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Report: Incoming UM quarterback Kevin Olsen charged in one-car crash

BY SUSAN MILLER DEGNAN, sdegnan@MiamiHerald.com

Kevin OlsenThe University of Miami’s quarterback of the future, Wayne Hills, N.J., High School senior and soon-to-be graduate Kevin Olsen, was charged with “leaving the scene of an accident after he smashed his car into a vehicle in his hometown of Wayne” on May 25, according to court records reported Monday by The Wayne Patch local newspaper. 

Olsen “was additionally charged with failure to report an accident and careless driving” after the incident was witnessed by a bystander who said the quarterback “crashed his car into a tree and drove away,” according to the Wayne Patch. 

After checking out the damage, the report said, Olsen hit another car “parked on the road” in the neighborhood while leaving the scene. 

According to the paper, the police report said Olsen’s face appeared to have blood on it and that he “appeared to be under the influence of something.” 

He is reportedly scheduled to appear in Wayne Municipal Court on June 20. 

Olsen’s older brother Greg was a tight end for the Hurricanes and now plays for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. Kevin Olsen is scheduled to report to UM to begin his collegiate career this summer.

The university said Tuesday it was unaware of Olsen's legal situation. "We are still trying to gather information about what happened," said Chris Yandle, UM's director of communications for athletics.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Tampa Bay Times, Lara Cerri


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Yeah its Tebow time- Time for tebow to be th back up's back up's back up.

That makes it one more gator in the NFL. That makes it 29. To UM's 47. Good on ya.

" Acc s-ks" You are a genius dude. You and Stephen Hawking must look alike. Look up the Rivals recruiting 2014 ranking:

UM #9
UF AND FSU- Where they at?

Calvin- oh so now your excuse is that Golden inherited better talent than Randy?

By mid season calvin's posts will be gone- because that chump a55 chump aint man enough to admit he was wrong.

MArk these words punka55es:

UM beats Florida

Finishes 9-3 regular season
Plays for the ACC ch
Loses in the ACC ch
Plays a major bowl
Wins its first bowl since beating Nevada in 2006 (under... Coker)
Finishes 10-3 and ranked in the top 15.

Correction above post:

UM finishes the regular season 10-2
Loses the ACC and wins the bowl
Finishes 11-3
Ranked top 15

Anyone care to put your money where your mouth is?

Apparently you Cavin are the only true talent evaluater in the country judging by all the head coaching offers that RS got . Only you can see it I'm impressed . And by the way I was born and raised in South Florida so stop with the idea that because I live in Ga I don't know anything about what goes on there. I am a Cane fan thru and thru and all your retarded opinions won't change that . Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | June 10, 2013 at 06:53 PM

Than if you from here than you would know that the majority of us from Liberty City know each other or know somebody that know somebody, so our information is on point. So when you say gay stuff like that "you don't know why so & so is off the team" it makes me laugh, cause i know why you saying that, cause you out of touch or have never been in touch on what's really happening. You would know that alot of these players got older brothers and family members, most of us are connected in some way. So do yourself a favor and cut your hatin short my man. Stop being an al goldie hore tho, it's sickening to hear somebody say "i'll support coach goldie until he's not here no more".

Well if you're from here, than you'd know that's not how it works, we put that mofo under the gun like almost every other coach that came thru here until he gets the job, if it's to much heat for em being 13 & 11 and having the worst defense in the nation, than either fix it or hall assh. I thin kwe got to many Miami implants down here now affecting alot of residents down here, they cried when sabana left, for what i don't know, he was a loser here and never should've been here in the first place. If coach goldie left today, i could careless if he packs his 13 & 11, 117th ranked defensive bags and got the hell on, what coach can't come here and do what he did with the talent he was left.

Had coach goldie came in and had kyle wrong and kirby freeman as his qb's than i'd give em a break or to, but he was left with a boat load of talent ot be better than 6 & 6 and than 7 & 6. shannon went 9 & 4 with a bunch of True sophmores(according to the goldie slupers, out of shape sophmores) ballin.

Coach goldie has done nothing special here no matter how much he tries to fake and sell that b.s. coastal division in which he knows he didn't earn, losing to unc. Can't blame smo17's ankle for that loss either. I don't like fake stuff, and goldie saying "acc coastal division champs, something that's never been done here before" was just about as sickening as watching this 117th scheme on Saturdays. That's why coach goldie was red even when he was saying it, he knew it was green and soft to try and stake a claim to something that belongs to somebody else, it's called stealing.

You wanna ride with somebody doing green stuff like, have at it, not me. Most of the coaches that came thru here would be talking about why in the world are we 7 & 6 and what we got to do to get better and as long as we're 7 & 6, there will be no accolades when losing that many games.

Yall keep raggin our 116 th ranked d....what about yalls 118 th ranked o?.... any takers....love to hear jls break that one down.....any body....?anybody????....

It would be a good time to have a ragin cajun to break down that o....and that d for that matter....hahahaha....

Calvin you should be kicked out of liberty city bc you are too dumb

So jacorry harris aka j70 was a heisman candidate?
In what world?
What league?
Did he go to the downtown athletic club as heisman candidates do?

