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Five more 2013 summer arrivals for Canes; 15 in, five still out

Three-fourths of the Hurricanes' 2013 signing class are officially enrolled in classes according to UM.

Tuesday's newest arrivals for the start of Summer Session II were receiver Stacy Coley, running back/receiver Corn Elder, fullback Gus Edwards, quarterback Kevin Olsen and linebacker Walter Tucker.

They joined joined 10 others in the 2013 recruiting class who previously enrolled including four in January and six others beginning in May.

UM is still waiting for five others in the signing class to enroll. They are: defensive end Alquadin Muhammad, receiver Derrick Griffin, athlete Ryheem Lockley, linebacker Devante Bond, and defensive end Ufomba Kamalu.


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Yo Arty, listen to the Canes Clamo[]_[]r on about the past, predict their 2-3 Star f[]_[]t[]_[]re but yet fail to accept the present...

[]_[]NRANKED ...


USA-Today Top-25 Coaches Poll ... But what do Coaches know riiieet ?









That's SIX of the TOP-12 and 7 OVERALL in Top-20... Yeah... Top Heavy.





THAT'S IT !!! Hell, The ACC Isn't Even Bottom Heavy They're So WEAK...


The Rest...

25-TULSA (Gators First Game and tougher match up than []_[])

Others receiving votes: Michigan 101, UCLA 75, Baylor 52, Oklahoma State 36, Wisconsin 18, UCF 15, Arkansas State 13, Arizona State 10, Rutgers 9, Kent State 5, Louisiana Tech 2, Arizona 1, Ohio 1


Hey, look on the Bright Side Cl[]_[]cks... If []_[] get 1 vote, []_[] can be #39 behind Ohio, La.Tech, Kent St., Rutgers, Arky St. and UCF !!! So []_[] got that going for []_[] which is... well frankly means it tr[]_[]ly S[]_[]CKS to be []_[].

So.... Let's review... The GATORS play 4 of the Top-12 Teams... 5 of the Top-20 Teams... 6 of the Top-25 Teams... Then OVERALL # 1 in the SEC Championship... Then OVERALL # 2 For The BCS CHAMPIONSHIP...


[]_[] ? At FAU ? Win that and []_[]'ll contin[]_[]e to steal their Recruits.

Yo Cane Cl[]_[]ck, j[]_[]st when is that Lame Canes Blow Radio Show on WQAM again ? Can't wait to listen to Gacki and HomeboyBaily g[]_[]sh over []_[]r []_[]nranked-2-3 Star recr[]_[]ting class with "Yakety Sax" playing in the backgro[]_[]nd...

Soldy...brilliant. So glad our state is pumping out scholars

how late do the bars stay open in Coral Gables ?


right ?

Its not who you play it is who you beat. I feel pretty good about the weekend of September 7th. In fact, very good.

Miguel and canespace brUtes must have some INSIDER information about the game on 09/07/13.
Because with Marky Mark INEPT calling the defense, again, the Gators probably go back to Gainsville with a CONVINCING victory. Eh. What say.
In other words, Miami will be very, very, very fortunate to have a Top 80 defense this season. Let alone a Top 40 defense, which canespace MINIONS be blabbering bout'. Huh
Bon jour et Bonsoir

But then again, perhaps MY Canes will have a team defense ranked somewhere between No.75- No.65. Because anything's possible in YOUR Pax Americana Wehr Macht.
And F-R-E-E Mr. Snowden. Huh.

Wish I could jump in my time machine and fast forward 66 days. Go Canes!

There has been no mention of the status of Griffin or Ufomba for over a month! Does anyone know anything, whatsoever?

Wow! The Canes recruiting successes have the moron who uses the []_[] in all of his idiot posts on full out tilt...f'ing hilarious!!!

By late Saturday afternoon on September 7th, we will have this wannabe
[]_[] whack job standing on a 3 legged stool with a rope firmly affixed around his chicken neck with tears running down his pot marked face.

