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Report: Incoming UM quarterback Kevin Olsen charged in one-car crash

BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN, sdegnan@MiamiHerald.com

Kevin OlsenThe University of Miami’s quarterback of the future, Wayne Hills, N.J., High School senior and soon-to-be graduate Kevin Olsen, was charged with “leaving the scene of an accident after he smashed his car into a vehicle in his hometown of Wayne” on May 25, according to court records reported Monday by The Wayne Patch local newspaper. 

Olsen “was additionally charged with failure to report an accident and careless driving” after the incident was witnessed by a bystander who said the quarterback “crashed his car into a tree and drove away,” according to the Wayne Patch. 

After checking out the damage, the report said, Olsen hit another car “parked on the road” in the neighborhood while leaving the scene. 

According to the paper, the police report said Olsen’s face appeared to have blood on it and that he “appeared to be under the influence of something.” 

He is reportedly scheduled to appear in Wayne Municipal Court on June 20. 

Olsen’s older brother Greg was a tight end for the Hurricanes and now plays for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. Kevin Olsen is scheduled to report to UM to begin his collegiate career this summer.

The university said Tuesday it was unaware of Olsen's legal situation. "We are still trying to gather information about what happened," said Chris Yandle, UM's director of communications for athletics.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Tampa Bay Times, Lara Cerri


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And the ignorant Montreal Cane aka canesrule aka 9>5>2 shows what a racist POS he is. Typical Canadian COWARD

The rent is too damn high.

Is there really a sports illustrated still???

Sports Illustrated is a joke and their readership is almost all gone due to the garbage they print.

After almost 3 years and all of the investigating by Robinson of Yahoo! does anybody believe that Sports Illustrated uncovered a smoking gun? Of course not!

Sports Illustrated is desperate to keep their doors open, thus they know the University of Miami's world renown brand name will garner huge interest.

The story they are going to print will be mostly a rehashing and sensationalizing of what has been already made public, while adding in wild lies that Shapiro wants to desperately get out there...it's a pathetic partnering of two corrupt entities.

Finally, never forget that Sports Illustrated called for Miami football to be abolished in a article that has gone down in history as complete insanity.

The U dominated cfb between 2000-2003. Between the BCS good ol boy network and the chump referee at the fiesta bowl they prevented miami from winning THREE conescutive nat championships. That was only Four yrs after the SI article calling for the U to be shut down

Of course gator fans would love that. They would never have to play us again!

I dont think 952 is racist

He spoke the truth, ya dumbsheet

If Miami is so bad why are there so many Florida people here 24-7? Ps...Louisville just scored on you again.

how does it feel knowing nick Saban made your hero QB cry on national TV?

I luv to see all these goldie slurper's come out in full force trying to defend the indefensible. 13 & 11 and somehow these bozo's act like he's earned his UM stripes. No headcoach at UM who hasn't been a part of bringing a national championship to Miami gets a free pass and are outsiders until they bring a national championship here. Coach acting as if he's the first headcoach who invented playing alot of young players with that "self inflicted" defensive depth chart.

vaughn telemaque and ray ray armstrong were draft picks under coach shannon, under coach goldie they didn't even sniff the draft. This is why the max exoudous of juniors took place. brandon harris took off and kept his 2nd round draft pick status. Had brandon harris stayed one more year under coach goldie and that b.s. defensive scheme, brandon harris would've dropped down to more than likely the 3rd or 4th round.

Shannon brought the talent level back up at UM, twn 2nd round draft picks, had shannon still been here, we've have a 1st round draft pick coming up real soon.
aldarius johnson got kicked off the team because he wouldn't snitch on himself like the other guys did bozo GA Cane, you foolish arse is all the way in GA trying to tell people from Miami what we don't know, lol, you sound just like al goldie and clown 117th,talking about stop other teams offenses. aj2 stayed True, it's clear coach goldie don't want guys who got their own individual personalities on the team and who got a strong will. Alot of those type guys keep getting escorted outta here.