Maybe you thought you saw that when you were on the pipe, dude.

Shame on you for spewing all this hate on the current U coach

And shannon had only darnell jenkins?

What about lance legget?
Ryan moore?
Kayne farquarson
Leonard hank
Jimmy graham?
Sam shields?

And you blab about how good j70 was in his sophomore yr... But what about his jr yr when he threw about a trillion ints?

Plus what About other players who made it in the nfl... Calais aka UM bust Campbell?
Tavares gooden?
Etc etc

You have stooped to a new low. Liar

 ......That's why coach goldie was red even when he was saying it, he knew it was green and soft to try and stake a claim to something that belongs to somebody else, it's called stealing. You wanna ride with somebody doing green stuff like, have at it, not me.

You are hilarious... you have no qualms with Thomas Finnie stealing a Mac laptop and blast Golden for kicking him off the team but have a problem with Golden "stealing" the Coastal Division because UNC would have won it if they weren't disqualified for the post season.

Why don't you provide a link or source to back up your "Different kind of athlete" allegation against Shalala? Please PROVE me wrong. I'll have no problems eating crow if you can but we both know that you can't because you're lying. Why do care so much about Colorado's defense?

Here's another news flash, ask your "connections" about the team's strength and conditioning now that Golden is here. Ask about their squat numbers if you think that they're only working on their bench press. Lol.

It really bothers you that much that a WOMAN is running the University of Miami? You are ignorant but we knew that after your Coach Hurlie Brown comment...

I am soon glad I don't have to live in a trail or park anymore.

I am soon glad I don't have to live in a trail or park anymore.

I am soon glad I don't have to live in a trail or park anymore.

I am soon glad I don't have to live in a trail or park anymore.

Al Golden does it AGAIN !!!

Lake Worth WR Darrell Langham commits to d[]_[] []_[] ...

Unranked by Sports 247 and Scout and a whopping 2-Star by Rivals !

Is it puff-puff-pass? or Pass-puff-puff?

I am too stupid to know the difference. Remember, I am dumb Gatr Trash. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to get into this dump of a skeeewwwl.

1.5 star []_[]

Weeeeeeere baaaaaaaaack!

Go Canes!

Al Golden does it AGAIN !!!
Lake Worth WR Darrell Langham commits to d[]_[] []_[] ...
Unranked by Sports 247 and Scout and a whopping 2-Star by Rivals !
Posted by: No Star 2 Star []_[] |

You seem to be ung up on stars dude, probably why you aren't a coach. The kid is 6' 5" and 205, and that's hard to stop for a little 5' 8" safety or corner.

Is it puff-puff-pass? or Pass-puff-puff?
I am too stupid to know the difference. Remember, I am dumb Gatr Trash. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to get into this dump of a skeeewwwl.
Posted by: Scottie Wilbekin

At least U know you're place Scottie, it's okay, and just because U ride the smaller yellow bus, doesn't mean you're any less of a person.

By the way FSU ALSO wwanted the kid.

I's be an intelligent Gatr maggot.

Hey, President Machen, let's go on a joy ride.

Well, Pig, FSU and that SEC dump Arkansas offered him.

FSU is in a tailspin and Arky is, well, you know how disgusting those backwater cesspools are in the SEC.

Canes #7 in recruiting. Gatr Trash is #18 and fading fast.

Let's call Timmy Trinity for help. Nooooooooooooooooo.



Uhhhh, go gatah.


ESPN has Darrell Langham as a four star recruit!! All these recruiting sites are a joke......it's nothing but a money maker for them.

I's be a fo-star one day back. But I loooooove duh leaf. I am as stupid as I look.

Hey, I got into UFailure. I have to be a dummy.

Thanks imbeciles for hlping prove my points about coach goldie being a hypocrite. Coach goldie stole first, was the whole point so him kicking thomas finnie off the team was a point i made along time ago, but the clowns keep on posting, easy pickings. If he kicked ray ray armstrong and aldarius johnson off the team for lying, than why is coach goldie still here after all the lies he's told. That 7 & 6 record reflects al goldie's mentality, he doesnt' have a dominant mentality, he has a, let's appease everybody mentality. He's ok with losing to coach mike london two times in a row.

Will he ever beat gumbo fischer, o & 2 against him. 1 & 1 against frank beamer, i can go down the list of acc coaches that are better than coach goldie who has brought nothing special to this program, at 13 & 11, to quote coach goldie quoting coach al groh who quoted coach parcells, "you are what your record says you are". Well if that's the case, than why was coach goldie saying how god boston college(ended up 2 & 10 was or how good Virginia(ended up 4 & 8) was, or how good NC St. was(ended up 7 & 6) or how good duke was(ended up 6 & 7).

We were in shoot-outs with garbage teams, why, because defensively, we're garbage for sure. Offensively, we've only been good against bad teams and shut-out against solid defenses. k st. & notre shame had solid defenses, nothing special where they couldn't be scored on. It's was our soft offensive approach that consistently coast us some of the games for sure.

