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Canes land commitment from little known Booker T. Washington defensive end with plenty of athleticism

The Miami Hurricanes' summer recruiting run continued Friday when the program picked up its 19th pledge for the Class of 2014 in little known Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end Demetrius Jackson.

The 6-5, 230-pound senior played varsity football for the first time this spring and was known more for what he did on the basketball court, earning All-Dade Second Team honors this past season.

"People may not know much about him right now, but they will," Tornadoes offensive coordinator Tim "Ice" Harris Jr. said. "He's a freak talent who played plenty of football growing up. He just turned his focus to basketball in high school. But he knows his best way to a scholarship is football. A lot of schools who saw him this spring were impressed."

Jackson had a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery as well as a few batted balls at the line of scrimmage in the spring game for the defending Class 4A state champions. He has offers from Arkansas and FIU and had committed to the Razorbacks last week, but the school didn't accept his oral commitment because he hadn't visited the campus yet.

"He's going to be like a rush end/outside linebacker in 3-4 look," Harris Jr. said. "He can rush the quarterback. You look at him at [four-star recruit] Chad Thomas they compliment each other well. Demetrius probably has him in speed, movements. That's going to work out well."

Harris Jr. said Jackson is already a full college qualifier and has a 3.0 GPA and scored 21 on the ACT. Harris Jr. said Jackson is the cousin of former Booker T. defensive ends Joseph Jackson (South Florida) and Jonathan Jackson (FIU).


Although it's not a 100 percent done deal according to sources at UM, reports are UM will also be adding former Wisconsin senior defensive end David Gilbert to its roster, just a couple months after the former Oakland Park Northeast High standout said he was ending his career with the Badgers due to foot injuries.

BadgerBlitz.com was the first to report the news Thursday night. Gilbert reportedly graduated in May would be eligible to play for the Hurricanes as a post-graduate.

Gilbert started 13 games last season, rolling up 42 tackles, 9.5 for loss, four sacks and three forced fumbles and earned honorable mention on the All-Big Ten Team.

Gilbert broke his right foot twice in 2011 and missed spring practice this past April to undergo more surgery on the same foot, repairing ligament damage this time.

As a senior at Northeast, Gilbert was an All-State First Team selection, racking up 57 tackles, nine sacks and eight tackles for loss in 2007.

> Canesport.com reported Friday that 2013 signee Ryheem Lockley is headed to Fork Union Military Academy, but says he will remain committed to UM and expects to arrive in Coral Gables in the spring. UM's sports information staff told The Miami Herald the only Summer II session arrivals were the five players reported earlier this week.

> Former Canes forward Kenny Kadji and guard Durand Scott signed as undrafted free agents with the Cavs and Spurs, respectively.


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Another day, another commitment... ANOTHER uNranked nobody. And this one has NEVER played Football...

uR Star average per player continues to plummet.

down to 2.60

Walkons with Schollies... Golden's new recruiting strategy for excUses that will come later.


a gimp and another guy who just started playing football?

something fishy is going on here

Florida Gator Aaron Hernandez is now be investigated as a serial killer per police reports.

He has offers from Arkansas and FIU and had committed to the Razorbacks last week, but the school didn't accept his oral commitment because he hadn't visited the campus yet.


This scRuB WASN'T offered by Arky. Arky "offered" him an official visit on their dime just like a hundred other kids. That's it. Somehow, he and his Coach are trying to BS that he had an offer. Well he did actually. FIU only. So congrats Cane Dopes. u stole one from ur sorry big brothers from West Meeeeami.

YuP... Just another uNranked scRuB. Maybe he can play basketball though riiieeet ?

David Gilbert will spend twice the amount of time in tha Training room getting treatment than he ever will on the practice n playing fields...

"He's limping off again."

Lol, if people on here think luke and ice harris have some vendetta against coach goldie, yall are more delusional than we first though. Coach goldie knows what he stood up and told all the highschool coaches who were in that room, people crying because guys like luke, ice and the likes held coach goldie accountable. You can't just finess real people in Miami with mere words, we don't get down like that, you do that for women, not men. goldie understands that a whole lot now, if he thinks somehow he's going to create some type of power shift in Miami at 13 & 11 and nobody on defense looking like a top notch draft pick thus far, he'll find out real quick if he didn't know already, welcome to Miami.