Again the mandate from troll shalala "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" is in full affect. That's what happens when you have a woman in charge trying to be a shot caller on a man's sport. howard, jimmy and even dennis erickson would've had her in check. The further you keep her away from the football team, the more winning will start happening, but we must first keep clown 117th away as well!

Also, let's keep up with the offensive recruits, but if that scrub who sent in his workout video gets a football schalorship from coach goldie, all his credibility goes out the window. If that's the evaluation process now, the good news is, he won't be here long.

Jim you have been around Canes football along time. Probably the senior on this post. Sometimes are emotions get in the way of reality. You say Calvin is wrong. Is he really wrong.about the football program and the coaches.Has Calvin for seen the future of canes football under Al Golden and trying to warn us.We all see the questionable talent he is handing out scholarships too and the schedule changes.Rick Flair famous quote. In order to be the man. You must beat the man. You can't beat the man by ducking the man. The man is the SEC..I ask you Jim where would the canes be ranked in the SEC today if they were members with Al coaching.

If you noticed, cAlvin has been ducking every post that calls him out on his lies. He won't even say what he meant by Coach Hurlie Brown at least having credibility from a social standpoint. Ask him to simply provide his source or a link to refute any of "calvin's lies". He won't because he wasn't being honest. Just trying to pass off speculation as truth and flat out made other stuff up. No matter how times he repeats his lies, it doesn't make them true. Like I told him several times before, he's entitled to his opinion but not his own set of facts.

As for these recruits, the recruits are being peppered with horror stories of post season bans, huge scholarship reductions, and possible death penalty. If cAlvin or Gallo think that this cloud hanging over the program for 2 years hasn't affected recruiting than they are either on the short bus or in denial due to their hatred for Golden.

With most of the elite recruits, they want a shot on the big stage (BCS Bowls) and a chance to play for a National Championship. I don't blame them for that at all. Most of these kids today were too young for Pop Warner when the Canes last won a NC. The Canes brand doesn't have that same sense of mystic to them as those of us who were watching UM blow out teams 56-7 and wearing cameo pants and wife beaters to a press conference. That's just the simple truth and whether they want to acknowledge that or blame Golden is on them. I believe it was Butch Davis who said something along the lines of that he would rather have a hungry and driven 3 star recruit over a 5 star recruit who thinks that they have already arrived. Ed Reed was a 2 star rated recruit out of high school and he's the best safety to ever play at Miami and one of the best safties to ever play in the NFL. When you look at these 17 and 18 year old young men, you do a lot of projecting on how they are going to fill out their frames. Some haven't been pushed in the weight room, some eat like normal kids their age (a lot of junk food) and the position that they played in high school might not be what they should be playing in college. Heck, some might have even peaked physically in high school so while their production is high end right now, their ceiling might be a lower than another prospective recruits. If you guys think cAlvin is some kind of expert at projecting what position and what weight these kids should playing at then you're a bigger fool than he is. When Al Golden took over only 10 or 11 kids could bench 225 pounds 20 times or more and NOBODY could do it 30 times. Now over 20 kids can do it and almost 10 can do it 30 times. If you want to compete with the SEC then you need to match their strength in the trenches instead of just matching their speed and athletes. Personally, I want Onofrio fired because our defense was beyond horrible and finishing 116th (look it up Calvin) is unacceptable. However, I'm not going to blast Golden and pretend that I know more than him. That's cAlvin and Gallo's thing.

As for the schedule, look at the SEC teams and the schedule that they play. That is a very top heavy conference and they schedule a lot of easy wins. With the NCAA switching to a 4 team playoff, you're going to see a lot of college teams fill out their non conference games with very winnable games. Florida and Alabama has been doing it for years. That's the direction that College Football has been going. I personally would like to see Florida State, Miami, and Florida play each other every year but it's not going to happen. We are not BACK yet and we still need better depth but until this NCAA storm passes, we need to keep signing the kids that want to be Canes and will put the team before themselves.

Sports Illustrated comes out on Wednesdays right ?

#1 gators- #1 in what? Oh yeah...lady's gymnastics. I forgot. Because in softball,your perennially favored team choked the big salami. And in basketball your overrated team choked thebig kilbasse. And in football your overhyped team choked the big sausage. In baseball, your perennially overrated team choked the big aluminum bat.

