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Northwestern DB Ryan Mayes becomes sixth 2014 commitment to Canes in 72 hour span

After spending the weekend tweeting up a storm, UM recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll looked like he was going to give his "WelcomeToTheU" bat signal a rest Monday.

Not quite. 

About 15 minutes before midnight, Carroll sent out the signal, alerting legions of Hurricanes fans they've netted yet another commitment to the Class of 2014 in Miami Northwestern defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Like many of the latest players to pledge their allegiance to Carroll, coach Al Golden and the orange and green, Mayes (6-2, 185) isn't a kid who is surrounded by a lot of hype or lofty rankings by recruiting experts. But he's a player UM coaches got a chance to see in person during Golden's football camp over the weekend and liked enough to offer them a scholarship.

"They're looking at him as a corner," said Miami Northwestern coach Stephen Field, a former UM grad assistant who now has two seniors committed to the Hurricanes. "Ryan's not a kid who was being recruited by everybody yet, but he did have solid offers from Rutgers, Syracuse, Western Kentucky and FAU. He's a tall, physical kid who has been working hard with our coaches everyday since he got here. He went down to the Miami camp and showed the coaches there what he's learned. To me you can't really evaluate kids just on what Rivals or some website says. There's no better recruiting tool than what you see with your own eyes. Ryan is going to be another solid D-1 defensive back."

Northwestern defensive backs coach Ronard Whitehead sent four starters to D-1 schools last season including star Artie Burns to Miami, De'Andre Coley to Arkansas, Aaron Brown to Cincinnati and Leverick Jackson to Western Kentucky.

Mayes didn't play for Northwestern last season, but was a key contributor at Dr. Krop High in Miami. He played on both sides of the ball for the Lightning, catching eight passes for 246 yards and four touchdowns on offense. He also had two interceptions and a 70-yard punt return for a touchdown against South Dade.

"Mayes was at Krop last year and really caught my eye," said recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services. "He's actually one of the few who played well in the playoff game against Columbus. He's a long, athletic kid. To me, it's kind of like a similar situation to Ereck Flowers who nobody knew when he was at Krop. He ended up with a bunch of BCS offers after he went to Norland and played on the state championship team."

Of the Hurricanes' 17 commitments in the Class of 2014, Fishbein said the best under-the-radar recruits is probably Carol City quarterback/receiver Trayone Gray.

"Carol City kids are kind of underrated and always seem to play above their ranking when they get to college," Fishbein said. "He's another one of those tough kids who can play multiple positions.

"[Dillard defensive back Dennis Turner] I saw in the spring game. He looked good at receiver, but he's probably better at safety. He hasn't played a ton of football, but is one of those kids who has size and speed. He went to [Golden's] camp and ran a 4.4.

"[Orange Park Oakleaf defensive back Darrion Owens] is a very talented kid. I saw him for the first time as a 10th grader. Big, long kid. He's probably going to grow into a linebacker. They're all good players. They're not taking many duds right now."

> UM announced Monday night a total of 2,072 campers visited Coral Gables during Golden's five camp sessions, including approximately 1,000 athletes during the final sessions June 22 and 23.


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Rival's 2014 team recruiting rankings:

6. Miami

8. fsu

16. floriduh

Alin Edouard Update
Just exhanged text with him and he wanted me to tell you guys this "Let the canes fans know I ain't going nowhere! I'm here to stay."

So I followed it up by asking if this makes his commitment 100% and he said "YES SIR"

Per Tito @ CIS


Dem unranked MOFO's (spat chewin' tobacco) sure dang making this a highly ranked class (spat chewin' tobacco again). Al's class ranked higher than Will's right now (shot of moonshine).


And []_[]r still ranked behind KENTUCKY and TENNESSEE...

And STILL will be behind them when they're ranked barely Top-20 come Feb...

[]_[] average Star number is BARELY 3.0 and that # will DROP as []_[] will contin[]_[]e to offer hot garbage []_[]nranked n 2-Star nobodies...

While GATORS average Star number is 3.68 and continue to rise as the Season progresses and ALL those, 80-90, 4-5 Star Studs will be looking only at Top-Programs... Not []_[].

Top kids will look at []_[] Class and want no part of it.

Hurricane AL is blowin it up!

Well Reed, Wayne, Moss weren't high rated. Look were that got us, gatortrash.


