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Florida Bar contacts NCAA regarding Shapiro's lawyer's tactics during UM case

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Florida Bar's Grievance Committee has contacted the NCAA in regards to Nevin Shapiro's attorney Maria Elena Perez and the subpoena power she abused to help college sports' governing body interview key witnesses during its 23-month investigation into the University of Miami, a source has confirmed.

The Grievance Committee is trying to determine whether there is enough evidence to move forward against Perez and if she should be disciplined, the source said. 

The complaint was first filed back in January and the entire process -- from Bar investigation, Grievance Committee investigation, and finding, filing of formal complaint and disciplined ordered -- can take up to a year.

Perez was paid $19,000 for her services by the NCAA in what was ruled to be an improper relationship according to an external review committee hired by the NCAA back in January. The committee decided to toss out about 20 percent of the enforcement staff's case against Miami and other parties involved because the information was improperly obtained by Perez and the NCAA enforcement staff.

If probable cause is found by the Grievance Committee, a formal complaint could be filed against Perez in state supreme court.


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Please check into Marks lies about knowing nothing, he knew and so did CFO and the fired people know that he was aware of the under handed job the NCAA was doing, sports people and college presidents beter wake up change the system pay the players, Mark now is pushing to take heat off his butt, CFO is a liar about the money and checks.

Somebody needs to check into conflict of interest with Mark being involved in recuriting company stealing millions from the people and schools who put him in current position, he is a liar, ESPN and sports analyst need to wake up and address his track record he is like a horse runs true to form, lies out the gate and finishs the same way.

This can't be! Our blog legal expert (Gallo) said that she did nothing wrong and that an independent law firm (that doesn't specialize in bankruptcy law) hired by the NCAA to investigate their investigation confirmed that... The Florida Bar Association must be grandstanding!

I am a list-making douchebag, heh, heh, Green Pea.

My boyfriend love me long-time.

Please check into Marks lies about knowing nothing, he knew and so did CFO and the fired people know that he was aware of the under handed job the NCAA was doing, sports people and college presidents beter wake up change the system pay the players, Mark now is pushing to take heat off his butt, CFO is a liar about the money and checks.

Posted by: hswalden@gmail.com | June 14, 2013 at 09:41 AM

Sounds like our president of the United States!!!

Oh no!!! Louisville just scored again!!!

Does Tarpon Bend have a good happy hour?

Perez is operating off of the boomerang principle.

You throw your soul for a $ (accepting $19,000 from the NCAA) and after everything is settled it comes back and hits you in the head with unethical conduct. Thus the Bar's Grievance Comm.

This is the epitome, and picture perfect, of what tainted, compromised behavior is like.

Go 'Canes

Why wasnt shannon ever interviewed to show we were putting a stop to the shapiro crap....why is that never included in all these stories? The only good thing shannon did as hc and noone wants to use that for arguments.....
Posted by: sidcane
You're a MORON! Shannon warning players to avoid Shapiro strongly suggests that he knew SOMETHING WAS GOING ON. Warning players about Shapiro is woefully insufficient in terms of what the NCAA by laws REQUIRE from a head coach. But we all know you're a moron sid. Shannon skated like no others dd.

Idiot...they were saying no one was doing any thing about shapiro....think before U post....he wasnt running amuck like they say. Only morons call people morons....

Plus... if shannon knew,why didnt they interview him? Answer....they didnt want a positive interview....

The perez woman didn't do anything the NCAA didn't instruct her to do which was get dirt at any cost. Her mistake was thinking that the NCAA would stand by her which she is finding out now is not the case. It's like having a snake as a pet. YOu can have it but don't be surprised when it turns on you. There aint no telling how much money the NCAA had promised her if she could find anything to bury the Canes. The NCAA is the most corrupt organization there is next to the Government.

The leader of the NCAA as it stands now is doomed to failure, whether it is Emmert or someone else. Too many academics from member institutions are making policy. Everyone is trying to further their own University's interests. College athletics has become too sophisticated for the likes of these not-ready-for-the-real-world types. Put some proven executive types and real-world attorneys in charge (that are not University lackeys) and you will see salient, well thought-out policy changes and fair enforcement. Then give them subpoena power and the ability to nullify coaching contracts.

As it stands the current NCAA is a weak consortium of half-hearted college administrators who won't set logical policy (e.g. recruiting rules) or adhere to a substantive method of enforcement (e.g. punish coaches and players who cheat, not players who don't).

UM’s Notice of Allegations, received Feb. 19, reportedly said Shapiro – now serving a 20-year sentence for his role in a $930 million Ponzi scheme – provided $170,000 in benefits to players, recruits, coaches and others between 2002-2010, according to the Associated Press. About $90,000 of that was used to get UM defensive tackle Vince Wilfork and cornerback Antrel Rolle to sign with Shapiro’s sports agency, Axcess Sports.
AP also reported that the NOA mentioned that 48 players received VIP access and beverage service from Shapiro at Miami nightclubs; 38 were entertained at Shapiro’s home; 18 received invites to bowling alley events, and seven dined with Shapiro at Benihana.


