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Canes land commitment from little known Booker T. Washington defensive end with plenty of athleticism

The Miami Hurricanes' summer recruiting run continued Friday when the program picked up its 19th pledge for the Class of 2014 in little known Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end Demetrius Jackson.

The 6-5, 230-pound senior played varsity football for the first time this spring and was known more for what he did on the basketball court, earning All-Dade Second Team honors this past season.

"People may not know much about him right now, but they will," Tornadoes offensive coordinator Tim "Ice" Harris Jr. said. "He's a freak talent who played plenty of football growing up. He just turned his focus to basketball in high school. But he knows his best way to a scholarship is football. A lot of schools who saw him this spring were impressed."

Jackson had a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery as well as a few batted balls at the line of scrimmage in the spring game for the defending Class 4A state champions. He has offers from Arkansas and FIU and had committed to the Razorbacks last week, but the school didn't accept his oral commitment because he hadn't visited the campus yet.

"He's going to be like a rush end/outside linebacker in 3-4 look," Harris Jr. said. "He can rush the quarterback. You look at him at [four-star recruit] Chad Thomas they compliment each other well. Demetrius probably has him in speed, movements. That's going to work out well."

Harris Jr. said Jackson is already a full college qualifier and has a 3.0 GPA and scored 21 on the ACT. Harris Jr. said Jackson is the cousin of former Booker T. defensive ends Joseph Jackson (South Florida) and Jonathan Jackson (FIU).


Although it's not a 100 percent done deal according to sources at UM, reports are UM will also be adding former Wisconsin senior defensive end David Gilbert to its roster, just a couple months after the former Oakland Park Northeast High standout said he was ending his career with the Badgers due to foot injuries.

BadgerBlitz.com was the first to report the news Thursday night. Gilbert reportedly graduated in May would be eligible to play for the Hurricanes as a post-graduate.

Gilbert started 13 games last season, rolling up 42 tackles, 9.5 for loss, four sacks and three forced fumbles and earned honorable mention on the All-Big Ten Team.

Gilbert broke his right foot twice in 2011 and missed spring practice this past April to undergo more surgery on the same foot, repairing ligament damage this time.

As a senior at Northeast, Gilbert was an All-State First Team selection, racking up 57 tackles, nine sacks and eight tackles for loss in 2007.

> Canesport.com reported Friday that 2013 signee Ryheem Lockley is headed to Fork Union Military Academy, but says he will remain committed to UM and expects to arrive in Coral Gables in the spring. UM's sports information staff told The Miami Herald the only Summer II session arrivals were the five players reported earlier this week.

> Former Canes forward Kenny Kadji and guard Durand Scott signed as undrafted free agents with the Cavs and Spurs, respectively.


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u enjoy uR mediocre June average recruiting uNranked and 2-Star bonanza...

'cause come Jan/Feb nothing is coming uR way, while Top-Programs will clean up.

maybe a nigerian of mongolian D.T. perhaps ?

We can only get better .

Posted by: sidcane | June 30, 2013 at 09:43 AM


Spoken like a true fan of a mediocre program...

Lemme guess ? Nowhere to go but up riiieet ?

Ufelony desperately trying to attack us on a blog as that's ALL they have and ever will. The U will be fine with the recruits on board....not sweating it. UFelony clowns are going to have a ruff year this year.

6th this year....will be top 3 next year if not #1 in recruiting rankings.

Hey....did Louisville just score again??

The story below was written and printed before the Miami NCAA investigation was announced.



After miraculously turning around Temple's program, the worst in the country, Golden to a change UM next

July 25, 2011|By Coley Harvey, Orlando Sentinel

PINEHURST, N.C. — After taking over Temple's head-coaching position five years ago, Al Golden had a revelation that may have completely altered his career, and shortened his path to Miami.

For a quarter-century across five coaching regimes, the Owls were mired in abject dispair. Losing seasons were the norm, bowl appearances didn't exist. The program was scheduled to be abolished as no one saw any hope that is until Al Golden appeared.

So, in an effort to change their culture, Golden sought a solution, albeit not an easy solution.