Again, he's an outsider until he becomes part of a national championship football team. Coach goldie lost alot of credibility last year not just for his recruiting mistakes, but because it's well known his boy clown 117th is garbage. To many coaches been down here to long and understand how to coach defense for coach goldie to keep trying to pass his boy off as some top notch coordinator. This is the last year for the excuses on defense, we either gone play defense or not, the excuses are over.

Coach petri or jethro, bad move by goldie.

I tell you what, seems like we're about to have just as many hybrid lb/de's as we do tight-ends. You'll soon how we're fully transitioning to a 3-4 defense round the middle or end of this year after loses.

Yesterday, the University of Miami Hurricanes 2014 recruiting class was ranked as the number 4 class in the nation. Florida State was ranked 8th and the Florida Gators 18th.

College football experts across the country have been pointing out the extraordinary job Miami Head Football Coach Al Golden has been doing with the rebounding Miami football program. Golden's successes are all the more impressive when considering the Hurricanes have been hounded by an almost 3 year NCAA inquisition that has had a highly negative effect on recruiting.

On a separate note; the NCAA is said to be opening an inquiry into the Florida football program based on the reports being released concerning the former Gator Aaron Hernandez's various murder investigations. Hernandez is thought to be the first serial killer in the history of college football and the NFL.

Calvin, Your just like the travon martin witnesses total idiots.

Trailer donkeys!

So now if ufelons offer are yall gonna retract these statments or just act like U never typed them.....latter im sure.....

He has offers from Arkansas and FIU and had committed to the Razorbacks last week, but the school didn't accept his oral commitment because he hadn't visited the campus yet..

This scRuB WASN'T offered by Arky. Arky "offered" him an official visit on their dime just like a hundred other kids. That's it. Somehow, he and his Coach are trying to BS that he had an offer. Well he did actually. FIU only. So congrats Cane Dopes. u stole one from ur sorry big brothers from West Meeeeami.YuP... Just another uNranked scRuB. Maybe he can play basketball though riiieeet ?Posted by: uNranked n 2-Star u | June 28, 2013 at 07:23 PM

Wrong... That SCRUB was offered a scholarship by Arkansas. Why they didn't accept his oral commitment before his official visit is a mystery though.

Here's the link from 247Sports showing his "offers":


Jimmy Graham didn't play football until his senior season and now he is one of the best TE'S in the NFL....and not a serial killer....so.....BTFO....

Just read that all four fans that bought hernandez jerseys are allowed to trade them in.....how ashamed can they be....next is ufelon striped jerseys...does anyone know the gainesville prison uniform colors? Just had a good idea for my mancave....

You're right about jimmy graham....they cant deny him...

If there are three gators in the backseat, who's driving?

A cop

jimmy graham, another one of those randy shannon gems.

Coach goldie's 4 star recruits can't beat coach shannon's 2 star recruit in jimmy gaines.

Yo Arty, isn't it unreal how these silly Cane dolts are so giddy about picking up 10 straight unranked-2-Star and barely 3-Star Big Program Walkons this last week ? Actually it's kinda sad. These starved for ANYTHING Clucks are clicking their heels and doing backflips over an 18 commit class whose average Star per man is 2.60 Stars and 13-THIRTEEN, MORE THAN HALF, recieved NO Top-25 Team offers. And EIGHT of those only got Mid-Major, D-1-AA and D-2 offers.

Golden's throwing these nUmbnUts grizzle and they think it's Filet Mignon.

'dios Arthur !

sorry, been holding back for a few days. Liked the first 8-10 kids in the class. Even could handle the first 3-4 of these last 9 commits this last week, but there are just way too many questions and mystery with now have nearly half of the current class be projects and hope for the best kids. With only 6-7 spots left, if Golden doesn't close with all 4-5 star kids, and I mean all, it's a class like this, way too many questions, that can stunt a teams growth in a terrible way. Don't give give me the "trust in Golden" crap. I don't trust any of these coaching egomaniacs. I think Al is so determined to stock pile the roster with S. Fla. kids that are projects, he's going to get shutout on Stars around the country. It's simply too much too soon by offering almost 20 schollies in June instead of waiting and recruiting the studs during the season. All I can come up with, is that Golden and the staff have sent out letters to all the Top kids and recieved little, if any interst from almost all of them that are sure fire College Football stars. That is troubling if that even only half true.

Also, don't give me th S.Fla. 2-3 Star is a 4-5 Star outside of S. Fla. That's garbage in todays click n you have to 20 minute hilite tape in .5 seconds.

