelming than temporary suspended players.....give me a break

no matter how you try to massage your argument...the facts will always knock you out.....whats a guy like AG even doing coaching a brand like UM?

why did he even get hired?

his best year (2) at temple:

2009: 9-4 wins

buffalo 5-7
eastern michigan 0-12
ball state 2-10
army 5-7
toledo 5-7
navy 10-4
miami oh 1-11
akron 3-9
kent state 5-7

2010: 8-4 wins

villanova ?
central michigan 3-9
Uconn 8-5
army 7-6
bowling green 2-10
buffalo 2-10
akron 1-11
kent state 5-7

you've got to be kidding....

notice how 2013 is linning up to be the same way.....



08 - 09 - 10 - All years ended in losing skids...face the facts.

Here is one tidbit for you...AG finished 2012 4-1.....not 1-3 like Shannons seasons.

Facts are facts!!

2008 Season slide (again!!) with 3 straight losses to end season:
Georgia Tech - 41-23
NC State - 38-28
California - Bowl game***** - 24-17 - Wait blame it on weather....too cold that night in San Fran

2009 - Another bowl loss
Citrus Bowl - L - Wisconsin - 20-14 - Wait blame the weather again....too cold in Orlando....

2010 Season slide again (again????)
Virginia Tech - L - 31-17
South Florida - L - 23-20
Notre Dame - L - Bowl game******* - 33-17 - Players seen throwing snowballs at one another on sideline....great job Shannon!!!!!

Gallo what you fail to mention is that Temple has never been a better football than any of the teams they beat. Thats why he got the job because he did more with less.Go Canes

If Stacy Coley plays more than Herb Waters UM can never set foot in Homestead Sr. High doors again!!!!

Posted by: Ridge Pride | May 17, 2013 at 08:19 AM

lol, don't worry, phillip dorset and rashawn scott are the ones who need to be worried about herb, cause allen hurns will continue to do his thing and always shows up. I remember when allen hurns came in and people were trying to dog coach shannon for that 2010 recruiting class and me and another guy, maybe 1 more kept tellign them theat that 2010 class was shannon's best class not that 2008 class that was full of wide receivers and linebackers that somehow got rated #1 by morons.

The 2010 class was shannon's best class cause it was the most physical class he recruited, period. Right no, this is the only reason coach goldie is looking half-way like a coach, he better hope james coley is worth that 500K, cause he knows he can't depend on his boy clown 117th to uphold anything, specifically the score. jedd carried him last year, seems to me like coach goldie thinks offense wins championships and this is why coach london owns him.

Coach goldie is nothing special as a headcoach, mike london at Virginia owns coach goldie and has a way better feel for the game than coach goldie. The coach at UNC right now is better than coach goldie. Coach cutliffe at duke is a way better coach than coach goldie. gumbo fisher owns coach godlie. He's one and one against frank beamer. 0 & 1 against randy edall with the turtles. He's definitely not a beter coach than jim grobe with wake forest, so why exactly do these guys sweat coach goldie is beyond me.

Coach goldie has a lot to prove, he has the potetnial to be a real solid headcoach, but you can't be pro administration and act like you're for the football team, it's one or the other at UM.

AG is as good as any of the coaches you mentioned . We will know how good as soon as his hands are untied . Give all those guys the same set of circumstances and see how they fare. All the negative stuff is really old and stale , if you dont like the U go somewhere else . Go Canes

Calvin.....hate to tell ya......Shalala will not put up with it......the 80s are long gone.....we can win the right way with the right players.

Gallo what you fail to mention is that Temple has never been a better football than any of the teams they beat. Thats why he got the job because he did more with less.Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | May 17, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Don't be an imbecile all the time, just go and check your facts. pennsylvannia produces alot of real good football players, temple is surrounded by football talent. Coach goldie had the biggest budget in the mac conference to work with and people want to make like coach goldie brought that program to become some typ of superpower. Keep in mind, they never had the best defense in their conference or they never even won the conference.

The statement "he did more with less" less of what is the question. And if he did more with less at temple, how come when he got here, he did less with more in his 1st 2 seasons here. Keep in mind coach goldie is going into his 8th year as a head football coach, was given a big budget to work with(when you pay $500K for an oc, that's all you need to know, shannon could've paid 3 of his assistants and had some left-over with that amount).