Neither FSU nor UF have won a national champiosnhip in baseball. Miami has 4.

Another one of Calvin's gross exaggerations and another one of his garbage posts. He opens up hisposts byimplyingthat many Golden supporters keep giving the guy a break even though his 2 (yes TWO!) year record is 13-11.

What was Shannon's record after two years you effing HYPOCRITE RACIST?

Did you come on here lambasting him?

Vaughn Telemaque and Ray RAy draft material under Shannon but busts under Golden. Those two gopt every chjance they could to prove themselves for the last 2 years under Golden. IT WAS 100% THEIR FAULT THAT THEY COULDNT PLAY OR PROGRESS WORTH A DANGED. IF THEY WERE SO GOOD AS FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES WHY DID THE NFL SEE THEIR SUPPOSED UNDERLYING INHERENT TALENT AND DRAFT THEM HIGH ANYWAY?

What about your boy Jacorry? aka J70 as you called him? Where he at? What NFL team does he play for?

Calvin your posts are getting dumber and dumber as time passes.

Get to know him ... []_[] will.

UF's Fowler Ready For Challenge of Second Year

The transition that began 16 months ago is now complete, and indisputable. The evidence can be found in Dante Fowler's house back in St. Petersburg, especially in his father's closet, where orange and blue now hangs where all that garnet and gold once did.

From Seminole to Gator. It's been a family transformation for the Fowlers, one that is now complete.

“We gave (all the FSU shirts and hats) away,” Fowler said. “Everything FSU is gone. Strictly Gator. All Gator stuff now.

“It was a little hard for (my dad) at first, but he started wearing some of the Florida stuff to go to the barber shop and everyone would say, ‘You're wearing orange and blue now.' Everything FSU is gone.

“We turned him around. He's actually glad now that I made the decision to come here. I think in the end, this was the best decision for me. I'm just very happy now.”

Anyone who even remotely follows college football recruiting knows the Dante Fowler story. Maybe saga is a better term.

He grew up in a Florida State environment, raised by a father who was a die-hard Seminoles fan.

“The first helmet and jersey I ever put on was Florida State,” Fowler said. “I was like four years old.

“I still remember days when (the Seminoles) used to play Florida and my dad would invite all of his friends over to watch the game.”

To the surprise of no one, Fowler committed to the Seminoles before his junior year at St. Petersburg Lakewood. He seemed an absolute lock to honor that commitment on National Signing Day 2012.

But that did not deter Will Muschamp from continuing to recruit him. Muschamp and the Gators kept coming on, building a relationship with Fowler, and suddenly late in the recruiting process Fowler found himself with a difficult decision to make.

“I really didn't know (who I was going to sign with),” he said. “I told my parents to go to the mall and get the hats (UF and FSU) because I still didn't know. I couldn't sleep the night before signing day. When I got up in the morning, it really hit me. I knew Florida was the best decision for me.

“Getting to know all the (UF players) and the coaching staff and getting a good bond with coach Muschamp and knowing the recruiting class I would be coming in with, I knew this was the best place for me to be.”

It was a stunning signing day surprise, one that wounded his father, he said. But only slightly.

“He took it fine, but you could still tell he had a little bit of sadness in him,” Fowler said. “He always dreamed about me going to Florida State. But at the end of the day, he respected my decision. He was 100 percent with it. He said, ‘I'm going to support you wherever you go.' ”

Sixteen months and a Gator victory at Doak Campbell Stadium later, Fowler has moved past Florida State. Now, he's ready to move up at Florida, where big things are expected of the defensive end/outside linebacker in 2013 after playing in all 13 games last season and making CBS' Freshman All-American team.

Fowler expects big things from himself, and the former five-star recruit is putting in the work this summer to make it happen.

He's lost weight, gained strength and already has a valuable year of playing experience in the SEC.

“This is the first time I've actually been in the offseason workouts. I was still in high school this time a year ago,” he said. “I'm just getting stronger, working on the things I need to work on to get better, losing some of the baby fat I had last season.

