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Canes latest commitment -- QB Malik Rosier -- is another quarterback who can swing the bat

Another day, another commitment.

On a day UM confirmed former quarterback David Thompson was giving up football to concentrate on baseball, the Hurricanes netted their 17th commitment in the Class of 2014 from another quarterback who can swing the bat, too.

Alabama Faith Academy's Malik Rosier, also a catcher who hit .400 on his high school baseball team, committed to Miami late Tuesday night, a decision the 6-2, 205-pound told the Press-Register he reached after sat down and talked it out with his mom.

Rated a three-star recruit according to 247Sports.com, Rosier had other offers that included Southern Mississippi, Northern Illinois, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Lafayette and Furman. He camped at Miami back on June 2nd according to published reports and will visit Coral Gables again this coming weekend.

Despite his football team finishing 3-7 in 2012, he completed 169 of 305 pass attempts for 2,238 yards and 20 touchdowns and also ran for 1,002 yards and 12 touchdowns on 153 carries.

Rosier was a running back on the junior varsity team as an eighth-grader according to the Press-Register. As a freshman, he started at free safety for the varsity before moving to quarterback in a Wing-T system as a sophomore.

His coach Rusty Mason told the Press-Register in March he's been pleasantly surprised with Rosier's quick adjustment from a Wing-T to the Tony Franklin-style offense the Rams ran last season.

"He played way above any expectations I could have had for him," Mason said. "He just continued to get better. From Week 1 to Week 10, it was like night and day. We knew what he was physically - he looks great. But you never know mentally how a kid is going to react.

"When you roll him out, he's as good as I've ever had and maybe as good as I've ever seen in terms getting his shoulders square and hitting a receiver on the run. We'll put more on him this year, more checks. A lot of our stuff is run-pass switches, and he'll have a chance to do more of that."


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Where has stupid canetrash been? Whats he got to say about his boy Hernia who is in the clink for being a serial killer??

All he can say, like every Gatr maggot, is:

Duuuuhhhh, you don't sell out.
Duuuuuhhhh, rented stadium.
Duuhhhhhh, duuhhhhhh.

You know, the usual trailer donkey meth-head nonsense



The University of Miami netted one of the nation’s top pass rushers and arguably the best defensive player in its own backyard in the class of 2014 on Saturday when Miami Northwestern High defensive end Mike Smith committed to the program.

Gallo you are right...anyone would take a free scholarship......even a 4 k scholarship from uf......hahahaha

I wil distinguish UM from uf......at uf ,the state decides what u learn....at UM, we thinkoutside the box and look in at ya'll every now and then.......hahaha

what in the world are you talking about.....the top 194 recruits have committed for 2013.....#195 Jeremy curter is uncommitted only.

if your talking about 2014, be real....the 2013 season hasn't even begun yet

Gallo, swallow a gallon of bleach, fill the bathtub with water, get in then drop a plugged-in blowdryer into the tub.

If you survive, then you are allowed to return here. If not, we all win.

Arturo, just 60 days until you see my fat carcass at the Purple Porpoise hitting on every young boy I can find.

Ya'll keep on about these three stars but u fail to mention the 2 5 stars and7 4 stars....keep it up though...these recruits will see how stupid ufailure fans are . Blog when u get some 5 stars...hahahaha. ufelons is gonna be "No five star U" when the ncaa comes knocking....also alot of experts are raving the 7 commits that golden brought in in just 72 hours. They say 5 are high 3 stars and will be four stars by fall....yet U still have no 5' s.....hahahaha.

Posted by: sidcane | June 27, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Congrats on []_[]r 9 decent recruits... But that leaves half []_[]r ENTIRE CLASS as []_[]nranked, 2-3 Star d[]_[]ds. []_[] and []_[]r minions on blogs are the ONLY ones blinding taliking up and hoping that all those scr[]_[]bs will pan out. Top Programs DO NOT use that model formula to recruit. HALF THE CLASS PROJECTS ? Most Top Schools have 10-12 Top Commits now. And they WILL ALL CLOSE with even better 4-5 Star recruits RAISING their Star Average. []_[]r Average has dropped from 3.25 to 2.70 in 1 week and it is still falling since NO Top- 150 kids are considering []_[].