"If you're at Temple and you go 0-12 and you sit there and continue to recruit the same way they did for 30 years, which is basically taking whatever was left over on the East Coast, then nothing would ever change," Golden said. "We ended up changing the paradigm."

Recruiting and changing the culture was the trick at Temple, although not an easy trick by an measurement. Bring in better-qualified, more-talented players and the chances of the team's success dramatically increased. Convince players that hard work and dedication pays dividends and a program scheduled for the junk-heap is now scheduled for Bowl Games. After taking the Owls to their first bowl in 30 seasons in 2009, that’s right 30 seasons, Coach Golden finished his last two sesons in Philadelphia going 17-8. In today’s college football world 17-8 on first glance is not all that impressive, but those that do know college football, especially Temple football, recognize that record is nothing short of spectacular.

At UM, where Golden became head coach in December following Randy Shannon's departure, the key hinges on team attitude, purpose and direction.

According to one Hurricanes player, changes along those lines have begun taking shape.

"The attitude of the team is a complete 180 from what it was last year," UM center Tyler Horn said.

These days, the buzzwords around Coral Gables are "accountability" and "ownership." In the past, they lost their influence—they meant nothing. Miami’s winning culture was a thing of the past.

Not anymore, Horn said.

"We're are much more hard-working and keeping ourselves accountable," Horn said. "It's making sure you get your job done. That it's on you to make your block or catch the football; it is not anyone else's fault. That's been instilled in our program, in our players, in our coaches."

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson believes it is possible for Golden to make the Hurricanes one of the best teams in country again. He coached against Golden's Temple program while he was at Navy several years ago.

""The job he did there was tremendous. He brought them back from the dead," Johnson said. "They're going to be a very tough team to play on the field and to compete against on the recruiting trail."

Another factor in Temple's reversal was the players themselves, Golden said. Some in the group that earned the bowl berth in 2009 had gone 1-11 in a previous season. After that happened, and the players realized Golden was in charge, they convinced themselves the past had to be buried.

Soon enough, the easy-to-fix miscues and poorly timed penalties the players had been committing went away, which are problems that plagued Miami before Golden’s arrival. Strength and conditioning improved, scoring increased, and defense got more firm, more stout. Real success had begun surrounding his Temple program.

"There's a correlation between the things causing you to lose and winning," Golden said. "That's what we're trying to get our kids here at Miami to realize. Changing the culture of our program starts with our administration goes to the coaches and players and even our fans. We will restore Miami football to the levels it was accustomed to in the past".

8 Coaches said NO ... Then u got uR 9th. Choice.

Now we tell u that u'll have less talent for years to come that Goldy is bringing in in droves that will be led by even lesser Coaches... u shall see... Again.

Posted by: Deja Vu u

bUbba has point. Huh Because SIXTY-SIX PERCENT of those current 19 Miami recruits be 3-STAR prep talent and what not.

That be THIRTEEN out of 19 incoming THREE-Star talent coming into Coral Gables in 2014. Eh. What say.

By all indications. Both Goldie and Marky Mark INEPT be recruiting like they still back in the City of Brotherly Love. duh

The home game against Florida will be the KEY INDICATOR on the QUESTIONABLE state of Cane defensive staunchness in 2013. Huh

I'm thinking the Gators will score at least 30 points on Marky Mark's defense. If not MORE on Marky Mark's Cane defense. Eh. What say.




How Did Golden Turn Temple Into Winners? By Focusing on 'The Process'

By Tim Hyland—College Football Guide

July 28, 2010

From 2003-2005, the Temple Owls went 3-31.

Yes, 3-31.

They lost games by such scores as 65-0, 70-16 and 63-16. They were, by all accounts, the worst program in all of college football. They even managed to get kicked out of the Big East.

Which is why it seemed likely that Temple—a university that has fielded a football program since 1894—would drop the sport altogether.

Then, in December of 2005, Al Golden arrived as the Owls’ new head coach. In short order, the former Virginia and Penn State assistant began working toward the seemingly impossible goal of saving Temple football.

And you know what? Much to the naysayers disbelief he succeeded. He proved them all wrong!