“It's paying off. My body has changed. I'm feeling good where I'm at right now. I came in (last summer) around 275-280 pounds. Now I'm like 267. I'd like to stay around 265, being able to play fast and be in shape this season.

“I'm doing what I have to do to take my game to the next level.”

That includes spending lots of time in the coaches' offices, studying and breaking down tape.

“Just being a student of the game, studying my coaches and the players, just seeing what I'm supposed to do,” Fowler said. “Watching players like (Denver Broncos' outside linebacker) Von Miller and (Dallas Cowboys' outside linebacker/end) DeMarcus Ware, some players that I kind of want my game to be like.

“Studying players like that, working in the weight room, getting faster and stronger. That's where I'm at right now. If I can do that and stay in shape, I think I can be pretty good.”

Fowler said he thinks he has a skill set similar to those of Miller and Ware. That's why he's been focusing on those two NFL stars in the film room.

“I think I can see myself being kind of compared to DeMarcus Ware,” Fowler said. “He can stand up. He can put his hand in the dirt. I would like to play like him, my technique and stuff.

“I'm also kind of a shifty guy like Von Miller, kind of a quickness and finesse guy. I think those two (Miller and Ware) I would compare myself to.”

As a true freshman, Fowler played exclusively at the Buck position, a combination defensive end and outside linebacker. He'll be expanding his role this season, also playing some defensive end, a move that will give the coaches an option to have Fowler and Ronald Powell on the field at the same time.

“I'm playing both positions,” Fowler said. “I really don't have a preference. I like both positions. I've been blessed with that kind of athleticism of being able to put my hand down and be able to cover receivers (as a linebacker). It doesn't really matter to me which position I play.”

Fowler said he's looking forward to playing with Powell, another five-star recruit, who missed last season after undergoing two ACL surgeries on his knee in less than a year. Powell is expected to be fully recovered for the start of camp in August.

Fowler said Powell took him under his wing last summer and the two have become close friends.

“He took my in like a big brother when I first came in,” Fowler said. “He's a great guy. He wants nothing but the best for me. We've built a good bond. He's like my big brother.

“I really admire him a lot. A lot of people when they get those type of injuries just don't care and they kind of go down the drain. But he's always worked hard and pushed himself extra hard, trying to get on the field as soon as possible.

“He's one of those guys who wants to hurry up and get on the field and contribute to his team. I admire him a lot for that.”

Like everyone else in the program, Fowler said he's excited about Powell's return to the field this fall.

“He just has that natural athletic ability,” Fowler said. “I remember watching him in the Army All-American Game. I was like, ‘Wow, this dude is athletic.'

“He hasn't taken a step back. He looks faster than what he was. When he hurt his knee, all he did was upper-body (work in the weight room). I'm sure he's really stronger up top. I can't wait to watch him play.”

Others are feeling the same about Fowler. They're looking forward to seeing where he takes his game this fall.

In the meantime, Fowler is spending his summer working toward the fall.

“Strictly school work and working out to get in shape for fall camp,” Fowler said of his summer plans. “It's good being here in the summer. There are not a lot of distractions. Just keep your mind focused on school and football.”


B[]_[]t []_[] got Chickillo riiieet ?

This is the year that it should come together for us and if it does'nt we will make the needed adjustments whether it be a new DC or Head coach and DC . I am just so tired of hearing the same whining from you day after day after day Damn . Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | June 09, 2013 at 03:32 PM


"sho[]_[]ld" ?

It's just too dammm easy anymore Soldy. Go watch that TE's workout tape. It's utterly shocking that this guy gets a SCHOLLIE. He's GARBAGE. Laziest hands on earth.

Posted by: Arthur | June 09, 2013 at 06:24 PM


saw it ... []_[]nreal

he is tall tho[]_[]gh

When Al Golden took over only 10 or 11 kids could bench 225 pounds 20 times or more and NOBODY could do it 30 times. Now over 20 kids can do it and almost 10 can do it 30 times.

Posted by: Jim | June 10, 2013 at 03:46 AM

[]_[]r welcome

What about your boy Jacorry? aka J70 as you called him? Where he at? What NFL team does he play for?
Calvin your posts are getting dumber and dumber as time passes.

