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Carol City ATH Trayone Gray becomes latest 2014 Canes commitment

Hurricanes coach Al Golden and his assistants weren't using fishing nets at his summer football camp this weekend. It just seemed that way.

Golden reeled in six commitments over the weekend including two more on Sunday in Miami Carol City receiver/quarterback Trayone Gray (6-1, 185), a Class of 2014 talent, and Royal Palm Beach linebacker Charles Perry (6-2, 190), a 2015 talent. 

Neither player is ranked by Rivals.com or any other recruiting service, but continued the weekend theme of the Hurricanes offering players they like a lot after seeing them up close in person.

Gray, who quarterbacked his team to the Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 title earlier this month (he beat Miami Jackson's Quinton Flowers head-to-head in the final), was the backup to All-Dade First Team quarterback Akeem Jones last season at Carol City. He had 14 catches for 222 yards and one touchdown last season and ran the ball 25 times for 92 yards with 2 TDs.

"I know the background on Miami, seen a few players, like what I see there," Gray said Sunday night. "When I went to the camp there today I just felt comfortable."

Gray said he grew up liking the Hurricanes and until Sunday hadn't received an offer he was really happy with. "I'm not finished with recruiting, but it is a high possibility I'll be a Hurricane," Gray said.

Gray said his other top schools are Alabama, Clemson, West Virginia and Louisville, but adds "I don't have any offers from those."

The other player who reportedly committed Sunday according to Canesport.com was Perry.

An All-Area Honorable Mention according to the Palm Beach Post last season, Perry ran 41 times for 131 yards and 1 TD and caught 2 passes for 28 yards as a running back. Canesport reported Perry had hamstring problems that limited him early last season, but he finished strong with over 30 tackles combined in his last two games along with two sacks.

UM netted four non-binding oral commitments during Saturday's portion of Golden's camp. The more highly-touted are Miami Northwestern defensive end/linebacker Mike Smith and Orange Park Oakleaf (Fla.) defensive back Darrion Owens, both considered three-stars by Rivals.com. Fort Lauderdale Dillard DB Dennis Turner and Norcross (Ga.) tight end Christopher Herndon are both are rated by Rivals.com as two-star recruits.

UM now has 16 non-binding oral commitments as part of its 2014 Signing Class. A year ago at this time the Hurricanes had four.


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Most of those maggot fans are Gatr Trash. So, yes, they are dumb, delusional and unemployed.

YOu can tell the Gatr Trash by the orange and blue prison issue.

Posted by: Bernie Machen

Dude can you read? No comprende clUck? Are you such a homer you are blind?
Howard struggled with his decision and at the end decided to stay home, just what I said. Bush wanted to stay home too.
Chickillo has deep ties to UM, his father played here so he came in too, not much AG had to do except not screw it up. Same with Kevin "The Keg" Olsen and KC Mcdermot. All of them were canes since day one due to family history.
So what, now why can't you land the 4 and 5 star kids with no ties to UM from Dade, Broward and Palm Beach?
The Matthew Thomas, Khairi Clark, Bryant et al?????
They go instead to UF, FSU and Bama and become NFL first round picks.
Can you have an intelligent discussion or are all your posts just weak attempts at insults and cutesy name calling?
Just a rhetorical question I think everyone knows the answer to that.

I'm sure there are tons of Gator fans that are also Heat fans. Most of them are inside the arena for the season ticket holder private party. The cane fans are the 2% that leave early.


let's see, maggot. You qualify everything to make it come out UFailure. Big surprise. The guy who picks Miami "struggles" with the decision but the guy who picks UFailure was a lock all along. Nice logic.

Bush "wanted to stay home." More Gatr Trash logic. The guy from Miami-Dade "wants to stay home." What a brilliant argument. So what? He stayed. So did Duke. So did lots of others.

How many did UFailure get out of So. Florida last year? Why don't you go back and check. You may be surprised.

BWY. Thomas was never coming to Miami anyway. And he punked UFailure and we have seen how much he REALLY wanted to go to FSU.

QED, you are a worthless diploma holder.

Don' get Gatr Trash nation riled up. We finna' MURDAH you.