After leading the Owls to records of 1-11, 4-8 and 5-7 in his first three seasons, Golden last year delivered a magical 9-4 campaign to long-suffering Owls fans. Temple flirted with the Top 25 and very nearly knocked off UCLA in the Eagle Bank Bowl.

It was a remarkable run manufactured by a remarkable—and most highly regarded—young coach.

One the players you recruited—tailback Bernard Pierce—is being hyped as a Heisman candidate. How is he dealing with that?

He’s handling it well, and all signs are that he will continue to handle it well. That being said, we want guys in our program who are candidates for those awards. We want guys to be on the Nagurkski list and the Lombardi list and the Doak Walker list and the Heisman list and so on.

I think we are uniquely Temple. I knew that we could sell players on coming into an urban area [like Philadelphia], coupled with what all of the things the university has done over the years—the capital projects and the modernization of the university and the fact that more than 10,000 kids live on campus now. I thought it would be a place that you could recruit to and build a program.

Speaking of recruiting, I have to ask: What’s your pitch been to these kids?

You’re asking for my secrets [laughs]? I don’t want to give you too much information, but we do have a recruiting footprint, and I think we are also uniquely Temple in the way we recruit. We really just need to keep a tight hold on our footprint. The other thing we do well is that we actually know what we’re looking for. All of our coaches are empowered to go out there and, if they see the kind of kid we’re looking for, recruit the kid and offer him a scholarship.

Has last season’s success made recruiting easier this year?

I don’t know if it’s easier. You could sit back and wait until Boston College and Penn State and Notre Dame and all of those schools come into your area and take whomever they want, or you can create a new paradigm, which is what we did with our new summer football camp, which allows us to both evaluate kids and be exposed to more kids. That camp has really increased our success. Temple would not have been turned around without the camp, because 78 percent of our players now come from that camp. Without it, we don’t find guys like Bernard Pierce or [DT] Muhammad Wilkerson or [DE] Adrian Robinson—all players who were not on anyone’s radar screen.

So how have you been able to identify those guys—really solid players that other schools simply overlooked?

Here's what happens. All over the country you have head coaches saying to their staffs, 'Tell me why you like this player or that player.' And the assistant says, 'He's got an offer from Notre Dame, Pitt and Boston College and Maryland and West Virginia.' There's a herd mentality out there. Coaches are recruiting kids and they don't even know why they're recruiting them.

The point is, it basically comes down to evaluation, and identifying kids that fit your system and you can have success with. [DB] Jaiquawn Jarrett no had other scholarship offers. Muhammad Wilkerson was a basketball player. Bernard Pierce had offers from only a few lower-division schools. I think maybe Adrian Robinson came down to us and West Virginia. There are a lot of great kids out there, if only you can identify them.

Obviously, when you arrived at Temple, the program was in real trouble. Is there something specific you've done to turn things around?

For us, what I’ve been focused on from the start is becoming the type of team that has maturity that will allow us to take care of our business. In the past, we’d had a lot of distractions here. There was not a tradition of winning. There were a lot of behavior problems that will kill a program. But if you want to be a championship program, as we are striving to be, you have to have both the wins and the absence of distractions of any kind. We are teaching our guys: Let’s handle our house. Let’s control all of the things that aren’t related to talent. Let’s control our self-discipline. Let’s control all of the things we can control. Then, the rest will take care of itself. We’re having fewer issues and many more success, and the kids are buying in. Those things are intertwined. If you take care of your business, the wins and championships will be there.

We only have one philosophy: We focus on the process. Some people wouldn’t believe that. They might think that it’s all about the coach standing up there before a game and giving some great pep talk. But it’s not just that. It’s about the culture. It’s about preparation, and fundamentally relying that on a daily basis, 365 days of the year, our players have bought into that and our progress proves it.

Just read an interesting story about hernandez implicating the pouncy twins in connection with the gainesville shootings.....somebodys gonna talk....pouncy twins are going down too....

The #1 rated college football player in the State of Florida...Duke Johnson(see Sun Sentinel top 50)!

A combination of speed, muscle (now 195lbs.) and determination.

