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Report: Incoming UM quarterback Kevin Olsen charged in one-car crash

BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN, sdegnan@MiamiHerald.com

Kevin OlsenThe University of Miami’s quarterback of the future, Wayne Hills, N.J., High School senior and soon-to-be graduate Kevin Olsen, was charged with “leaving the scene of an accident after he smashed his car into a vehicle in his hometown of Wayne” on May 25, according to court records reported Monday by The Wayne Patch local newspaper. 

Olsen “was additionally charged with failure to report an accident and careless driving” after the incident was witnessed by a bystander who said the quarterback “crashed his car into a tree and drove away,” according to the Wayne Patch. 

After checking out the damage, the report said, Olsen hit another car “parked on the road” in the neighborhood while leaving the scene. 

According to the paper, the police report said Olsen’s face appeared to have blood on it and that he “appeared to be under the influence of something.” 

He is reportedly scheduled to appear in Wayne Municipal Court on June 20. 

Olsen’s older brother Greg was a tight end for the Hurricanes and now plays for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. Kevin Olsen is scheduled to report to UM to begin his collegiate career this summer.

The university said Tuesday it was unaware of Olsen's legal situation. "We are still trying to gather information about what happened," said Chris Yandle, UM's director of communications for athletics.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Tampa Bay Times, Lara Cerri


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Dumb Ass! Get rid of him.

After filing a complaint with the Coral Gables police alleging that an NCAA investigator “coerced" him to provide answers to aid the NCAA’s investigation, UM defensive end Dyron Dye on Tuesday was referred to the state attorney’s office, to whom he will present his case later this week. The state attorney's office then would decide whether to consider filing charges.


Or to translate for Law illiterate, d[]_[]mb, idiot Cane Fan... Coral Gables Po Po said, "[]_[]r kidding right? Try the State." To which the State will say nada... Until they can stop laughing.

Same thing will happen after the NCAA Nails []_[] with 2 more Bowl bans and 50 Schollies over 5 years and Shalalala will make her empty threats to no avail.

Take a close look at the following post that appeared on Barry Jackson's blog...notice the ignorant use of "Green Pea" and the other word usage we have seen a hundred times when Gallo (Reality Bites and his many other Aliases) posts his lies while claiming to be a Miami fan...again. Got'cha Gallo, you slime-bag:

"Hey little green pea, that approach doesn't work anywhere, not in the current system or in a playoff system. What Barry is saying is that UM has fallen so low that in addition to playing the usual ACC pansies it must play OOC pansies as well just to have a shot at a good record.
Besides that, the "so many other things to do" excuse for poor attendance at UM games is just that, a poor excuse.
Miami is a bandwagon town and right now it is the Heat that is in vogue. UM needs to win consistently just to have a prayer, something it hasn't done in a decade.
Get a life friend, call me names all you want but you can't refute what I said, it is the truth."

Posted by: Reality Bites | 06/01/2013 at 03:35 PM

GOLDY ON NEXT ON QAM !!! listen to this

COME GET []_[]r "anti" P.E.D. Ed[]_[]cation @ d[]_[]h []_[] !!!


Corch Al ...

the reason why []_[] compete for so many kids between []_[] and 10 or 12 teams is beca[]_[]se []_[]r not in the running for the kids that the 10-12 Top Teams offer ... seriously, do []_[] get that ?

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Al .... now []_[] young and dinged []_[]p again h[]_[]h ?

seriously Arty ... let's give'em a braek.

didn't realize it was that bad



see you August 31st. ARTY


bushleague 2nd. tier

CAlvin I understood perfectly what you said.

So you would respect as coach of the U, say Ken Dorsey if he coached Miami? Even if he went 13-11? Just because he had a legacy of championships? Cool cat doesnt think so.

What about Coker then:?