Murder 1 is such fun. Signed, the Florida Gator football team


Sending love to my Bro the sharp shootin' Hernandez:



As you know I can't read and even if I could I'm always so drunk I wouldn't remember what I read anyway, but since I've been in a 180 day lockdown for my 47th DUI my foggy memory is you iced another Cat the other day.

How many does that make Bro?

To me you is always representin' the Alachua County Gator Felony Thug Zip Code.

Is it true that the Urban-nater and Willy "The Bagman" Muschamp are putting together a 10 year Gator football reunion at the Raiford Prison rec room? At least when we all get drunk and stoned we won't have to drive and will only have to crawl back to our cells. As an added bonus this gathering will also allow the "Bagman" a great recruiting opportunity.

Love and miss ya,


So the Canes got two this weekend from Miami-Dade who may end up as 4 - 5 stars depending upon how their senior years go.

According to the trailer donkey, they "wanted to stay home," so, you know, it doesn't really count. Or maybe, they "struggled with their decision."

Of course, we don't get the local news from Trailerville so don't know about the doings up in the cesspool.

'Cept, of course, for the Machen hit and run, the leaking pipes, and my aggravated assault and battery charge. Otherwise, it's all good.

Did someone say "drive?" I'm all game.

Why do you get so defensive? Deep down inside you know the truth, it is obvious to all except the blind, dUmb and delUsional cane homers like you.Let's see:

The guy who picks Miami "struggles" with the decision but the guy who picks UFailure was a lock all along. Nice logic.

Howard could not make up his mind between UF and UM until the very end when he chose to stay home, that qualifies for struggling. I did not talk about any UF commits so you are the one with no logic.

Bush and Duke stayed home, no logic just facts. "Many others" did not.

Thomas was high on UMs radar, if as you say he was never coming to Miami, it just proves my point. No good defensive player wants to play for #117 unless it's a local kid who doesn't want to leave Dade.

It seems you are the worthless one. Not your diploma, if you have one. Not your school, MDC, but you.

Seriously Cane fans... Relax... If Golden gets another 20-30 2-Stars to commit, []_[]'ll rise to #1 on Rivals...
Q[]_[]antity over QUALITY riiieeet []_[] D[]_[]mb Cl[]_[]cks ?
Posted by: []_[]nranked and 2-Star []_[] ...

Wow thanks so much for your infinite wisdom, I mean with logic like that one has to wonder how come you're just a d-u-m-b-a-s-s who knows NOTHING about football, and is blinded by stars. Another worried Gator fan who'll be punked come September

"Thomas was high on UMs radar."

Ummm, maggot, Thomas was high on about 45 schools' radar. He punked UFailure. He wanted to leave Miami. He does not want to stay at FSU and will transfer after this year.

Still not clear on the point the worthless diploma holder is trying to make. A guy goes to Miami because he wants to stay home. Hhmmmm, could also be that he wants to be a Cane but in the world of UFailure inbreds, they cannot think outside their deluded little trailers.

A guy leaves because he does not want to be a Cane. Hmmmm, could also be that he just wants to leave Miami. Again, in the world of UFailure, too many variables to keep track of.

And, ultimately, Howard punked the UFailure. On national TV. Muscrap was left holding he bag(man).

Does the Herald have a Gatr Trash blog? Seems like ll the gatr maggots post on the Miami site. Guess they know greatness when the see it.

CAlvin- Just because Jacorry harris threw for the most ints does not making him
a) a winner- THAT-he was not.
b) a leader- NOT!

Jacorry had NFlers to throw to. If he had Santana Moss and reggie wayne he still would find a way to lob a pass into the hands of a safety. he still would throw a pick six and he still would throw an int in the red zone to kill a drive. the missed opportunity against KSU when he was at the 2 yd line with first down was 100% on him. That loss destroyed the season and demoralized everyone. A true leader would have taken that danged rock and got it in there nomatter what. He had 3 chances. Actually 4.

Tro- UM never had tons of 4-5 stars (most of whom are overrated and overhyped). Thyat was true even in the glory years of the 80s 90s and early 00s. Alex Collins was stolen or "recruited" by a shady recruiting service- THAT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT. The SEC commonly employs these "services"
And we cannot have everyone. That too is a fact. And even if UM recruited all of the 5 star players available from south florida that wouldnt guarantee success- an example is UM's #1 class of 2008 with Jacorry Harris et al. THAT WAS AS BIG A BUST AS ANY IN HISTORY.

