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Canes latest commitment -- QB Malik Rosier -- is another quarterback who can swing the bat

Another day, another commitment.

On a day UM confirmed former quarterback David Thompson was giving up football to concentrate on baseball, the Hurricanes netted their 17th commitment in the Class of 2014 from another quarterback who can swing the bat, too.

Alabama Faith Academy's Malik Rosier, also a catcher who hit .400 on his high school baseball team, committed to Miami late Tuesday night, a decision the 6-2, 205-pound told the Press-Register he reached after sat down and talked it out with his mom.

Rated a three-star recruit according to 247Sports.com, Rosier had other offers that included Southern Mississippi, Northern Illinois, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Lafayette and Furman. He camped at Miami back on June 2nd according to published reports and will visit Coral Gables again this coming weekend.

Despite his football team finishing 3-7 in 2012, he completed 169 of 305 pass attempts for 2,238 yards and 20 touchdowns and also ran for 1,002 yards and 12 touchdowns on 153 carries.

Rosier was a running back on the junior varsity team as an eighth-grader according to the Press-Register. As a freshman, he started at free safety for the varsity before moving to quarterback in a Wing-T system as a sophomore.

His coach Rusty Mason told the Press-Register in March he's been pleasantly surprised with Rosier's quick adjustment from a Wing-T to the Tony Franklin-style offense the Rams ran last season.

"He played way above any expectations I could have had for him," Mason said. "He just continued to get better. From Week 1 to Week 10, it was like night and day. We knew what he was physically - he looks great. But you never know mentally how a kid is going to react.

"When you roll him out, he's as good as I've ever had and maybe as good as I've ever seen in terms getting his shoulders square and hitting a receiver on the run. We'll put more on him this year, more checks. A lot of our stuff is run-pass switches, and he'll have a chance to do more of that."


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If I'm not mistaking Stephen Morris was a 3 star recruit with not a lot of attention thrown his way. I'd sure take him over Jeff Dismal any day
Posted by: alldaycane | June 27, 2013 at 05:45 PM

While i got nothing against smo17, until he beats Fsu, or gets 1 game away from a national championship, jeff driskel has him beat. Now he'll have the chance to go head to head with jeff driskell, i don't see smo17 as some elite qb, he had some nice games against weak defenses and some busted play strikes made em look better as well, but in game, to many missed throws and no touch on important passes and continued to 3rd down passes to guys he should've thrown those same passes to on 2nd down.

Doesn't understand down and distance to well and to many 3 & outs. Doesn't throw passes well to the flats and when he does complete them to the flats, they're normally not good passes that allow the players to get yards after the catch.

We'll see if he's made improvements in those areas where jacory harris was strong at.

Gallo, teddy went over 11000 yrds in the sugarbowl....what does thathave to do with UM....

Calvin, the only thing jacory was good at was ints at the wrong time.....well until golden got there...


The trend at UF has continued from Meyer to Muschamp, even with a smaller sample size under the former Texas defensive coordinator. UF has put together a record of more than 80 wins since Meyer walked the sidelines. With a total of 44 arrests, the school averages one arrest for every two wins the team puts together.

Burn that dump UFailure to the ground.

Burn it!

Hola, Arturo. What say we have a roach barbecue when dem dar Gatahs line up for a wild one against Toledo.

Dat stinking cesspool swamp will be jumping with maggots, 'billies, murderers and felons.

The Hernandez story is going to drag out for a loooong time. Reporters are going to work every angle including his days at ufelony.

McCauley revealed to the court that investigators executed a search warrant on a condominium property leased by Hernandez and found even more evidence implicating the defendant. Police found .45 caliber ammunition that matches the shell casings found at the murder scene and in Hernandez’s rental car. Additionally, McCauley pointed to a photo of Hernandez carrying a Glock .45 in 2009 (released by TMZ on Wednesday), saying, “There’s good reason to believe the firearm that killed Mr. Lloyd was a Glock because the Glock has a rifling system that is different than most firearms.” The prosecution believes the Glock in the photo is the murder weapon, which has not been recovered as of press time. “I would suggest the evidence has established an overwhelming amount of evidence demonstrating the defendant’s guilt,” McCauley said.

Where was Hernandez playing ball in 2009?

Might want to check his dorm room at uf....

What are the chances his Glock is in the dorm buried under mounds of literature and physics books?

Naaahhhhhhhh. That dope got into UFailure without the ability to read.

Top 1% of the Top 1%, rieeeggght, trailer donkeys?

Trailer donkeys....hahahaha that one never gets old....

Great Post!!!


Let's recap what a remarkable month it has been for the Gatr Trash. In order of occurrence:

1. Scottie "Rasta" Wilbekin, you know, that ugly-as-sin-but-god-looking-by-inbred-Gatr standards, suspended for da WEED.

2. Antonio "aggravated battery" Morrison is arrresed for yet another felony.

3. President Bernie "One for the Road" Machen is cited for driving into a parked car and fleeing the scene.

4. The academic backwater that is UFailure announces it is offering a major in "Social Media" so now, as if the UFailure diploma were not utterly useless, they add a cherry to the joke. This on top of the course in StarCraft and cutting Computer Science from the budget. Wow. What a skewwl.

