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Dye, lawyer still waiting to hear back from NCAA

The criminal complaint filed by Hurricanes football player Dyron Dye against former NCAA investigator Rich Johanningmeier will not lead to charges being filed.

Spokesman Ed Griffith of the state attorney's office told The Miami Herald last week there was no evidence that a crime had been committed even though Dye said Johanningmeier "coerced him into providing favorable answers for [the NCAA's] investigation."

Darren Heitner, Dye's attorney, said he and his client are waiting with much anticipation to see what the NCAA plans to do with the 6-5, 261-pound's eligibility. He interviewed with the NCAA for a third time last month. 

"Right now there is no indication his eligibility is at risk," Heitner said. "That said, during his third interview they mentioned there was a potential 10.1 [unethical conduct] violation. We haven't heard from the NCAA since the conclusion of the third interview. We hope that if there is any negative consequence they make it public knowledge quickly."


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the good news is that UM will loose the florida/fsu game and that will be the end of golden......

look what urban meyer did at ohio state, kevin sumlin at texas a@m or jim mora at ucla......even penn state with problem a lot less that UM's still did better than UM....

bloggers are completely delusional if you thing UM will rise above a Ohio state or Alabama.....Um needs a high profile NFL coach to take over with a top DC......create excitement to fill the stands.....TV stadium scans were incredibly embarrassing last year......

Gallo... iread an article called" scattered wins" about uf.....why arent u there calling for muschamps head? Their offense is 118 th in the nation...why arent u there calling forpease's head? If defense win championships....why didnt they win any last year?UM is watching that louisville highlight reel salivating. That big east o made that sec d look like it was 118 th in the nation. Goes to further prove offenses suck in the sec. A couple of good players and a bunch of inbreds. Run Forrest run.

Florida had the hardest schedule based upon NCAA statistics:

1. went 11-2
2. #5 in defense
3. went to a major bowl
4. was 7-1 in the SEC

total offense was 103, not 114.....Muschamp took a 7-6 team decimated by meyers leave and immediately went to 11-1 regular season

that's why.....goldens not even in the same league...please

5. Got demasculinated by a Big East team not even the big East champ.


Those preseason an in season rankings are falsely elevated and overhyped just like that entire garbage UF program

6. 50 arrests under Meyer and the Bag Man Muschamp...a roster littered with felons and soon to be felons.

Florida refuses to play the Canes in an annual series and refuses to play a regular season out of conference, out of state game for 25 year...cowards! cowards! & cowards!

Louisville just scored again!!! LMAO!!!

June 18th, 2013 by Jeff Greer

Ever since Yahoo! Sports’ initial report in August 2011 that detailed alleged major NCAA rules violations by players and coaches inside the University of Miami’s football and basketball programs, the school has recruited against the specter of possible significant sanctions being handed down.

That hasn’t stopped Miami’s football staff from landing back-to-back top-15 recruiting classes.

How have the Hurricanes corralled some of the nation’s top high school talent? They don’t bring up the NCAA investigation with recruits and their coaches — at least the assistant coaches don’t.

That doesn’t seem to bother a handful of Palm Beach County Class of 2014 prospects who’ve interacted with Miami coaches, either.

Of the four top-flight county prospects interviewed by the Post, only one talked to Miami coaches about the scandal or its potential backlash.

“I’m just waiting to see what happens,” said Dwyer receiver Johnnie Dixon, one of Miami’s main targets in the 2014 class. “I haven’t asked them about it. I don’t think anything will happen.”

This February, the NCAA acknowledged major mistakes in its investigation of Miami, and there’s a chance those blunders — plus Miami’s self-imposed bowl bans in 2011 and 2012 and player suspensions — could reduce the final punishment.

Santaluces receiver Darrell Langham and Palm Beach Central tackle Kc McDermott — ranked among the top recruits in the country — have already pledged to sign with Miami in 2014.

McDermott, whose brother Shane is Miami’s starting center, did ask Golden about the investigation during a face-to-face meeting with the coach this winter.

“He said if he hadn’t left already, why would he leave now?” McDermott said in a March interview with the Post.

