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Report: Incoming UM quarterback Kevin Olsen charged in one-car crash

BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN, sdegnan@MiamiHerald.com

Kevin OlsenThe University of Miami’s quarterback of the future, Wayne Hills, N.J., High School senior and soon-to-be graduate Kevin Olsen, was charged with “leaving the scene of an accident after he smashed his car into a vehicle in his hometown of Wayne” on May 25, according to court records reported Monday by The Wayne Patch local newspaper. 

Olsen “was additionally charged with failure to report an accident and careless driving” after the incident was witnessed by a bystander who said the quarterback “crashed his car into a tree and drove away,” according to the Wayne Patch. 

After checking out the damage, the report said, Olsen hit another car “parked on the road” in the neighborhood while leaving the scene. 

According to the paper, the police report said Olsen’s face appeared to have blood on it and that he “appeared to be under the influence of something.” 

He is reportedly scheduled to appear in Wayne Municipal Court on June 20. 

Olsen’s older brother Greg was a tight end for the Hurricanes and now plays for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. Kevin Olsen is scheduled to report to UM to begin his collegiate career this summer.

The university said Tuesday it was unaware of Olsen's legal situation. "We are still trying to gather information about what happened," said Chris Yandle, UM's director of communications for athletics.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Tampa Bay Times, Lara Cerri


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The six-foot, 200-pound Tucker shared the American Heritage backfield with Sony Michel, and that earned him interest from Texas, Wisconsin and Alabama. But Tucker's commitment to track scared many of the top teams away.

June 6, 2013|By Dieter Kurtenbach, Sun Sentinel

with all due respect SidCane. What the above writer wrote simply is an embelishment and not true. Tucker recieved no Big School offers. Now there was a rumor that Saban knows someone that knows Tuckers family (he's a good kid from a good family) and the grapevine started that Saban would allow him to walkon if he went to Bama for Track. And then somehow it turned into a schollie offer. Not a chance Saban throws away a schollie there when he can use it on a borderline 4-Star D-Lineman that might not see the field for 4 years after a redshirt and contribute for 2 years. That mentality is why Bama is where they are at and We are tossing around schollies to 2-3 Star kids that we hope can help immediately or certainly by their second year.

It's a formula that can't sustain itself over a period of time before injuries, failouts, kickedoff and transfers dooms it. Not blaming Golden. He really doesn't have much of a choice when the Top 150-200 Kids get swooped up by the Top 10-15 programs. We are then left fighting it out over the barely 4 and 3 Star kids with the Top- 18-50 Programs.

It's tough but it's the situation we are in. Depth is the key and a disadvantage for the Programs like us now. I believe over time it could change and hope it does. I just hope Golden realizes it and can impliment it.

Why can't []_[] just admit that the old days are gone Cane Cl[]_[]cks ? Kids now have ZERO idea what the st[]_[]pid sayings "The []_[]" and "It's A (was back in the 80's) A Cane Thang" even means. They were 4 years old the last time []_[] Won anything. Face it, for a Decade []_[] have recruited way outside the relevant box and ain't getting back in due to Facilities, Irrelevancy, playing in the ACC that's 2-15 in BCS Games, Pathetic 25K Fan S[]_[]pport and playing []_[] game 30 miles from Camp[]_[]s in another County.

J[]_[]st take []_[]r 7-5 and 8-4 bi-yearly mediocrity and Sh[]_[]t []_[]p...

SAVE O[]_[]R TREES !!!


Posted by: Why Do []_[] Have A []_[] On []_[]r Helmet When []_[] are The H[]_[]rricanes ? ... Axed The 21st. Cent[]_[]ry Cane Recr[]_[]it | June 07, 2013 at 12:46"

Hey, Pig. Get back to sleep. Your Costco shift starts in 7 hours.

Try to blow Vagotis before your shift starts.

What the Pig say:

Bluhb, bluhb, bluhb, []_[] Have A []_[] , bluhb, bluhb, bluhb, []_[] Have A []_[], duhhhh, duhhh, duhhhh, unintelligible idiot speak blubh.