A certain Heisman contender...Duke Johnson...Canes royalty!

Why dont our guys gain 40 pounds in the offseason like ufelons?........ oh......roids.....thats why....



The Steelers sent the right message in waiving (Florida Gator) Chris Rainey and it goes beyond just parting ways with a running back who was arrested for a second time on a domestic violence incident.

Pittsburgh kicked Rainey off the team only hours after he was arrested for, according to witnesses, punching a woman in the face. Along with the swift decision, the Steelers made it clear why they were waiving Rainey who during his years with the Florida Gators also had a number of criminal issues.

“Chris Rainey’s actions were extremely disappointing,” Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement released by the team. “Under the circumstances and due to his ongoing conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers."

Gator attorney Huntley Johnson and Gator Athletic Director Jeremy Foley had no comment concerning crimes involving Gators Chris Rainey, Aaron Hernandez or Antonio Morrison, along with Mike and Maurkice Pouncey and Reggie Nelson regarding a shooting of one man in the arm and another man in the head.

al golden with all these accolades:

1. 7 years as a head coach
2. 40-45 record
3. 28-20 conference
4. only 1 bowl appearance (loss)
5. average loss per year as a head coach (6.4 years)
6. worst UM defense in it HISTORY at #114 (4th from bottom of all NCAA)

all just words.....saying is one thing, executing with proof is quite another....

his performance makes it all UNTRUE.....because if was so GREAT his stats would be so POOR/PATHETIC

lets see what he does when shannons kids are all gone...then tell me who great he is...OK?

I am amazed how many negative posters are reading the MH UM sports pages? If you don't like the Canes, its coaches and recruits, why post? Doesn't your favorite team have a local newspaper? Blasting a coach in his 3rd year who has been facing negative recruiting biases since he got here is insane. Give the man a break. I am amazed at the job he is doing, considering everything that has gone wrong for him; such as, bad previous recruiting, coaching and the NCAA problem. He is too smart and an incredibly devoted man with great character who loves the Canes and works his ass off to fail.




December, 13, 2010

By Andrea Adelson | ESPN.com

Whenever people mentioned Al Golden and his next job, the talk always turned to Penn State. He seemed a natural fit, having played there and due to his meteoric success at Temple that has caused most knowledgeable football people calling him the best young football coach in the country who someday soon may very well be the best in all of college football.

But Golden has taken a different route, down to Coral Gables and the University of Miami. The Hurricanes were the latest in a line of schools that had reached out to Golden over the past two seasons. So how did he become one of the hottest names in college football?

Simple. An incredible pedigree, stunning intellect and a determination to win surpassed by no one.

What he has done for the Owls has been remarkable and it is worth a retrospective. Temple had been kicked out of the Big East in the mid-2000s because it could never compete with the upper echelon of the league. When Golden was hired before the 2006 season, the Owls were coming off an 0-11 season. In fact, the Owls had won three total games in the three seasons before he took over.

Golden got to work, instilling discipline and a no-nonsense attitude. At first the improvement was incremental, but it gained momentum and was wildly impressive. All of his efforts paid off last season, when Temple went 9-4 and made a bowl game for the first time since 1979. It was only the third bowl appearance in 111 years of Temple football.

This past season was the first time they posted back-to-back winning seasons since 1978 and 1979. Success like that at a program that has known nothing but misery and scheduled to be cancelled will get you a higher profile job any day.

As for who could succeed Golden, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio could top the list. Whoever takes over certainly has room to grow, but also will have high expectations to continue what Golden started.

“He engineered one of the most remarkable turnarounds in Division I history, and not only did he turn Temple football around, he did it in such a way that it will last long after his departure," Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw said in a statement.

Cane in London,

The idiot that keeps posting the lies about the canes who goes by the name Gallo is a Gator posing as a Cane.

The moron poses on a number of Canes sites using various aliases.

What lies have Gallo posted so far about Miami?

Hey Gallo...again...AG'S first year does not count....did not have a full team due to sanctions from previous regime. So....last year was his first year as far as most of us are concerned...so....7-5....with a team full of freshman....and trip to ACC Title game that we self-impose. I expect to win at least 10 this year...so...17-7 should be at LEAST his record at the end of this year....tool.

