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Carol City ATH Trayone Gray becomes latest 2014 Canes commitment

Hurricanes coach Al Golden and his assistants weren't using fishing nets at his summer football camp this weekend. It just seemed that way.

Golden reeled in six commitments over the weekend including two more on Sunday in Miami Carol City receiver/quarterback Trayone Gray (6-1, 185), a Class of 2014 talent, and Royal Palm Beach linebacker Charles Perry (6-2, 190), a 2015 talent. 

Neither player is ranked by Rivals.com or any other recruiting service, but continued the weekend theme of the Hurricanes offering players they like a lot after seeing them up close in person.

Gray, who quarterbacked his team to the Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 title earlier this month (he beat Miami Jackson's Quinton Flowers head-to-head in the final), was the backup to All-Dade First Team quarterback Akeem Jones last season at Carol City. He had 14 catches for 222 yards and one touchdown last season and ran the ball 25 times for 92 yards with 2 TDs.

"I know the background on Miami, seen a few players, like what I see there," Gray said Sunday night. "When I went to the camp there today I just felt comfortable."

Gray said he grew up liking the Hurricanes and until Sunday hadn't received an offer he was really happy with. "I'm not finished with recruiting, but it is a high possibility I'll be a Hurricane," Gray said.

Gray said his other top schools are Alabama, Clemson, West Virginia and Louisville, but adds "I don't have any offers from those."

The other player who reportedly committed Sunday according to Canesport.com was Perry.

An All-Area Honorable Mention according to the Palm Beach Post last season, Perry ran 41 times for 131 yards and 1 TD and caught 2 passes for 28 yards as a running back. Canesport reported Perry had hamstring problems that limited him early last season, but he finished strong with over 30 tackles combined in his last two games along with two sacks.

UM netted four non-binding oral commitments during Saturday's portion of Golden's camp. The more highly-touted are Miami Northwestern defensive end/linebacker Mike Smith and Orange Park Oakleaf (Fla.) defensive back Darrion Owens, both considered three-stars by Rivals.com. Fort Lauderdale Dillard DB Dennis Turner and Norcross (Ga.) tight end Christopher Herndon are both are rated by Rivals.com as two-star recruits.

UM now has 16 non-binding oral commitments as part of its 2014 Signing Class. A year ago at this time the Hurricanes had four.


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Gallo up to your dumb lists again....please read below:

QB Jacory Harris - Will forever be the butt of INT jokes
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers - Still has not produced
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements - Still has not produced
WR Davon Johnson - Finally used under AG
WR Kendall Thompkins - Bust
TE Dyron Dye - Bust
TE Asante Cleveland - Still waiting
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith - Still has not produced
S Vaughn Telemaque - Never lived up to hype
TE David Perry - Bust
TE Cory White - Bust
DT Curtis Porter - Tummy ache
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones - AG finally gets production
S Ray-Ray Armstrong - Bust & troublemaker
OL Jermaine Barton -Bust
LB Kelvin Cain - Getting there
RB Darion Hall - Bust
RB Storm Johnson - Weed head - Bust
DT Jeffery Brown - Sexual assault - Bust
DB Devont'a Davis - Bust
LB Travis Williams - Bust
DB Jamal Reid - Bust
LB Kevin Nelson - Bust
DB Keion Payne - Bust
TE Andrew Tallman - Who?
TE Billy Sanders - Bust
FB CJ Holton - Bust
WR Aldarius Johnson - Freak show bust
DB Thomas Finnie - AG flipped him - Bust
WR Travis Benjamin
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson - Triple bust
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter - AG finally gets production
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas - Bust

Again....if Shannon had so much "talent" why was he losing so many games?

Or....did Shannon lose because he really had "some" talent but a lot of missing pieces??

a list of things I love:

Gatr Trash
Gatr KAK
Roach barbeque
Opossum brownies
Will "Bagman" Musrap
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Life as a Cane is so much better with Al Golden as our head coach than the previous two. Hurricane Al got him another commitment which pushes us to 17 verbal committments. We haven't had that kind of recruiting class as this stage since the beginning of the century. Great job COach Golden.

Shannon was a horrible coach. Just awful. That guy is going to be a coordinator for the rest of his career

USA-Today Top-25 Coaches Poll ... But what do Coaches know riiieet ?









That's SIX of the TOP-12 and 7 OVERALL in Top-20... Yeah... Top Heavy.





THAT'S IT !!! Hell, The ACC Isn't Even Bottom Heavy They're So WEAK...


The Rest...

25-TULSA (Gators First Game and tougher match up than []_[])

Others receiving votes: Michigan 101, UCLA 75, Baylor 52, Oklahoma State 36, Wisconsin 18, UCF 15, Arkansas State 13, Arizona State 10, Rutgers 9, Kent State 5, Louisiana Tech 2, Arizona 1, Ohio 1


Hey, look on the Bright Side Cl[]_[]cks... If []_[] get 1 vote, []_[] can be #39 behind Ohio, La.Tech, Kent St., Rutgers, Arky St. and UCF !!! So []_[] got that going for []_[] which is... well frankly means it tr[]_[]ly S[]_[]CKS to be []_[].


Anymore []_[]nranked and 2-Star Scr[]_[]bs roll into the Gables today ?


HOLA ARTY !!! ... Just putting on a Tee Homie ...

Rival's 2014 team recruiting rankings:

6. Miami

8. fsu

16. floriduh

So.... Let's review... The GATORS play 4 of the Top-12 Teams... 5 of the Top-20 Teams... 6 of the Top-25 Teams... Then OVERALL # 1 in the SEC Championship... Then OVERALL # 2 For The BCS CHAMPIONSHIP...


[]_[] ? At FAU ? Win that and []_[]'ll contin[]_[]e to steal their Recruits.


Look at the Pig. He bounces back between pre-season rankings and final rankings as fits his Pig agenda.

Get it scrait, you ignorant slob. Pre-season rankings? Really? Wasn't Arky ranked #6 and look at the puke job they pulled.

It is all a Gatr Trash maggot has.

2014 Rivals recruiting rankings, the only place you will find the lowly canes ranked ahead of Gators and Noles.
Of course everyone knows that is because it's only June 2013 and all the top recruits have yet to commit.
But go ahead and enjoy this irrelevant "ranking", it's the only thing you got.
Soon you will get smacked in your backyard come Sept 7th and come 2014 you will sink in those rankings as the top guys go elsewhere. Same as it ever was.
Poor pathetic saps.

dude....for the 1000 time.....duke johnson was recruited and committed under randy shannon.....period....there is no ambiguity about that......golden didnt even know who duke johnson was in 2009.....

Posted by Gallo

As that poster had previously pointed out to both of us... Duke Johnson had VERBALLY committed to Miami under Shannon. Duke SIGNED his LOI under Golden is part of Al Golden's first UM Class. There is no ambiguity about that!!

How do know that Golden didn't even know who Johnson was in 2009? Are you guessing or is that a FACT? Can you prove that he didn't know who Johnson was in 2009? Considering that anybody who follows high school football on the National level would have known who Duke was, I find your statement to be ridiculous.

Your logic is faulty as heck. You say that Shannon gets all of the credit for Duke (who only verbally committed to UM under Shannon) and then discredit Golden when kids commit by saying that they are only dating right now. You love to have things both ways. Make up your mind dude... What's good for Shannon HAS to be good for Golden as well.

Jim that's because your an idiot.....while shannons recruiting team was at norland...golden was coaching temple and had no idea he was leaving or gonna be offered the UM position....

see temple is in philly and norland is in miami.....

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