You still suck, Pig.

More Relevant cane sport news:

1 - Just like in football the canes get shut out of the first round of the draft again. No canes were taken in the first round of the MLB draft. Uf had a player taken as well as several ACC and SEC schools.
No cane was taken in the second round either.

2 - Another DT decides to transfer from UM

3 - QB of the future Kevin "The Keg" Olson charged in under the influence hit and run accident

4 - coveted DT recruit chooses USC and spurns Dah U

5 - MLB on the verge of suspending Braun and several former cane players for PED abuse. All guilty parties have ties to Miami, including a cane trainer fired last year for PED purchases at the Coral Gables Biogenesis clinic. There is a report that Braun received PEDs from Biogenesis while playing at UM

6 - NCAA is 6 days away from handing down punishment in the massive cheating scandal involving cane booster and #1 fan Nevin Shapiro

7 - Current cane player Dye files a frivolous police report in Coral Gables accusing an NCAA of coercion. The CG PD promptly refers him to the state attorneys office while holding back laughter.


I already annihilated your idiocy. One UFailure draftee is definitely an improvement over the 100 years of nothing.

Like Nebraska said to you back in the day, "Act like you've been there before," which, in the case of a baseball championship, is never Gatr Trash. Nothing but cowardice and failure. Oh, Sully, why are you such an awful baseball coach? Is it the stench in the trailerpark?

Check Bernie Machen's policy blotter for the real criminal in all of this.

C'mon, Bernie, you are the leader of a white-trash poor academic institution, you should know.....well, on second thought, forget that.

Carry on you dumb 'necks.

Oh man, coral gables informer just destroyed []_[]

Mississippi State Football Program self imposes 2 years Probation... No Bowl Bans... 4 less official Recruit visits a year for 2 years ... And 4 Schollies over 4 years meaning 1 Schollie less per year over 4 years...

The NCAA's reply ?

That'll Do... Bulldogs did it right they say.

See... []_[] should've Hired Dan Mullen.


You should have hired a dietician and a dermatologist you sick Pig.

Was that self probation for te 380000 they paid cams family for him to go to auburn. Lol no this was for some new stuff. The NCAA is not bothering that one. It was only the Feds that got him.

All you gaytor f-a-g-z are funny on here......Miami is going to destroy you guys. Florida probably has the smallest DB's I've ever seen in my life. Your biggest safety is around 190......Miami's receivers are going to look like TE to them. Your linebacker's should be moved to safety because they are tiny too! Good luck next year gaytors.....You'll need it all year long

Football coaches over the age of 23 that refer to themselves by a cool name ARE indeed VERY cool.

it's getting good Arty

gonna be a great Summer on the River n Lake

What a hot steaming pile of sheet UM athletics are. And the cold hard ugly truth is that it's about to get worse. High comedy.

[]_[] truly haven't seen the bottom yet

Soldy, my boy. HOLA!

Louisville just scored on us again during the spring game.

Posted by: Why Do []_[] Have A []_[] On []_[]r Helmet

If we've been irrelevant for 10 years and you've been posting here the entire time, what does that make you?

Turds need to get as much smack talk in now while they can....Sept 7 is approaching fast.

Welcome to the U! 4 star LB Juwon Young committed to Miami about 40 mins ago

Bet []_[] can't wait to get this whole NCAA behind []_[] h[]_[]h ?

Tony Bosch, a H[]_[]GE Cane fan and Booster, and his PED Candy Store right across from the []_[] doling out []_[] T[]_[]ff Vitamin PED shots to M[]_[]ltiple Cane Atheletes in M[]_[]tiple Sports will be the next scandal on []_[]r agenda...

Nothing to see there riiieet Cane Cl[]_[]cks ?

CONGRATS on Juwon Young !!!

B[]_[]t let's get the facts skraaat though shall we Cane Cl[]_[]cks...