Home N Home:


which part of "you're a mid-tier" do you NOT understand?


[]_[] are NOT elite.

You can call shannon several things but the one thing you can't call em is a liar on the national stage like coach goldie. We just want coac goldie to hold himself accountable for the same reason they said they kicked ray ray armstrong off the team for, lying. I like hearing the defensive coaches talking about how they want to be "multiple" and here we are sitting at 117th in the nation on defense.
coach goldie speaking:

Changing the culture of our program starts with our administration goes to the coaches and players

I'm glad he said this, now people can understand part of where the goldie lies come from, he knows the troll/shalala has mandated that "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami"

For coach goldie to say one thing and than do another, i'm thinking he's being forced to.

We don't need a female president trying to be all up in the business of football, this is part of the reason why we've been playing soft. It's like the dolphins with all these female owners. If coach goldie had a problem with the schedule why did he announce it publicly that he was going to start softening it up, it's call making excuses to try and extend your job here.

d, coach goldie brought that "City of Brotherly Love" with em, that's why clown 117th is still strolling the sidelines. The young team excuse was "self inflicted" non-sense by coach goldie and his boy oach OH-NO. We didn't have to be that young on defense, they chose o go that route.

As far as the gaytors go, beware of Canary's.

Cliche u...we are not afraid to travel....thats why gators wont ufelons wont travel to bowling green....afraid of what might happen after that near upset at home...

athlon sports 2013 - the premier college football source

UM 9-4 national rank #29.....direct quote "Golden still has much to prove in Coral Gables"

to even mention temple with UM is pathetic....the facts are since goldn and dnofrio that team performance has gotten worse....

2010 - Randy Shannon
total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 – Al Golden
total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 – Al Golden
total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

Gaytor sez, UM recruit was tols no by 8 coaches, so we were 9

Aaron hernandez was told no by 31 nfl teams. The 32nd, the patriots are complicit for allowing this murderer to run around willy nilly


UF.... Felon U

Just ststing the facts

Calvin buffoon... Hey clown. Thats disrepectful of you to refer to donfrio as clown 117

I bet you you aint man enough to say that to his face, you n...g...a fa6607

Dumbest post of the day ^^^^^^^

Here comes cAlvin's hatred of women coming out again...

The sad thing is that Donna Shalala is probably twice the MAN that cAlvin is and he still wants to bash her. Get over the Randy Shannon firing or go route for Arkansas.

^^^^^^^^^^^^ true.....hahahaha

you got to be kidding me with a statement like that.....al golden s...cks,I don't care what any media outlet says....

athlon sports 2013 - the premier college football source

UM 9-4 national rank #29.....direct quote "Golden still has much to prove in Coral Gables"

So which is it? lol

Athlon's 2013 ACC Football Prediction: Miami Hurricanes win Coastal Division

Miami, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and North Carolina each deserve consideration for the top spot. But the Hurricanes get the edge in Athlon’s predictions for 2013. Coach Al Golden has Miami moving in the right direction, and the program could have some clarity by kickoff to the NCAA investigation that has been hovering over the school.

Just clearing up the latest batch of Gallo lies that this go around concerns Athlon's predictions.

“Al Golden engineered one of the most remarkable turnarounds in Division I football history, and not only did he turn Temple football around, he did it in such a way that it will last long after his departure," Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw said in a statement.

Thanks facts-

Gallo and Calvin hate Golden for no reason, no cause. The man has coached Miami (and so has Donofrio) for two count them 2 seasons! and these two jerks have been lambasting him over and over from day one. I bet I can go back two years and find these two morons on here lambasting the hire. Regarding Buffoon calvin I think I know why- He is a racist. Gallo maybe the same. I do know he posts by multiple aliases on multiplle sites. Sometimes they even answere their own posts, which is hilarious.

But the common denominator of those two is that they make absolutely no sense. NONE. Calvin's never ending diatribes wherein he constantly refers to Donofrio as clown 117 ( what a doosh) and repeatdely harping aboput defsneive schemes blah blah is ridiculous. Gallo with his nonsensicallists is justplain boring.