PS: His "D" alias also offers monumental stupidity

Wow, so the turds actually play a div 1 team first game of the season. It's been many years since this happened, and soldy, what was UFelons ranked preseason last year, and ended where? You don't have a chance ending up ranked, the canes have a lot to prove for sure, but the turds are 0-1 already. see ya

What ever happened to Matt Patchan?
What ever happened to Dan Sileo?
when will they get rid of D'onofro the DC?

It seems the Gator Chick is really proud to be the 5th best team in her conference.


Be there.

Uh......soldy.....everybody but gator county knows that those polls are filled out by interns....even coaches admit they dont have time to resear h all the teams....so my question is what do interns know?...riieet! Thank you...maybe muschamp gave them 400$ to put vandy on there....

What happens if UM beats the gators in september????......riiieet! I will change my name to 2 star U and haunt the few gator blogs left....

really ?

seriously, really ?


really ?

At the rate Gator players are getting arrested (and, of course released by the good 'ol boy UF network) they'll have to procure some of the volleyball team come September.
"Hey, do you KNOW who I AM?"

UF trash, hot-head low class coach, 2nd rate university. Hey "Soldy", you've got it ALL!
Except respect for a great coach, whose name you've purloined. Purloined, that means appropriate...uh STEAL, for mental inferiors such as you.

How else would you celebrate a second straight NBA title?

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra naturally took his party to the University of Miami on Friday. He was at the Hurricanes basketball camp and posed for a few pictures with coach Jim Larranaga and his staff.

Pictures of the appearance showed up on the Miami basketball Twitter account Friday afternoon as the city continued to recover from a late night of celebration.

Any word on Griffin? I heard his SAT score was enough to get in, can anyone confirm?

Signs of things to come:

The "mighty" (translation: overhyped and overrated) SEC loses again: UCLA demasculinates Missississipi State (You know the UF janitor's old school)in the CWS

SEC dominance is fading. The world knew that as everything cycles

Same in football- No more SEC. Count on it.

Then ESPN wil have to start reconsidering why they overhpe and overrank their SEC teams year in year out (Bama excepted)

But even Bama wont win the ship this year

And all teh rednecks from Kentucky to college station to turdville are going to be left with their toothless mouth agape, trying to "figger" out what else to chant about.
Maybe they can celebrate Floriduh's women's gymnastics.

That's all they have left.


Soldy....spoken in true gator form.....

Lewis is gonna have a field day in that ufthug secondary. Come sept. Cant wait to see what Duke does when they try to adjust. Well at least they will see what its like to be in a real town.

Dang, I cant wait til Florida vs Miami game.

Canes got another commit last night from Mobile Alabama QB Malik Rosier. Miami now has the # 4 ranked recruiting class according to 247 sports. Miami is also the ONLY team in the country with MULTIPLE 5* commits.....

Former gaturd Aaron Hernandez taken into custody...


Lewis is gonna have a field day in ufthugs secondary. When they adjust, Duke is gonna give will migraines. Put a couple quarts of oil in your 78 f150's and show up so we can see how good gator fans stick around while they are getting torched.

Hey, Pig. More two stars as the U rises in the recruiting rankings while the Gatr Trash is falling.

I am so proud of ol' Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez. He exemplifies the true Gatr Trash grad.


all these green peas are so clueless.......If we lose to Florida/fsu, Um will be so done. Mario Cristobal, randy Shannon and Kirby smart are all in the top Florida high school recruits.......Florida/fsu still killing UM in recruiting.....

golden/dnofrio will sink the ship 2013.....the defense is nowhere near repaired since the issue is coaching and both golden and dnofrio are just too weak to handle what lies ahead......

every media outlet has UM losing to Florida.....and fsu defense will be a challenge to Morris....

2013 UM defense will give it all away with dnofrio and golden will totally responsible.....

golden will try to do damage control, you'll see but it will be too late.......TMZ is always on the horizon with golden.....don't get comfortable with any of these new bodies golden is bringing in.....

18 commits for 2014
That is, DESPITE looming NCAA sanctions. Why? Why you ask?

because its the U. Not F-U and not FS-who

Its the U. brand name alone suffices. NFL-U
5 ships
The 305

Buh bye SEC. Its over. Agree with above.

