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Canes land commitment from little known Booker T. Washington defensive end with plenty of athleticism

The Miami Hurricanes' summer recruiting run continued Friday when the program picked up its 19th pledge for the Class of 2014 in little known Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end Demetrius Jackson.

The 6-5, 230-pound senior played varsity football for the first time this spring and was known more for what he did on the basketball court, earning All-Dade Second Team honors this past season.

"People may not know much about him right now, but they will," Tornadoes offensive coordinator Tim "Ice" Harris Jr. said. "He's a freak talent who played plenty of football growing up. He just turned his focus to basketball in high school. But he knows his best way to a scholarship is football. A lot of schools who saw him this spring were impressed."

Jackson had a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery as well as a few batted balls at the line of scrimmage in the spring game for the defending Class 4A state champions. He has offers from Arkansas and FIU and had committed to the Razorbacks last week, but the school didn't accept his oral commitment because he hadn't visited the campus yet.

"He's going to be like a rush end/outside linebacker in 3-4 look," Harris Jr. said. "He can rush the quarterback. You look at him at [four-star recruit] Chad Thomas they compliment each other well. Demetrius probably has him in speed, movements. That's going to work out well."

Harris Jr. said Jackson is already a full college qualifier and has a 3.0 GPA and scored 21 on the ACT. Harris Jr. said Jackson is the cousin of former Booker T. defensive ends Joseph Jackson (South Florida) and Jonathan Jackson (FIU).


Although it's not a 100 percent done deal according to sources at UM, reports are UM will also be adding former Wisconsin senior defensive end David Gilbert to its roster, just a couple months after the former Oakland Park Northeast High standout said he was ending his career with the Badgers due to foot injuries.

BadgerBlitz.com was the first to report the news Thursday night. Gilbert reportedly graduated in May would be eligible to play for the Hurricanes as a post-graduate.

Gilbert started 13 games last season, rolling up 42 tackles, 9.5 for loss, four sacks and three forced fumbles and earned honorable mention on the All-Big Ten Team.

Gilbert broke his right foot twice in 2011 and missed spring practice this past April to undergo more surgery on the same foot, repairing ligament damage this time.

As a senior at Northeast, Gilbert was an All-State First Team selection, racking up 57 tackles, nine sacks and eight tackles for loss in 2007.

> Canesport.com reported Friday that 2013 signee Ryheem Lockley is headed to Fork Union Military Academy, but says he will remain committed to UM and expects to arrive in Coral Gables in the spring. UM's sports information staff told The Miami Herald the only Summer II session arrivals were the five players reported earlier this week.

> Former Canes forward Kenny Kadji and guard Durand Scott signed as undrafted free agents with the Cavs and Spurs, respectively.


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"Because it makes us feel better trying to bring another down even when we are grasping at straws and making stuff up"


Wow... here I thought that only cAlvin changes people's qoutes....

Where are all the gaturd trolls?

I wish we had thugs and criminals on our team like before. Maybe we'd at least win a Conference Championship.

I wish we didn't have serial killers, murderers, rapists, thieves, thugs and a rainbow of criminals on our cowardly gator team. Maybe we'd at least win a Conference Championship.

Wow... here I thought that only cAlvin changes people's qoutes...

Think again Jimmy, the cane Pig is the worst offender. Not only does he change people's quotes, he copies changes and pastes whole posts and he changes his name every other post. 99% of the trash posts on this board come from one idiot. The one and only cane Pig, he of many names and aliases. He will steal your name too.
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Below is a list supplied by cowardly Gator, Jim Gallo, of Miami defensive players that Coach Al Golden, despite being the best college football coach in America, could not convert many of those kids into football players. Much like being left with the worst NCAA investigation in history that destroyed recruiting Coach Golden's massive talent and unmatched football knowledge can only do so much. Thankfully, Coach Golden's #4 ranked 2014 recruiting class (it will probably end up being the #1 class) will have the Canes back to playing for and winning National Championships.

DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
LB Kelvin Cain
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
DB Thomas Finnie
DB Alonzo Highsmith
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas



Lmao at the copy cat gator maggot pig

It's shocking that cowardly gator fan don't call out this maggot for destroying THIS board

Dumb cowardly gator maggots

Gators are petrified to travel to Arky State
Gators are petrified to travel to Bethune
Gators are petrified to travel to Boca
Gators are petrified to travel to Toledo

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Urban Meyer reported Florida for violating NCAA rules...correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Florida fans use to lecture us that Urban was a Gator for life? Hmmm...not so much!

Congrats, u got a GATOR decommit that ran because FLORIDA got TWO Higer Rated D.T.'s to commit. Not only is he yellow and afraid of competition, he's as smart as a box of hammers and will be heading to JUCO anyways like 4 members of uR 2013 Class that can't read or write.

uR moron's twitter quote...

The Real Deal‏@traveeey9931 May
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"UM got a big commitment today from Hialeah Champagnat's Travonte Valentine, rated among the nation's top senior-to-be defensive tackles."

~Barry Jackson


Another highly regarded South Florida kid committing to Coach Golden's top 4 rated recruiting class that now may be the #1 recruiting class. All this with the NCAA sanctions still hanging over the head of the program...this is the most amazing recruiting success story in the history of college football and puts the Canes on track for their 6th National Football championship.

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Hialeah Champagnat Catholic four-star defensive tackle Travonte Valentine committed to the University of Miami on Wednesday, becoming the 20th pledge in UM’s 2014 class.

Among all senior defensive tackles nationally, Valentine is ranked fourth by 247sports.com.

Valentine had 35 scholarship offers and chose UM over Alabama, Tennessee and Louisville. Florida, FSU, Georgia, Ohio State and Oklahoma were among others who offered Valentine a scholarship desperately wanting this stud to play for them. Valentine at one time was orally committed to Florida, but the more he learned made him realize he did not want to play for the Gators.

“He’s great – one of the top five run stuffers in the country,” Champagnat coach Mike Tunsil said. “And he’s actually a better pass rusher. I’ve never seen a kid with a first step like that. He’s a workaholic, does great in the class room.”

Valentine committed during an unofficial visit to UM on Wednesday, Tunsil said. He originally planned to pick a school on his birthday, Nov. 15, but moved up his timetable because he was so blown away by Coach Al Golden and the Hurricanes program.

Lmgdao. Kid almost became gator trash, but thankfully he realized playing for those cowardly pigs would have led him down the possible path to prison.

So funny to the way the gator maggot pig gets abused here daily. Gets used like bellhop then discarded like a used tampon. Keep spamming your momma gator maggot. Lmao

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Post like a real man using jls14234 instead of swiping my screenname....i never use maggot in my posts.....

With the commitment of Valentine, Miami has jumped to No. 3 in national 2014 recruiting class rankings.

I'm more concerned with who's going to Stand With The U after the NCAA hands out their punishment(s) but welcome to The U anyway Mr. Valentine.

That #3 recruiting class means nothing until the pen hits the paper. With that being said, Golden has been doing a great job recruiting despite the NCAA looming overhead. Lets hope he closes the deal with some of the big time recruits such as Ermon Lane.


Despite the NCAA doing everything in their power over the last almost 3 years to destroy Miami's football program Al Golden currently owns the 3rd rated recruiting class in the country. Simply extraordinary!

Now factor in the NCAA's assault on the Canes coupled with the damage Randy Shannon (a man I admire outside of his head coaching stint) did to the local recruiting, national recruiting and the culture of the program.

At this point I don't see how any Cane fan can be anything but optimistic about the direction of the program and what I believe will be proven to be fact that Al Golden will end up being the best coach we've ever had at the "U".

We have no control as to what the NCAA will eventually do...God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference...enjoy the moment and remember...instead of things getting worse--they may very well get much, much, much better!!!

Man, I cant believe yous guys got another one from us. Gonna be a tough game come september. I dont see how we will stop your offense. Now yous guys got one of our DT to help stop the run. I dont even see how we are going to score more than 7 points,maybe 10. I pray Driskel goes down in the first game and the freshman comes in so at least we have a fighting chance.I wish we had FSU's new QB.