The McDermotts spoke directly to Golden, who acknowledged the scandal was the chief topic recruits and their families discussed with him.

“He said that once it was over, the other schools out there better look out for Miami,” said Randy McDermott, Kc’s dad. “Because once the cloud of uncertainty was removed, he and his staff were very confident that they could out-recruit many others out there.”

dude please......UM is ranked #39 preseason with a 9-4 2013 prediction......nobody wants to come to UM while golden/dnofrio are still here.....

the stadium is completely empty.....your delusional

btw......teddy bridgewater is rated #10 for Heisman next year.....we had him in your pocket.....

Dude? You are a certifiable nut and no matter the evidence you deny it and continue with your same, boring, wrong headed rants.

No one on this blog is fooled by your phony Cane act and know you are a cowardly Gator, because your stupidity cannot be faked and is the sole domain of cowardly Gators.

Even one of your ignorant screen names, Reality Bites, has outed your real act...you are irretrievably mentally ill.

I'm pretty sure the stadium will be empty regardless of howwell the team is doing. That's just how Miami does sports. We might get 10k more people, still not enough to fill the place.

Gallo/Luke the ONLY one delusional on this blog as ALWAYS is YOU! You post the same GARBAGE everyday, NEVER anything knew, so you can't have a mature conversation with ANYONE, I mean my God are you married, sure hope not. You sit aon your FAT AZZZZZZ all day and just blog on the Canes, but that's what is very strange, and leads me to believe you have OCB or something similar, you cannot come up with anything new to say. Why is that? How can someone have such a hate in their heart for a college football team, you REALLY need HELP.

STILL people talking about how many fans come to games, JEEZ LUEEZ. We won 5 titles with the SAME fans, it doens't matter for crying out loud.

I love the KAK.

gallo & montreal Cane, don't worry about these goldie slurpers man, the overdose of protein has already consumed their rational brain cells. Anybody(goldie) that puts their boy(clown 117th) over the betterment of this football team won't get my support doing that. Than blaming the players for his boys inept understanding of the game. Come this year with the weak schedule, all you'll hear coach goldie saying is, the defense is starting to come around, they're starting to get it now, lol. Where has coach goldie ever coached a dominant defense.

Is coach goldie a better coach than mike london up at uVA(0 & 2 against him) london's defenses play the way coach goldie envisions our defense playing, which is some version of a weak 3-4 "soft tape" scheme with all these hand signals coming from the sidelines trying to look smart or are those future air traffic controllers of America.

Coach goldie is an offensive coach at heart, it shows in his recruiting efforts and in games. Anybody trying to say the investigation has hurt recruiting, please explain how we keep getting all these offensive recruits and no defensive recruits than. Maybe the nc2a said they were just going to punish the defensive side of recruiting.

To those who want to keep acting like an ostrich when it comes to the talent coach goldie was left, j70 was one of the best qb's in the acc conference hands down and one of the best in the nation. When he went up against that oklahoma team with sam bradford hurt, their defense was intact, many defenses j70 shredded bad coachign and all that man's talent still shined thru but yet and still people talk about j70 like kyle wrong and kirby freeman were all world qb's before him.

j70 brought talent back to the qb position at UM, you always knew you could win with j70, no matter what the score was, but yet he gets ridiculed worst than kyle wrong who you knew, once the team got down by 10 points under him, there was no coming back with kylie at the helm. So when people start talking about the talent goldie inherited, he had his hands on a qb that shannon won 9 games with with a real schedule that helped to make smo17 the qb he is today. I know we can win with smo17, but smo17 is by no means jacory harris who made plays. Go back and watch the Fsu game from 2011 and see those passes he threw to tommy streeter in that game, smo17 can't do that and hasn't done it.

So start at the qb position and work your way around the talent goldie was handed, shannon was handed kylie & kirby, goldie, j70 & smo17, not even close. shannon go left matt pipho, goldie, feliciano and henderson, shannon got left with coach glenn cook as a linebacker, goldie got left with sean spence.I can go on and on, but no need, this is goldie's 3rd year with a True senior as his qb, shannon went into his third year with a true sophmore as his qb and went 9 & 4(add to that, jacory was throwing with 4 fingers).

heres new stuff....