WOOT WOOT ... HOOT HOOT ... Cane Thang !!!

getting back to the roots, grooming real football players and not relying on the 'star system' like coker did.

"UM announced Monday night a total of 2,072 campers visited Coral Gables during Coach Golden's five camp sessions, including approximately 1,000 athletes during the final sessions June 22 and 23."

Wow! That is a stunning number of athletes basically working out for Coach Golden and his staff and offers a huge advantage in recruiting.

As the poster above offered regarding Rivals 2014 recruiting rankings:

6. Miami

8. fsu

16. floriduh

Making that fact all the more stunning Coach Golden has accomplished this feat with sanctions still hanging over the head of the program.

Once the NCAA is done with their ridiculous crucifixion of the Canes Coach Golden will produce #1 recruiting classes for many years to come...and many more National Championships...Go Canes!

Wow, Pig. WE better not get anymore two star recruits or the Canes will end up with the #1 recruiting class.

And if the Canes are behind UK and Tennessee, the Gatr Trash is even further behind and falling fast.

Face it. Fewer players want to spend 4 years in a trailerpark dump playing for a bagman plumber with spittle on his lips.

BWWWAHAAHA. You suck Pig.

I cannot wait for 09/07. What will those gator boys say when they get blitzkreiged by Morris, Duke, Dorsett and the boys.

OOOooooooooooohhhhhh here we go again for Deja V[]_[] []_[] ...

Same sheet, new number... Now up to 9 KIDS that FIU-FAU-UCF-S.Fla didn't even offer... And NOT 1 D.T.


"""""""" y[]_[]p, yet another scr[]_[]b that is []_[]nranked and has been offered by NOBODY and []_[] silly Cl[]_[]cks are doing backflips. "Woo Hoo !!! We kept another local kid home !!!" (that's atleast 9-NINE d[]_[]ds that FIU-FAU-S.Fla. and UCF DID NOT offer. That's how low []_[]'ve s[]_[]nk as Golden is in complete Panic mode try to appease []_[] d[]_[]mmies by signing "local" kids with a pulse.).. Just what about, "No Offers from ANYONE" do []_[] not []_[]nderstand? """"""""

Goldy needs to either check the plug, kick or reboot his radar because the screen is showing nothing for more than half []_[]r commits now...


[]_[] G[]_[]llible Gasbags are falling into the same exact trap of Goldymania that []_[] fell into with Capt. Cl[]_[]eless Shannon...

Except he , actually recruited Top-Program talent for the most part.

Unranked - how long does it take you to write "[]_[]" in place of a "U" everytime you post something? Do you have a macro in place? The Canes seem to invaded your every thought - have they invaded your keyboard as well? You come across as really desperate and pathetic. The Canes must be doing something right for them to consume so much of your time.

Did you hear that Aaron Hernandez is changing positions? Please see below:

Pre jail - Tight end
Behind bars - Wide Receiver


Don't look now, Pig, but with the addition of these alleged two stars, the Canes are now up to #6 in recruiting while the GATR TRASH is falling to #16 behind the likes of powerhouses Ole Piss and Baylor.

BWWWAHAHAHA. Shut that dump skewewwwl down.

18 2014 recruits

Recall the "unheralded recruits": The Ed Reeds. Santana Moss, Russell Maryland

This U will be back and the rednecks in north florida will be s---ting their overalls as they always have when they see the storm that's coming straight up their a55

And NOT 1 D.T.

That's one thing your right about.....we have 2!

"Except he , actually recruited Top-Program talent for the most part"

rieeeegggght, Piggy. That's why Forston is ripping it up in the NFL. Errrr, well, Aldarius is...ummmm. Well, Jacory is. Hmmm. No? Well, guess not.

Don't check the rankings tomorrow, Pig. I hear AG will recruit an alleged 1 star and the Canes will be #2 in recruiting.

Wonder if the guys at Rivals maybe know a little more than a fat slob coward hiding behind a keyboard does.

What say you, Pig?

What a shocker. Gatr Trash has no five star recruits. A few 4 star and mostly 3 stars. Ahh, well, Pig. Won't let the facts get in the way of your next delusional rant about the Canes.

What a miserable lil' Piggy.