20 recruits for 2014. Now a stud LOCAL DT

DESPITE the looming NCAA sanctions.

What does that say about kids in florida? (And their parents)?

They want the U. They want to play for the U.

What say you Calvin? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
cricket sounds

Go canes

Happy 4th of july gator clucks......your last celebration of the year.....

I just saw coach JJ on ESPN...

After a inheriting a Championship team and a promising start with wins over #1 Auburn, Florida, and Notre Dame, the canes finished the '84 season with 3 straight losses to BC (Flutie), MD (Reicht), and UCLA (Fiesta Bowl)giving up 42 ppg. It was one of their worst 3-game stretches (defensively) in the history of the program.

He was 8-5 in '84, and 37-30-30 for his 6-year career as a head coach.

Man, I'm glad we stuck with this guy.

Hey Sidcane....your a loser....haha....love flipping your recruits. Us Canes fans should friend request Hernia Hernandez on Facebook ad thank him for throwing a bucket of Turd poop on the side of your school. The arrest problems over the last 4 years will really come to surface with all the media coverage of Hernia....the cover ups....shooting....ear drum busting punches, etc, etc, etc.....your gonna wish your problem was a booster handing out free meals and boat rides when this one is don. `

Hey Calvin....wat up peeps? Hows Golden doing now?

Gallo? Crickets?

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UFelony the pathetic loser school

Your ship is sinking, dikwad.....

Gators trolls (Jim Gallo and Calvin) run and hide if ANYTHING good happens with UM.

Oh...almost forgot...

Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic BarryJACKASS and ensuing BEATDOWN...


Yes, a few of UM’s commitments are unheralded developmental projects, but UM also has four players in ESPN’s top 150.


Nice spin Barry. A "few" are unheralded ? And only 4 are in ESPN's or anyones Top-150 ? EVERY Top-10-15 Program that has from 10-14 commits right now has 4 or more Top-150 kids. And with 10-12 schollies left, they'll add 8-10 4-5 star Kids in Feb. Miami ? Not. ESPN has 10 Cane commits as Unranked, 2-Star or barely 3-Stars that were offered by ZERO Top-30 Programs. That Barry, is a BUNCH, not a "few". Sure it's your job to paint a Silver-lining from time to time for the homers, but not the entire cloud so Cane fans will slurp on your sack. How about writing a "Supply and Demand" article about the remaining Cane schollies that are left and just how many of the 80 or so Top-150 kids are considering The u ? hint, they're not, which is exactly why Golden is bringing in "projects" by both handfuls. But when you do your reserch, take off the Orange n Green Glasses for a bit and report the facts not what u wish for huh ?

FSU and Florida will kill in Jan. n Feb. While Miami will add just a few more USF, FIU, UCF and FAU offered "good character kids, with great potential" according to Golden. You and Canes fans can buy that garbage. Not Top-10 Programs.

I commits to Louisville...

they gots tu other Top- DT commits tu ?

I decommit...


I commits to FLORIDA ...

they gots tu other Top- DT commits tu ?

I decommit...


I commits to DuH u ...

they gots ? nevermind.

Again, you won't see me jumping for joy over recruits, they, just like coach goldie have to prove themselves once here, i could careless who or what ranking they have before they get/got here, means nothing until they play a game. Some kid committing to us doesn't mean coach goldie is doing good. I laugh everytime i hear somebody say "we stole one from Fsu or the gaytors, and than when they get here, they dont become nothing special.

To many people celebrating before players have even done anything and than when they get here and don't becoem a star the same people jumping for joy and posting gleefully will be the same ones complaining later on about so & so was a bust, how about your own non-ablity to not recognize talent along with these nerd websites that rank players were the bust.

It's like when i keep hearing the 2008 class was a bust, that's about the stupidest thing i've heard, who ranked a clas coming in #1 with a bunch of linebackers and widereceivers that haven't even played a down of college football. So whether the recruits are rated high or not, i actually prefer the guys we're recruiting that haven't been ranked route, specialy if it translates to dominating and winning games because it'll continue to make these bozo's look foolish.