1. UM ranked #39 preseason with Florida at #13 and fsu at #15
2. UM 2013 prediction is 9-4
3. rankings of new coaches from 2012 - golden not even ranked out of 28
4. 2013 bowl predictions for UM: Russell athletic bowl vs Cincinnati

it doesn't get any more embarrassing than that.....

the whole NCAA is passing UM by......get real

Um needs drastic change quickly if it is to ever be in the hunt....

Errrrr, even with all of that, the Canes have a better recruiting class than the UFailure.

Would that be more embarrassing Gallober, you maggot?

You need a sex change quickly if you are ever going to be in the hunt for prime man meat.

Calvin every magazine is talking about UM defense needing better defensive penetration for 2013.....in addition to our DE getting off better from the double blocks......

we had 4 across with one of the best LB's in a LONG time....

gains - perryman - paul - johnson......let those guys confuse the offense and start hammering the QB.....but NO, golden breaks that all up for his petty disciplinary issues.....now UM will pay since AF will be confused most of 2013....

Gallo, you are truly a brilliant football mind. Probably a great leader of men.

Why don't you get into coaching? Is it because you are a fat blubbering moron?

OK green pea......you keep believing that it is possible to go from #39 preseason to within the top 10 for 2013.....

a slight improvement for 2013 at best.....so that would leave 2014/2015 for a national championship......BUT all the koolaid drinks said 2013 was it for golden & company......

so if the team looses to florida/fsu and ends up 9-4...does golden go?

Green pea is what comes out of your anus in the morning you sick maggot.

You spend so much of your (allegedly) valuable time predicting records, standings, defensive and offensive rankings.

So if they are ranked in the top-15, is that ok? But if they are #21 that is not?

It doesn't matter. You are going to tell me if they lose by 1 point to both UFailure and FSU that this shows Golden must go?

You are a maggot, Gallober. Your boyfriend is calling.

I love the KAK.

I think golden should have been fired last year...the whole hire was a mistake.....it was a rushed & snap decision on shala's part......still dont know how UM goes from grueden to golden......even if he did refuse.....ohio state got meyer......ucla got mora, petrino to west kentucky, guz malzahn to auburn, bielema to arkansas and even alumni tommy tuberville to cincinnati......

you trying to tell me UM couldn't do better than golden/dnofrio with its history and branding?

only a complete idiot would say yes.....these bloggers have no idea what UM was about.....

"Aaron Hernandez was driver of a vehicle Odin LLoyd and 2 others in. Lloyd found dead one mile from Hernandez home." - ESPN

Typical Gatr Trash. Low-life maggots. Shut that dump skewwwl down.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 20, 2013 at 10:07 AM

You can't even spell "lose" you f*cking idiot.

Gallo your embarrassing dude....

Exactly gallo, but what alot ofthose magazines are failing to point out is, our d-linemen are not being asked to do what all dominant UM d-lines at Miami in the past have always done and that's get up-field. Our d-line are being taught that same slow Big 10 d-line technique where they're being asked to be clogs and not use the athleticism they have. Most people don't realize under this defensive scheme you wouldn't have guys like JEROME BROWN, cortez, sapp, and the plethora of d-linemen who dominated at UM from the d-tackles to the defensive ends.

So when i see coach goldie, clown 117th and magazines asking for more from the d-line, when they're being asked to waltz around with o-linemen, check run than go to their pass rush move, it's comical to hear that being said. Not only did we have one of the most sackless seasons in UM history, qb hurries were way down to as well. To much emphasis is being put on the front 7 which is pue stupidity by this staff to ask the front, particularly d-tackles to come out and actually try and cover runningbacks in the flats.

Even these bozo's on here can't be that stupid to think that seeing over 300lb curtis porter(our best d-linemen) running out to the flats to cover runningbacks is smart football. Just the sheer stupidty to ask your best d-linemen to do that but than turn round and say "we gotta get more of a pass rush from those guys is beyond ridiculous!