Again, Golden, and I pray he does, better close with a monsterous final 6-7. Cause I assure all of you. There are all those now mid ranked recruiting juggernaughts Schools, and we know who the are year in and year out, with only 10-12-14 max already small but stacked classes now that will wait til January and absolutely nail and haul in 8-10 of the top remaining kids. And there are plenty of those 4-5 star studs left and if Al doesn't get atleast a full hand full of those and settles for more projects and low-mid 3 Stars ?

He better close strong. That's all I'm saying.

yep calvin.....a great shannon pick

2007: 5-7

randy shannon - HC experience (rookie)
patrick nix - OC experience (rookie)
tim walton - DC experience (rookie)

2008: 7-6

randy shannon - HC (2yr)
patrick nix - OC (2yr)
bill young - DC (rookie)

2009: 9-4

randy shannon - HC (3yr)
mark whipple - OC (rookie)
john lovett - DC (rookie)

2010: 7-6

randy shannon - HC (4yr)
mark whipple - OC (2yr)
john lovett - DC (2yr)

2011: 6-6

al golden - HC experience (6yr)
jedd fisch - OC experience (2yrs)
mark dnofrio - DC experience (6yr)

2012: 7-5

al golden - HC (7yr)
jedd fisch - OC (3yr)
mark dnofrio (7yr)

randy shannon had NOTHING to work with for coordinators....he should be in the UM hall of fame....he was handed an impossible situation with coaches...

golden is wasting scholarships....he throwing as much against the wall as possible and praying someone sticks.....

meanwhile....shannon, christobal, smart and strong are methodically carving out top recruits and GETTING them....

Did you guys ever think....It's July!!

omebody who may be a two or three star right now, hasn't even played their senior season yet. They could very well be reevaluated as a four or five star next year. The Canes haven't offered these kids based on how many stars they have, but how they have performed in the camps and workouts. This kid hasn't played a football season yet, but he dominated in his spring game and showed loads of potential.


Not to mention, we're 4th in the nation in recruiting currently and just picked up a nice transfer.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 29, 2013 at 12:11 AM

Christ you're a sad person.


Gators sophomore linebacker Antonio Morrison with the help of Jeremy Foley and Huntley Johnson is poised to resolve his legal issues, reaching a deferred prosecution agreement in connection with an altercation at a Gainesville Bar.

Where the "F" is the NCAA?

You guys are complete idiots seriously, just because a grown man sits behind a desk with a piece of paper an clipboard an says this kid or tht kid Is a 3 or 5 star recruit doesn't make tht kid one... Santana miss was a walk on fsu or uf as yet to produce a kid with the numbers he's put up in the NFL or should I say "U"NFL... Look how many kids fly under the radar an make names for themselves at other school Louisville is stock with south fl talent with guys top programs were afraid to take a chance West Virginia is another program tht does the same it's not the stars tht count its the coaches coaching the kids up

Another thing is golden is a head coach like it or not he turned temple around an that was a tremendous achievement an I'm guessing he didn't with 2-3 stars kids that were hungry an felt like they had something to prove not 4-5 star babies who dnt actually want to attend the school they signed with (Matthew Thomas) so keep down talking golden most of you guys can't even coach peewee football but comment on here like your Vince Lombardi ... Question how many of you we're 4-5 star recruits coming out of high school let guess none just like the fat sorry video game Internet trolling punks you produce who never no what it's like to compete unless its through a social media network you clowns are terrible.... MMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 3000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000005

386-305 you are on the money. Just look at the job they did at Temple. Great defense too. (I guess Coach D just forgot how to coach according to idiots on this site) There are countless 4 or 5 star athletes who don't pan out. Overhyped etc... The list of former Canes who were relatively unknowns is very long. Some are in the NFL hall of fame. Warren Sapp is from my neck of the woods. He came out of high school at 6'2" maybe 220 pounds and playing tight end. Good athlete but not many stars. The rest is history. Give me a good 2 or 3 star athlete who is hungry any day over a 4 or 5 who has a big head and thinks he's all that. We have to remember that this staff is recruiting with a very dark cloud over their heads and have been for a long time. When we put the NCAA stuff behind us watch out. There's a storm brewing in south FL and it's going to be a big one.....


Thats right!