If these sites were that accurate, no need in playing the games, let's just award the national championship to which team had the highest overall rated recruiting classes over a 3 year period.

Now if you want to talk about facts, from a playing time standpoint it made more sense for travonte to come here, it's obvious we wasn't his first choice and may not be his last. Alot will be riding on how the defensive linemen perform this year as to whether or not we actually start getting the d-line recruits we're use to getting. How we perform on the field this year wll be almost all that's needed in order to get recruits, especially defensive recruits. If we're playing our normal aggressive style of defense that plays with excitement we'll continue to get the players we're use to getting but if we're going to constantly make it obvious to teams that we're not giving up the big play, all teams will continue to work underneath and rack up over 450 yards of offense against us.

So calm down ladies over just getting a pledge from a guy who's not officially here yet. This is the 3rd year for coach goldie and some of his crew, this is the year where if he's a better developer of talent than when shannon was here, this is the year we should see players like 3g, olsen pierre, corey king(who has a chance to be real solid out there), jalen grimble, and the rest of the goldie recruits going into their 3rd year here, guys beig coached under art kehoe don't really count to me towards goldie because it's a wel known fact coach kehoe has done this at a championship level for a long time now no matter who the headcoach was.

Coach goldie had the gall/alex to say to art kehoe when he got here, "ok. don't mess this up now" whether he was joking or serious, it's funny for a coach hoping to get a ring to try and make a comment like that to a coach with techinically 6 rings. Although coach goldie was real smart to bring in art kehoe, always liked that move by coach goldie. If we beat Fsu & the gaytors this year, than coach goldie is on the right track, but we lose to both of them, it's time to start looking.

Cause Fsu is breaking in a new qb, who i think is better than ej manuel but nonetheless he'll be a 1st time starter but he definitely goes up against a way better defense than ours in practice. The gaytors will have alot of new personnel on defense starting but they got alot of Miami guys over there in that secondary though and they play a way more aggressive defensive scheme than our offense sees in practice so come game time, we'll see who's prepared better and who can make the necessary in game adjustments because to many times after games i've ehard coach goldie and his boy clown 117th talk about after the games how "the other team did a lot of things different than what we studied on film" as if the other teams are cheating by doing that. We don't need the "horse with blinders" type of coaches.

I Kills in Boston and Gainesville...

they gots tu other Cops- I commits tu murders ?

Can I decommits murders...


I commits 3 murders at FLORIDA ...

they gots tu other Cops- I commits three more murders ?

Can I decommits murders...


I commits to DuH uf ...

they gots a bunch of murderers ? nevermind.

Calvin proves that stupid never takes a holiday!

Also, for those people who like to pretend coach shannon didn't have us in contention for a national title, in shannon's 3rd year we were ranked as high as #9 in the nation going into the clemson game with 1 loss and a few missed plays away from making that Virginia tech game a game in the 2nd half, keep acting as if shannon as a 1st time headcoach didn't have success. Let's see what coach goldie does in his 3rd year here with his recruits, let's see if he can out-do shannon.

The bad art about cach goldie going 13 & 11 in his 1st 2 years, he had the opportunity to have 2 qb's left by shannon with a lot og game and winnign games experience, shannon started off with kyle wrong & kirby freeman, and tha had to start with the same qb's he left coach goldie with but they were younger players and shannon won games with them, 9 with and injured j70.

Calvin said: "Again, you won't see me jumping for joy over recruits."

Calvin is the same wingnut that has posted over a thousand times that Coach Golden isn't recruiting the local kids and every time one has committed to another school he cites the story chapter and verse. he also bemoans that he doesn't believe Coach Golden is signing quality defensive players.

Yet, When Coach Golden signs a local defensive tackle that every major program was salivating after Calvin says he's not really interested in recruits that commit to the Canes.

Yo Calvin! Does mental illness run through your family?

Calvin...again...we were never close to a NC game...keep dreaming....if we were that good we would have shown up against VT and not lost to Clemson on the last play of the game....another embarrassment.


Sucks to be a Gaytor. BAWAWAWAWAHHAAAHAAA! Canes for Life!