Truth is everyone knows the U is rebuilding and fiercely on the comeback. Sportwriters with the exception of ESPn and the Mark Mays of this world know that. The recruiting job that Golden et al has done here in the last 3 recruiting cycles is nothingshort of extraordinary and if the 2014 recruits commits stick, it will be a top 5 class. Thats unreal. In the face of NCAA sanctions. He deserves tons of credit from UM fans for sticking with us. Not the BS that the two jerks Calgallo (or Galvin) spew on here

Athlon 2013 division prediction....

5. ACC

Athlon's 2013 Favorite: Clemson

Led by quarterback Tajh Boyd and wideout Sammy Watkins, Clemson is the favorite to win its second ACC title in the past three seasons. The Tigers have won 21 games over the last two years and are in the midst of shedding their label as chronic underachievers. Florida State appears to be the only worthy challenger to Clemson in the Atlantic Division.

please green peas.....ACC is #5, give me a break....UM is so out of all of it only a blind idiot would not see that......golden/dnofrio will NEVER get UM anywhere.....

you will all see.....sometime in the future the light will go on....or not, lol

The good news is we beat all out bad o opponents last year....clown 112 at uf doesnt stand a chance....

the coastal division....what a joke meanwhile the SEC is dominating all of college football....that includes Florida......

Pease(clown 112) is fromboise...n.arizona...and montana. Why would u tbink be is gonna do any better at ufelony?


Miami commitment Brad Kaaya of West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade Prep was one of the top six passers after Saturday's drills, and he carried it through to Sunday. The 6-foot-4, 213-pounder showed early and often throughout Sunday's practice why the Hurricanes ventured all the way across the country to snag his commitment.

"He makes the extremely difficult look really easy," Dilfer said. "When you're looking for greatness in any walk of life, you want to find somebody that makes extremely difficult look easy. And he makes everything look incredibly easy."

his record at temple is a mirrage....all against teams with losing records (2-10 or 1-11 or 4-8..like that

look at goldens best years or any year he coached temple.....as soon as he played a team with any type of a winning record....temple loses...

2009: 9-4
villanova 11-1..temple loses
penn state 11-2...temple loses
ohio 9-5...temple loses
ucla 7-6...temple loses

2010: 8-4
penn state 7-6...temple loses
northern Illinois 11-3...temple loses
ohio 8-5...temple loses
miami,oh 10-4...temple loses

The Canes only come-back is Hernandez? Really? You have not been paying attention, Gallo you maggot and Curse you Pig. I will re-post my Opus below. Keep in mind, this does not even mention the trailertrash, inbred, etc., which is who you are. Nor does it mention the new revelations regarding the Pouncey punks involvement with Hernandez.

This is only just beginning, Gatr Trash:

1. Scottie "Rasta" Wilbekin, you know, that ugly-as-sin-but-god-looking-by-inbred-Gatr standards, suspended for da WEED.

2. Antonio "aggravated battery" Morrison is arrresed for yet another felony.

3. President Bernie "One for the Road" Machen is cited for driving into a parked car and fleeing the scene.

4. The academic backwater that is UFailure announces it is offering a major in "Social Media" so now, as if the UFailure diploma were not utterly useless, they add a cherry to the joke. This on top of the course in StarCraft and cutting Computer Science from the budget. Wow. What a skewwl.

Ever wonder why every skewwwl in the SEC outside of Vandy is joke academically.

5. And finally, the coup-de-grace, the Tower of Power, the Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez" who needs no introduction.

So there you have it folks. The alleged flagship school of this mostly whitetrash state is leading the way albeit the wrong way.

You are a joke, Gatr maggots. Even Missy State, which is barely a university located in one of the worst towns in the US, is laughing at you. A nation joins them.

6. The school admits it has no funds to repair or replace aging and decrepit infrastructure as water mains crack, sewer lines leak, electrical conduits crumble and buildings, in dire need of repair, remain in poor condition.

Now that DOMA has been overturned, watch out. I am out and on the prowl.

All you spry young mans are in my scope.