Yo Cane trash

Yo cane Pig so U using new names now what a shocker

Yo ACC U B arguing with the one and only cane Pig while U bring facts, common sense and clarity to the table he counters with manure
What do U expect form a Pig

Yo Golden Retriever can't buy a stud Defensive player
Heck not even Lil Luke could buy them for him
Like ACC says, who in the heck wants to play for the #117 efense and the clUeless coaches

Yo keep getting those no name scrubs that's all U can do
See ya soon on the 7th of Sept for Ur first blowout loss of the season

Pathetic LOOSERS!!!!!!

Umm, the UFailure was #112 in O.

The banjo-playing QB? He's not so good. Course, the UFailure maggots only like to look at one side of the balance sheet.

How do you think the sewer and gas lines at this dump skeewwwl got so bad?

We gots "no money."

Pathetic gators and semeniloes here-

Your mommies probably didnt breast feed you so you grew up angry at bullies eh? So you sit in your local town's kinko's posting all this garbage about Miami?

what has floriduh done? when was 2008? I can't even remember. Who was the gator QB then?

When was the last time the gnoles did anything? The gnoles are turning into Clemson for G's sakes. All that preseason hype and nothing to show for.

The U will shock many this year. Guaranteed. And you little whinye beeotyches including Heather Dinich and Andrea Adelson and Mark Schlabach and morons from Yahoo- will EAT YOUR EFFING WORDS!

So you are the famous cane Pig? Now it all makes sense. What is better to have the #112 ranked offense, if that is true, I won't check but it really doesn't matter.
So the #112 offense and go 11 - 2 and a BCS bowl or to have the #117 ranked defense, go 7 - 6 and no bowl.
Come on logical piggy. What is better?
Another rhetorical question, every fan in America would choose the former. Even the dUmb, delUsional blind denizens of the Gables, although the Piggy won't admit it.

Well, maggot, not really. UFailure is the definition of underachiever. All the 5 stars, facilities, blah, blah, blah, and your O is #112 and you get blasted by a Big East team. Last second to beat UL-Laf at home. BWWWWAHAHA. Yep, way to go, maggots.

That is better? Underachieving UFailure. Same as it ever was.

Proof is in the pudding still under AG.Whether we get 4 and 5 star recruits or 2 and 3 s and develope them.....NO ONE can yet predict the outcome of this current team.Until AG and his Coordinators (especially the DEFENSIVE guy)demonstrate that they can beat good teams,play solid defense,remain in the top 10.......with at least some future hope of playing for a National Title in the relative forseeable future ...........this team then can only talk the talk.AG has yet to prove he is on par with the likes of Schnelly,Davis,Erickson or Johnson.So far......and the NCAA/Shapiro mess has hurt him badly though he s hanging tough trying to get decent recruits I ll grant that.However,until the Canes (they haven t yet for the current black cloud of course)walk the walk.....there is no way anyone can tell how good this team will be.Last,,,,after the scholarship losses we re sure to get......how FAST can Miami regroup and reset itself with dead aim on a National Championship?As I said.....the proof is in the pudding and it s still way too early to know how it will turn out.

Of course little piggy can't answer a simple question. We all know the answer anyways.


Spoken like a true product of the UFailure educational system.

wow. I have failed as President of this trash skewwwl.

"no money."

Did I say that already? Hard to remember when I spend my nights boozing and hitting and running.

7 out of the 15 kids are 4* guys based on ESPN. But even better Al is getting to work these guys out personally at the camps and seeing what they really bring to the table and if they fit. How can we not be excited about that? The great Miami teams were not made up of four or five star guys. But those 2005 Canes that led us down the wrong path sure were.


Charge: Hammond was charged with DUI in June after speeding, swerving and driving out of control with open bottles of Crown Royal whiskey in his car, according to a police report. He failed a field sobriety test, because he couldn't stand-up, the report said.

Outcome: Hammond's case was resolved Tuesday, with probation reinstated...once again...Huntley Johnson said that the Gainesville police overreacted and Hammond is a good kid. Jeremy Foley said that the school takes these matters seriously.

