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Northwestern DB Ryan Mayes becomes sixth 2014 commitment to Canes in 72 hour span

After spending the weekend tweeting up a storm, UM recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll looked like he was going to give his "WelcomeToTheU" bat signal a rest Monday.

Not quite. 

About 15 minutes before midnight, Carroll sent out the signal, alerting legions of Hurricanes fans they've netted yet another commitment to the Class of 2014 in Miami Northwestern defensive back Ryan Mayes.

Like many of the latest players to pledge their allegiance to Carroll, coach Al Golden and the orange and green, Mayes (6-2, 185) isn't a kid who is surrounded by a lot of hype or lofty rankings by recruiting experts. But he's a player UM coaches got a chance to see in person during Golden's football camp over the weekend and liked enough to offer them a scholarship.

"They're looking at him as a corner," said Miami Northwestern coach Stephen Field, a former UM grad assistant who now has two seniors committed to the Hurricanes. "Ryan's not a kid who was being recruited by everybody yet, but he did have solid offers from Rutgers, Syracuse, Western Kentucky and FAU. He's a tall, physical kid who has been working hard with our coaches everyday since he got here. He went down to the Miami camp and showed the coaches there what he's learned. To me you can't really evaluate kids just on what Rivals or some website says. There's no better recruiting tool than what you see with your own eyes. Ryan is going to be another solid D-1 defensive back."

Northwestern defensive backs coach Ronard Whitehead sent four starters to D-1 schools last season including star Artie Burns to Miami, De'Andre Coley to Arkansas, Aaron Brown to Cincinnati and Leverick Jackson to Western Kentucky.

Mayes didn't play for Northwestern last season, but was a key contributor at Dr. Krop High in Miami. He played on both sides of the ball for the Lightning, catching eight passes for 246 yards and four touchdowns on offense. He also had two interceptions and a 70-yard punt return for a touchdown against South Dade.

"Mayes was at Krop last year and really caught my eye," said recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services. "He's actually one of the few who played well in the playoff game against Columbus. He's a long, athletic kid. To me, it's kind of like a similar situation to Ereck Flowers who nobody knew when he was at Krop. He ended up with a bunch of BCS offers after he went to Norland and played on the state championship team."

Of the Hurricanes' 17 commitments in the Class of 2014, Fishbein said the best under-the-radar recruits is probably Carol City quarterback/receiver Trayone Gray.

"Carol City kids are kind of underrated and always seem to play above their ranking when they get to college," Fishbein said. "He's another one of those tough kids who can play multiple positions.

"[Dillard defensive back Dennis Turner] I saw in the spring game. He looked good at receiver, but he's probably better at safety. He hasn't played a ton of football, but is one of those kids who has size and speed. He went to [Golden's] camp and ran a 4.4.

"[Orange Park Oakleaf defensive back Darrion Owens] is a very talented kid. I saw him for the first time as a 10th grader. Big, long kid. He's probably going to grow into a linebacker. They're all good players. They're not taking many duds right now."

> UM announced Monday night a total of 2,072 campers visited Coral Gables during Golden's five camp sessions, including approximately 1,000 athletes during the final sessions June 22 and 23.


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Cane HENCHMEN be all wrong bout' moi.
Chit, Goldie and Marky Mark will certainly win with those 3-Star high school ballers'. Huh
Heck, I ain't saying the Canes can't win with a roster DOMINATED with 2/3-star talent and what not.
Damyum, I SEE-r Goldie on the way to REGULAR winning seasons.
However, tragically speaking those winning campaigns will be 8-4 or 9-3 seasons in the quickly approaching future.
Bon jour et Bonsoir


that was 30 years ago and before the WWW. []_[] outta touch fool.

lots of luck with that continued recruiting formula Skippy.

Posted by: 21st. Century |

LITTERALLY lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! 4-REAL, Cane fools!

Allow me to repeat the obvious for all of you illiterate Gators:


Are you talking about those 5 star players that got the undeserving Gators to the Sugar Bowl where Louisville tore them apart, flat-out annihilated them and demonstrated to the college football world that stars behind a players name don't mean sheet?

