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NCAA infractions hearing ends for UM, former coaches, assistants; decision day next

INDIANAPOLIS -- After nearly three years of being chased around by Nevin Shapiro's web of allegations, there's only one more lap to go for the University of Miami's football and men's basketball programs.

Al GoldenFriday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., the doors to the second-floor conference room in the back of the Westin Hotel -- hosting the NCAA's infraction committee hearings with UM -- swung open and football coach Al Golden was the first person out the door.

Are you guys done?

"Yes," Golden fired back as he raced toward the exits with a face of determination and luggage in hand.

Full Speed Ahead!

Well, not exactly. One lap remains after 16 1/2 hours of intense hearings: the decision on penalties from the eight-person panel headed by Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky, which will take at least six weeks or longer to be announced.

CBS Sports.com college football analyst Dennis Dodd, who arrived into town Friday, covered the USC hearings back in February 2010. He said those lasted three days. Should we make anything out of the fact these proceedings for UM went by faster?

Nobody really knows. The good news, though, is that this will all be in Miami's rear-view-mirror soon.

"I don't think there's any exact time frame that the committee has [to reach a decision], but we certainly hope we would be done prior to the beginning of the football season," said Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford, who attended both days of the hearings in support of Miami and was the only person to speak.

"It's been an extraordinarily long investigation. I've said it before: I think the sheer length of the investigation has been a penalty in itself."

A source said Friday it was not a pleasant experience for the parties on trial.

Another source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described it as “a very humbling experience."

"It was an intense process that covered a lot of material," said the source. "It didn't include any surprises, just all of the same stuff we've talked about for months and months and months."

Despite admitted mistakes by the NCAA enforcement staff that led to 20 percent of the case being tossed out by an external review committee (nearly all of those were football charges pertaining to Kyle Wright and former assistant equipment manager Sean Pee "Wee" Allen according to a source), the infractions committee went hard on the other 80 percent of the case.

Because of the amount of leaks involved in the case and high volume of news reports that have come out about it, a source said everyone allowed into the hearings not only had to wear a special blue wrist band to get through the doors but also had to sign an agreement they wouldn’t discuss the case or face severe consequences.

UM hasn't and probably won't come until an announcement of penalties is made by the NCAA. If they are over the top or worse than Miami expects, I've been told Miami will likely appeal the decision.


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Hahaha...harsh santions is the loser....at least u spellbetter than jlo....

Full Speed Ahead is right.
Go, Canes!

Golden era can finally begin

This is a witch hunt plain and simple. The NCAA should focus on total reform of it's policies and acknowledge "ain't nuthin going on, that ain't been going on" at every other school. We've already paid the price! enough already!

Lets go 'Canes...full speed ahead.....with swoffords remarks looks positive....cant wait for football to start...

Shalala throwing up the U when she came out was cool.....no other pres.would do that....never really liked her until then....
Must have ran those trolls off when i thanked them for making our blogthe number one blog....hahaha if thats all it tooki would have done it years ago. Maybe they figured they better keep quiet until September.

Swafford is right: the sheer length of this investigation would be penalty enough.

UM's self-imposed sanctions would be penalty enough.

Any additional penalties, if imposed, will be over the top.

The nature of this investigation is curious indeed. Something is amiss, and it's either right in front of everybody's face or being kept secret.

I suspect the former. The atmosphere the NCAA has created in college football both invites the kind of infractions the NCAA wants to prevent and also prevents the association from preventing them.

The NCAA seems to want its have proverbial cake and proverbially eat its cake, too. It seems to want the power to act with authority and yet whimsically, too.

The NCAA--composed of a conglomeration of member schools--wants to profit from the atmosphere it has created in college football and punish those behaviors the atmosphere inevitably creates.

One thing is for certain: the NCAA has demonstrated a "get Miami" attitude. If the association policed and pursued infractions against other schools--I'm thinking those perennial powerhouses in its hallowed SEC--with the zeal it has gone after UM, half the schools in the SEC--such as the 'Gators, the 'Dogs, the 'Tide, the 'Cocks, Auburn and LSU--would find themselves tossed completely out of college football . . . as well, perhaps, they should be. They're a pox--a sickness, a disease--on the post-secondary education system in this country. We'd be better off without them.

Lake worth cane? More like Montreal Canesrule 952 ships. Biggest moron this site has ever seen. Shut up fool. Head back to Lamespace you Canadian COWARD

LAkeworth cane- right on. The best analyisis of the fraudulent gestapo that is called the NCAA I have read. This Umike here is notthr real UMike- he is a loser troll. The real UMike would not have posted that.