Be a man. Black white, or whatver. Just be a man. Admit that you dont like AG bc he is white. Bc a white man took over the helm at the U after a brother was rightly fired. That is your beef. Admit it. Because no sensible person with Any FOOTBALL KNOWLDEGE would judge Golden 100% after only two years as head coach, ESPECIALLY after the INCREDIBLE recruiting he has done with his hands tied (NCAA). Furthermore he has UM at #9 ahead of UF! for 2014 in recruiting even when recruits know teh NCAA is about to drop the hammer. He should definitely be judged after this year if they dont win at least 8 games plus a bowl with this squad. And yes if it is due to poor defense that hasnt improved I will personally call for Donofrios head. But truth is, you and your other black panther brethren have been calling for Donofrios head since after the MAryland game in theri first season as coaches. You post lie after lie after unsubstantiated lie./ For example the Eddie Johnosn situatuon- Did you know that AG bent over backwards (as he should have) to have UM give the man a chance? Administrtaion ultimately overrode AG.Plus youpoo pooed the scene when AG bent over and hugged Malcolm Lewis last year when he was writhing inagony after he broke his ankle- My sources tell me that that scene mad believers of the players- that AG cares for them genuinely. THAT IS THE COACH THAT I WOULD WANT MY KID PLAYING FOR.

I SUPPORT AG. I AM WILLING TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR MAYBE 2 ON DONOFRIO. I DO WANT TO SEE PROGRESS ON D. MAJOR PROGRESS. LAst year even if Bill Belichik coached the D they would have done poorly. Thos kidds were raw.

3 two 1

o[]_[]r 2014 QB is Innocent











[]_[] tr[]_[]st waaaaaaaay too m[]_[]ch

I support Golden, but Dnofrio is on the heat seat. That defense was horrible and he can't be allowed to finish out this season if it's equally bad. Are you ready to ride out 2 more seaeon of giving up rushing tds to Duke and Virginia?

Hitting a car and leaving the scene of an accident...
I believe he will fit in nicelye in Miami.

Don't you mean uf....


Gordon Gee was right. Look at the Pig's posts.

Comprende, Pig? Hola, Arthur. Me still stupid Pig, Soldy?


Such typical Gatr garbage. 18 year old Olsen leaves the scene and it is an indictment on all Miami players.

The president of that trash school UFailure does the same and these pigs try to brush it aside.

Maybe Bernie was using all the maintenance money for his legal defense team.

Such.. Typical..... Gatr....Trash.

"That’s right. The Pres left the scene of an accident while dining downtown Friday night. The police report apparently says a parking attendant told him he might have hit a Camry on the lot, but Machen went on to the restaurant.

Officer Jeff Kerkau verified there was an accident and, with another officer, went to the restaurant and got Machen, according to the report. They returned to the car and Machen was issued a citation for failure to leave information to an unattended vehicle causing damage."

Ol' virtuous Bernie.

"Lend me $50.00. I have to pay for repairs to exploding gas lines. Also, my lawyer fees for the hit and run."

The fish rots from the head down, Gatr Trash. And the head of your bloated stinking fish is rotten.

That school is a joke. UTrailer. Typical.

I am the blog Pig. I am a festering puss sore.

I am Soldy the slob. Hola, ARty. My Pig.

think Olsen has sobered []_[]p by now ?

o[]_[]r President at UFailure is Innocent











[]_[] tr[]_[]st waaaaaaaay too m[]_[]ch


Gatr Trash, get your house in order. First Gee rips you. Then the "no money" story, now this. As usual, redneck white trash gatr maggots are a national joke.

When can we can this embarrassment to higher learning?

I mean, it is UFailure and all but Machen is a real loser.

P.E.D.'s R []_[]s across the street from d[]_[]h []_[] ...

9>5>2 is another keyboard coward and proves who the real racist is. Yoy sound extremely ignorant. Extremely

Okay he is young and dumb. We got morris...and duke . Sept vs gators lets see what happens

what is Bernie "Town drunk" Machen's excuse?

Bernie, drinking won't fix the no-money-for-repairs problems at UFailure.

Call Timmy New Testament. Maybe he can pray for funds.

I'm innocent, rieeeeeeght. Look at the 18 year old. Not me.

Now, get me a mop and some duct tape, STAT.