Top Schools like Florida 3.70, FSU 3.45 and others are will close in a fury, waiting to sign another 12-14 STUDS in Feb. while []_[] and the overcrowded with low stars will only close out with another 7-8 commits that ZERO Top-25 Programs even offer... Just like Last year. Do []_[]r reserch. []_[] are contin[]_[]ally repeating []_[]r past pathetic history and it's Goldys only choice when Top players have already eliminated []_[] before []_[] even try to recr[]_[]it them.

HALF []_[]r ENTIRE CLASS has ZERO OFFERS from Top-25 Schools !!! Fact... And why is that? They want no part of []_[] and the table craps are all []_[] can get.

And there will be more coming in Feb as the others will say NO to []_[] and []_[]r class will freefall out of the Top-20.

Try ESPN n Scout ... And the tr[]_[]th will set []_[] free.

What difference do 4 and 5 star recruits make if they are in prison. Down with gator bait, up with CANES.

Don't look now, Soldy Pig, the Canes are top 10 in the ESPN recruiting.

Posted by: SOLDY Pig | June 27, 2013 at 01:35 PM

HEY []_[] FINALLY got something riiieeet Cane Cl[]_[]ck !!! CONGRATS !

Now... Take a look above []_[] at #8 ... []_[] have 18 commits. And the Gators have 11 commits and are RANKED, and rightly so, ABOVE-AHEAD-OVER []_[] and the MIGHTY GATORS will STILL add another 14-15 HIGH QUALITY Commits while []_[] will still just be adding No-Low Star QUANTITY Bodies that ZERO TOP-25 Teams even offer.

Now tell me why is that ? Why are the GATOR Ranked ahead of []_[] and why are []_[]r last 7 commits ALL []_[]nranked-2 n Low 3 Star projects while Florida, FSU and ANY team that finished in the To-15 last year have ZERO ESPN []_[]nranked or 2-Star commits while still having 12-14 spots to fill while []_[] have only 6-7 left with 8 []_[]nranked or 2-Stars ?


(Waiting patiently for SOLDY'S Daily BEATDOWN)

Posted by: TheCurseOfArtKehoe | June 27, 2013 at 01:14 PM

HOLA BRAH' MAN Arty ... No need to even bother with beatdowns. Just th Stone Cold TR[]_[]FF. These del[]_[]sional, Dopy, D[]_[]mb Cl[]_[]cks are doing a 5-STAR job at doing that to themselves without my input...

64 MORE DAYS Arty my man.

I'll never care about the star system of playes who haven't even played a down of college football, means nothing, we'll see who's a real 4 or 5 star when the games actually start. With that being the litmus test, from an offensive standpoit under the goldie regime was found a possible offensive gem in rashawn "2star" scott. defensively eddie "2 star gone with thw wind" johnson. Both of who coach goldie was about to kick off the team. That's the otherside of coach goldie, it's not about who signs, it's who can actually stay on the team.

This guy coach goldie is bi-polar when it comes to keeping players on the team. In one press conferences he's talking about how great and outstanding the newly signed class that just came in is, at the next press conference he's talking about tmz and blaming players that he just got thru telling eveybody how grreat they were. So either he sticks with them or if he thinks he's setting an example that other players will fear, coach goldie will continue to go out on the limb with a saw.

gallo, once these goldie slurpers come up for air, they'll realize who coach goldie cares about more his boy clown 117th or UM, so far it's clown 117th- 2, UM-0. I laugh at how in shannon's first year as the headcoach, alot of these same hypocrites were blaming shannon for the defense being that bad although coach tim walton was the the d-co. Now here we are, 2 years running and people are talking about we're in a rebuilding phase, well what was shannon in and the defense under tim walton wasn't 117th, alot of yall are giving coach goldie a free pass because you're desparate and blind. This outsider/goldie has done nothing at UM to warrant all the credit he's been getting.