Ever wonder why every skewwwl in the SEC outside of Vandy is joke academically.

5. And finally, the coup-de-grace, the Tower of Power, the Man of the Hour, Too Sweet to be Sour, Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez" who needs no introduction.

So there you have it folks. The alleged flagship school of this mostly whitetrash state is leading the way albeit the wrong way.

You are a joke, Gatr maggots. Even Missy State, which is barely a university located in one of the worst towns in the US, is laughing at you. A nation joins them.


Forgot one:

6. The school admits it has no funds to repair or replace aging and decrepit infrastructure as water mains crack, sewer lines leak, electrical conduits crumble and buildings, in dire need of repair, remain in poor condition.

You may applaud now.

Trailer donkeys.......hahahahahahahahahahaha......funny sheet......DONKEY!

Might we say hernandez was a pack mule because he always appears to be packing...?

Arturo, when are you going to bring the Trailertrash hammer down?

Huh, ARty? Soldy? My love? U?

I know, I'll do it for you and get it out of the way:

"Average stars of the Cane recruits is lowest of the top 10 teams." There you go, blog Pig. I saved you the trouble of moving your sausage-like fingers soaked in fried chicken grease, around the keyboard.


You. Dumb. PIG.

this blog is silly

I love the KAK. And lists too. But mostly the KAK.


Did anyone actually watch the video on this story? Kid looks good....

Not sure why the Herald is the last to know but this latest get could be a good one. As per Bleacher Report.

"We last left David Gilbert, it was in April, it was a tearful goodbye. His balky foot caused him yet another problem and he missed the entire spring. This left a hole at outside linebacker, that while not a burning question, is a matter that doesn't have such a definitive answer quite yet. As for Gilbert, little was heard from him until today, when SB Nation sister site The State of The U put this on their Twitter feed. "David Gilbert going to Miami"

Now before you ask why he's playing defensive tackle, know I had that question and I received clarification. The State of the U said that David Gilbert was going to Miami. He was planning on playing defensive end.With a cursory glance at Miami's depth chart, you do see there's a potential hole that gluing a healthy Gilbert into would upgrade. Alex Figueroa's an early-enrolled true freshman who, while he was impressive enough in spring to make it out as a named starter, he's still a three-star, true freshman. He's unproven despite what he's done so far. A healthy Gilbert would be a definite upgrade.

The most obvious question is, though, would Gilbert want to play football? He's been injury prone. And while Miami is close to home, would he be willing to give it a go? A tweet from Jon Gorman of BadgerBlitz.com says yes. So that's where we stand. The Badgers lost David Gilbert. He unretired today to go closer to home and play defensive end at Miami. He was on track to graduate in May. So it doesn't look like there's going to be an administrative question as to if he's going to play. But this is an absolute surprise. Any comebacks would have seemed to come looking toward the 2014 NFL Draft. But when The U came calling, apparently Gilbert had to listen.
Go Canes

Calvin sits down to pee.

Get back to the fry machine Calvin, then drive thru is busy again.

the guy has a major foot issue....again why would UM offer him a scholarship? Do they think the badgers misdiagnosed his injury?

So.... Greg Cotex writes that Hernia is a "fallen hero"....


Lance Armstrong is a "fallen hero"....Hernia is no where in the category.

Gallo...your ignorance is amazing....the story said he has had over a year to heal....just about any injury would be healed in that time....he will play hard and if he gets hurt.....oh well,next man up....
I have seenpeople with ankle injuries that never heal but not foot injuries. Heck he could get around ufelons oline on one foot anyway. Bowlinggreen told him its easy(no pun intended for sec easy).

Canes fans:


He told the Badgers he was walking away from football because of the foot injuries. In reality, UW has a whole new coaching staff and they wanted him to move to LB in a new 3-4 scheme. He has been looking around for a while now and with Bond maybe not qualifying UM jumped on him. If Gilbert is healthy and by all accounts he is this is a home run.

Canes just got another one....Booker T defensive end Demetrius Jackson. Welcome to the []_[]

Gallo, why don't you tell us. You seem to have all the answers.

Especially your love of KAK.

This is for calvina...

Demetrius Jackson was committed to Arkansas....his recruiter at Arkansas....Randy Shannon....and his cousin happens to be....Denver Kirkland!

Yo Cane trash

Yo maggots U seem all giddy trying to dUmp on the Gators
Try as U may U can't
Yo some cane chUmp asked for my expert opinion so here it goes
The Hernandez mess has as much to do with the Gators as the 2 dudes that Ray Lewis stabbed had to do with the canes, not much
Football wise the Pats are screwed, that is the only football implication here

Yo U finally get a player drafted in the NBA and U think U r all that
In reality U r a bunch of dopes
Ur best BB squad in Ur pathetic existance as a program and U only get one dude drafted? That's all????
Try getting 3 players drafted in the first round
U poor dUmmies r so out of touch

Yo keep celebrating 2014 recruiting rankings
Keep it up while U can now in the summer of 2013
Poor ignorant fools
Let's see where U end up when it counts

Yo Golden Retriever just landed a home and home with Arky State. The cowardly scheduling is in full force.
Only way Golden Retriever can fetch a winning record.