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 26, 2013 at 09:59 AM

Scrolled to this...

I love the KAK.

I love Green Pea KAK.

Get me some Aaron "Murdah" Hernandez and Gatr Trash lists STAT.

Gallo , yousir are a moron....i guess jumping off that bridge did more brain damage than i originally thought....UM has 2 five stars committed and ufthugs have none if u go by stars. Remind me again why U think ufthugs are killing Um in recruiting.... also, Golden is seeing most of these kids firsthand to evaluate them. Muschamp is just grabbing any 4 or3 star he can get hoping for something to pan out.....Ufelons are the new old texas....good classes with no real results....you make yourself look stupid no matter your argument.....think before u type...

The month of June has seen several college football programs get hot on the recruiting trail, which in turn has jumbled the 247Sports National Recruiting Rankings.

The Daily Five takes a look inside the week’s five biggest movers, which has seen Alabama move back up to No. 1 nationally, Miami jump nine spots into the top five, Ohio State climb back into the Top10, and North Carolina and N.C. State continue both of its hot runs.

4. Miami

7. fsu

15. floriduh

Miami the ONLY team in the COUNTRY with MULTIPLE 5* commits.


Yeah hell Gallo you're right man, lets just quit now, no point in even having a football season. Call all the recruits and tell em that the we've self-imposed the Death Penatly, because the ALL SEEING and ALL KNOWING Gallo knows there is no chance of ANY success for the Canes. You FAT, LAZY, STUPID DRUNK, please do us all a favor and walk into traffic, and take Calvin with you. 'Every Media outlet has UM losing to UF', Yeah they said it so it must be true, and martians have landed outside the White House, they said it so it must be true. I can see you'll NEVER be or NEVER were a leader, that's why your intel is USELESS.

Rivals 2014 team rankings

6. Miami

8. fsu

16. floriduh

Well i will give arron hernandez credit for one thing..... getting away with 2 out of three alnt bad....

Foley defends Florida’s handling of Hernandez

Though New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has yet to be charged with a crime, a North Attleboro, MA, homicide investigation that appears to be focused on the player and his home has brought the his past decisions into question.

When New England selected Hernandez with the No. 113 overall pick in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, it did so knowing he had plenty of red flags.

He had supposedly smoked marijuana and hung out with a bad crowd in high school. He got arrested as a 17-year-old freshman with the Florida Gators after he got into a fight with a bouncer at a bar. (Hernandez was charged as a juvenile and accepted deferred prosecution). He was also questioned in a 2008 shooting in Gainesville, FL, though he spoke with police as a potential eyewitness and not a suspect, a fact conveniently left out of many reports about the incident.

Most alarming for the Patriots and other NFL teams, however, was information they learned that was also contained in a report published by the Boston Globe shortly after Hernandez was drafted by New England.

The story, citing sources from three NFL teams that knew about Hernandez’s background and supposed problems at Florida, noted that he did not just fail a drug test in 2008 (which led to a one-game suspension, the only contest he missed during his three years with the Gators). Rather, a “longtime executive” claimed, Hernandez failed from 4-6 drug tests while at Florida and was not punished accordingly.

“He had multiple positive tests, so he either had issues or he’s dumb. One or two tests? Fine. But four, five, six? Come on, now you’ve got an addiction,” the NFL executive said.

Though the Gators did not address the Globe report at the time, Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley did just that on Tuesday.

“The information from the NFL sources is wrong,” Foley told AL.com’s Kevin Scarbinsky. “The University of Florida follows its drug-testing policies. We do not deviate from our drug-testing policies for anyone. We never have, and we never will.”

Penalties assessed by the Gators for a football player testing positive for marijuana use include counseling for a first positive, mandatory one-game suspension for a second positive, mandatory two-game suspension for a third positive, mandatory six-game suspension for a fourth positive and mandatory indefinite suspension for a fifth positive.

However, Foley and Florida’s Substance Abuse Committee (appointed by school president Bernie Machen) are able to recommend those penalties be lessened or not carried out for any number of reasons. A student-athlete could be in great academic standing and committed to attending counseling for his issues, for example.