A contract extension after one year, for what, who told coach goldie or his agent not to ask the right questions coming into UM. Somebod should've been wise enuff to ask "were their some pending investigations or anything that he needed to be aware of", nope, instead, he was to busy trying to hand that 300page binder off to anybody at UM of importance to show why he's the right man for the job.

"core values" my aspirin, unless he means being mediocre, he's doing a great job at that. gallo, i tried to tell people, shannon would've been a whole lot closer to a national championship game than these clowns we have now, this year, the on field play will either help recruiting or hurt recruiting because other coach will point, here they are in year 3 and they're still hoping to play defense.

Reposted by popular demand...


Florida Gator Aaron Hernandez was denied bail for his execution style murder of a semi-pro football player.

Florida Gator Hernandez is also a suspect in a double murder that is currently being investigated.

Florida Gator Hernandez shot another person in the face that destroyed the individuals eye and is being sued.

Florida Gator Hernandez was a suspect in the attempted murder of a Gainesville, Florida individual that was shot in the head and almost died.

Florida Gator Hernandez failed 6 drug tests while playing for the Gators and only missed on game against an inferior opponent.

Florida Gator Hernandez brutally attacked an individual at a Gainesville bar, was arrested, but the case was pled down and he missed no games.

Florida Gator Athletic Director Jeremy Foley responded to the above that he's proud of the Gator program and the way they handle their student athlete's, although he had no comment on the almost 50 arrests of those student athlete's over the past 5 years.


The gaturds have had 45 arrests in the last 7 years....

Posted by: LetThatMarinate | June 27, 2013 at 01:16 PM

Sounds GOOD to me... Correctomundo riiieeet Arty ? Combined with the BEST Recruits, Coaches and Facilities and FANS... It's the Winning Collge Football PERFECT STORM and MODEL FORMULA for WINNING SEC and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS... []_[] remember those days waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back don't []_[] ?

The last TEN YEARS ...

d[]_[]h []_[]- 66-46


The University of FLORIDA ... IS THE State of Florida's []_[] !!!


instead of recr[]_[]iting lil drunk Q.B.' s hitting parked car n trees and D.E.'s that smoke some weed... Try recruiting some STONE COLD KILLAH'S LIKE THE NEW TITLETOWN []_[] !!!

yeah yeah, I know... Donna n Goldy won't let u . uR Choir Boy and Community Service u now riiieeet ?

'dios Arturo

If I'm not mistaking Stephen Morris was a 3 star recruit with not a lot of attention thrown his way. I'd sure take him over Jeff Dismal any day

2014 Roster at the rate we're going....
Defensive Tackles.......3
What's wrong with this Picture?

What wrong with this picture is that you are lying, troll.
Aaron Hernandez story keeps getting worse, but you keep trying to change the subject....

Hey Curse Piggy, I see you are still trolling 24-7, still haven't found a job, eh poor fool?

Oh well, at least you are kept from doing an Aaron Hernandez on Soldy what with the ankle bracelet and the trailer no longer having wheels....

The University of Florida Football Program...

whens do we gets our next uNranked-2-Star commits ?

Posted by: Michael B '88 | June 27, 2013 at 02:07 PM

FINALLY !!! STOP THE PRESSES !!! A u fan that gets it ...

these guys are nothing but BODIES....they dont even deserve to be called "hanging fruit"....you can get the same from walk-ons.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 27, 2013 at 02:39 PM

quote of the year so far... but may I add, "Glorified" in cane fan minds, Walkons...

" shannon would've been a whole lot closer to a national championship game than these clowns we have now, this year, the on field play will either help recruiting or hurt recruiting because other coach will point, here they are in year 3 and they're still hoping to play defense. " CALVIN

Calvin slams another one out of the Coral Gables ballpark. Huh
Seriously lmao
And dig this y'all Marky Mark INEPT loyalists! canespace brUtes anyone. What.
Miami's overall team defense AIN'T going to be ANYWHERE near Top 65 this season. Bloody aU contraire to what Cane bUbba has to opine on the bloody matter. Eh. What say, FOOL!

