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Five more 2013 summer arrivals for Canes; 15 in, five still out

Three-fourths of the Hurricanes' 2013 signing class are officially enrolled in classes according to UM.

Tuesday's newest arrivals for the start of Summer Session II were receiver Stacy Coley, running back/receiver Corn Elder, fullback Gus Edwards, quarterback Kevin Olsen and linebacker Walter Tucker.

They joined joined 10 others in the 2013 recruiting class who previously enrolled including four in January and six others beginning in May.

UM is still waiting for five others in the signing class to enroll. They are: defensive end Alquadin Muhammad, receiver Derrick Griffin, athlete Ryheem Lockley, linebacker Devante Bond, and defensive end Ufomba Kamalu.


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yes it could but where do you see it? driskel will be much improved and with kelvin taylor/matt jones.....how does UM stop them? florida will run right at UM defense.....AF as a freshman will be totally confused....

so whats left is Morris keeping it close.....Florinda will wear that down with D-line all over 300 lbs....

plus coley offense will still have kinks in it because it is so early in the season.....coley will not be able to run sophisticated routes to confuse Florida defense.....they are just too big....Morris will be sacked, you can bet on it....

BUT....UM will not be able to get to driskel.....I don't see where UM has the upper hand

Dumba55 gallo....bowling green got to driskel many times last year....driskel shows no sign of improvment and your oline still sucke. Where do you come up with this crap?


The NFL has one less garbage former gator in official rosters

That makes F_U farther still from ever. ever. having as many NFlers as NFL -U

Which is NFL-U?

hint: Coral Gables

Gallo you seem to forget that UF's offense STINKS, and they ranked 105th out of 120. Their QB is NOT nearly as mobile as Morris, and they do NOT have the studs on O that WE have. Our D can go nowhere but UP after last season, and we'll have studs we didint' have last year, Artie Burns, and Bush back healthy, plus a healthy Perry back, and these guys are going to want to make a better showing because they know how BAD they were last year. Plus at HOME, in a SOLD OUT Sun Life on National TV, you better beleive they'll be bringing it every play. Yo're a freaking walking negative, and I'd love to meet you, because you need a good beeeeetch slapping.

Arturo, can you please set this stupid Gallo maggot straight.

I love what you did to me last night.

Just heard hernandez called huntley and threatened to talk if he didnt represent him.....uhoh.....

your living in dreamland.....

dnofrio is unable to coach a defense...he is a disaster....UM couldn't get to anyone last year....why would this year be any better? the defense was #116 out of 120.....the only improvement was at LB but golden cans paul and johnson....one of UM's 2 best players...

Um cant go anywhere with dnofrio....dont you understand that and golden really cant design offensive plays...last year was all fisch...

the whole season is at the hands of morris and if he gets hurt or has problems, it will be over for UM in 2013.....you are living in a fantasy world dude....

and all these little insignificate tier 2 recruits aint gonna change anything for 2013

9-4 2013 prediction at #39 national rank...that says it all

Gallo. Your recruit argument kills itself.....u are an idiot....3 of the top 20 are verbals to UM and only 2 to ufelons......think before u type or at least learn to add....its simple math....

LT: 70 D.J. Humphries 6'6" 280
LG: 76 Max Garcia 6'4" 307
C: 72 Jonotthan Harrison 6'3" 302
RG: 67 Jon Halapio 6'3" 315
RT: 73 Tyler Moore 6'6" 312

plus you have the best backfield in the whole state with matt jones,matt brown and kelvin taylor

driskel will have plentyyyyyy of time and will be on a sightseeing tour just like BC chase rettig.....

you have no idea what you are talking about.....dnofrio defense WILL NOT be able to handle this.....

DE: 2 Dominique Easley 6'2" 283
NT: 44 Leon Orr 6'5" 310
DT: 4 Damien Jacobs 6'3" 286
DE: 6 Dante Fowler 6'3" 263
SLB: 49 Darren Kitchens 6'2" 230
MLB: 12 Antonio Morrison 6'1" 230
WLB: 51 Michael Taylor 6'1" 231

Florida has size on defense....look at LB's

this is why Florida will be favored....UM will not win this game.....that's my prediction....