Rivals has him running a 4.6 40. Despite the NR from ESPN other sites have him as a 3*. Not that it matters he's a long rangy CB who will no doubt disrupt tall receivers. SOLID

2014 Rivals recruiting rankings, the only place you will find the lowly canes ranked ahead of Gators and Noles.
Of course everyone knows that is because it's only June 2013 and all the top recruits have yet to commit.
But go ahead and enjoy this irrelevant "ranking", it's the only thing you got.
Soon you will get smacked in your backyard come Sept 7th and come 2014 you will sink in those rankings as the top guys go elsewhere. Same as it ever was.
Poor pathetic saps.

Posted by: GaturdTrashSaysWhat?


the answer is laughs.

Rivals has us ranked higher because its instantaneous rankings. Don't worry, ESPN and the others will follow.

But go ahead and enjoy this irrelevant "ranking", it's the only thing you got.

You mean like the "irrelevant" preseason football poll that has Miami ranked 39th before a game has even been played you turds are crowing about? Can't have it both ways turd tard....

A couple of moons ago, I SAGACIOUSLY bloviated that it's now bout' the SYSTEM at Miami.
Especially after two seasons plus and RUNNING OFF a host of top notch talent! hUh
In other words, both Goldie and Marky Mark are employing the EXACT s-y-s-t-e-m employed previously at TEMPLE!
And that's WHY the Canes are relying HEAVILY- too heavily matter of fact,- on ALL those 3-STAR prep ball players.
And this indicates the Canes will have FUTURE incoming classes DOMINATED by THREE/TWO-star high school players, and EXTREMELY light on the DIFFERENCE MAKER 4/5-Star prep ballers. Eh. What say.

September 9th can't get here fast enough....see ya later Gators...you are going down....!!!!

Southeast recruiting break down of Ryan Mayes.

Miami (Fla.) Northwestern defensive back Ryan Mayes is a nice under-the-radar find based on his film. I wasn't at camp to see him in person for a new evaluation, but he flashes on tape.

He is long and athletic judging by his ability on the offensive side of the ball. Shows good football instincts. High points the ball. Uses his height to battle and defend against jump balls. Solid tackler. Nose for the ball and displays the ability to force turnovers.

Will chase and pursue down field. Not afraid to help in run support. Interested to see how he does at Northwestern. Doesn't look like a burner. More of a long strider that covers ground. Linear speed is a question mark based on his film. However, shows the ability to mirror and stay in the hip pocket of receivers down field.

Projects as a tall corner with the chance to slide over to safety down the road. He will receive a new ranking as soon as possible.

As stated in a deep manner above. The future of Miami football will 360 degrees different from past Cane teams. hUh
For instance, no longer will Miami recruit a MAJORITY of FOUR-FIVE star prep players.
Yeah, yeah Goldie and Marky Mark will get a handful of the DIFFERENCE MAKERS. Difference makers which will help the Hurricanes play for a A.C.C. championship and or play in a B.C.S. bowl game and what not.
BuT, NO B.C.S. team with the VAST MAJORITY of it's roster made up of 2-Star and or 3-Star prep players ever won a national championship.
ENTER teams from the W.A.C. or Mountain West or Sun Belt or M.A.C. conferences.

"UM announced Monday night a total of 2,072 campers visited Coral Gables during Coach Golden's five camp sessions."

As I type this Willy "The Bagman" Muschamp is trying to figure out what football camps are.

Over 2,000 football players basically trying out for the Canes under the leadership of the great Coach Golden and his staff...make room in the Canes massive trophy case for yet another National Championship award.

Again, I will reiterate that both Goldie and Marky Mark are S-Y-S-T-E-M coaches.
In other words, coaches recruit players to FIT enter their system.
Enter Coach Calipari at Kentucky. He's no " system " coach, and SEVERLY recruits prime time, DIFFERENCE MAKERS in the way of FIVE/FOUR-STAR ballers!
Calipari has relied on that recruiting method at the major college level. That's why his teams FREQUENTLY and CONSISTENTLY make DEEP RUNS in the tournament.
SEE UMASS and Memphis and now Kentucky.


Your post above daylights that you need to study your Canes history as their first National Championship team was mostly made up of 2 and 3 star players.

Also, take a look at the Brigham Young National Championship team, along with Colorado and Georgia Tech.

"2014 Rivals recruiting rankings, the only place you will find the lowly canes ranked ahead of Gators and Noles."

Well, not exactly Gatr maggot. There's also the academic rankings. Also, # of National Titles and All Americans. But, really, who's counting when the opposition is insecure trailertrash like a Gatr maggot?