Bill Young was a good coordinator, he just didn't want to be here. Shannon asked for a great oc candidatws but no one wanted to pay.

LMAO! Still laughing about someone asking Calvin if he went to UM. Just read his posts. It's clear he barely made it out of high school.

wg Cane, you mentioning warren sapp is exactly what you need to look at. You gotta realize, with coach goldie's & his boy clown 1117th defensively philosophy, a warren sapp would've never happened. The blue print we used that guys like saban and les miles are using, we took guys that came in at sapp size and made then d-tackles, than we took guys that played linebacker in highschool and made them defensive ends, took guys who played strong safety and safety in highschool and made them linebackers, this is what always kept the speed in the front.

Almost every team has db's and receivers who can run 4.4's and below, what separated us was our big guys were faster than the other teams big guys, which made our over-all defensive team speed that much greater.

Under coach coach, the emphasis is not on defensive team speed in the front 7, it's about power. So they go and recruit guys who are already 220 to 230 pounds and keep them at linebacker, becausethey want their linebackers to be round 240lbs. Than they go and get d-linemen who are already 270lbs and up, than when they get here, for instance, anthony chickillo had the impact he had at the highschool level was because of his speed, he gets here, they've turned him into a more power based rusher, you go and look at javon clowney from South Carolina, they didn't bulk him up to 265 to 270 in his sophmore year, they kept him at a weight where he could still move and he was even more dominant than the year before.

This staff bulk 3g up to the weight he should be at in his senior year, in fact, if he's going to play defensive end at the next level, at that weight, he'll have to be in a 3-4 system, you not going to find to many domiannat defensive ends at 270lbs on no level of football. Their doing the same thing with tyriq mccord, they want him to bulk up from 218 to 245 in one year but yet he'll be playing more in space this year, watch how non-effective he'll be. This philosophy coach goldie and his boy clown 117th has, is not conducive to the type of defensive athletes they'll continue to have access to.

This is exactly why alot of interior d-linemen are flocking to Fsu and the gaytors now. look at a guy like bjorn werner, he wasn't playing at 270lbs at Fsu, he was between 250 & 260 most of the time at Fsu, kept his speed and power. If you guys think coach OH-NO temple teams played great defense, you must not have done your research, they wasn't even the top defensive team in the mac conference. All you need to do is go and look at the duke game from last year, and you'll clearly see why this defensive philosophy is trash, we basically play a prevent defense the whole game.

The kid played football until 8th grade so it's not as if he never played before and he is a freak athlete that could translate well from basketball to football and the gimp as you call him is just an added bonus not a necessity so chill out with all the negative BS please .Go Canes

386-305, don't get to caught up in the goldie turned temple around thing, while he did a soldi job there, he had the biggest budget in the mac conference when he got there and i'm almost certain he has the biggest budget of any UM coach that's ever coached here. 500K for just the oc, that's almost what they paid shannon to be the headcoach here. Had shannon gotten even close to that patrick nix or mark nipple would've never been here. Instead mark trestman(headcoach of the bears) or dirk koetter(Atlanta falcons oc) would've been here.

With a better offense and better coached offense, under shannon, defensively we could play with any team in the country, unless they had a power running game we might of had problems but for the most part, we were going to play defense. They gave coach goldie a raise after his 1st year going 6 & 6, people say, well, coach goldie stuck with the program after getting blind-sided, several coaches would've stuck with UM, including shannon or someone who's been here before, that was nothing special, instead coach goldie or his agent had an opportunity to ask the administration if their were any pending investigations or inquiry's that they knew of, that wasn't asked because coach godlie had already started working on his 300 page binder before he got here, he said it himself he kept an eye on what was going on at UM while shannon was still here, so what does that say, he wasn't fully committed to temple in his thinking while at temple. I can understand him using temple as a stepping stone job though but make no mistake about it, and i can't stand this guy i'm about to speak of, but what goldie did at temple was nothing compared to what oscar cryer did while at bowling green for just 2 years. oscar cryer has a championship formula system, he's proven it everwhere he's been.

Came in last year and went undefeated immediately with ohigho fake, with basically the same team we beat the year before. Now ask yourself, what championship has coach goldie won anywhere or what championship formula does he actually have. The way it's really playing out, he's using the same formula that was usedat penn disgrace where they seemed to play for a national championship ever y20 years but get close to contention about every 8 to 10 years. Now i will say this, coach goldie is doing a great job with having a real clear and concise plan and building a solid program and football ideology, but it all says mediocrity. When it comes to building a championship football team, coach goldie's mindset does not seem like one of a champion, coach mike london at uVA when he faces coach goldie who goldie is now 0 & 2 against is way more aggressive than coach goldie mentally, in fact, i just don't see the aggressive mentality from coach goldie that has always been a trade mark of the successful coaches here.