I agree about the SEC- ESPN.com just posted that Nick Saban has just received a commit from the nation's #1 pocket passer from Norman Oklahoma Some kidnamed Cornwell, and that they have something like 7 or 8 QBs on scholarship. How does that happen? How is that allowed? Seriously- that and the recruitment of Sony Michel by a recruiting service that handed him to Arkansas is proof of how dirty the SEC is- They are basically monopolizing recruiting and thus national ships. No reason why Bama, Ole Miss, south carolina or whatever should be out-recruiting even the gators in the state of florida- something is really stinky and at one point or anotherit will surface- Muchump is already under investigationb by the NCAA about his machinations at MSU when Cam Newton was recruited- that story is still cooking... I doubt though that they will go hard after any SEC school partly because of the money that the SEC commands ( they have a multi-billion dollar TV deal with ESPN)- in case you all havent noticed 50% of the talk on ESPN in regards to cfb is about the danged SEC regardless about the rest of the country- Oregon, USC, OIklahoma, Texas, Ohio st, Michigan and yes Miami, but its mostly SECthis SEC that Tim Tebow this...

This NCAA fraud against Miami will not end well. I foresee a legal battle I hope I am wrong and I hope Shalala et al succesfully convinced the COI that UM has punished itself beyond the call of duty: self imposed bowls X 2, self imposed ACC ch, se;f imposed decrease inpractices, playersnamed sat out and repaid, coaches named fired, length of the investigation etc etc.


I couldn't have said it any beter papo. These gestapo tactics are what lead me familia to leave Cuba and the pressure of the new country led me to car jack unsuspecting victims. I did my time as did UM so we should all move on.

Go Canes!

like Ive said..UM got its ass reamed...shalala giving the "U" sign was a disgrace...she should be fired by board of directors immediately.....all her bravado was well as bloggers left with their tail between their legs......BTW...when is UM gonna sue, another joke.....

she and golden should just have kept their mouth shut and let it die QUIETLY.......

golden/dnofro/shalala fire immediately

You guys sound like you have SEC envy or something... last I knew was that Sony Michel committed to Georgia.. not sure how Arkansas got included in that mix. The fact is that almost every major college football school has some type of infraction. From as little as a "fan" or booster paying for a players lunch or dinner to the No Show jobs given to players at Arkansas to the very serious infractions such as those alleged against Auburn with Cam Newton and the Shapiro fiasco at Miami. The NCAA would blow more money investigating every claim than the student athletes received in alleged benefits. Let's not act like the spoiled kid who got caught and tries to downplay it because he knows other kids are doing or have done worse.

Shalala isn't going anywhere. Look at the University as a whole under her leadership. It's the number one in academics in the state of Florida. The med school and marine biology program are doing cutting edge research. The Board of Trustees care about two things, profitability and reputation. They don't care that Jim Gallo and cAlvin want a football roster full of trouble makers and campus police that will look the other way when it comes to football players getting into trouble.

Die at the hands of the NCAA u sorry cane losers

shalala lost institutional control......she is the captain of the ship.....any other corporation would have asked for her resignation.....UM has violations everywhere with receipts, photos, tons of paper trails and SWORN testimony from witness's.....

so to be clear..

1. UM will not sue...all false bravado
2. Perez will not be disciplined for her actions in the Shapiro bankruptcy case
3. NCAA will hand down additional penalties
4. NCAA director will not be fired or step down

the miami staff got their clocked cleaned by the NCAA.....all that redaction stuff means nothing.....NCAA is not afraid of UM or its threats.....NCAA has their foot on UM's neck.....that's why golden ran for the exit yesterday....

you heard it here first.....

3 and 4 are givens.. that's common sense. 1 and 2 are a different story though. UM will go through the proper channels before filing any law suit (ie "appeals").

I have receipts too... doesn't prove who I bought it for, just what I bought. Unless of course I tell the NCAA "twice" that I bought it for a player. Lol.

Gallober go blow it out your arse lard mouth. U ain't even a Cane any way. Just some jerkoff that was way too stupid to get into the U and had to settle for Florida.

Nice suit Al.

IM just curious if jim gallo has ever seen another person other then his mother naked. id guess no. This troll is the most annoying and they let him through. its why i dont post more here or read here alot. Its pathetic what gator trash will do to make the u look bad. They know when this mess is behind him golden is gonna whip old florida's butt in recruiting .

Miami will have a stellar class in 2014...Bank on it..;-)

If Nevin Shapiro says anything twice....we believe him....

Nevin - "I was not truthful on the witness stand"



Is that what you told your sister in the trailer while yalls momma was at walmart?

Go (fill in the blank) yourself. You pathetic waste of your daddys DNA sample.

The canes will be fine. The 2014 class looks good, and all you petty little jealous girlie girls who hate the U, are showing how jealous you are and badly weve beaten you (whoever your allegiance is)

F off

And i applaud mme shalala dor throwing up the U after her meeting with those d..k wads of the NCAA

Another gator arrested this morning...is five bucks really to much to pay to get into a club? Gotta beat someone over 5 bucks. Gator football teammates are terrorist....you cant go anywhere around there without getting beat up or shot at by one....begging to wonder if they pushed that boy off the stadiumim.???