Been saying ALL ALONG that everything that was EVER done in []_[] athletics WAS (past tense) the DIRECT RESULT OF PED'S !!!! Keep denying it []_[] cl[]_[]cks. The most notorious NCAA cheats are about to be exposed for the giant DRUG CHEATS []_[] are. Donna cleaned all of it out but you will never escape the ugly truth about the syringes you used during your glory years.


Duuuuh, the PED report is about MLB players. So the clinic was in the Gables. What does that show?

I mean, trailerparks are all over Trailerville so what does that....err. Nevermind.

Yo Cane trash

Busy week of news for Miami sports and all things related
Yo bust to be QB Olson hits a tree, takes off and hits a car, takes off again and hides to sober up.
The QB of the future, right
More like an in mature dUmmy

PEDS in the Gables
PEDS in the Gables
Tons of former cane baseball players to be suspended
cane trainer already implicated
From bounties in football taught by Uncle Luke
Taken to the NFL by Vilma
To PED abuse taken to MLB by Braun and others
Canes cementing a legacy of cheating

Yo NCAA wanna investigate some more?
Take a look at baseball

Yo chUmps what else can U do?
How else can U cheat?
When is the slime gonna end?

I cheat yet I still can't win

Cheaters and LOOSERS!!

Talk all u want, but there were more sec players implicated in that ped scandel than pro baseball players.....eight at bama alone....

And that was one night before one game....

We cheat! SO WHAT!
I stand behind our cheating canes

I got it!!!! Al's new strategy is to get back to the old thug "U" days so we can start winning again. Brilliant!!!

No where in any of the articles was UM mentioned- so for doosh bags ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to even mentioned the name U is sad and petty. Prove to me that Yasmani or Braun took PEDS while at UM. What they do after is their issue. They will probably pay the piper. Dosnt change the fact that Braun was MVP. I still agree that it is cheating. Look how long Sammy Sosa lasted after those 2 magical years.

As far as olsen is concerned- Dumb 17 year old mistake. He'll be awright. AG will set the rules. Boy better get his head straight and realized the mistake he made. Thankfully no one got hurt.

And I know AG wont do what Shannon did with Marve- which was hand him a "deleyed" punishment and sat him out the first game just to give Japicky a start. Then he started the QB shuffle after the florida game. That man was clueless

Tallycane- My cousin 9>5>2 is actually a minority himself. Not a single racist hair on his body- You instead, are a dumbsh*t. Why is he a coward? Point out one thin that makes him a coward. If you that much of a man. name the place, Tally. Sound like youve been hangingout with seminoles waay too much up there in redneck town.

a one car crash..This guy is definitely a cane..

So there is a 9>5 and his cousin 9>5>2. Two morons for the price of one! A 2 for 1 cane moron thang!

MH you are right on.
Get abused at the Under Armor game. Check
Get drunk behind the wheel. Check
Hit tree. Check
Hit parked car. Check
Leave the scene of the accident. Check
Can't wait to party in the Gables. Priceless!

Trash you are falling fast, and falling apart.

Putting out unsubstantiated lies, innuendo, and twisting Spins to just write something is B*******.

Scared high school kid hits a tree with his Jeep and is not even on campus yet, but you castigate the 'Canes for this.. Give me a F****** break.

You then try to tie in " PEDS in the Gables".

Give me another break..
Does apples have oranges.

You are the D-bag, since your little team has cheated for years and are on the verge of an investigation themselves.

Go 'Canes

Just sayin

You and the rocket scientists (Calvin,Gallo, Cool cat)-should be on the Big bang theory- you know being that you all are such geniuses and all.

To pain this 17 year old not yet out of hig hschool kid as a thug bc he wrecked his car against a tree, stupidly drov off and scratched another, is a sign of how desperate the gators and haters have become to find anything. Anything. You all are pathetic

Just sayin

UGo and 9>5 you girls have such thin skin. Nobody called Olson a thug, a dumbarse maybe. And you fools are the first ones to jump on any bad news from Gainesville, just witness your chronic insane poster that changes names constantly most recently using Jim Gallo and hit and run Bernie.
Just grow a pair and take it for what it is, back and forth banter between rivals.
Stop pretending to be above the fray.
Look Olson just hit another tree.
Soon he will have more hit trees than completions.