Miami has 5 National Championships and holds college football records that your cowardly Gators don't even have the balls to dream about...Huh!

Chit, Goldie and Marky INEPT won with THREE-STAR starters and what not.
Why do y'all think he was hired at Miami. Because he has a SYSTEM in place for winning.
And that SYSTEM is predicated on very FEW /5-Star ballers!

The poster who bloviates himself by meticulously typing our []_[] is wearing himself out on behalf of our 'Canes.
Jumping around changing names is a high school kid with time on their hands.

I say keep it going. It gives you more time to think and write about our team, than trying to find a Moosechump floriduh board which does not exist.

Sunny Dee the []_[] is coming out of his pores. He is besides himself.

He just can't help it..He will soon become a FAN and be one of our biggest supporters.
Another cAlvina.
Go 'Canes

According to Scout's 2013 recruiting, Alabama (#4) got 14 top 100s, six 5-stars and 12 4-stars. Ohio State (#1) got 8 top 100s, four 5-stars and 17 4-stars.

So far for 2014, Alabama (#2) has three top 100s and nine 4-stars, and Ohio State (#5) has five 100s and seven 4-stars.

Both teams recruit offensive linemen because, as Alabama showed in the BCS title game, a good offensive line is the key to winning almost any game. The 'Tide ran the ball at will against Georgia in the fourth quarter of the SEC championship game and at will against Notre Dame all night long.

Don't believe me. Ask Butch Davis. He recruited offensive linemen, too, and they made James, McGahee and Portis look every bit as good as they are.

Next January, Meyer and Saban will square off again.

Meyer took the Ohio State job because Ohio State will give him whatever it takes.

Saban took the Alabama job because the entire state will give him whatever it takes.

Few schools can compete with that kind of support, but it's going to be a good game.

Scout currently ranks FSU 11th, Miami 13th, and UF 16th. Six of Scout's top-ten teams are SEC.

The SEC spends more--a lot more--on athletes than any other conference. The SEC has the best teams money can buy.

These are the facts. They are undisputed.

please all these players are 2/3 tier players.....UM has not signed anyone yet other than stacy coley and artie burns......all the top guys from florida are going to florida/fsu/ND and Georgia for 2013

2014 so far we got darling, yearby (both soft commits) and mcdermott...but we lost sony michel to gerogia

so only 2 have signed and are ours.....the rest who knows....all these other signes are all "noise".....

Um past teams the players with todays rating data would ALL be 4/5.....never were they really 2 rated...thats just an excuse for weak recruiting by golden

Major college football 1-AA.

Your Go BIGot REDneck teams of the B.C.S. tend to be SYSTEM programs, i.e., Go BIGot REDneck relying on your garden variety VANILLA small town/SUBURBAN players and what not.
In other words, Go BigOT redNECK historically recruited the THREE-STAR prep players, i.e., their rosters annually are DOMINATED by redshirts and or grey shirts and what not.

However, that Herbie CornSUXker team won those three national championships in the mid-nineties, with a starting lineup of FOUR/FIVE-Star prep players.
Chit, wasnt' Frazier a 4 or 5 star baller. Too bad Thomas couldn't take that running style to the N.F.L. Huh. Well, at least he has TWO rings. dUh

My point is Hurricane brute should get use to not seeing undefeated and or one lost regular seasons. Because it's been PROVEN that a B.C.S. team cannot consistently win with a starting lineup DOMINATED by your 3-Star players and what not.

Yeah, yeah Boise St be the exception to the rule. But look at the conference they play in. But then again, the A.C.C. is the WEAKEST B.C.S. conference.
So perhaps Goldies SYSTEM will be a Boise St clone and what not.

At the major college football tier. Great coaching and a SYSTEM which relies HEAVILY on 3-Star talent will get y'all Hurricane rUffians a 8-4 or 9-3 winning season.
Of course, with Goldie and Marky INEPT DE-volving to towards playing annual SOFT non-conference slates. Perhaps those seasons will be 9-3 or 10-2. Seeing that the A.C.C. is HISTORICALLY WEAK in football.
Tragically, Goldie and Marky Mark won't be near a national championship venue. Well, at least with a Hurricane team. dUh
Bon jour et Bonsoir

Finally, Miami already has signed 4 & 5 star recruits during this cycle and it's only June...once the NCAA nonsense is behind the Canes they will recruit whomever they want, which will include all the 4 & 5 star players that the Canes deem to be qualified.