Than to ask Thank God but 2 time repaired knees green to try and cover chris thompson and other backs downfield, get real. I guess he'll need to be a 40 year senior before he's able to do that!

Wow....Gallo making lists again....to no avail. True Canes fans do not count Goldens first year at 6-6. For him to even go .500 with multiple players suspended was pretty impressive to say the least. As far as I'm concerned....last year was Goldens "FIRST" year and he went 7-5....we should go no less then 9-3 and a trip to the ACC Championship game. My gut is 11-1 and ACC Championship game upset over Clemson.

The moron Gallo does it on purpose. He is the same Pig.

Aaron, don't kill me bro. All you Gatah trash know how to do is commit murdah, smoke da weed, and take classes in Twitter.

Shut. That. Dump. Skewwwl. Down.

Update – Thursday at 10:30 a.m.: Steve Silva of Boston.com reported via Twitter that he has heard, via a law enforcement source, that Hernandez will be arrested shortly in connection with the murder.

Thomas Goldkamp ‏@Goldkamp247 15m

17 #Gators arrests under Muschamp: 10 completed DPA, had adjudication withheld or charge tossed. 1 to reduced charges, 3 guilty, 3 pending

This is the problem within the gaturd program. The Bagman is running things like urban did. Hire Huntley, get them off, and keep them eligible. Maybe if they were held accountable like Golden does his players Hernandez would have learned a valuable life lesson and not be facing a murder charge.

Naaahhhh, those are minor offenses. They should be dealt with internally. Jimmy would have had one of the assistant coaches yell at the players.

Muscrap is sinking that program. Inbred Driskel? He is a Heisman candidate.

Calvin you can get up field via the LB's.....that's the hallmark of the 3-4 defense. gaps are created with the double block and you can disguise the pressure.....

gains - perryman - paul - johnson is what you dial up....no late!

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 20, 2013 at 10:07 AM

You can't even spell "lose" you f*cking idiot.

Posted by: Gallo is a moron | June 20, 2013 at 10:29 AM

I love a young mans.

Hey guys I'm gonna hit the Gables a few weeks before camp starts so that I can go down to Key West for a bar crawl. Heard there are not a lot of trees lining the highway from Mia to the Keys, is that so?

idiot idiot
idiot idiot
idiot idiot
idiot idiot

Such an idiot

"j70" (his moniker for Japicky)- brought talent to the QB position? Are you serious??????????????

"you know you could always win with j70"

You mean how he beat FSU in the rain in 2009?
You mean how he beat OSU in Columbus?
Clemson at home (3 ints 2 pick sixes)
Notre Dame?


Posted by: Kevin Olsen | June 20, 2013 at 02:19 PM

Pig, still hammering on a story that is 3 weeks old? Just shows that you have nothing. How about something more current like:

Gatr Trash Aaron Hernandez wanted for felony murder? or
Scottie "Rasta" Wilbekin suspended for da weed? or
UFailure grads can now major in Pinterest? or
Antonio "I'll do my talkin' in da club" Morrison arrested for battery?

See, Pig, those are more relevant and timely topics.

The Gatr Trash. The gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Dennis Erickson inherited the team at its bona fide peak of greatness as did Coker. And to some extent so did Shannon- but Randy Shannon took over in the fall of 2006- his team was 100% his in 2007, and he went 5-7 and in 2008 7-6. Was he run out of town? NOPE.

Golden had a team of talent closer to Erickson, than the team Shannon got from Coker. Shannon did not have the qbs Golden came in with. Nor the offensive lineman Shannon had for Golden. Jim, even with duplicating Highsmith, shows the talent that Golden has wasted. The team was getting scholar athletes with Shannon. Now the athletes are having more issues than anytime I can remember. Since I began following Miami in the 1970's. Don't mistake Golden's failure to accept his responsibility as the cause of the team's failure.

The cowardly Gators, Aaron Hernandez, will be arrested later tonight and charged with first degree murder.