Team punishment: Hammond was praised by the coaching staff and hopes to be the Gator team football captain.


Charge: Charged with punching a woman and scratching the face of another at a Gainesville apartment party

Outcome: Brown's case is in deferred prosecution. Huntley Johnson said that the Gainesville police overreacted and Hammond is a good kid. Jeremy Foley said that the school takes these matters seriously.

Team punishment: Was coached-up not to punch women when there are witnesses.


Charge: During the week of the SEC Championship game police found Dunlap passed out drunk behind the wheel of his running car at a traffic light--he was charged with DUI and endangerment of others.

Outcome: Dunlap accepted six months' probation and 50 hours of community service as punishment for a guilty DUI plea. Huntley Johnson said that the Gainesville police overreacted and Hammond is a good kid. Jeremy Foley said that the school takes these matters seriously.

Team punishment: Dunlap was suspended for the SEC championship against Alabama, but returned for the Sugar Bowl.


Charge: resisting arrest for his role in a fight outside a downtown Gainesville night club.

Outcome: The charges were dropped after Jenkins met the conditions of his deferred prosecution, according to lawyer Huntley Johnson. Johnson said that the Gainesville police overreacted and Hammond is a good kid. Jeremy Foley said that the school takes these matters seriously

Team punishment: Handled internally and did not miss any games, according sports information director Steve McClain.


Charge: Felony burglary of a dwelling forcing his way into a Gainesville apartment and punching a man in the face.

Outcome: The charges were dropped after Hannah met the conditions of his deferred prosecution, according to lawyer Huntley Johnson. Johnson said that the Gainesville police overreacted and Hammond is a good kid. Jeremy Foley said that the school takes these matters seriously

Team punishment: Handled internally and did not miss any games, according sports information director Steve McClain.

Coach G kudos to you for doing a FANTASTIC job!. We are proud of your accomplishments, and you and all of the Coaching Staff have the 'U' on her way back to where we should be.
Great job recruiting!!
Parents, players, facilities, and atmosphere are all creating the doors that are opening to a new era at the 'U'.

caLvian we understand that as the "RESIDENT BOY CLOWN" who knows nothing about Coaching but lives to promote Jpick and shannon any chance he gets; this is about recruiting, not comparing Dorsey with Jpick.

Also you still have not answered the question asked of you two weeks ago about "Coach fitting in...working for Coach Golden?".
Your agenda is very clear, and so my respect for what you have written and any opinion that you may have is ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Get lost.

The 'U' that I love is for ALL Football players not a select few that you annointed, clown boy.
If you play, are a true team member, be loyal,study, lift, go to Class, and play all out, and know our LEGACY you are all my HEROES. Every single guy on that team. e.g Leaders like Duke, Morris, Chick and all make us proud.

cAlvina, When you have nothing to criticize, and the wins keep coming in Season '13, you will go away or change your name. cAlvina will be no more. No more of the boy clown bozo foolishness tinged with twisted commentary.
I can't wait. I know it is coming. In the interim it is skip and delete of all your foolishness.
Great job recruiting 'Canes!!!!!!!!!!.
Go 'Canes

"Oh I have Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, FSU and Florida as my Top-5 even though they have no idea who I am."
This []_[]nranked No Star, blocking d[]_[]mmy Scr[]_[]b is as Del[]_[]sional as []_[] D[]_[]mb Cane Cl[]_[]cks...
btw- Will Goldy be out on Biscayne Boulevard handing out Schollies during the Parade today ?
Posted by: []_[]nranked and 2- Star []_[] ... | June 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Rofl, until coach goldie starts doing what he's suppose to be doing, we'll continue to get clowned. Alot of yall look dumb trying to post up the arrest records of the gaytor players, no matter what, those guys who played on that team/s, will always be champions.

We don't get defensive players for one, coach goldie and clown 117th haven't Truly committed to the type of defensive team we're actually going ot be, is it 4-3 or 3-4. Next, alot of d-linemen understnad that it's not good to come in and try and prove a point by being able to play early. Alot of recruits can play early, but how effective will they be. When you on the interior, it's better to at least get a year under your belt before going in the trenches where it's real, unless you're one of the special type.