I am Jim Gallo. I love young Gator mans. I love lists too but mostly Gator mans.

Florida Gators redshirt freshman walk-on punter Grant Van Aman was arrested by Gainesville Police early Saturday morning for driving under the influence. According to the police report, Van Aman was pulled over at 2:29 a.m. on the 1200 block of Southwest 8th Avenue in Gainesville, FL, for failing to stop at a stop sign while riding his red scooter.


what is so funny is that idiot kool aid drinkers ant see the trees thru the forest....

mark dnofrio has been with golden for 7 years as DC.....he was his roomate/best man....GOLDEN IS NOT GETTING RID OF HIM AT ANYTIME.....the only way dnofrio leaves is if he gets a HC offer but that is not going to happen since his alma mater Temple with 7 years there as DC passed on him....

so UM is stuck with both of them.....I don't see UM playing in ANY national championship with them...so why keep them?.....its not logical

please tell me how #116 defensively goes to BCS national championship with dnofrio...how is that even possible?

Calvin the Contradictor, lol. 'Yeah that AG he's lost it with Miami NW, and gets a couple of recruits for 2014 with Luke's blessing, then 'man he's never gonna get anyone after dissin Ice', and then he gets a couple recruits from Ice for 2014, and Calvin STILL beeeeetches. I've come to the conclusion, that Calvin Contradictor is actually a WOMAN. SHUT THE MAMMY FFFFFF UP!!!!


Antonio Morrison’s arrest last weekend is not a unique case.
Since Urban Meyer took over the program before the 2005 season, 44 Florida players have been arrested. That’s enough players to start on both sides of the ball and have players ready to come in reserve.
The long arm of the law knows no bounds. Players arrested vary in talent. Walk-ons have been nabbed, as have All-Americans.
We want to narrow down the list. Who cares that a walk-on linebacker was arrested for marijuana possession two years ago? We’re going to reduce the list to the best of the best at each position.
We bring you the Incarce-Gators.

Quarterback: Cam Newton. Newton was the backup quarterback in 2008 when he was arrested and charged with burglary, larceny and obstruction of justice after he stole another UF student’s laptop and threw it out of a window, according to police.
Newton received a pre-trial deferment and was sentenced to community service and probation, but Meyer suspended the quarterback for the 2008 season. Newton transferred to a junior college, finishing his Florida career with 40 passing yards.
Newton eventually transferred to Auburn, where he won a national title and the Heisman. Meanwhile, Florida was languishing in the John Brantley era, so you can thank Newton for that.

Running back: Chris Rainey. Before he electrified fans with long runs all over the field in 2011, he had a run-in with the law that older UF students might remember.
Rainey was arrested on aggravated stalking charges in September 2010 after texting his girlfriend that it was “time to die,” according to police.
Meyer suspended Rainey indefinitely, and the running back returned at the end of October after missing five games.
Rainey had a relatively quiet senior year off the field in 2011, but was entertaining on the gridiron. He racked up 1,451 all-purpose yards and five touchdowns. The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Rainey in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL Draft, and he played his rookie season there.
Rainey is currently a free agent, as the Steelers cut him after he was arrested on simple battery charges on Jan. 10.

Wide Receiver: Riley Cooper. There were several eligible players who could have made the cut at receiver, but I picked Cooper due to the uniqueness of his citation.
Cooper was cited with a misdemeanor charge of resisting an officer and failure to comply with the police or fire department in February 2009, according to the Orlando Sentinel. That’s something different.
Cooper’s case was dismissed, and Meyer never revealed any action taken against him.
The current Philadelphia Eagles receiver finished his Gators career with 1,496 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Tight end: A.C. Leonard. Leonard is the first player who appears on this list who was arrested under Will Muschamp.
Leonard was arrested on simple domestic battery charges in February 2012 and was suspended from the team.
Leonard came to Florida and caught eight passes for 99 yards in his only season with the Gators. He left the program four months after his arrest and transferred to Tennessee State.