50 cowardly Gator arrests under "Gator for Life" Meyer and "The Bagman" Muschamp.

It's a Gator thang!!!

(Poor ole insane Gallo--no matter how many stupid and inaccurate lists he posts his Gators will never be in the class of the Mighty Canes)

gallo and cane trash are the same person
loose, loosers...whatever. Your act is tired.

For canes fans--is this the best offense since 2002 or what?
Every position is loaded. The team is going to be fun to watch this year!

Calvin you can get up field via the LB's.....that's the hallmark of the 3-4 defense. gaps are created with the double block and you can disguise the pressure.....
gains - perryman - paul - johnson is what you dial up....no late!
Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 20, 2013 at 12:14 PM

All True but when you have your db's playing that far off the ball and never have them in True man, once our linebackers engage, the qb's will have even more of a field day than they're already having. The way we play defense, you'd think we only line up with 8 players on defense. Always seems like the opposing offense has more players on the field than we do defensively.

I'm not sure why it's that hard to just say, my 11 against your 11, Let's Go! Instead, we got an air traffic controller wanna be, sending in signals that got us at 117. All this "once we see all of our defensive players have tapped their helmets, we know they all got the call" lol, maybe this has replaced the arm pump move they always did in the redzone instead of doing that as soon as they got out on the field. We got a defensive scheme run by morons. Coach barrow is the only one that knows what he's doing out of the defensive coaches.

New England Patriots tight end and Florida Gator Aaron Hernandez always seemed to be around trouble when he played for the Florida Gators.

Hernandez is the top suspect in the execution-style murder of a semi-pro football player, law enforcement sources told ABC News on Thursday.

When Hernandez was at UF, he was questioned, along with three other Gator football players, about a shooting in Gainesville. The players somehow avoided being arrested, but detectives questioned Hernandez in the shootings of Corey Smith and Justin Glass about 2:30 a.m. after Florida lost to Auburn in 2007. According to a Sentinel report at the time, police said Smith, 28, and Glass, 19, were driving around in traffic about 2:30 a.m. when a man began shooting into their car. Smith was critically wounded in the head while Glass was shot in the arm.

When Hernandez first enrolled at UF, he was arrested after an altercation at local campus hangout known as The Swamp. Hernandez received deferred prosecution.

Now, Hernandez is entangled in a homicide probe and is also the subject of a civil lawsuit alleging he shot a Connecticut man in February.

Hernandez, 23, has been tied to homicide since the body of Odin Lloyd, 27, was found shot in the back of the head Monday in an industrial park near Hernandez's home in Boston. According to police, Lloyd was dating the sister of the mother of Hernandez's daughter. Lloyd's body was discovered near a vehicle that had been rented by Hernandez.

Almost simultaneously to the homicide probe, a lawsuit has been refiled in Florida against Hernandez by a man the tight end allegedly shot in South Florida in February. The lawsuit contends Alexander S. Bradley was shot in the arm but the bullet traveled to his head, causing him to lose his right eye.

UFelony on a roll....guy making millions has to shoot one of his "minions" in the face....what a pathetic looser!!!!!!

Hey Turds....So much for having a guy in the NFL who catches a TD "once in awhile"....keep this up and you WILL NEVER catch up the real "NFL U".

Quick UM note before we get to Heat: UM has added to its roster Julio Derosier, a former three-star defensive end out of Homestead who played for College of the Sequoias.


b[]_[]ilding that Sequoian Wall !!!

Another scr[]_[]b. And a "J[]_[]lio" Seq[]_[]oian t[]_[].

Seriously, is Goldy standing out on the corner of US1 and Red Road waving Schollies around in both hands like a sign holder in front of a pawn shop ?


Golden inherited Shannon's poor coaching of fundamentals, an out of shape team, and the interception machine in a pimp suit. What's worse than that?

anyone have any info on the Homestead pickup Julio Derosier ? 247 has him as a 3-star, rivals unranked and scout has no profile at all. Listed as 6-6 280 and D.T. on 247 and 6-6 245 OT/DE on rivals. hope he can help in some way this season.