It's comical to see, it's comical to try and see these bozo's try and refute the obvious facts about coach goldie, he's mediocre at best. Here's a clue to all the goldie slurper's, how many times did coach goldie try and tell us this year how good mediocre to below average teams(Georgia tech 7 & 7 was trash until al groh left, boston college 2 & 10, NC st. 7 & 6, Virginia 4 & 8, duke 6 & 7) were. We were in shoot-outs with teams that weren't that good and we gave all of them a false sense of them being better than what they actually were.

I'm sure after boston college played us, they thought they were better than what they were, ended up 2 & 10. goldie hollering on national t.v. how good boston college was, is embarrassing. Anyway, keep up improper faith in that outside coach goldie, until he wins a national championship or becomes a part of a national championship team here, he's an outsider!

Coach goldie said it himself in his first game coached here "there was enough talent out there to win that game" so that means it was all on coaching. In his whole first year, yeah, players got suspended, but did those suspensions cause us to put all of our players at the line of scrimmage in the redzone, no safties and fake hand-off and logan thomas waltzed right into the endzone, how many blown leads did coach goldie and his mac defensive give up in the first year, the team hasn't been sanctioned. He had enuff players to win more games than he did last year, did players being suspended cause us to have 1st and goal against k st. last year and not get in.

Coach goldie hands are as free as free can be, his heart is tied to his boy clown 117th at the expense of this program and it's sickening to watch, he knows it but yet he continues to try and buy more time for him, so getting rid of thomas finnie, gionni, ej44 & gabe terry, that was an easy decision for coach goldie given the fact that he knows in his mind he can try and use that as more ammunition to defend his boy Can't respect that type of b.s., come this year, the defense will loaded with their juniors & 3rd year players in their scheme, we should technically see a big jump defnesively based on what they've been preaching.

Alot of guys going thru there 3rd and 2nd spring in this defense, "NO EXCUSES". Whenever an offense is ahead of a defense with new coaches, put yourself on notice, offense is leading the ship!

Thank god we stole this kid before he signed with san diego state

pro style qb, fine, but at least go after someone in the top 10

Fact is that Garrett Kidd was not recruited by Randy Shannon. Period. Shannon was fired in December 2010. Garrett Kidd sent his own film to Golden and walked on at Miami in 2011. That doesn't make him a Shannon guy. Also, Kevin Grooms didn't qualify academically and never enrolled at UM after signing his LOI. This is from the Sun-Sentinel:

Miami signee RB-CB Kevin Grooms ends up at Marshall

South Broward ATH, 5-10, 175 The Buzz: The versatile back rushed… (MICHAEL LAUGHLIN/SOUTH…)September 12, 2011| By Pat Lammer | Sun Sentinel

Former South Broward High standout RB-CB  Kevin Grooms, who signed with the University of Miami in February, has enrolled at Marshall, according to former Bulldogs teammate Scott Boyett.

Grooms was declared academically ineligible at UM and is sitting out this season at Marshall.

Boyett is starting as a freshman on the offensive line for Santa Rosa (Calif.) Junior College.

Why is cAlvin telling anybody to go check their FACTS when he obviously makes uo his own. Take your own advice and start checking your facts. Still waiting for you tell us what you meant by Hurlie Brown having credibility from a social stand point.. I have a feeling you won't because you don't want to prove those guys right that have called you a racist...

nobody said that garrett was recruited by shannon......the issue is that that list represents what golden had avalible to him that contridickts both bloggers and golden himself when he says that when he got here....the team was depleted.....that list I posted was THE ROSTER UM SUBMITTED TO THE NCAA....

but for your sake since you like major in minors......deleted garrett / grooms

Randy Shannon - recruits/returning players/players listed on the 2011 roster left for golden.