Yeah, n[]_[]ffin to see here... Just a couple hundred b[]_[]cks for lunches, dinners and bowling outings.

prove it
A receipt that shows you blew $10000 at a club doesnt prove who you bought drinks or foof for you dummy dum dum

That Floriduh edumacation is really paying off I can tell

Unbelievable! The attorney representing the person bringing all the allegations of wrongdoing against UM (Shapiro) gets paid by the NCAA, the organization that will decide the case. That would be the mother of all conflicts of interest. Perez may look bad because of this conflict, but the NCAA looks really dumb.

all much to do about nothing......Perez will not be disciplined.....bankruptcy rules allow wide range of questions and she is allowed to get paid. The only complaint I can see is if Allen brings a complaint against Perez as violating her fiduciary responsibility during his representation......

all her questions were within Shapiro bankruptcy universe.....where, how and when was money funneled....UM's name is attached to it all so where was the abuse?

please advise exactly what line of questioning violated the rules of a bankruptcy court?

committee is just looking into it.....nothing will happen Jim.....sorry

Gallo - You'd be right if the NCAA hadn't admitted that it was wrong to have paid Shapiro. You're more psychotic than I actually thought.

your an idiot...Shapiro didn't get paid for his testimony.....Perez got paid for her services.....NCAA paid her bill......whats the problem with that.....

and if you green peas class of 2016 think it is all lies...then sue.....if that is the case UM will win huge...so where is the complaint in superior court....its only been 5 months......if it is all lies why isn't there a case on the docket yet?

I keep searching the judicial website and I still dont see a case posted?.....whats the problem

if your gonna talk sh...it. then back it up

Yo mamma.

-- to all who don't like the Canes. Carry on.

My bad - Shapiro didn't get paid. I meant to say that Perez, Shapiro's lawyer, was paid by the NCAA. If you don't see the problem with that, Gallo, you are truly psychotic.

It's not the line of questioning that violated any bankruptcy rules. It's an ethics case with the Florida Bar Association. UM had settled with the Bankruptcy Trustee to close that liability for the University and players involved. Perez issued those subpoenas and asked questions supplied to her by the NCAA. That circus show was irrelevant in his bankruptcy proceedings. What additional money was "recovered" for the bankruptcy trustee due to those subpoenas? It was a guise to use that subpoena power on behalf of the NCAA. She blurred the line to pad her fees. Whether or not that is enough for the Florida Bar Association to charge her with an ethics violation and discipline her is up to them. I'm NOT a lawyer and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night so I'm not going to pretend to know what they're going to do for sure.

If you recall, she didn't even have her qualifications for bankruptcy court. She went and got it so she could issue these subpoenas. Did she even subpoena anybody outside of the NCAA's interest? She billed the NCAA instead of her client. If it was truly on behalf of Shapiro and recovering money for the bankruptcy case, wouldn't the NCAA have just have paid the filing fee with the court to get a copy of the transcripts from the depositions? It doesn't pass the "smell test"...

wrong, before her appearance Perez was 100% compliant, The interest of the NCAA, UM's involvement and its associates, the funneling of investor money and the reclaim actions of the bankruptcy trustee are ALL pointing in the same direction. UM's repayment of its role (as an institution) in the Ponzi scheme is one thing.....then there are the NCAA violations that are DIRECTLY related/tied to its involvement. Then there are all the other ancillary issues (players/coaches etc).

So in effect a NCAA question is also a bankruptcy question....where is the money, when was the money paid out....who got paid? The fact that Perez issued subpenas for the NCAA and got paid for it is no violation of law.....it maybe be a violation of NCAA charter but that means nothing from a legal perspective......I don't see how Perez can be disciplined from the Florida bar from an ethical point of view if no law was broken? Lawyers do end a rounds every day....there is nothing unusual about what she did......

Allen is upset because he says he was tricked into telling the truth (quoted as saying he would have answered differently).....but you are not supposed to lie in court.....

Perez walks....UM gets sanctioned.....no action from Florida bar

You are the one who is wrong Gallo.. Perez went to the NCAA BEFORE she had her qualifications for bankruptcy court. She was Shapiro's criminal lawyer not his bankruptcy lawyer until the NCAA got involved. By the way, bankrupcy lawyers receive their fees from the recovered money BEFORE the creditors receive whats left. Why did she bill the NCAA? For filing fees that you and I can go to the county clerks office and spend less than a $100.00 for transcripts of all of those depositions? Yeah right.. get a clue dude.

sorry dude...she only has to be compliant before appearing before the court.....not the NCAA. So lets say she worked for NCAA....so? She asked NCAA questions during a bankruptcy hearing.....those questions directly relate to the the Shapiro bankruptcy.....and NOT ONE person in that courtroom OBJECTED to the type or scope of ANY of the questions.....

green pea......everyone is upset because the NCAA cleverly got around its own charter and got testimony UNDER OATH that it normally doesn't get....usually it gets LIES since no one that is interviewed EVER gets sworn in...

now everyone is having crocodile tears.....if it aint the TRUTH then sue for damages.....its as simple as that

Gallo go back and read pages 11 through 13 of that 52 page report into the NCAA investigation. It CLEARLY says how she proposed the idea of extracting the information that the NCAA wanted from the individuals that the NCAA wanted deposed. That was before she was qualified to subpoena anyone in his bankruptcy proceedings.