Quick Thursday update: UM has lost out on another defensive tackle that it coveted. Delvon Simmons, who is transferring from Texas Tech (where he was a quality starter), announced this afternoon he has picked USC over UM. Simmons visited here over Memorial Day weekend. He would not have been eligible until the 2014 season. DT remains a UM priority, especially with Curtis Porter entering his senior season.


We didn't need that potential All-American and 1st. Round Draft pick DT from Texas ! He didn't want to come here to compete with o[]_[]r completely void D.T.'s that aren't on the roster...

Besides, we have 6-7 Q.B.'s and 8-9 T.E.'s that can fill in at D.T.!

[]_[] have to listen to Corch Goldie with Joe Rose and Sedano from today on WQAM . com...

G[]_[]y sounds like he's downed a gallon of C[]_[]ban Coffe and about to have a nervo[]_[]s breakdown Himmming n Hahhhhing about where the "state" of d[]_[]h []_[] is and his 2014 Q.B. Kevin "The Keg" Olsen...

Quote of the day with Joe Rose... "We are still VERY Yo[]_[]ng at key positions and many kids got "nicked" []_[]p during the Spring."

It's June and []_[]r Still yo[]_[]ng and already beat []_[]p Corch ?

The HEAT is getting to this in over his head 8th. choice fillin.

Let the Exc[]_[]ses Begin Corch... Paaaaathetic Loooosers.

The corch is corch plumber muschump.

Muschump had half a team of gaytors this spring. And one pointy eared qb

Who is your #2 QB gaytr boys?

Trey burton again?

So let me get this right. People can get in here and curse and write all kind of crap and I get blocked.lol you should be trying to block all this ridiculous bs all these idiots write on here bringing down this blog. At least I get on here and talk about football.

My cousin is a minority and? What grown man answers for someone else.

ARTY... You are the BEST !!!

But I am GREAT too... We should both have our Keyboards Bronzed !!!

GATORS... S.E.C. ... ARTY ... and ME ...


Really Dennis the drunk? You could find him asleep and drunk in the grove any given night.

2012 / 2013 Golden Casualties - Disciplinary Issues

vernon davis - RB
darion hall - RB
storm johnson - RB (backup)
kevin nelson - LB
andrew tallman - TE
billy sanders - TE
cj holton - FB
adarius johnson - WR
keion payne - DB
devonta davis - DB
jermaine barton - OL
ray ray armstrong - S
thomas finnie - CB
gionni paul - LB
travis williams - LB
jamal reid - DB
kelvin cain - LB
Vaughn telemaque - S
tracy howard - CB
curtis porter - DT
luther robinson - DT
jeffery brown - DT
darius smith - DT
alex collins - RB
denver kirkland - OL
terrell brooks - DT
matthew thomas - LB
jaynard bostwick - DT
keith bryant - DT
luther campbell - #1 UM fan
tim ice harris - feeder coach
northwestern - feeder school
booker T - feeder school
carol city - feeder school
miami central - feeder school
norland - feeder school
Terry Richardson - RB coach
Jedd Fisch - Offensive coordinator
Geroge Mcdonald - WR coach
Mario Christobal - Head coach
Eddie Johnson - LB
Rashawn Scott-currently out of the discipline bull pen
Gabe Terry - LB
Robert Lockhart - WR
Sony Michel - RB
Preston Dewey - QB (backup)
Alin Edouard - QB
Ricardo Williams - DE
delvon Simmons - DT

Another quality DT recruit spurns UM, why is this news? This is the normal way things are, USC was after him. No good player on defense wants to come here unless he has no other choice. Go back to competing with Middle Tenn or North Arkansas for players. Those you can get. When will you learn.
In other news Kevin "The Keg" Olson is reported to have hit a mailbox and run over the neighbor's cat last night. He was quoted as sayng "can't wait to get to South Beach"

Oh, Soldy. You were dreamy last night.

I love yo[]_[]r blubbery zitty skin against my hairy arse.

WE are both the best together, my love.

Bernie Machen seen on side of I-10 with a sign that says "Will hit and Run for money."

Seems he needs some money to fix the rat-trap that is UFailure.

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