LB Juwon Young 3-Star that Florida, Florida St., UCF or ANY Top School DID NOT offer.. Only Appy St., La. Lafayette, Middle Tenn.,UNC, Old Dominion and Western Kentucky...

Y[]_[]p, those are the Schools that []_[] compete with for average talent that Top Programs wouldn't even consider... It's exactly who []_[] are and where []_[]r at. Maybe if []_[] joined the above schools that offered this stiff's Conference, []_[] might Win a Conference Championship.

B[]_[]t REJOICE Cane Cl[]_[]cks !!! []_[] got another Blocking D[]_[]mmy Sco[]_[]t Player to Commit ! GOLDEN'S on a 2-3 Star Project Roll !!!

Here's what a real Commit to celebrate looks like Cane Cl[]_[]ck ...

Immokalee's Jackson Officially A Gator ...

Less than a week after decommitting from Florida State, Consensus 4-Star Immokalee athlete J.C. Jackson is officially a Gator.

The 5-foot-10, 180-pounder pledged to Florida following the Will Muschamp Football Camp on Saturday, which was his fifth trip to Gainesville.

“It was my best option, so I just went ahead and committed,” Jackson said. “It’s very solid. I’m going to stick with the Gators.”

Jackson selected the Seminoles, who recruited him at receiver, in March of 2012 but began wavering this February. After UF’s Junior Day, he named the Gators his leader despite being committed to FSU.

Jackson visited Florida two more times prior to this weekend and was seen twice by defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson in last month’s evaluation period.

The UF coaches wanted Jackson as a cornerback, his preferred position, and his relationship with them ultimately won him over.

"They started yelling and got happy," he said of the staff’s reaction. “It was nice.”

The Gators now have nine verbal commitments in their 2014 class, including four ESPN150 members with the addition of Jackson.


[]_[] now get what a Consensus, ESPN Top-150, across the board 4-Star offerd by Florida St., Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Tenn. and Miami (bwwwaahhaahhaaahaaa) looks like ?

Don't []_[] fret tho[]_[]gh, word is Al has his eye on more Jersey Shore Boys pl[]_[]s a few more Nigerian D-Linemen, altho[]_[]gh they're Soccer players can be developed as projects.

Ed Reed was a 2 star player out of High School as was JJ Watt... if you only offered kids rated 4 and 5 stars by rivals and ESPN then you're going to lose out on a lot good players. Every year Florida signs so called elite recruits and they don't have a single Championship to show for it.

Men's Outdoor Track National CHAMPIONS !!! The 2012-13 GATOR Sports Seasons comes to close for UF...



It's Great to be a Florida Gator !


[]_[] ? 1 lone once every 50 years Conference Hoops Title in a Down ACC year ?

Anything else ? Debate ?

Sources: SI to publish tell-all report on NCAA’s UM probe

By Barry Jackson The Miami Herald

Sources said Sports Illustrated will reveal, among other things, that Nevin Shapiro used inside information from UM coaches to gamble.

It's abo[]_[]t to BLOW []_[]P IN HERE !!!

lemme g[]_[]ess... SI's multiple sources are felons and liars riiieet ?

More TMZ Corch Golden ? Nope... It's A CANE THANG Corch... []_[] wouldn't []_[]nderstand being a Penn. St. Paterno Boy... Has been for Decades... Maybe []_[]'ll learn someday soon when []_[]r Coaching some place else.

Gator cluck....he has to sign before its official.....typical uneducated gator...

No one on this board has ever played football.

***Not only did UM last week add two-star linebacker and Plantation American Heritage graduate Walter Tucker — an elite hurdler who had no other football scholarship offers — to its 2013 class, but Canesport.com said UM also offered a 2013 football scholarship to a player who has never played football: New York-based Connor Center.***


WOOOO HOOOO !!!! []_[] gots a 2-Star stiff track guy that NOBODY offered !!! And a NO-STAR TE that nobody has offered and has NEVER PLAYED FOOTBALL IN HIS LIFE !!! []_[] GOTZ 15 T.E.'s NOW !!! Corch GOLDEN is a GENI[]_[]S !!! He is the KING of and gets the award for the []_[]nder the Radar, b[]_[]ried deep in a b[]_[]nker No and 2 Star, he's a football player? Corch of the Decade award. ! Projects GALORE !