Posted by: Ron Zook | June 25, 2013 at 03:40 PM


Once again, []_[] haven't signed anyone yet n[]_[]mbn[]_[]ts... Not til FEB.

[]_[] will have a handful over []_[]r current "decent" 8 recruits that will tell []_[] b[]_[]h bye and reopen their recruiting in January. The other 9 no-2 Star scr[]_[]bs will have no Top Schools offering them and will be the backbone of []_[] 2014 class.

The Top #100 STUD Players of #150 have yet to commit. FSU, UF and another 8 schools or so will split those kids with 8-10 a piece... Loading their classes at Closing Time. All will be ranked Top-10. []_[] will fall and be looking up at Kentucky outta the Top-20

[]_[] will then be lucky to get 4-5 kids total that are barely ranked #250-#400 prospects to go along with at least 10-12 MORE []_[]nranked and 2-Star projects that Goldy will HAVE to settle for(THAT"S ALL THAT"S LEFT... TABLE SCRAPS). Golden Al will then smooozzze []_[] with all this "They're High quality kids with great upside potential" garbage that []_[]'ll be axing for seconds, thirds and fourths, lapping it all up.

[]_[] stick with that "potential po po" now ya hear ... We WILL continue to Rake up TOP-Talent in MASS...

Like any and ALL Top-Programs do year after year after year ...

as soon as UM loses to fsu/florida.....the soft commits will decommit just like last year......

golden will be gone.....good riddance...

Why do y'all Cane brUtes believe Goldie is SOFTENING up the future non-conference schedule. Huh. Because with his program playing PAST Miami-esque STRONG non-conference games. The Canes will have one or TWO preseason losses before conference action begins. Eh. What say.

Goldie and MARKY Marky won' be shown the door. Au contraire to what REDNECK jimbo blabbers! Huh

Simply because Miami will win and win and win. Too bad those winning seasons won't be akin to past glorious Miami winning seasons.

Are you talking about those 5 star players that got the undeserving Gators to the Sugar Bowl where Louisville tore them apart, flat-out annihilated them and demonstrated to the college football world that stars behind a players name don't mean sheet?

No I'm talking about the 5 star players who went 11 - 1 prior to the Sugar, were one game away from the SEC ship and the NC and took the Sugar for granted, were not interested and not in it and thus lost, it was a meaningless game for them. Then went on to be drafted in the first round of the NFL draft. And demonstrated what everyone else knows that good quality players translate into winning teams.

But you keep doing what you have been doing for the past decade and it will get you the same thing you've been getting. Mediocrity and not a chance at ever being in play for the NC, not even a sniff.

depth, depth is what the "U" has lacked for years. It's what Golden is building back up.
Go Canes.

Posted by: jra | June 25, 2013 at 04:20 PM

just because they're live bodies, don't make them depths... What []_[] "lacked" depth wise the last 8 years will contin[]_[]e if []_[] keep bringing them in... Next verse, same as the first.

more of the same coming for []_[] for years.

You've gotta love it...Coach Golden's fantastic recruiting success has the wingnuts on full tilt.

Granted, it is only one or two morons posting under various aliases, but reading how panicked they are has made my day.

Gallo being one of the wingnuts aliases is hysterical as each and every day Coach Golden disproves another of his lies...very, very funny!

what is that for

Doosh bag?
Dil-do breath?
Deep throat?
D-k wad?

Any of those apply given your moronic conclusios

Like this one,

"That 1983 team would not beat any of the past 13-14 national champions"

Wow. What a genius.I suppose you will next compare the 1929 Notre Dame team with the 1988 team

Or the 1935 gator team that lost to Miami with the 1983 gator team that beat Miami.

You are just a plain rocket scientist. That Uf diploma really got you somewhere.

pssft. Not even worth commenting on. Or arguing about it. You too stupid

If the Turds were not worried about The U they would not be on your blogs "sweating" you.