If I was a wagering gambling DEGENERATE, and bloody dwelled in Reno/Vegas. I'd seriously bet the bloody OVER's on each and every Miami game this season.
Because I'm gUessing the Over's will COVER in AT LEAST 8 of the Canes games in 2013. Huh
Bon jour et Bonsoir

If I was a wagering gambling DEGENERATE, and bloody dwelled in Reno/Vegas. I'd seriously bet the bloody OVER's on each and every Miami game this season.
Because I'm gUessing the Over's will COVER in AT LEAST 8 of the Canes games in 2013. Huh
Bon jour et Bonsoir
Posted by: D | June 27, 2013 at 07:17 PM

Rofl, you just gave me an idea, this might just be the one thing clown 117th is good for, bringing us money by being that pathetic, man, you just migh have saved me a whole lot of frustration this year coming up, this will give me an out-let and an a whole lot of "at least" moments, preciate it man.

I hate to be right in this situation, but i have no faith in us being able to play defense, we either are going to play defense or we're not, it's alread yknow coach goldie will probably be sayingit again this year "you know, i wouldn't trade alex figs for any other player, but he's young and learning and he'd be the first one to tell you he blew his assignment" and like it was with rayshawn jenkins, well let them be the first ones to tell us, not you goldie. But for a headcoach to point out 1 player for one touchdown in a game against duke, who's fault was it than for the other 38 points the defense gave up since they want to point out one 99 yard bomb.

Watching our defense last year made me sick to my stomach. Those people saying the defense got better, maybe they didn't see the duke game.

clown calvin

Shannon 12-13
Golden 13-11

I will bet you Calvin, $5,000 because I know that's all you can afford, that Miami under Golden goes AT least 10-2 and wins a bowl next year, something your boi- you know the one whose ball sack you have in your mouf never did as a coach.

Go ahead- cash in your welfare check and food stamps and take my bet

I knew it. You cant put your money where your big fat farrakhan wann be mouth is


Apparently, one of our hybrid LB/DE recruits isn't going to make it into school and David Gilbert is transferring from Wisconsin to UM to play DE? What recruit are they talking about? It can only be either Quad or Devonte Bond but Bond was a JUCO so he should have had the grades squared away. Nothing on Canesport yet...

Golden's agent shouldve thought that randy shannon doesn't know how to run a disciplined program so there's probably something fishy going on?

Seriously, shannon couldn't even win with someone cheating for him and golden is the guy some of you criticize?

D corch needs to go...

CANESPACE is run by an idiota...LOL


lemme GuEss, uR a Hawk fan now ?

Hell yea...hawks rock.....

Congratulations to Shane Larkin...The Canes are on their way to owning college basketball as they have college football.

catch ?

sez the gaytor who was on here blabbering about Udonis HAslem and Miller being gators?

Go HAwks

David Gilbert would be a huge get if his foot is healthy. This guy was a 4 star prospect out of Northeat in lauderdale, who a) graduated and b) would contribute right away to the D-line.

Lets see, Shannon apologists Calvin et al- He wasnt recruited by Shannon, yet he did very well at Wisconsin, which beat UM in a bowl not 4 years ago,and now he wants to come to play for the U under Golden....
That tells me that Golden and staff are recruiting machines. They are setting this team up for the future (18 committed recruits already for 2014)- and the NOW.

Go canes.

eff tha haters (Calvin, Gallo, etc)
GAtors that come in here cango to- H but that's their right to come onhere and talk smack- the stuff that Calvon and Gallo say is unforgivable if they claim to be U fans

I LOVE IT!!! Anytime yhou have imposters posing as Cane fans but they aren't, and all the banter going back and forth from the Gators, that tells me one thing, THEY'RE SCARED, LMAO!!!! You know whay you don't see Nole fans on this blog, because they have MORE CLASS than Gator fans do and respect the rivalry we have. Redneck Gators on the other hand just want to bicker back and forth instead of having decent convo's about football, and that tells me they;re immature little brats, who (very weirdly)seem to spend ALL DAY and NIGHT chiming in on this blog, and again that;s very strange indeed. Go to the Gator blog and look at the comments, it's like a desert over there, lol.