Pathetic LOOSERS!!!

LOOSERS........is what gaturd boy Hernandez is going to be when he goes to prison. Ole boys going in as a tight end and coming out (if he ever does) as a ......

Yo maggots U seem all giddy trying to dUmp on the Gators
Try as U may U can't

Sure we can....

"Try as U may U can't"

Ummm, inbred Gomer, we can, and we did.

Look at ol' trailer redneck trying to bring up Ray Lewis from 15 years ago.

Stop living in the past, you trailer donkey. Isn't that what the Gatr Trash says?

Go back and read the six point summary of UFailure's glorious June then let me know whether you were dumped on.

Same dumb Gatr Trash.

Duuuuhhhh, Ray Lewis.

Duuuuhhhh, don't sell out.

Duhhhhhhh, rented stadium.

Duhhhhh, Duhhhhhhh, duhhhh,

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Now Florida Gator Hernandez is the prime suspect in a double homicide in addition to his current murder charge.



For years people have been pointing out that University of Florida athletics has become a factory for churning out felons.

Over the past 10 years the school has time and again gamed the system using the attorney Huntley Johnson to do so.

Today, the NFL released information that Hernandez while attending and playing for the University of Florida failed approximately 6 drug tests, but was never suspended. This coupled with Hernandez being arrested for attacking an employee at a local business, was a suspect in a shooting where the victim was left in critical condition and another shooting where he shot an individual who lost his eye.

Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley has time and again ignored many crimes by Florida football players claiming the school takes these matters very seriously, yet no steps to stop the onslaught of crimes committed by the players have been instituted to address this very serious and ever growing problem.

The NCAA is being asked to do a thorough review of all Florida's athletic programs that could be catastrophic to the school going forward if what many believe to be true that the university has been hiding or even abetting their student athletes to keep them eligible.


Same old Gatr Trash.

More dumping on the Gatrs, you dumb 'neck.

Canetrash....good to see slurpee boy back....keep sucking this thing clown....no teeth please...

SEC - Where its all smoke and mirrors....the original inventors of the 7 game home schedule.....hahahahaha....barf....

Difference is, ignorant trailer donkey, that
1. Ray Lewis didn't even get charged for killing anyone.
2. You still spent YEARS dredging that up even after proven false.
3. Hernandez has a TON of evidence that he is a multiple killer in the Ted Bundy range, but one of his ictims lived and another texted his sister before he did the job.

Soo, take your medicine, trailer donkey, you have earned it these past seven years.

There is NO WAY UM just picked up a kid from Booker T!!!!!!!!!

How can that be.....Gallo has them on his casualty list??

How in the world can Gallo & Calvina be wrong??

As for your whining about Miami filling the Chicken Gator slot with Arkansas State, guess who ArkySt is playing when the Gators are getting trounced in a rare road game September 7th? Auburn, that tough SEC team that has added ArkySt to their schedule. Memphis and Oregon also have had them the past couple years, did you freak on their boards, too?>

Stupid Curse Piggy, you still have no clue that allowing your weak trolling is just a way to keep you from breeding.

Whats this world coming too and the trailer donkey guy ,kak guy......i know yall have some gator fan points with what you type so keep it comin.....i cant help but laugh when i see one of yalls posts....

Badgerblitz.com is reporting that Wisconsin senior starting defensive end David Gilbert is transferring to Miami. He reportedly graduated in May and thus would be eligible to play for the Hurricanes this season.

This is a huge get for Miami.

Gilbert, who attended Oakland Park Northeast in Broward, started 13 games last season and had 42 tackles, including 9.5 for loss, four sacks and three forced fumbles and was named on the All-Big 10 team.

He played in 43 games at Wisconsin, including 17 starts, and has 8.5 career sacks and 14.5 tackles for losses.

Coming out of Northeast High, Gilbert was a four-star prospect.

~Barry Jackson

Cant believe everybody has forgoten about danny rawlins...maybe yall are too young...another gainseville great......just talked to his ghost and he said " arron hernander scares the hell out of me".

if he is healthy.....all accounts say he is still injured....

“This was a difficult decision for me but I have had multiple injuries and surgeries on my foot and feel that no longer playing at UW is the best decision for me,” Gilbert said in a UW news release. “I have been dealing with pain in my foot since the injury first occurred and I just need to give it time to fully heal."

50/50 at best.....not worth giving away a scholarship....risk/reward is not there at all....

those are his words and the basis for my opinion.....if not for that yes...it would be a very good grab...

playing DE with a bad foot is IMPOSSIBLE.....not to mention all the leverage he would need against the double block....

Hey Gallo....can you take Booker T off your lists?

Miami fans:


Gallo, you suck a mean KAK with a hurt foot, you dumb maggot.

Gallo, you know a lot about the double-block. A little lube and you and Curse Pig are all 'bout it.

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