Coach goldie's mentality is that of an offensive coordinator and it's showing in his recruiting approach. Coach goldie is a nice coach for most programs, at UM, i personally just don't see it, i hope i'm wrong, but him keeping a guy that guided a defense to the 117th spot in the nation, going into year 3, if this defense is not top 30 in all categories and he's still here, most of yall will start seeing the light. We should not be in shoot outs with mediocre teams.

We want freak athletes who are committed to the U. Not some fat a55 overhyped clown like Marcus Forston (where he at?) that NEVER worked hard enough to accomplishe what the hype built him out to be ( a 5-s tar LOL)- same with Jacorry Harris, Aldarius Johnson eand others

I agree with 386-305. But my brother, use commas and periods.

Calvin is such a doosh. His first post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He is trying to rationalize that Tim Ice Harris has no vendetta against UM but calls Goldie an outsider-

You danged moronic hypocrite, Calvin- Golden has shown that he is willingto take local kids, whether from NW or Booker T, who have not been overhyped but have raw athletic talent0 THAT is what we all have been screamin about to the top of our longs. THAT is how Schnelli built the U starting in 1980. THAT is how Butch rebuilt the U in 1997. YOUR DUMB A55 SHOULD BE HAPPY AND PROUD THAT A GUY LIKE GOLDEN ( WHO ACTUALLY PLAYED AGAINST THE U AS A PLAYER AT PENN STATE) HAS AS MUCH LOVE AND WORKS THIS HARD TO TRY TO REBUILD OUR U. INSTEAD YOU ARE:


Calling Coach Donofrio whether you agree with his tactic aor performance clown 117 is an example of how much of a Buffooon you are.

You are hereby known as bufoon calvin. See how you like it

And to claim that Golden is an outsider until he wins a NC proves my point about your ignorance-

By that definition, Larry Coker is NOT an outsider, and Randy Shannon IS an outsider



I'll say this again, i could careless about a star system, means nothing until guys are on the field. Also, none of these new recruits have signed yet either, if a coach trust his own eyes at some camp he's running i prefer that over somebody recruiting based off the internet. The problem is, coach goldi and them are recruiting and pluggin guys in to play like robots in this defensive system. In their system/defensive philosophy, it wouldn't have produced guys like ed reed & SEAN TAYLOR, they would've been accusing them of freelancing which woul've stunted what actually help to make Them great and separate Them from the other safties in the league.

When i hear coach goldie in press conferences talkign about the defense saying "we need guys to be where we ask them to be" they're playing a robot type of defense which doesnt' allow alot of guys to use their athleticism, this is why we're getting out recruited on the defensive side of the ball, but on the offensive side, we haven't been hurt, this is why when people bring up the investigation, yeah i know it's a factor, but the scheme & philosophy here has had way more impact on recruiting losses than the investigation.

Damn 952. They are gators...u are gonna hurt their feelings...they cant help it....they were born stupid....BUT.....uare absolutley right about shannon and coker in calvins opinion. You just made his supposed fovorite coach an outsider. Hhahahaha

BB and hockey are over and the marlins in the cellar, so not much for people to do apparently. Gallo re-dredging his ancient art of meaningless list making. Yawn.

I'm fine with Golden offering scholarships to people he has seen compete in a known setting. If it turns out he is a poor judge of talent, we will under-perform and he'll be pursuing other interests.

The star ratings is a business designed to generate fees. It is a notoriously inaccurate predictor of college success. If the NFL can't draft particularly effectively with 3 years of college tape and millions spent on combines, how is some geek looking at high school stats (and maybe a highlights) going to predict college success accurately?

Recent UF performance is Exhibit A as to how well star based recruiting works out. No heart. No chemistry. Everyone actually thinks they are a star.