Duke Johnson
Erik Akre
Thurston Armbrister
Ray Ray Armstrong
Blake Ayles
Chad Barnes
Jermaine Barton
Travis Benjamin
Dalton Botts
Ben Bruneau
Ramon Buchanan
Malcolm Bunche
LaRon Byrd
Kelvin Cain
John Calhoun
Lee Chambers
Anthony Chickillo
Eduardo Clements
Asante Cleveland
Tyrone Cornileus
Akil Craig
Dallas Crawford
Cameron Dean
Phillip Dorsett
Chris Dunckel
Dyron Dye
Jonathan Feliciano
Nantambu Fentress
Joel Figueroa
Chase Ford
Marcus Forston
Jordan Futch
James Gaines
Nathan Gholston
Sean Goldstein
Matt Goudis
Shayon Green
Jalen Grimble
Harland Gunn
Maurice Hagens
Darion Hall
Jacory Harris
Sean Harvey
Seantrel Henderson
Alonzo Highsmith
C.J. Holton
Ben Hopfinger
Tyler Horn
Darris Hughes
Allen Hurns
Alex Irastorza
Chris Ivory
Ken Jackson
Mike James
Aldarius Johnson
Davon Johnson
Jermaine Johnson
Ben Jones
Garrett Kidd
DeAndre Lewis
Jeremy Lewis
Erik Lichter
Brandon Linder
Eduardo Lopez
Shane McDermott
Brandon McGee
Sean McNally
Lamar Miller
Stephen Morris
JoJo Nicolas
Shawn O'Dare
Adewale Ojomo
Keion Payne
David Perry
Curtis Porter
Micanor Regis
Luther Robinson
Marcus Robinson
Kacy Rodgers
Billy Sanders
Andrew Smith
Darius Smith
Sean Spence
Tommy Streeter
Andrew Swasey
Vaughn Telemaque
Kendal Thompkins
David Thompson
Jordon Tolson
Olivier Vernon
Clive Walford
Brandon Washington
Cory White
Jake Wieclaw
Mike Williams
Ryan Williams
Robert Wright

Funny how coach goldie is only saying the roster was depleted when it comes to the defensive side of the ball, cause he know he couldn't say that for the offensive side, when you get left "Truth" miller, mike james, travis benjamin, hurns, aj2, and others, you can't use that, but than, the defense was ranked in the 20's the year before coach goldie and his mac staff brethren came in, he gets them a year older from when the were ranked in the 20's and now all of a sudden he starts scremaing about depth issues, especially when he came in and started guillotining the majority of the defensive players, get real.

Right now, coach goldie's core values system and 300 page buzzard binder has produced a 13 & 11 result. So now he's down to plan C, soften up the schedule mode, plan B of cutting more defensive guys to try and buy more time is on the verge of becoming irrelevant now. Plan C in full affect now, no matter what the stats might say, that defensive scheme we're running is not a dominant defensive scheme no matter what.

I'll break it down for yall, coach goldie's philosophy/idea of having a championship footnall here is, one, have an offense that can score the majority of the time and 2, having an opportunistic defense that gives up a lot of yards but creates enuff turn-overs by sitting back trying to capitolize by hoping the other team makes a mistake instead of forcing mistakes to hand the ball back over to the offense. So instead of creating a shut-down defensive unit, it's sit back an play the odds appoach that the big 10 was always known for. So when this defense goes up against athletic offenses, it'll look like it's never seen athletic guys before.

Prime example, why do we paly 10 yards off every teams wide-receivers with-out knowing if they're any good or not, clown 117th never takes anything away from a team, just runs his scheme no matter who we're up against, doesn't know how to find out in game where defensively we have advantages, just run th scheme backed up by coach goldie.

We never find out or force an offense to have to go in another direction either, defensivelythey're always going to be holes in that scheme backed up by coach goldie because that's the scheme he ran at Virginia which agin is why coach london owns him or any other coach that knows/coached with goldie, they all know how to coach against him and that weak non-championship philosophy.

calvin: problem is the media and the like dont drill down on any of this.....nobody tells the truth.....its shannons fault, the roster was depleted, our defense was all freshman, we lost because (1) kid went the wrong way, we have too many weeds in the garden, its the sanctions.....etc

paul - gaines - perryman - johnson (6'1" avg @ 233 lb and 3.25 yrs playing)......who gets rid of that when you already have a porous defensive line....that's 4 of UM's best players....

there is no requirement/rule in NCAA about having players on the team that have arrest records..its allowed so why weaken the team? Does UM reject applications for its admissions for the student body? NO.....does UM dismiss current students when they get arrested during their enrollment? NO.....

so who told golden that he had to expel these players from the team and also terminate their scholarships?......if a current student gets arrested lets say in the grove...UM doesnt pull its financial aid....these guys DESERVE to be on the team....

or start terminating every student that gets arrested and terminate all financial aid.....BUT that wont happen since that involves UM $$$$$$......hypocrites

Calvin....please confirm this for me yes or no....

Did Randy Shannon leave Golden a lot of talent or a depleted roster....??

Ill answer for him.....Shannon left golden a lot of talent and golden depleted the roster....