UM didn't want to apprear to be uncooperative, that's why they didn't object. This is all old news. How you can't see any "ethical" issues with Ms Perez is beyond me. It's obvious that she used the bankruptcy court strictly to aid the NCAA's investigation of UM so Shapiro could get the revenge that he sought for the players turning their backs on him. Again, why did she bill the NCAA if bankruptcy lawyers receive their fees from the money recovered before the rest goes to the creditors? What money was recovered on behalf of the creditors in Shapiro bankruptcy case due those depositions?

Obviously you're just blinded by your hatred for UM...

no Jim...your just an idiot.....

1. perez was contacted by the ncaa.....not the other way around since she represented shapiro and he told the ncaa that she had the FBI's 302 transcripts which the ncaa wanted.

2. "First, we find that the facts do not establish that any NCAA employee knowingly violated a specific bylaw or law. While the Enforcement Staff may have
disregarded the advice of the Legal Staff in proceeding with the proposal, that conduct does not appear to have violated any written NCAA rule. We have also found no apparent violation of the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, or Bankruptcy Court orders by NCAA staff.

3. "At the time, the NCAA was interested in seeking interviews of Mario Sanchez, Mr. Shapiro’s former bodyguard, Sean “Pee-Wee” Allen, a former assistant
equipment manager for the U. Miami football team, and Michael Huyghue, Mr. Shapiro’s former business partner in Axcess Sports & Entertainment and former
United Football League Commissioner.18 Messrs. Sanchez and Allen had informed the NCAA that they would refuse any interview unless required to participate by a subpoena. (Johanningmeier, Comley"........THEY WERE REFUSING, THATS WHY THE SUBPOENA

4. Ms. Perez replied the following day, explaining that she was able to depose individuals in connection with Mr. Shapiro’s bankruptcy proceedings through Bankruptcy Rule 2004 and providing several Bankruptcy Court documents relating to that authority. (Exhibit 10) Approximately one week later, Ms. Perez sent an email confirming that upon completion of a training session for Bankruptcy Court filings, she would be
permitted to file subpoenas in the federal Bankruptcy Court. (Exhibit 10)."

this was sent to UM attorney Goldberg and he dropped his objection since he was satisfied.....the court was satisfied or all that testimony would have been throw out WITHOUT the NCAA redacting it....

dude you need to read before you speak......in the end all that happened were (2) things......NCAA did an end around on their own charter (got supeona power) and witnesses were forced to tell the truth UNDER OATH which never happens in an NCAA investigation.....THAT'S IT

A federal judge in Pennsylvania says there's no legal basis for Gov. Tom Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA over sanctions against Penn State related to Jerry Sandusky......so go ahead shalala....you'll get your clocked cleaned twice.....

like ive said...fire golden-dnofrio and shalala

he fact that perez aided the ncaa are not grounds for florida bar sanctions......

"As Ms. Perez told Mr. Najjar, her client had two reasons for assisting the Bankruptcy Trustee: first, assisting the Bankruptcy Trustee in recovering money for the victims of Mr. Shapiro’s Ponzi scheme could help reduce Mr. Shapiro’s sentence and restitution obligation; and second, conducting these depositions would help Mr. Shapiro get revenge on U. Miami and its studentathletes and coaches who had turned their back on him. (Najjar). As part of that effort, Mr. Shapiro had been urging the Bankruptcy Trustee to depose both Mr. Allen and Mr. Huyghue for some time. (Shapiro)".

nothing wrong with that...most lawsuits have a degree of revenge in them....are you that much of a green pea that you think its all about damages?

Shapiro wanted to hurt UM.....if it is all lies and not true, go to court and sue....the damages if UM's argument prevails would be probably be substantial.

don't you understand.......ponzi victims money was in the hands of UM and its case of characters not to mention you have a professional sports agency DIRECTLY involved in amateur athletics.....

if you look at this from the victims of the fraud.....what the NCAA did and PEREZ was the right thing to do...about time someone was willing to get down and dirty to recover and try to compensate victims of financial fraud......the move by the NCAA and perez was cleaver...not unethical at all......it was a way to get to the TRUTH and you don't like it...too bad

Tell me again how much money was recovered due her depositions? Why don't you read before you speak. You pick and choose and what you want to use. The fact is that she recovered no additional money on behalf of Shapiro's creditors because UM settlement released the University and the athletes from any additional liabilities and ensured that they didn't have to testify under oath. Read UM's settlement with the bankruptcy trustee.


what is your point? your talking in circles.....Perez and the NCAA did not break any laws.....period. After the additional penalties are handed down this is OVER.....as much as you want to believe it, Perez will not get sanctioned by the Florida bar, Um will not sue the NCAA.....

all just makes good newspaper headlines is all.....focus on florida/fsu.....and if things go as I suspect they will...golden and dnofrio will be gone after next season....

My point is that you don't know what you're talking about. You pass off your speculations and opinions in speak in absolutes like you're in the know. All you're doing is "guessing". Lets see how this plays Nostradamus

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