People keep acting like luke has some type of vendetta against coach goldie, luke wasn't the one who forced coach goldie to lie, coach goldie did that on his own. At the end of the day, coach goldie made recruits like denver kirkland, alex collins, matthew thomas, vernon davis and others feel like they felt. Getting a guy like smitty from the west doesn't mean coach goldie is doing a Great job, smitty wanted to come here anyway. When are we going to start getting players from home and close to it that we really need.

"Alot of yall look dumb trying to post up the arrest records of the gaytor players, no matter what, those guys who played on that team/s, will always be champions." ~Sayeth Calvie


Calvie, you pea brained imbecile, as only one of many examples the same can be said about O.J. Simpson. USC removed any and every mention of O.J. from their campus as if the man never existed. They also did the same to Reggie Bush when basically throwing his ill-gotten Heisman Trophy in the trash bin and expunged all the record books of his accomplishments, but the Gators don't have the integrity to do so concerning all of their felons.

The Gators now boast a first degree murderer as one of their "champions" who while still in Toiletville shot a kid in the head who miraculously survived and shot another kid that destroyed the victims eye. As I am typing this even the slimy Gators are doing everything in their power to distance themselves from this piece of human garbage.

CAlvin said Coach Golden lied


How did he lie you punk a55 chump?

You belong in turdville
you aint no cane- you jive a55 blow hard

its great to see Miami getting back to wear they was
in 80s I thick this could be something real big us
they or putting a good team together
lets go canes]!!!!!!!!

If I played and was a DT I would not come to Miami, not with unpleasant and unfriendly D corch as DC..This is why Miami is losing all the DT's...We will never get the next Maryland, Kennedy, Sapp, Wilfork as long as D corch is around with his stupid facking scheme!

How many Gators got arrested today?

I can think of 10 qbs I'd rather have than jacory. Interception machine!

Poor Calvie/Gallo all their lies about Coach Golden not recruiting and signing local players has gone up in flames...

Recruiting services are reporting Miami Northwestern High School safety Ryan Mayes committed to the Hurricanes and coach Al Golden's staff. He's the 16th member of the 2014 recruiting class and the six to commit since Saturday.

Mayes is the eighth of that group to come from one of the three South Florida counties. His Northwestern teammate Mike Smith committed Saturday.


Mayes is the eighth of that group to come from one of the three South Florida counties. His Northwestern teammate Mike Smith committed Saturday.

And like several of Miami's recent recruiting scores, Mayes would qualify as an off-the-radar player. He isn't rated by the 247Sports composite rankings of major recruiting services.


y[]_[]p, yet another scr[]_[]b that is []_[]nranked and has been offered by NOBODY and []_[] silly Cl[]_[]cks are doing backflips. "Woo Hoo !!! We kept another local kid home !!!" (that's atleast 8 d[]_[]ds that FIU-FAU-S.Fla. and UCF DID NOT offer. That's how low []_[]'ve s[]_[]nk as Golden is in complete Panic mode try to appease []_[] d[]_[]mmies by signing "loacal" kids with a pulse.).. Just what about, "No Offers from ANYONE" do []_[] not []_[]nderstand?

Goldy needs to either check the plug or reboot his radar because the screen is showing nothing for more than half []_[]r commits now...

The lowly gators keep reeling in star classes and since timmy left have accomplished nothing....in the seceasy to boot....

Errrr, Pig, how then are the Canes ranked several spots ahead of the Gatr Trash in the Rivals rankings?

Hmmm, something to ponder as you polish-off your quadruple stack of Opossum buttermilk pancakes.

What you Turds fail to realize is that a three * athlete from Miami is like a 5* in another state....its called LEVEL OF COMPITITION.....but you stupid Turd fans don't "get it". And last time I checked we were ahead of you in the recruiting rankings for this year. Wait till we flip that RB from Central as well.

He isn't rated by the 247Sports composite rankings of major recruiting services.

247sports team recruiting rankings...

6. fsu

7. Miami

15. floriduh

It is true Ryan Mayes is not well known......yet. He played at Dr Krop last year which is not well known for producing D 1 level kids. He has not participated in many if any other camps besides Goldens. The kid does not even have a phone. He is a legit 6-1 185 corner that will more than likely grow into a safety.