Unlike the last 4 "Under the Radar " commits this one will be a 4 star by the end of the year. And will have every college in the nation after him. He is a freak, Harris just said he's even faster off the rush than Chad Thomas who is a 4 star.With teams focusing on Thomas he will rack up some serious stats this year.I'm not too thrilled about a lot of these unknown kids but you have to wait until the end of the year. If there still unranked after their senior seasons than yes, Golden made a mistake.Also remember that some of these kids were back ups or transfers and now will become full time starters on their teams. Be patient guys. And when we woop Florida 37 to 17 on National TV a lot of these kids 4 and 5 star teammates will join us.

Same clowns....same ol tricks and one liners. Were 60 days out...we will see soon enough.

Damn 952. They are gators...u are gonna hurt their feelings...they cant help it....they were born stupid....BUT.....uare absolutley right about shannon and coker in calvins opinion. You just made his supposed fovorite coach an outsider. Hhahahaha
Posted by: sidcane | June 29, 2013 at 10:41 AM

Don't be shallow my man and fall for bs, here's what i always said, "until coach goldie becomes part of a national championship team here at UM, he'll always be an outsider in my book"

shannon was part of a national championship team here at UM, only a fool would try and make it seem like that man was being put into some type of outsider category. shannon is one ofthe main ones who helped to enhance the UM tradition of the older guys helping the youngers and film study, shannon was one of the catalyst behind, alot of bozo's are clueless about UM football, i don't waste my time talking to clowns.

For all those who like to clown shannon, in shannon's 3rd year he had this team in contention to get close to or even play n the national championship game and at one point we were ranked as high as # 9 until after the clemson game, went into the wisconsin game ranked #15 in shannon's 3rd year here, so we'll see what coach goldie does in his 3rd year here.

Cane fans are seriously talking up Temple , who beat not one D-1 team with a winning record under Golden, as your model for recruiting/team blueprint and reason as to why Miami will be "back" again ?

u really need to think that one over really hard before you take it public.

Shannon is undoubtedly a Cane for life. No true fan can ever question that.

It is equally obvious to almost everyone, that he is and was totally incapable of being an effective hc. As the game has changed, I'm not even sure he can be an effective DC again. Great talent masked his simplistic defensive schemes and his inability to make adjustments.

He was so far off from being an hc that if the term peter principle didn't already exist to describe people promoted above their level of competence, it would be forever known as the randy principle.

386-305 you are on the money. Just look at the job they did at Temple. Great defense too.

Posted by: WG Cane | June 29, 2013 at 07:25 AM

Great ? Really, great ?

Don't set that bar too low now.

our an idiot mountain cane:

Inability to make adjustments on defense?

2007: #33 defensive rank

2008: #28 defensive rank

2009: #29 defensive rank

2010: #22 defensive rank

Al golden

2011: #45 defensive rank

2012: #116 defensive rank

you got to be kidding me with a statement like that.....al golden s...cks,I don't care what any media outlet says....

you will all see.....when shannons guys graduate he will be all alone with no excuses left.....prepare for epic fall....

how do justify goldens weak history when he comes to UM with SEVEN YEARS as a HC....and the compatible (shannon) with ZERO EXPERIENCE has stats that are twice as good as goldens performance?

There are countless 4 or 5 star athletes who don't pan out. Overhyped etc...

Give me a good 2 or 3 star athlete who is hungry any day over a 4 or 5 who has a big head and thinks he's all that.


I'll try to go slow. Or course some don't work or pan out. That's why you set the bar high to only target and recruit those kids and stockpile your roster with them because the vast majority do pan out. And a 2-deep team with all 4-5 Star kids is a 9-10 Win and Top-10 Team every year. Just look at the rosters of the Top-10 teams. They are loaded with them. And usually the ones that don't work out are because of injuries, grades or the most commoan reason is, ANOTHER 4-5 STAR kids beat them out for playing time and they transfer.

You say give me 2-3 Star kids that are hungrey over 4-5 Star kids with big heads ? You will never Win Conference or National 'Ships over the teams that do have those 4-5 Star big heads. Good luck with that.

defensive players left for golden

DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
LB Kelvin Cain
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
DB Thomas Finnie
DB Alonzo Highsmith
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas

Shannon teams had no heart and quit on him. Embarrassingly so. That shows you have no leadership from the top.

If Shannon is so valuable, why isn't he a HC? heck, he isn't even a DC. Why not? Because anyone with eyes, ears an an IQ over 40 knows he isn't qualified.

We'll see how Golden's recruiting goes over the next couple years. The D will obviously need to be much better. If it isn't and he's unwilling to change coaches, he'll go too.

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