"Of course everyone knows that is because it's only June 2013 and all the top recruits have yet to commit."

Rieeeeggth, gatr maggot. First, the top recruits have yet to commit. Then they have all committed. Make up your mind, trailer donkey.

I think you ate some bad roach pie.

So, CAN and WILL Miami play in a B.C.S. bowl with a playing roster DOMINATED by 2/3-STAR high school players.
Because that is Miami's FUTURE by the likes of Goldie and Marky Mark going HARD after 3-STAR/2-STAR talent. Huh
Yeah, yeah I see the Canes winning with those players.
But those will be your typical 8-4 or 9-3 winning seasons.
Again, schools at BOTH the B.C.S. level of basketball and football WIN championships with DIFFERENCE MAKERS!!
And NOT with a MAJORITY of 3-Star players in the starting rotation. Eh. What say.

Dunno, Dopey D. UFailure has zero 5 stars and the same number of four stars. And, hey, what say, what if, just maybe, juuuuust maybe, some of these three star guys are rated four stars after their senior years.

Has that thought ever occurred to you, Dopey D What say, eh?

You are as dumb as your posts.

Major college football was VASTLY different back in 1983.
And of course, Miami played a CHOKE ARTIST program in the guise of Herbie CornSUXker!
Matter of fact, that particular 1983 Hurricane team WOULD NOT defeat the past 13 or 14 national championship teams!! Ipso Facto, Check Mate. Eh. What say.


Your ridiculous conclusion has already been answered...yet, you keep posing the same stupid question.

Have someone read and explain the answers you are receiving to your unknowledgeable questions.

Finally, Miami already has signed 4 & 5 star recruits during this cycle and it's only June...once the NCAA nonsense is behind the Canes they will recruit whomever they want, which will include all the 4 & 5 star players that the Canes deem to be qualified.

Hahahaha...gator fans suck.....hahahaaha

BERNIE MACHEN and his canespace HENCHMEN are the offspring of ILK, which bloody BELIEVED the world was FLAT at one time.
That's WHY Bernie and his canespace/eoth MINIONS believe Miami will play in a B.C.S. bowl game with a roster DOMINATED with 3-Star high school talent.
In other words, 75 or 80 players will be of the 3-Star variety and the rest of the 100 player roster will be 4-Star Canes.
So, say GOOD BYE to FIVE-STAR difference makers.
U know. The prime time DIFFERENCE MAKERS which get teams to a B.C.S. bowl game and play in a national championship game occasionally. Huh

Eh, wot say? I am a douchebag? Bloviating on the sagaciousness of my douchebaggery?

Errrrr, Jeffy "banjo-playin" Driskel was a five star. So much for any guarantee about being a difference-maker.

Where do you all foresee Jeff Driskle going in next years draft?
I say if ESPN has its way they will hype him enoug hto get him to go first round kind of like Tebow

who here thinks tebow deserved to go first round in the draft?

The ESPN talkin heads did.

I hear banjos.........

No worries 2 to 3 star players in Miami Dade County are 4 star players basically anyware else in the country. The talent alone in this county is crazy good. Depth, depth, depth is what the "U" has lacked for years. It's what Golden is building back up.
Go Canes.


Are you talking about those 5 star players that got the undeserving Gators to the Sugar Bowl where Louisville tore them apart, flat-out annihilated them and demonstrated to the college football world that stars behind a players name don't mean sheet?

Miami has 5 National Championships and holds college football records that your cowardly Gators don't even have the balls to dream about...Huh!

Heard a radio show today talking about driskel....they said gators had no qb and no backup....

This is exactly what UM needs. Keep the NW pipeline open...U won't regret it.

Tebow is an NFL first round draft BUST to the fulest.

And, hey, what say, what if, just maybe, juuuuust maybe,

Posted by: Bernie Machen | June 25, 2013 at 03:35 PM


and there []_[] have it... Maybe's, If's, B[]_[]t's, What's, What If's, Co[]_[]lda, Wo[]_[]lda, Sho[]_[]lda []_[] ...


Your post above daylights that you need to study your Canes history as their first National Championship team was mostly made up of 2 and 3 star players.

Posted by: Ron Zook | June 25, 2013 at 03:28 PM


that was 30 years ago and before the WWW. []_[] outta touch fool.

lots of luck with that continued recruiting formula Skippy.

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