"None of this matters because Al has locked down Kenya and Zimbabwe. He also has the number 2 JUCO DT from Rhode Island as well as the 18th best safety from Hawaii. Combine that with another year of UTough for the 117th defense and this thing has 'ship written all over it. If only []_[] could figure out a way to get by powerhouse Virginia".......another blogger

that is f..cking funny

So...Gallo....again...if Shannon GAVE "all that talent" to Golden....then....why couldn't RANDY win WITH HIS OWN TALENT?

Why all the losing skids for Shannon in 08,09 & 10 with ALL OF HIS TALENT?

If Randy had all that talent he would not have lost a the end of those season the way he did......unless...he DID have a lot of talent but just was not a good manager of that talent....hence the losses....hence him being fired....CORRECT?

Ill answer for him.....Shannon left golden a lot of talent and golden depleted the roster....

"None of this matters because Al has locked down Kenya and Zimbabwe. He also has the number 2 JUCO DT from Rhode Island as well as the 18th best safety from Hawaii. Combine that with another year of UTough for the 117th defense and this thing has 'ship written all over it. If only []_[] could figure out a way to get by powerhouse Virginia".......another blogger

that is f..cking funny

Posted by: Jim Gallo | May 18, 2013 at 12:44 PM

LOL, nice and spoken like a True Cane. What's also funny is, people keep talking about and coach goldie keep talking about "we don't have depth" as if that's the problem, they're talking like the 1st team defense is playing lights-out, and the back-ups are 117th. Come on, the starters got ploed thru in that scheme along with the rest of the players. But thanks for taking that easy question to task, you said it perfectly, "shannon left goldie alot of talent, goldie depleted the roster".

shannon had to many shabby assistants to get to the next level but he did have a 9 & 4 season with his players in his 3rd year, with a way tougher schedule. All this "goldie has stuck with the program in the midst of this talk" is ridiculous. Many UM alumni will gladly take the headcoaching position if coach goldie decided to roll out. Coach shannon would been here too as well. Coach goldieis not doing nothing special in regards to staying here, he calculated that by doing so, it would give him more time and of course, if anybody had to ask, would you rather be coaching in pennsylvania or Miami, investigation or no investigation where would you be.

I'm not saying that there weren't challenges but get real, we've seen this episode before, butch davis didn't do to bad under similar circumstances. The difference is coach davis understood the Miami blue-print to a Tee, this guy we got at the helm now is trying to figure it out. He thinkshe can do it with an old heavy big 10 blue-print, where they use to sniff a national championship every 10 to 20 years. I don't like the guy, but oscar cryer went into the big 10 with his own blue print and is going to drive alot of those teams crazy, although i'm thinking coach hoke over at michigan is going to be a problem in the ig 10 to as well.

That blogger who wrote that though, like i said earlier, coach london owns coach goldie!

Calvin....then if Shannon left Golden "a lot of talent" then Shannon would have been winning with "his talent".....not losing skids like the end of the 08, 09 & 10 seasons which lead to his firing.

Its unfortunate you old school boys cant accept a few things:

The 80s are over with...gone are the days when players can act a fool on and off the field.

Shannon was not a good head coach....great co-ordinator though....great player....

UM needs to be very careful in the publics eye at this time until the NCAA goes away. Perhaps when it is over with we can "get off the chain" a little....I do miss those days.

Academics cause casualties....Eddie Johnson was one....it does us no good to "look the other way" or "change grades" for one person....what for? If your a true Cane then you would understand when Soldy said "handle your business off the field".

Gabe Terry - if your that dumb to fall asleep in a stairwell with a big bag o weed in your pocket then your to dumb to probably understand your playbook or class work. The police found him...not Golden. He was dismissed from Miami's higher ups that has nothing to do with Golden.

I'm done posting....tired actually....I will leave you and Gallo to sit here and wallow in your misery. Football season is around the corner. Please enjoy watching our football team "get off the chain" a little. A 9-11 win season possible with a chance to play in the ACC title game. Will come back to find you both to say "I told you so"!!

By the way, don't be surprised if gabe terry is back on the team, alot of pressure coming coac hgoldie's way. All this axing players crap is going to start coming to a stand-still otherwise goldie won't be here long, he might just be wisening up in that department.

Coach goldie doesn't command the respect of school law enforcement, those same security personnel would've called coach shannon first and he would've taken care of it. People think this is something new only under coach goldie, what gabe did is small in cimparison.