The Turds are so curious about U....they secretly envy U....they want TO BE U. I don't blame them....I feel bad for them actually. It has taken them 100 years to win three championships (none while undefeated mind you)wherein it took U only 30 to win 5....multiple championships going FULLY undefeated....they needed a little help (from the computers) if you know what I mean ;)

The U has had more players in the NFL over the last 30 years making incredible impacts on these teams......more pro bowlers.....NFL TD streaks never to be broken again...

I mean.....




Go Ducks!!

Gainesville is not such a bad place. They have a Sonny's out by the interstate.

Yo Arty, listen to the Canes Clamo[]_[]r on about the past, predict their 2-3 Star f[]_[]t[]_[]re but yet fail to accept the present...

[]_[]NRANKED ...


USA-Today Top-25 Coaches Poll ... But what do Coaches know riiieet ?









That's SIX of the TOP-12 and 7 OVERALL in Top-20... Yeah... Top Heavy.





THAT'S IT !!! Hell, The ACC Isn't Even Bottom Heavy They're So WEAK...


The Rest...

25-TULSA (Gators First Game and tougher match up than []_[])

Others receiving votes: Michigan 101, UCLA 75, Baylor 52, Oklahoma State 36, Wisconsin 18, UCF 15, Arkansas State 13, Arizona State 10, Rutgers 9, Kent State 5, Louisiana Tech 2, Arizona 1, Ohio 1


Hey, look on the Bright Side Cl[]_[]cks... If []_[] get 1 vote, []_[] can be #39 behind Ohio, La.Tech, Kent St., Rutgers, Arky St. and UCF !!! So []_[] got that going for []_[] which is... well frankly means it tr[]_[]ly S[]_[]CKS to be []_[].

So.... Let's review... The GATORS play 4 of the Top-12 Teams... 5 of the Top-20 Teams... 6 of the Top-25 Teams... Then OVERALL # 1 in the SEC Championship... Then OVERALL # 2 For The BCS CHAMPIONSHIP...


[]_[] ? At FAU ? Win that and []_[]'ll contin[]_[]e to steal their Recruits.


[]_[]r dead

Undefeated seasons
coming up here for our badass Canes.

Thanks, Al - Go Canes.

Nice we are doing well recruiting. Lets hope we don't have to throw them back when the NCAA slams us. I don't think they will take bowl games away but I won't be surprised if they whacked our scholarships.

Ha!...the default response is always the SEC...

"And []_[]r still ranked behind KENTUCKY and TENNESSEE..."

Be There.

Have a great senior year, Ryan, and welcome to the U.

Hey, ACC Sucks and the Canes cant compete, looks like you are really consumed with the U. Maybe your punk a@@ is a little scared. I'm sure you are just as confident that UF will win that game as you sound. I bet you even bet some money on it, right. When UM's offense gets up on UF and never looks back, we know UF's offense always starts so strong, you remember this post. Look at your past games with UM before you post stupid chatter. MIAMI and all UM fans will have a great day on Sept. 7. It will be the Gators that help us get back to top 10. Maybe we should thank Florida for having such a SH**TY offense. Do the Gator
s not have a blog?

This blog should be renamed to:
My god you are destroying these hapless cl[]_[]cks man.

This recruiting cycle is a bizarro one. Goldy is taking your basic FAU, Temple, BC type players. Just throw together a video of yo[]_[]rself playing catch and BOOM, you get a TE scholly. Holy unrecruited heavens! This will destroy the team a few years down the road. Then combine that with the upcoming sanctions and ithat home and home with FAU doesn't look so out of place all d[]_[]h s[]_[]dden.

Despite the laughable steadfast ignorance displayed by the handful of remaining fans, we've known that UM football has been a train wreck for years. But yo[]_[] have to wonder if they aren't waving the competitive white flag? All indications are yes they are. B[]_[]t yeah cane fan, []_[] are climbing back to the top.

HOLA Soldy

What websit has miami with a bunch of two stars because I can't find them? And what team only has five star playmakers? Did we forget about diamond in the rough players or the ones who were ranked low and have chips on there shoulders? The more hate the better an athlete plays. Ed Reed was a two star.....

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