#1 david sharpe is 95% lean towards florida....your the idiot that cant count.....

SEPTEMBER 07th 2013...They're baaaacccckkkkkk. The Gator Girls will be taken to the woodshed in a oouple of months and then you douchebags will finally disappear...They will all come, they will all win and they will all play on Sunday's!!! THE U

Its not who you play it is who you beat. I feel pretty good about the weekend of September 7th. In fact, very good.

Yes my dUmb and delusional cane clUck I agree completely. The so called cane high power offense did not beat a single good team it played last year, did not beat a mediocre UNC team and did not beat a weak arse pansy UVA. So losses to all good teams, losses to mediocre teams and losses to very bad teams.
I feel very good about Sept 7th indeed.

Gallo you just posted that UFs line was all over 300 lbs and then you named them showing the weights and only one is 300 , please stop while you are only an idiot before it gets worse , too late. Go Canes

UYeah you can mention theri D all you want Gallo, that;s because you CAN'T mention their O because they're worse than ours. Ranked 105 out of 120, and will be worse this year. They will NOT be able to handle our fire and home crowd, that is MY PREDICTION.

offensive line.....what are you talking about? how does UM defense get to Florida's backfield?

answer..it doesn't 305lb OL line average

offensive line.....what are you talking about? how does UM defense get to Florida's backfield?
answer..it doesn't 305lb OL line average
Posted by: Jim Gallo

how does UM defense get to Florida's backfield?

answer.....by going around their fat asssssssseeees that's how.

Posted by: ColaCane

Problem is the crowd will be split 50 - 50 at least, you have no home field advantage.
And fire? You still have a lousy defense, probably worse than last year with all the players Golden ran off.
You will also be breaking in a new OC and a new system against a very good D.
Plus how do you know the Gator offense will be worse, all signs and logic point to it being better.
We will soon find out, doesn't look good for you though.

Since 2006 the #SEC has won a combined 13 National Championships in the men's big 3 (FBall, BaseB, BBall) from 6 different schools.

National Titles in Baseball, Football and Men's Basketball since 05-06:
SEC 13
Pac-12 3
Big 12 2
Big East 2
Big Ten 0

Simply The BEST


[]_[]- 0

Did hegive his verbal gallo? U used a lean to pad your stats i said verbal commits . U are using a lean as a verbal to keep up with UM....just calling you out on your idiocy.....who knows where any of the kids are going?

To many people in here got a whole lot of faith in clown 117th going up against brent pease a real oc. When you have a guy coordinating something tat gives up over 400 yards to BETHUNE COOKMAN, hasn't made not one qb i can think of look bad or confusd and people talking about driskell is garbage. No qb has been garbage when going up against us. qb's may be garbage against other teams, but 99% of them look all world when they go up against us.

Our offense has the athletes for sure, but when you got an offense that doesn't go up against a physical defense in practice on a daily basis, when they do go up against a team like the gaytors who will be playing real press man, in the meantime we'll have our db's playing 10 yards off.

Heck...just reread your list . Fsu has more verbals from top recruits even if u count leans....hahahahahaha

My name is Sid.
I have a U in my front lawn and an ibis in my arse
I am confused about recruiting and rankings
I just spew crap all day long cause I'm dumb
I root for the canes cause I dropped out of MDCC
Go canes!

Why a gaturd fan jocking so hard on Miami Herald blog discussing how many of Miami's 2013 class have already enrolled at an institution that is highly respected for graduating it's student athletes.

Go holla at your boy hernandez man, he can user all the support he can get right about now.

And yes, The U gonna deal with them Gaturds on Sept 7.

Nov 27, 1971, June 26, 2013........what do they have in common?
***************************Gator Flops**************************
1971 an embarrassment to college football by Gators coach Doug Dick
2013 gator pride.....Hernandez charged with murder.
Gator pride!

So Driskell signed with the Red Socks! I bet his Gator teammates were happy to hear that since it will now mean the coach Muschamps can give $500.00 instead of the usual $400.00 to a player in need of a new machine pistol or some money to pay off the victim of the last credit card they stole.

I hear Hernandez's defense is going to be, "It's a Gator Thing, you wouldn't understand!"

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