Offensive line: Jessamen Dunker. Like Cooper, Dunker makes the list due to his crime. However, Dunker’s crime is not noteworthy due to its oddity, but for its severity.
Dunker was arrested for felony grand theft auto on Jan. 16 after police said he possessed a stolen mo-ped and drove with a suspended license.
Dunker, a four-star recruit, never played a game for the Gators. He redshirted his freshman season and decided to transfer in April.

Defensive line: Carlos Dunlap. Dunlap was one of the bricks Meyer built his Florida dynasty on, but he had some trouble with the law in 2009.
Dunlap was arrested after he was found asleep behind the wheel at a green light, according to Alligator archives.
After police roused him, he was arrested for second-degree DUI — a misdemeanor.
Dunlap was sentenced to six months probation and 50 hours of community service, and Meyer suspended him for the 2009 Southeastern Conference Championship game.
Dunlap wrapped up his Florida career with 84 tackles and 19.5 sacks. He’s currently playing for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Linebacker: Antonio Morrison. The newest addition to the list of arrested Gators, Morrison was arrested for punching a bouncer at the Kava Lounge, according to police. Morrison was charged with simple battery.
According to a Gainesville Police Department report, Morrison said, “I am a UF football player. I’m Antonio,” to the bouncer, which paints an interesting mental picture.
Morrison, now a sophomore, started three games for Florida in 2012, making 34 tackles and recording one sack.
Muschamp has not made a public decision on what Morrison’s punishment will be.

Cornerback: Janoris Jenkins. Who else? Jenkins was arrested three times at Florida. The final arrest came in April 2011, when Jenkins was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana – the second such offense in three months.
Muschamp cut Jenkins from the team following his final arrest. Jenkins ended his Florida career with 121 tackles, 25 pass deflections and eight interceptions.
Jenkins played his final college season with Division II North Alabama and was selected with the 39th overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams.

Safety: Matt Elam. The recently departed Elam had a successful run with Florida, and few remember that he was arrested while Meyer was still coaching UF.
Elam was arrested for underage possession of alcohol in July 2010, when Elam was a freshman.
The safety pled no contest and did not miss a game.
Elam finished his Gators career with 168 tackles, five sacks and six interceptions. He was selected 32nd overall by the Baltimore Ravens in this year’s NFL Draft.

There you have it: the best of Florida’s troublesome players.
But it’s not all bad. Florida did not have a kicker or punter arrested in Meyer or Muschamp’s programs. Good job, special teams.

Not so fast my friend.......

Florida + arrest records is greater than UM with no arrest records.....

Florida preseason #16
UM #29

UM could use some jail time...

I, Jim Gallo, declare my lust for Curse Pig's manmeat. You should have seen us at Club Ramrod last weekend.


My life is defined by what some overweight middle-aged men predict is the ranking of groups of 18-21 year old boys.

Hmmm, winner or loser? That's easy folks. I, Jim Gallo, am a loser. Fat, smelly, but full of love for my fellow mans.

I guess the slow season here brings out the same old rehash. Here's what we know about C and G:

1. Calvin is a racist who won't acknowledge that Randy was a terrible HC. The fact he can't even land a DC job now after everyone saw his HC performance is telling----well except to the long winded Calvin.

2. Gallo suffers from a mental disease called longlistitis. It is manifest in the modern era with people of low IQ, often living in the mother's house (confined to downstairs only. They involuntarily substitute brainpower and logic with ever increasing lists. Even they can't recall what the list purports to prove. There is no known cure.

For everyone else,here's what we know:

Golden was dealt a crappy hand here and was obviously not told about/outright lied to about the NCAA situation. He could have bolted, but chose to build here. The NCAA is punishing UM thru delay, but even that will end soon.

Then we'll see what happens on the field, not on this board. If they are successful, great. If the O continues to shine and the D stinks, he'll need to give his friend and DC a nice parting gift. If he can't do that for some reason, that will prove a fatal flaw---got to be able to pull the trigger and fire when there is no performance. Big test year for coach D.

Why people even sweat gallo is beyond me. Guy is a gaturd troll that sees where the program is headed after the last two regimes ran it in the ground. The two state schools are getting very nervous as they should be. When Miami has a good head coach we dominate the state and we have a good head coach again.

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