GAllo is such a transparent mrorn- Dude we know youhate Miami aand are secretly wishing for a harsh penalty. You haste Shalalal and Golden. We know we know.

Your blind hatred though gets in the way of reality and logic-

-The NCAA is corrupt
-Yeah we know no one on the top will step down
-Shalala has brought in trillions. Not billions. Trillions. Thats 9 zeros. to the U. The academic standing of UM is at the highest ever. Still #1 in Florida by most accounts.

And the most obvious of the facts thatyouand the haters (some of the posts here could actually be the little runt Shapiro):

The accuser, i.e. the little jewish hobbit- is a liar, a thief, a failed con man, a ponzi schemer who stole nearly a billion dollars from smart investors, who has lied under oath, whose lawyer herself is being investigated by the Fla Bar, and 90% of his accuations cannot be corroborated (or they would have been already), whose so-called receipts and photos is all he has. Plus, he is no obviously known to have carefully and meticulously planned all of this to then accuse Miami coaches and athletes of impropriety. as a snake would.





I heard UF's starting MLB punched a club bouncer in the head because the bouncer wouldn't break NCAA rules by providing discounts for admission. Is this true Gator bait? Think he'll be suspended more than one game following the arrest?

Another Turd arrested....

"But I'm a UF football player!!!!"

Pathetic looser!!

Louisville just scored again.

How much sanctions will come? Will it be like President Shalala who wants no more punishment after serving a self-imposed 2 year ban on bowl games? Will it be like USC, who in 2010 got reamed by the NCAA for "lack of institutional control" for Reggie Busch receiving financial benefits by serving a 2 year bowl ban, 30 scholarship reductions over 3 years, and forfeiting all games during which time Reggie Bush was deemed no long a student-athlete? The answer lies in how much of Nevin Shapiro's allegations could be sustantiated by other witnesses.

Reggie Bush was given a heck of a lot more than $170,000. USC's meetings took 3 solid days as well. The []_[]'s took 2. It's all good on my end.

Honestly, I have no idea what's going to happen here.

Plus USC never self imposed. Miami has self imposed 2 bowls, one conference ch, it cuts multiple practices and it also suspended players and paid back money. Plus I believe they also cut back on scholies offered ALL SELF IMPOSED

50 or more felony arrests under Meyer and Muschump

Loss of Institutionsl Control

If some of the material was obtained in an illegal fashion then what are the chances that there where other illegalities committed. Alabama and another school has this same complaint about the person that was controlling Perez. Mind you this is coming from a person who is already a convicted phelon. It sounds like also there was a pinch of entrapment and also a bit of conspiracy on Perez's part who represents the NCAA. UM is no more guilty than any other school. It's just a witch hunt. Time served. USC had bush and mayo who used up way more money than what 70 supposed to be players at UM. I wonder did any of those people sign receipts for shitpeiro probably not. All they have is his word and some could be photo shopped pics. Good lawyers should be able to eat that up. Go canes

anything to push golden/dnofrio/shalala out of UM is my agenda.......ever since she took over the schools athletic success in football/baseball has gone down the tubes....

Gallo: If you focused only on Shalala you would have more supporters.

Truth be told you can track Miami's decline to the day Shalala was hired. Golden would be better without the restrictions she puts on us/him.

I see Antonio Morrison finally go arrested for that hit on Manuel.

got not go..

If there is such a thing as lack of institutional control- that dump in gainesville is a perfect example of that. Folr the last 5 - 6 seasons there has been arrest after arrest of UF fopotball players under two different coaching staffs. Where is the leadership? Where is the accountability?

UF= Trash heap of iniquity. Diploma mill trailer trash depot

According to Gainesville Police, Morrison and a group of men visited Kava Lounge at 1007 W. University Ave. and inquired about the cost of entering establishment. The bouncer at the front door told him the price and explained he would not be receiving a discount, information that caused Morrison to become enraged.

“Don’t you know who I am? I am a UF football player! I am Antonio!” he responded, according to the official police report.

Slim Shady?

Do you know who I am.

I yam what I yam.

Antonio, bro'. I'm the succesor to Brandon Spikes, another pillar of society.

The Cowardly Florida Gators...The poster hillbillies for lack of institutional control...another day/another arrest!

"You Don't know who I am?" "I'm a Florida football player!" Well dummy you sure don't have to pose that question to the Gainesville police.

Slim Shaddy! LOL!

Sounds like gaturd players are used to getting free or reduced admission into night clubs around turdville. The bouncer must have been new....

Hooka Lounge? They have bouncers at those things? Looks like he didn't want to pay the entry fee for Gainesville Zither-fest 2013.

Thats because you fear the powerhouse Golden is building U piece of Shyt

Obviously this Antonio guy expects stuff for free. C'mon NCAA, investigate this scum of a school. Every school does this crap!!!

Bridgewater just threw another TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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