Posted by: 9>5>2 |
Say what Canesrule? You had your nose up Japickys arse ( not to mention Forston) for YEARS!! Two faced Cnadian COWARD

If Kevin "The Keg" Olsen slams into a tree this morning and no one is around to see or hear it, did it actually happen or make a sound ?

This is just too funny.............

ed reed was never a 2 star player.....with today's data and rating ability he would be 4/5 stars......you are looking at a rating system that's is antiquated back then......

ed reed with today's system a 2 star player...be real

bottom line.....lets see what golden does next year but to me he is just mediocre and I don't see him improving much on his stats in the future:

Temple: 27-34
UM: 13-11
Combined: 40-45

#116 defense out of 120 with Trevor Darling and Joseph Yearby UNSIGNED......we are a LONG way from any of these commits just like last year when this blog was hailing thomas,collins, bryant and kirkland.....

This is true:

I also like how the truth is coming out about how much a piece of donkey ---it Shapiro is and was- he set up all of these people in Miami for his own intentions. Sure many were adults and took the bait just like all of his clients took the bait totalling 900,000,000 dollars, but many were young impressionable poor athletes. This piece of dirt (an insult to dirt) je-w ( an insult to jews) had ulterior motives in mind from day one. Its amazing to see how when someone flashes cash, people just fall all over themselves. The greed nature of human beings. Now innocent people are paying the price.

But it was about time for SI to join in. Let's see what they say. Wonder what the cover is going to be = " Why the Univ of Miami should shut down their football program, part deux"

I get where the blog Pig likes to post about the gatr trash. He is a Pig after all.

But did it check the latest Rivals rankings? You know, the one where Miami is ranked 7 and the Gatr Trash 18? Yeah, that one.

Or the one showing the Gatrs inbred banjo-playing quaddaback in the bottom half of SEC QBs. And his backup? Trey "thugs-up" Burton? BWWAHAHAHAHA.

Hey fake Jim Gallo are you really quoting 2014 recruiting polls in June of 2013? Really?
I know you clucks don't have much to brag about but can you be really this dumb?
Again you are quoting 2014 recruiting polls in June? Of 2013? Man are you dense!
Check out the real polls, the AP or the USA today, you know dummy, the ones that determine the BCS.
UM is not even listed as "others receiving votes".
Not ranked at all. Anywhere. How pathetic. And you call others Pig??
Grasping at straws. Starved for any positive news as insignificant as it may be. You are some sad delusional Pig.
And the cane wagonner said: "It sucks to suck"


Woops, looks like the Gallo police is out in full force. Really, just a Gatr maggot looking for a nut.

Hey, Pig, it is relevant because the Gatr Trash makes it relevant. Read all the posts about the Miami recruits then try in your Gatr-challenged intellect to see the connection.

I know it is hard, maggot. I feel for you. You went to UFailure. Outside of Ocala and Alachua county, that diploma won't get you a bowl of soup.

Chomp, chomp, maggot.

I know all things Gator are very relevant but only a starved-for-some-good, nothing to show for in 10 years, poor delusional fool starts bragging about 2014 recruiting in 2013.
Gators beat you in the 2013 recruiting cycle, the current one, so did FSU, and many others. Those are real and factual rankings, those are today, in the here and now. Not maybe next year cane thing, not 10 years ago living in the past cane thing.
Come back in 2014 and see how it all turns out, you will be last again behind UF and FSU as usual.
You fools are either living in the distant past or waiting for next year. How sad and pathetic this cane thing.
And the cane waggoner wailed: " It sucks to suck!!!"

Can't wait to hit SoBe and celebrate the Heat's win!

lol.....I think it is hilarious all these "gallos".....

the ture test will come when UM plays Florida and fsu......win both of those,claim the state championship and all is well.....lose both of those UM becomes laughing stock of Florida after all this bravado.....

golden/dnofrio are shown the door......all the excuses will have been used up......

well see....

Fowler WHO

WHO Cares?