You too stupid and a coward

Calvin proves that stupid never takes a holiday!

Posted by: Aaron | July 04, 2013 at 02:05 PM

Roger that. TWO double negatives and contradicting his previous posts about recruits. I sure hope English isn't his first language...

WE DON'T GET DEFENSIVE PLAYERS FOR ONE, coach goldie and clown 117th haven't Truly committed to the type of defensive team we're actually going ot be, is it 4-3 or 3-4. NEXT, ALOT OF D-LINEMEN UNDERSTAND THAT IT'S NOT GOOD TO COME IN AND TRY AND PROVE A POINT BY BEING ABLE TO PLAY EARLY. Alot of recruits can play early, but how effective will they be. When you on the interior, it's better to at least get a year under your belt before going in the trenches where it's real, unless you're one of the special type.

People keep acting like luke has some type of vendetta against coach goldie, luke wasn't the one who forced coach goldie to lie, coach goldie did that on his own. At the end of the day, coach goldie made recruits like denver kirkland, alex collins, matthew thomas, vernon davis and others feel like they felt. Getting a guy like smitty from the west doesn't mean coach goldie is doing a Great job, smitty wanted to come here anyway. When are we going to start getting players from home and close to it that we really need.

Posted by: Calvin | June 24, 2013 at 06:17 PM

I remember alot of bozo's on here saying LOSING teddy bridgewater WAS NO BIG DEAL BEACAUSE HE CAME FROM THE WEST, and just look at alot of the comments now, same stupidity going on, lol.

Posted by Calvin

Getting a guy like smitty from THE WEST doesnt' mean coach goldie is doing a Great job, smitty wanted to come here anyway.

Posted by Calvin

Bash others for bashing Teddy Bridgewater for coming from THE WEST and then go on to say that getting a guy like smitty from THE WEST doesn't mean coach goldie is doing a great job? Nobody can bash recruits coming from THE WEST except for Calvin! haha

I dont understand how UM already has 20 recruits and UF only has 10.....i though we were the most popular school.....we have 10 times the students....we need Tebow as a coach , then playrs will want to come here too.

aaron, are you an imbecile my man. Did you just start followin UM bandwagon style. It's obviously you're either a gldie slurper or just ignorant to the last class that was brought in. When i said coch goldie hasn't recruited well locally, how many local kids did he get this last recruiting class, is my statement wrong. teddy bridgewater is at louisville & one of the best wideouts in the nation is at bama from the west who was major part of why bama actually got to the natioal championship game.

Nobody told coach goldie to go on national t.v. an tell anyone wo would listen that he was dealing with a hard number and had no flexibilty" to try and justify what he did to denver kirkland and than turn round and add around 5 more out-of-town recruits. Whywas it necessary to lie and than when you heard matthew thomas say "he don't trust the coaches over here" obviously there is a reason, that man didn't want to go to Fsu and had coch goldie been Truthful and dealt honestly and sincere with them, kirkland oming here may have swayed thomas in the end at the last minute.

This is why coach goldie said "look,i've only been here for 2 years, i'm still learning the landscape of Miami". While that migt be True, i'm sure he learnt about not being a liar a long time ago, "NO EXCUSES".

Who cares if other programs are recruiting a certain player, means nothing, that's why it's stupid to see people say things like Oh "we stole one from Fsu or th gators" and than when that player gets here it was a waste of time to bring them in instead of recruiting to our normal areas that has consistently brought us championships. Coach goldie is more comfortable recruiting in the Tampa area than he is down here, to many gold teeth for em.

But james coley will help em out alot and keep him from having to lie on national t.v. by doing stupid stuff.

commit to theu and go to juco posted above that this new DT commit was running from competition because gaytors got verbals from two better DT when one was a four star also....my question is, If he was running away from competition....why did he decommit 2 months before the four star gave his verbal and 4 months before the 5star gave his verbal? He decommitted in feb. from the gators....guess that is the math they teach at public institutions...I took logic in college and it still doesnt add up. for gators...logic is another form of math.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That kid travonte was running from gainesville....hahahahaha....

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