Miami is now getting players drafted before the gaturds in Basketball?

18. Shane Larkin

49. Erik Murphy

Gatr Trash has had as many murderers this week as players taken in the NBA draft.

So, you know, at least you have that going for you, maggots.

Nice! Gators falling fast on the court, in the courtroom, on the field, and in the recruiting rankings.

No wonder they want to stop playing Miami after this year's beatdown. But hey, they can still cheer SEC SEC SEC with the vandys of the world.

More comments from gators on here than in their own blog. Hey trolls, why don't you go back you your board that is deader than one of Hernandez's victims....

Funny how you guys dish it out here, but disappear at the first sign of bad news over there.

Wonder why no gators are bragging about the nba draft....? Wasnt that last night? Where are thou bragging gators.........??????????

Calling Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez and all other sleazebag Gatr Trash athletes (which is redundant, I know):

"Two convicted murderers are running a summer day camp for children at a Raleigh University."

Maybe Aaron is interested in being a counselor?

Duuuuuh, Arturo, rieeeggghhhht?

I love the way you loved me last night, Arthur.

See you in 59 days at that sewer pit, Purple Porpoise.

Duuuhhhhh, U guys, duuuuhhhh, Mavs fans, duuhhhhhh.

Same. Stupid. Pig.


Russia is bragging....brazil is bragging....germany is bragging.....where art thou gator braggers?

C'mon Gatr Trash, own your felons. Love them like Curse Piggy loves his man meat at Club Ramrod.

Ahhh, but all the Curse Pig will do is talk about average stars of the Canes recruits.

So effen weak, you sick Pig.

Let's recap what a remarkable month it has been for the Gatr Trash. In order of occurrence:

1. Scottie "Rasta" Wilbekin, you know, that ugly-as-sin-but-god-looking-by-inbred-Gatr standards, suspended for da WEED.

2. Antonio "aggravated battery" Morrison is arrresed for yet another felony.

3. President Bernie "One for the Road" Machen is cited for driving into a parked car and fleeing the scene.

4. The academic backwater that is UFailure announces it is offering a major in "Social Media" so now, as if the UFailure diploma were not utterly useless, they add a cherry to the joke. This on top of the course in StarCraft and cutting Computer Science from the budget. Wow. What a skewwl.

Ever wonder why every skewwwl in the SEC outside of Vandy is joke academically.

5. And finally, the coup-de-grace, the Tower of Power, the Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez" who needs no introduction.

So there you have it folks. The alleged flagship school of this mostly whitetrash state is leading the way albeit the wrong way.

You are a joke, Gatr maggots. Even Missy State, which is barely a university located in one of the worst towns in the US, is laughing at you. A nation joins them.


Forgot one:

6. The school admits it has no funds to repair or replace aging and decrepit infrastructure as water mains crack, sewer lines leak, electrical conduits crumble and buildings, in dire need of repair, remain in poor condition.

You may applaud now.

sorry......if shannon was still here all those golden casualties would ALL be here.....

jacory to morris to bridgewater.....the path to show recruits where teddy goes over 11,000 yards.....our QB situation is dire and golden knows it.....

shannon - christobal - coley...so many options that could have happened......its rear view mirror thinking but we as fans cant let mediocrity set in.....we must be strong minded....your not allowed to coach at UM if you come in 4th from last place....if you look at all the defensive athletes UM has/had its hard to believe that UM is #116 and it aint because a player went the wrong way.....dnofrio is not a DC....temple means nothing...

would urban meyer or nick saban have him as a DC...not in a million years so why do we?

would urban meyer have him as a DC...not in a million years because he's not a murdering, gang-banging, thug...

Gallo, meet dead horse.

Commence beating.

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