Give me a break you Moron. You will Chomp and be Chomped, and suddenly disappear, in September by our Canes..

We soar and are there for our 'Canes , you are swamp bait in the mud.
We don't care about your Fowlergator...
Go 'Canes

.lose both of those UM becomes laughing stock of Florida after all this bravado....

Um IS already the laughing stock of all Florida, and all the nation too.
" I cheat, yet I still can't win"
only the chumps from the Gables can claim this

Did Kevin hit another tree?

UM is the laughing stock of a bunch of obsessive internet nerds who spend their life trolling people on the Herald blogs?

Manny and Susan it has been 6 days since you posted this entry, surely there are more UM news out there you can report.
How about posting something on the upcoming SI cane expose.
Or the fact that MLB has no interest in current cane players.
Or the fine unknown recruits Coach is signing up.
Surely there is something else, no?

ed reed was never a 2 star player.....with today's data and rating ability he would be 4/5 stars......you are looking at a rating system that's is antiquated back then......ed reed with today's system a 2 star player...be real

Posted by: Jim Gallo | June 10, 2013 at 09:51 AM

Now you're taking a page out of cAlvin's book and want to pass off your opinion and speculate on what Ed Reed would be rated today? You sound desperate dude. Truth is that Ed Reed was a 2 star recruit coming out of hugh school. I understand hindsight is always 20-20 that doesn't change the truth.

Since 1997 was so long ago (yes their was an internet back then folks), how did those experts miss so badly on JJ Watt, Russell Wilson, Anthony Castanzo (Indy's 2012 1st rd pick), and Le'Veon Bell? All of them were 2 star recruits out of high school. Malcolm Jenkins was a 3 star recruit and all he did was dominate at Ohio State get drafted at 14th overall in the NFL draft. I guess in 5 more years, you're going to say that with the technology today, they would have been 4 or 5 star recruits! Lol. Simply truth is that those "experts" are human and their "judgement" isn't always accurate.

Ummm, dummy Gayt (I know, it's redundant), here we go:

"I know all things Gator are very relevant"

Didn't say anything about Gatr Trash being relevant. Said you maggots brought up Miami recruits which makes the recruiting rankings relevant.

"Gators beat you in the 2013 recruiting cycle, the current one"

Tsk, tsk, dumb maggot. 2013 recruiting is ova. Colleges are well into the 2014 recruiting cycle. I know it's tough for you, worthless diploma holder, but try to keep up. Maybe if we counted in trailers instead of years you would get it.

Now, run along. Bernie Machen needs your money for bail and leaky toilets.

Jacoby Brissett said, "damn, this Trailerville is a dump. I pulled a Jonathan Colon and Matt Patchan meaning I made a horrible life decision."

I am going to make an idiot list of idiots and I will likely be at the top although the blog Pig, you know, Soldy, will be in the running.

Lists. Hey, it's what I do.

Tsk, tsk, dumb maggot. 2013 recruiting is ova. Colleges are well into the 2014 recruiting cycle.

The 2013 season hasn't started yet
Most 2013 recruits haven't stepped foot in campus yet
However the dumb, delusional, starved for good things cane cluck insists in fast forwarding to 2014.
Because in the very preliminary 2014 recruiting lists the canes are prematurely ranked ahead of the Gators.
The only place they have been ranked ahead of the Gators in a decade.
Enjoy it now idiot because when 2014 comes along you will be ranked behind both UF and FSU again. In recruiting and in the real polls as well.
Dumb, maggot, trash, worthless diploma all you think about cause it's all you have.
And the cane wagonner cried out: "It sucks to suck"

Ultra music fest. I'm so there, I can't wait.

"Gators beat you in the 2013 recruiting cycle"

"The 2013 season hasn't started yet"

Hmmm, maggot. Which one is it? Either the 2013 recruiting season is over, in which case the Gatr Trash "beat" Miami OR it hasn't started. You grammatically and logic-challenged worthless diploma holders are all over the place.

Wow. You can't correct stupid. Isn't even worth trying. There aren't enough funds to bail Bernie Machen out, fix the failing facilities AND teach the undergrad dummies at UFailure.

"No money."