***Meanwhile, Albany, Ga.-based linebacker Juwan Young on Saturday became UM's 10th oral commitment for the 2014 class, picking UM over North Carolina, Mississippi, Western Kentucky and others. Rated a three-star prospect by rivals.com, the 6-2, 228-pound Young had 118 tackles, 10 sacks and 8 forced fumbles last season.***


PRAISE GOD !!! A L.B. Finally and from talent Rich Georgia !!! Too Bad Georgia, Ga. Tech, Florida, Fla. St. and any other Top-Program never even considered offering this average Backup scout teamer... But Appy St., La. Lafayette, Middle Tenn.,UNC, Old Dominion and Western Kentucky were Hot for this small school D-2 Talent and []_[] GOT HIM !!! More Projects for the C.A.N.E.S !!!


Seriously, when will []_[] realize and get sick of all these below average talented players that can't play at a high D-1 level that Golden is signing in droves and say that's en[]_[]ff !!! ? It pathetic. Don't []_[] know that Top kids look at []_[]r commit list and say to themselves, I don't want to be a part of that. As opposed to looking at the Talent of Top-10-15 programs with High 3, 4 and 5 Stars and wanting to be a part of that... Golden is so focused on starting his Recruiting classes with low level players and then HOPING some Top talent will come aboard. While Top Teams Stock their Recruiting Classes firstly with 4-5 Stars, then in Feb. if there are spots open will settle with lower 3 and 2-Stars to fill out the class... Al loves stocking up on []_[]gly Girls hoping the pretty ones will come around someday. But those pretty girls see that []_[] hang around with Dogs and don't want their fleas.

[]_[] will say, trust in Al, but watch during the Season and as it progresses how Top-Teams will stock up on the Top-150-200 kids and []_[] will be left empty handed in Feb only to sign more 2-Star projects... B[]_[]t hey, []_[] were in the Top-10 in recruiting, based solely on average quantity in June !!! YEEEAAAAAAHHHH !!!!

[]_[] Cl[]_[]cks, like []_[]r Cl[]_[]less Head Corch just don't get it.


yeah yeah ... All 20+ No and 2 Star kids []_[] now have on []_[]r depthless roster will be the next Ed Reeds ...

If Kevin "The Keg" Olsen slams into a tree this morning and no one is around to see or hear it, did it actually happen or make a sound ?

Or did Kev "The Keg" just re-crank up his car and drive home ?

Jeez, this story is 5 days old. It makes Olsen look like an already convicted criminal and Miami look bad. Can we please get a new blog up ? How about something on the 3 players that recently committed and the 6-8 TE that might commit perhaps ? Or Coach Golden's Camp progress ?

And just so you know, which you don't, Juwan Young is a Beast and will be the next Ray Lewis and All-American Cane at MLB !

Go Canes !

PLEASE !!! We need some good news ! S.I. has nothing, Shacrapo is still lying and the NCAA will drop all charges cause they have nothing either. You'll see !

I am a floriduh fan

I have no fron t teef left- due to chewbaccy and crack

I celebrate the gaytrs 5 star recruits... all of them. And the fact theat they play in such a tough conference

My gators are choc full of 4 and 5 star recruits.

Problem is...

My gators got their face smushed in by Big East powerhouse Louisville ( NOt even the Big East champion for that matter)

My 4- 5 star recruit full gators nearly lost to the rajin cajuns at home.

My 4-5 star gators havent wonanything since Saint Tebow left

Last i checked we had 2 five stars and the only other team that did too was texas a&m. We are currently ranked #12 without our two latest commits added to the list. Some publications (plural)have UM ranked in the top 25 for the up coming season based on the offensive side of the ball only. Defense is questionable ,but with getting experience last year and gaining size in the offseason,our young players will only be better.....cant wait for August....