Florida Gator attorney Huntley Johnson was asked specifically Thursday whether he was surprised that Aaron Hernandez found himself entangled in a murder investigation up in Boston.

Johnson paused.

"Disappointed," he said without really answering the question.

The mystic message behind Johnson's response wasn't hard to decipher.

A first-grader could have read between lines.

Johnson was disappointed.

But not surprised.

The fact is, nobody in Gainesville is totally shocked that Hernandez seems to be a person of interest in a homicide probe. Especially not Johnson, the man who is famous for not only representing UF athletes but making their troubles disappear into the legal limbo land of dropped charges and deferred prosecutions.

When Urban Meyer coached in Gainesville, we media cynics or realists used to call Johnson the most valuable member of UF's staff even though he doesn't officially work for the Gators. Even so, he was Meyer's ingenious and innovative "defensive coordinator" because he was so effective at defending so many of the Urbanator's gun-toting, bar-fighting, women beating miscreants and malcontents.

Some athletes just always seem to find trouble, and Hernandez was certainly one of them at UF. It started in his freshman season when he was arrested after getting into a fight with a bouncer at a bar near campus. He was a juvenile then and got off with a slap on the wrist.

According to the Sporting News, Hernandez also had controlled-substance issues and was suspended for failed drug tests later in his tenure at UF. Of course, there were and still are numerous other Gators who fit that profile.

Hernandez was among four Gator football players questioned in a 2007 shooting incident in Gainesville. None of the players was arrested, but detectives questioned them about the shootings of Corey Smith and Justin Glass on the Sunday morning after Florida lost to Auburn in 2007.

According to an Orlando Sentinel report at the time, police said Smith, 28, and Glass, 19, were driving around in traffic about 2:30 a.m. when a man began shooting into their car. Smith was critically wounded in the head while Glass was shot in the arm. Hernandez declined to discuss the case with reporters back then and was never charged with any crime, although many still believe he was the shooter.

The body of Odin Lloyd, 27, was found Monday in an industrial park near Hernandez's home in Boston. He had been shot in the back of the head. According to police, Lloyd was a friend of Hernandez's and was dating the sister of Hernandez's girlfriend. Lloyd's body was discovered near a vehicle that had been rented by Hernandez.

According to ABC News, an investigator said police plan to search Hernandez's mansion a second time based on evidence that "he destroyed his home security system.'' The investigator, and other law enforcement sources, confirmed that the security system - which included video surveillance cameras - was smashed intentionally.

Not only that, but a cell phone used by Hernandez was handed over to investigators "in pieces'' by his attorneys, the ABC sources said. Police apparently also want to know why several house cleaners were hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez's palatial estate.

And there's more. In another case, a South Florida man has filed a civil lawsuit claiming Hernandez shot him in the face after an argument at a strip club in February. The man, Alexander Bradley, claims the gun shot caused him to lose his right eye.

By my count, Hernandez has now been at least questioned in three shootings. A show of hands, please, for those of you who have ever been questioned in just one shooting? At the very least, wouldn't you say Hernandez is hanging out at the wrong places with the wrong crowd?

Then again, some of those who knew him at UF might just tell you the other side of the story.

Maybe Hernandez is the wrong crowd or just part of the Gator crowd we all know too well.

Jimmy gallos is a gaytor fan trying to scare recruits. Urban Meyer left your trailer park and loves Ohio state.

Wasn't Aaron Hernandez the beetch a55 gaytor who texted once that there was a new U in florida and it was UF? Only to be lambasted by Jim Rome who told him... Nah. There is only one U and that is THE U.

Buh Bye Tattoo boy. Youre going to do hard time.

Yeah, Sequoia. Really important you gutted PIG.

Not nearly as important as Antonio "aggravated battery" Morrison or Scottie "puff-puff-pass" Wilbekin or, the latest and greatest Gatr Trash, Aaron "Felony Murder" Hernandez.

Does Muscrap or Urban before him troll the prison yard for recruits waving schollies in hand?

UFailure: a Nantional embarrassment.

Blog Soldy Pig: an embarrassment below the waist.

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