There isn't a vehicle in this Trailerville that I won't hit and run.

Now, loan me $50.00.

More Gatr Trash logic:

Can't talk about 2014 recruiting which is in full swing because the rankings are "very preliminary," but you can talk about the 2013 preseason rankings, even though the season is a long way away, because those rankings are just "preliminary."

BBWWAHAHA. Youz be soooooo stupid, trailer donkey. Most maggots hit every branch on the ugly tree on the way down. You hit every branch on the stupid tree.

Ever heard of reading comprehension Pig? Your problem is you keep thinking about 2014 recruiting and forget about the season.
Gators beat you in the 2013 recruiting cycle, what is so hard for you to understand this simple fact?
Look at any of the so called polls you are infatuated with now. That would be Rivals or ESPN recruiting rankings for the 2013 class. Gators ranked much higher than you. Simple to understand unless you are an imbecile Pig.
The 2013 season hasn't started yet. Season you dummy, not recruiting cycle. The 2013 recruiting cycle is over, the 2013 season hasn't begun. As in no football games have been played yet you moron.
What you need to understand is that when it comes to the football season or the recruiting cycle both the Gators and Noles are much much better than you and end up ranked higher.
And the cane wagonner exclaimed: ' It sucks to suck"

Brew in the ZOO
In there like a bear!

From the master of the obvious files:

"The 2013 season hasn't started yet."

Thank you, Gatr maggot. I am sure it took hundreds of hours in the StarCraft course at UFailure to be able to have such keen intellect.

See, I know UFailure diplomas weren't worthless. You can preform simple tasks.

Now, there are crumbling gas lines at UFailure. Grab that shovel and start digging.

"No money."

South Beach Wine and Food Fest
Get me some tickets and watch out parked cars I'm coming from Coral Gables you can count on that.

Did someone say cars?

Why is our college located in a toxic waste dump?

We got more players benching 225lbs more than 20 & 30 times and coach goldie still ended up 7 & 6, again, what's the point, is goldie trying to make this the new proving grounds for the nfl combine or is he trying to actually win a national championship. Who cares about how many times somebody can bench press 225 pounds, many nfl players can't bench 225 1 time and have been 1st round draft picks(smoot my bad dawg.

If we trying to do trench battle with the sec, how bout we get the squat numbers up than, that's more important than benching. So far, coach goldie's bench press champions have been no better thancoach shannon's potatoe chip/consistent drive thru teams.

Coach goldie got left a 1 time heisman trophy candidate qb in j70 as well as being left with a qb in smo17 that has the potential to be one of the best in the conference for sure. Coach shannon had 1 1/2 qb's when he took over, and worst than that, shannon only had darnell jenkins as his only wide-out. Coach goldie got left with a plethora of wide-receivers. Coach shannon got left with matt "turn-style" pipho as his starting right tackle, coach goldie is now at the point of having some high level draft picks from this current o-line.

If somebody thinks the talent shannon inherited was better or even close to what goldie inherited, you are a consistent imbecile.For coach goldie to be 13 & 11 after 2 years, shannon won 9 games with jacory harris as a True sophmore, under coach goldie as a senior, only 7 wins, so who's actually the better coach. shannon also won 3 out of 4 games with smo17 as a True freshman, goldie barely won 7 out of 12 with smo17 as a True junior going into his 2nd year under coach goldie and crew.

Defensively under shannon the defense was never this bad combined in 3 years what a coach goldie headcoached team has been in this last year. Let the goldie slurpers keep on slurping, the facts will just continue to speak for themselves.

And remember, as troll shalala said "we're recruiting a different kind of an anthlete to the University of Miami"

ANd like they told coach soldinger when he asked them, what was the reason for him getting fired they told him "we're going in a different direction" we all know what direction that has been, the losing kind.


Apparently you Cavin are the only true talent evaluater in the country judging by all the head coaching offers that RS got . Only you can see it I'm impressed . And by the way I was born and raised in South Florida so stop with the idea that because I live in Ga I don't know anything about what goes on there. I am a Cane fan thru and thru and all your retarded opinions won't change that . Go Canes

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