"After Hernandez, who has proven himself a world-class talent, fell to the fourth round of the 2010 N.F.L. draft, there were rumors that a history with marijuana use at the University of Florida had caused his slide, and later, Hernandez admitted to failing a drug test while at school. Yet his coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, was a strong supporter, and the two were reported to have read the Bible together on mornings at the coach’s home."

A murderer and a stinking slimy liar reading fiction. What a combo you have there, Turds.

golden hasn't recruited anyone.....all that has happened is they are dating.....let me know when he puts a ring on their finger:

see these brides that ran out of the church.....

alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB
Alin Edouard - QB
Ricardo Williams – DE
Delvon Simmons – DT
Jacoby Briscoe – DT

2013 = 9-4 @ #39 nationally......if record gets worse say bye to these level 2 athlete's...

and joseph yearby and trevor darling are both SOFT COMMITS.....

lets see how coley does with golden and morris......alot of unknowns......I say more TMZ for 2013.....golden will fail.....thsts the plan then move in a top HC/DC to UM and then begin the process...

and let also add that NO ONE has UM beating Florida and UM wont beat FSU's defense at home......golden loses both games at minimum without surprises.....

well see who is right then....

Hold it one second there... shannon gets the credit for Duke Johnson signing after Golden was hired even though (using your own analogy here) Shannon and Duke were only dating? Everybody knew Duke was going to The U regardless of who was hired. cAlvin (aka ACC Sucks...) said that Mike Smith was going to Miami anyway so that doesn't mean that Golden is doing a great job.. umm Shannon gets all of the credit for Duke signing under Golden but Golden is being discredited because Smitty wanted to come here anyway?

Isn't Alin Edouard still committed to UM? Also, good for Terrell Brooks for staying home (Baylor) to be a father to his little girl while he's in college. Playing football is secondary to raising a child. Props to Brooks for realizing what most of us already know, a child needs their father in their life.


Our Canes are currently rated ahead of your cowardly Gators concerning the upcoming recruiting class.

Also, it must be frustrating to have Coach Golden disprove all of your lies now leaving you to claim that our coach "hasn't recruited anyone", which in your world-class list of stupid comments and lies you've posted is the bell ringer.

Based on your latest ignorant comment/lie that means that Nick Saban "hasn't recruited anyone", along with your Willy "the Bagman" Muschamp and most every other coach in the nation.

We Miami fans will never forget how you claimed our Canes quit in the NCAA basketball tournament.

calvin lets not forget that jacory harris had bad thumb injury in his throwing hand and UM's OL was crushing him at times......nowhere near the strength of the current (shannon) O line......

we would have ALL the guys that left under golden AND were asked to leave the team PLUS Um would have TEDDY BRIDGEWATER.....PLUS there is no way shannon would allow #116 defense

the 2013 team would be ranked in the top 10 I believe....

Gallo, get on your knees and do what you do best you flaming turd.

dude....for the 1000 time.....duke johnson was recruited and committed under randy shannon.....period....there is no ambiguity about that......golden didnt even know who duke johnson was in 2009.....

QB Jacory Harris
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson
DB Thomas Finnie
WR Travis Benjamin
DB Alonzo Highsmith
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas

all the above were ALL at the hand of randy shannon.....al golden had NOTHING to do with any of them except to place as 2013 starters....

al golden has not put together a WHOLE TEAM YET! those are the facts green pea....

CORAL GABLES — The Miami football team reportedly kept another local football prospect close to home Monday night.

Recruiting services are reporting Miami Northwestern High School safety Ryan Mayes committed to the Hurricanes and coach Al Golden's staff. He's the 16th member of the 2014 recruiting class and the six to commit since Saturday.

Mayes is the eighth of that group to come from one of the three South Florida counties. His Northwestern teammate Mike Smith committed Saturday.

UM absolutely quit playing Marquette.....are u kidding me.....Marquette barely beats #14 Davidson by 1 point...THEN barely beats shi...ty butler by 2 points.....

UM loses to them?......UM quit and gave up......they were in slow motion the WHOLE game......

of course then the get hammed by Syracuse 55-39..ya sure, they didn't give up...right...keep dreaming pool boy

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