The Gators will not release the exact number of drug tests that Hernandez failed during his three years with the team, but team spokesman Steve McClain texted Scarbinsky that he “would go on record saying [Hernandez] didn’t fail six drug tests.”

Forget six failed tests. For Hernandez to miss the one game in 2008, he would have had to fail at least two tests, based on Florida’s policies. That is, of course, unless then-head coach Urban Meyer over-disciplined one of his players. McClain going on record that Hernandez did not fail six drug tests is one thing but what about three, four or five?

“We test more frequently than most if not all league schools and would rank very high nationally,” McClain also told AL.com. “Our athletes get tested once [each] semester they’re enrolled so most are getting tested four times a year minimum.”

The Gators are now involved in a he said, he said situation regarding Hernandez and his failed drug tests.

On one side, there is a report sourcing NFL executives that was not only accepted league-wide (hence his drop to the fourth round) but also somewhat confirmed by Hernandez who, according to Sports Illustrated, “admitted to NFL teams that he failed numerous drug tests prior to the 2010 NFL Draft.”

On the other, Florida has come out to denounce a three-year-old report in hopes of steering free from criticism while one of its former players is investigated for his potential role in a homicide.

In the end, the number of drug tests Hernandez failed during his three years in Gainesville has little to do with the poor decisions he has made over the last 10 days as a 23-year-old man and professional football player.

Read more: http://www.onlygators.com/06/25/2013/foley-defends-floridas-handling-of-hernandez/#ixzz2XKkDJ8DI

That's not the coaches poll. It is the writers at USA Today. Coaches poll won't be out until August. And yes you idiots, UM will be somewhere on it. I would say 20-25 due to questions on defense. The offense is going to be great, defense will be much improved over last year. I don't know(no one does) if Miami will be able to beat UF, but they have a really good chance. That's why all the gators are running there mouths, they are worried. UM could jump all over them before they have a chance to adjust. I'm sure that is what they are scared of. When they look at the UM offense with DUKE - THE MAN, Morris, the entire o-line, recievers and tightends, they wonder how they will stop all that firepower. I don't believe that UF will be able to.

drink all the koolaid you want:

2014 state of florida recruits:

#1 - (leaning) Florida in top spot
#2 - florida
#3 - fsu
#4 - (leaning) alabama - christobal
#5 - UM
#6 - UM
#7 - (leaning) alabama - christobal
#10 - florida
#11 - (leaning) alabama - mario christobal
#15 - fsu
#16 - fsu
#18 - UM
#19 - (leaning) fsu
#20 - fsu

the only true hard committ is mcdermott at #5......anyone either soft committ or leaning UM will not come here if UM loses to both florida/fsu......if UM gets blown out totally forget it......

dnofrio will sink it all....

well see......

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 26, 2013 at 10:49 AM


Jeremy Foley has some explaining to do....

anyone either soft committ or leaning UM will not come here if UM loses to both florida/fsu..

That could not possibly work both ways could it?

Nothing to see here. Just dumb Gatr Trash doing what they do best. Murdah, robbery, druggin' and wasting 7 years of undergrad on a worthless diploma.

Hola, Arturo. These dumb Gatr maggots are a joke. Thinkig the Bagman can help turn their sinking ship around.


Hernandez realesed by the Pats.

typo: released, sorry all.

Another unemployed Gatr Trash. He's in the majority of Gatr Trash grads.

Welcome to the club, you dumb murderin' maggot.

Hola, Arturo. These dumb Gatrs don't get it. Urban Liar ain' comin' through that door folks. Timmy Eucharist ain't comin' through that door.


Gallo I think you sometimes don't even realize YOUR OWN STUPIDITY when you type it. Your little fantasy stats of the recruits and where they're (leaning)just shows your ingnorance. Lets say yor wittle list is even remotely correct, you show the #5, 6 and 18 ranked players in the state leaning towards Miami, well I have to ask you, what is WRONG with that, and with the recruits we're already getting, I'd say that's a VERY srong class.

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