Shapiro is so desperate, it's hilarious. As if he didn't alresdy sill everything he had on um, now he feels the need to reach. Glad this dude is wasting away in jail.

I think tjis Gator fan might be shapiro himself.

Posted by: No-Star - 2-Star Project []_[] ... | June 09, 2013 at 02:25 AM

Gallo - is there anything, anything at all you could say about UM football that makes up for the fact that you personally are a complete loser who's obsessed with internet trolling?

When's Sports Illustrated coming out ?

Louisville just scored on Florida again.

Gallo is a Florida person trying to scare recruits. Ignore it.

I'm jujst waiting to see how our secondary is being asked to line up again this year. With the speed we have in the secondary for sure now, deon bush can got speed to burn, jenkins has spped, tracy howard has speed, crawford, hope and add in carter all have speed, than here comes artie burns who we know has speed. So if i see we're still asking our db's to start off lined up 10 yards off the receiver and than start running back even before the ball is hiked while giving up 7 to 10 yard out routes, goldie, clown 117th & p.w. all need to be slapped than fired.

If jawand blue is a non-factor this year, we know why, he's beng asked to get to big. tyriq mccord is being asked to do things away from his strengths as a football player. Trying to force tyriq to play in space is a waste of that man's talent.

Year 3, of the goldie plan, with only 2 recruiting classes affected the 2011 class was not affected by the investigation, i'm not sure why coach goldie keeps trying to put that out there, he's definitely saying 2 different things. About 1 week before the season started last year, coach goldie said that was the first he had heard of the situation and got blind-sided, the 2011 signing class took place in February of that same year. Than this year he keeps saying, 3 recruiting classes have been affected, ad this was before February this year.

I would luv for caoch goldie to clarify these statements since ray ray armstrong & aldarius johnsn both got dismissed from the team because accroding to goldie "they were being unTruthful".

Well if that's the case, why is coach goldie still here, a list of goldie un-Truths:

* 3 recruiting classes have been affected since i've been here (the 2011 class was laready signed and delivered)
* On why denver kirklands schalorship was snatched up: "Again, we working with a hard number and had no room to work with".(lockley, alex figs2nd, corn elder, derrick griffin & now tucker, all added tothe 2013 class since signing day)
* Continuing to try and tell everyone who will listen how oach OH-NO was the best available option to come to UM, in the meantime, the defense is sitting at 117th in the nation.
* After saying he wouldn't pull a local kids schalorship at the last minute, all of a sudden now, kirkalnd is in arkansas
*goldie first came in saying basically kids must come to camp in order to receive a scahlorship, all of a sudden now, it better not be True that we just offered some kid a schalorship who has never even played football and just sent in a work-ot tape.
*Why is skai moore at the University of South Carolina, how did he escape this "Eye of the Hurricane" recruiting approach goldie said he had.
*Coach goldie said there was defensive depth, but continued to move players to the offensive side of the ball and cut defensive players.

Calvin please give it a rest , damn your bs is so old and stale . Why dont you do your job and let AG do his?Kirkland was a victim of his own ego , Ray Ray was overated and kept screwing up , I don't know the specific of Aldarius and neither do you . The defensive players that were cut were a product of thier own stupidity. Idon't know what your infatuation with Skai Moore is but he is in South Carolina because thats where he chose to go . This is the year that it should come together for us and if it does'nt we will make the needed adjustments whether it be a new DC or Head coach and DC . I am just so tired of hearing the same whining from you day after day after day Damn . Go Canes

I would like cAlvin to clarify what he meant when he said that Coach Hurlie Brown has at least has credibility from a social standpoint. Fat chance of that ever happening though. Lol.

Just a few of cAlvin's LIES:

1. cAlvin said that Donna Shalala said that "UM was recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami".

TRUTH: Telly Lockett, former coach of Miami Central H.S. said that he just thought that UM was recruiting a diffrent kind of athlete.