The question, why is, why is it that bozo's don't recognize coach shannon had kyle wrong and kirby freeman in his first year, than he had two 1st year starters his second year in 2008 and went 7 & 6, in the meantime coac hgoldie goes 6 & 6 than 7 & 5 in his 1st and 2nd year with seasoned qb's. shannon had to build the team on offense and defense, and special teams lost us alot of games as well with coach fluzzi pannuzzi at the helm. Again, coach goldie has done less with more, right now he's a mediocre coach at best, mike london owns him, coach goldie is nowhee near being the best coach or one of the best coaches in the acc let alone college football.

So the question is, why is it that coach goldie couldn't win more games with seasoned qb's. We all know coach shannon went 9 & 4 with j70 and had j70 not been hurt would've of at least won 2 more games and if he had a legit oc, would've probably played for the national championship.

People talk about what's unfair for coach goldie, but they don't want to talk about in coach shannon's last year, he went 7 & 5, that's after having to play smo17 as a True freshman, the team was 5 & 2 before j70 went down and had j70 stayed the starter, we would've at least finished up either 5 & 0 or 4 & 1 which would've meant the team record would have been either 10 & 2 or 9 & 3 again excluding the bowl game. Coach goldie has the luxury of getting smo17 as a junior and senior and still went 7 & 5, which is why i still say, what was the purpose of getting rid of coach shannon for coac hgoldie.

kirby locutt was bought off and troll shalala back-stabbed shannon. Under the circumstances shannon didn't have a bad year. And we all know the oc was about to get upgraded, they just wanted to get shannon out of their while they on the surface to those who can't see it, could seemingly justify it. If you wanted coach goldie, he would've still been at temple, nobody was hunting that man down like that. I always wanted coach shed leach over gruden or anybody else out their that would be a new coach here.

Calvin STFU. Really.. now you're projecting what Shannon's record would have been if Jacory didn't get hurt AND if they had a real OC? Hear yourself out before you type that nonsense.. you and Gallo would be the first people on here blasting Dom or anybody else if Stephen Morris gets hurts and they say that Golden WOULD HAVE finished 5-0 or 4-1 if Morris didn't get hurt and we still had Jed Fisch instead of James Coley. You guys would be blaming Golden for not having a better back up QB. Seriously, you reek of desperation...

I like how shannon won 9 games with j70 at the helm, coach goldie only won 6 games with j70 running the show. How is that possible. If j70 was a 9 win qb before, how did he go to being a 6 win qb under coach goldie. Soundslike the same thing that happened to guys like vaughn telemaque and ray ray armstrong, they were strong draft prospects under coach shannon, under coach goldie, good luck to both of them getting into the league now. All the players that rolled out on coach goldie and his b.s. approach was a sign of things to come.

The one thing i'm not seeing from coach goldie is his ability to be able to motivate the players. One thing for sure, guys sniff out softness in Miami real quick, clown 117th comes off as being soft. You watch coach jethro franklin coach, he's paying more attention to his cards and snatching that fake football back than he is to watching the actual players. Hiring him over coach petri was just another terrible move by coach goldie unchained. This man gets 500K just to hire an oc, lol, they were paying shannon 800K his first 3 years here.

Had they given shannon 350K to hire marc trestman or dirk koetter to come here we would've been back at the top of college football. Instead, looks like we're on the verge of playing that dull big 10 defense. This defense does not highlight the individual athletic abilities of the players, they want clog peg players. By the time they get to the nfl, they're dang near washed up an out of shape. I can't take another year of watching our db's playing 10 yards off the line and than taking off running either further back before the ball is hiked like this is arena football or something.

If we see artie burns doing that with as much speed as that man has, that's would be a continued/another flagrant violation of the mis-use of talent on defense by coach goldie and hos boy clown 117th. I don't want to hear coach goldie talk about nothing on offense of how he got involved with the offense and this and that, let's see coach goldie go and try and help take credit for that defense, i'm sure he will as soon as they seem like they're on the verge of playing more solid defense.

D corch sucks!!

Shannon failed j12 by not fattening him p a little.....kid was a twig.....of course it was only a matter of time before he got broke in half.

Calvin.....you should be thankful Golden at practice stood up and told j12........I got your back......I got your back.....who else has his back?

That's the coach he is......but.....I guess he gets not credit for that.

Wow!! There are a lot of UM leghumpers here. I see little brother from that dumpsterfire in Gainesville is still very concerned with Miami Althletics. See you ladies at Joe Robbie come September.

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