2. cAlvin siad that the University of Texas wanted Shannon to be their Defensive Coordinator and Head Coach in waiting but didn't want to pay him the money that he would have lost from Miami.

TRUTH: Texas did offer him their DC job BUT Shannon accepted the Head Coaching job at Miami INSTEAD.

3. cAlvin when confronted with the "truth" about the timing of the Texas DC job offer, replied with another lie: "This exactly why they came back after him once he was free again, in fact they wanted him as the Head Coach in waiting".

TRUTH: Texas NEVER contacted Shannon AFTER he was fired by Miami. They snatched up Manny Diaz who turned around Mississippi State's defense only 24 days after Will Mushcamp took the Florida job.

4. cAlvin said "Come on man, it's common sense that no school wanted to hire Shannon in the midst of him having to sue Miami as well. Do you really think Shannon could have just walked right into another University after being fired an owed money by another University, that's just not common sense, and that's BEFORE the lawsuit."

TRUTH: Shannon interviewed for and was offered the Maryland D-Coordinator job a mere 4 months after he was fired by Miami. So which is it? No school wanted to hire him or Texas went after him after he was free again or he just went on the interview at Maryland for the "experience"? Below is the link AGAIN to Shannon saying why he took a year off from coaching.


5. Even after being corrected, cAlvin continues to stand by "his" stats that Miami was the 117th ranked defense last season.

TRUTH: Colorado was ranked 117th. Miami wasn't much better coming in at 116th.

6. cAlvin QUOTED Ed Reed as saying "Hell Naw, I'mma veteran dawg" when trying to play up John Harbaugh as not being weak minded like Al Golden and being able to handle what's perceived as direspect.

TRUTH: While Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard were vocal about their displeasure of practicing in full pads after they were destroyed by the Texans.. cAlvin simply made that quote up.

As for Harbaugh not being weak minded and being able to handled preceived lack of respect.. Funny how they made no effort to resign Ed Reed and they cut Bernard Pollard. Just a coincidence?

The hard number of scholarships was two fold, by position and total scholarships. We didn't get every kid that he had allocated a scholarship for (Alex Collins, Matthew Thomas, etc, etc) so adding guys after national signing day to fill those scholarships is not that big of a deal. Factor that in with the info of the NCAA mishandling the investigation and Miami getting more aggressive against the NCAA and its not hard to see why they started signing more players.

White people with their Driving under the influence.

This is the year that it should come together for us and if it does'nt we will make the needed adjustments whether it be a new DC or Head coach and DC. -Sarasota Cane
Oh contraire Pierre. There is almost nothing Goldenfraude could do to get fired. He is the perfect fit for Fuhrer Donna. Blows the kids noses and boots those with character issues just like the HC of a clean image mid-tier should. If you think going sub .500 will get him booted you are dumber than I thought 'Sota.

Winning is no longer a priority. But by all means throw up a []_[] and make proclamations about winning that only make you looker dumber(er).

Um is now taking commitments from HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE players. That TE has the worst hands Ive ever seen. Go watch his laughable workout and then come back and tell me I'm wrong. But yeah, he's prolly the next Shockey.

What a hit steaming mess your football program is. But yeah, []_[]r back

it really is fun huh Arty


It's just too dammm easy anymore Soldy. Go watch that TE's workout tape. It's utterly shocking that this guy gets a SCHOLLIE. He's GARBAGE. Laziest hands on earth.

Calvin is a moron. A gator in disguise.


I also like how the truth is coming out about how much a piece of donkey ---it Shapiro is and was- he set up all of these people in Miami for his own intentions. Sure many were adults and took the bait just like all of his clients took the bait totalling 900,000,000 dollars, but many were young impressionable poor athletes. This piece of dirt (an insult to dirt) je-w ( an insult to jews) had ulterior motives in mind from day one. Its amazing to see how when someone flashes cash, people just fall all over themselves. The greed nature of human beings. Now innocent people are paying the price.

But it was about time for SI to join in. Let's see what they say. Wonder what the cover is going to be = " Why the Univ of Miami should shut down their football program, part deux"

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