Go head goldie slurpers, continue to let us know how great he is and how good troll shalala is at being the UM president even though as she stated "We're recruiting a different kind of student athlete to the University of Miami" well, she got that right, alot of the mediocre kind.

she luv's to try and castrate men, only the men who protect their balls will win as the headcoach at UM, shannon was on his way but he let her know he wasn't with that snitch, so the troll and her minions conspired against coach shannon.


Dope, this was mildy interesting the first 100 times you posted it. No longer.

So now all you cane fools are touting a 2014 recruiting class ranking and are so happy about it. It's Ok go ahead and rejoice I won't point out the obvious anymore. Things like it's only June 2013 and 90% of the top 100 recruits haven't decided yet.
So fools the polls that do matter have you unranked and not even receiving any votes. The ones that determine the BCS. I know you don't know how the BCS works being that your sorry canes have never made it to a BCS bowl.
So even if you go 11 - 2 by default, that is due to your weak schedule. You may crack the top 25 at the end of the year at 11 - 2, maybe not since you will get blown out of a bowl game if you make it.
But right now you are #1 in 2014 recruiting in the State of Florida. That means so much. To you, and only to you.
And the cane wagonner proclaimed: "It sucks to suck"

Calvin gets a bit carried away but does have a lot of legitimate points about unproven Goldy. It's mind boggling how much our fan base reveres Golden who has really done nothing to warrant all the hype. Turned Temple around? That's a joke right? He has more career baggage than success. I don't need to list it all. Nice guy, but HARDLY the grizzled guy we need to lead us back.

Calvin's main shortcoming is that he thinks Randy Shannon was a good coach. Has he forgotten how unprepared and lazy that guy was? Terrible communicator that destroyed relationships at every turn. He was FAR from ready to be a HC. There is a mountain of data that strongly supports that

At least Golden wears a tie
and has a a nice haircut
He does have that much going for him

So now all you gator fools are touting a 2014 recruiting class ranking of felons and are so happy about it. It's Ok go ahead and rejoice I won't point out the obvious anymore. Things like it's only June 2013 and 90% of the top 100 recruits haven't decided yet, although you've once again cornered the felon market.

So fools the polls that do matter have you unranked and not even receiving any votes. The ones that determine the BCS. I know you don't know how the BCS works being that your sorry cowardly gators were walloped by Louisville...great job cowards!

So even if you go 6-7 by default, that is due to your always weak schedule, petrified to play an out of conference out of state team. You may crack the top 50 at the end of the year at 6-7, maybe not since you will get blown out of a bowl game if you make it...think Louisville! LMAO!!!

But right now you are #1 in 2014 recruiting of felons in the country. That means so much. To you, and only to you.

And the cowardly gator wagonner proclaimed: "It sucks to suck"

Manny and Susan please find something else to post, this story is old news. Can't believe there are 6 pages of comments it's embarrassing.
Hey do you know of a good place for happy hour?

Now the delUsionalcowardlygator is hitting on Al Golden...hillbilly love! (see above)

My problem with Calvin and his logic is this:

He says: AG inherited a lot of talent from Shannon

My logic: If so....then why was Randy losing always games at the end of the season?

What up Hassan, just to be clear, i am not delusional and saying coach shannon was some great headcoach, you won't see a post with me saying that nowhere. What i have said, they handcuffed shannon from the get go and even tho he was handcuffed, along with being left a team with basically no draftable players in 1 year, shannon was the one who brought the talent level back up as well as the expectactions of winning all the way where as people were actually thinking this team had a chance to go to the national championship game in 2009 after running the gauntlet and going 3 & 1 in the first 4 games.

Obviously shannon had a lot to work on when it came to being the headcoach, but what coach shannon did in his 1st 3 years, is way better than what coach goldie will more than likely do in his first 3 years here, plus coach goldie before coming here was a headcoach for 5 years already, he will be entering his 8th year as a headcoach and at 13 & 11 for a headcoach with that much experience coming to Miami and having a defense looking this bad. What bothers me is, coach goldie's inability to evaluate what and actual good team is.

He really believed that Georgia Tech with al groh coaching the defense was a real good team, he really though 2 & 10 boston college was a real good team, etc. etc. So when i hear coach goldie evaluating this team and other teams, in reality, he's way off. He said "Fsu was a little bit ahead of us right now", in what category, it was only one, coaching, we had enuff talent to beat them this year, when it's 16 to 13 going into the 4th quarter, while we're wasting time/plays throwing 2 unecessary fade routes to non-playing robert lockhart, and on-side kicking after halftime but not going for the touchdown to go up by 14 after mike james caught that pass at the 1 1/2 yard line, we kicking fieldgoals instead of staying aggressive, if we don't get the touchdown, so what, Fsu would've been pinned on their own 1 1/2 yard line or worst.

So what i'm saying is, as much as people try and say ho out-of-shape shannon's teams were, or how lazy shannon wa and this and that, with the exception of 2007 and the ugly Fsu lost, every game was winnable under shannon, including all the bowl games, and people getting mad cause they say wisconsin pushed us around and this and that, well, whe nyou playing with a bunch of True sophmores(not the "self inflicted" type like goldie, that might happen, but at the end of the game, we had a chance to win it.

The defenses under shannon as the headcoach were still a force to be reckoned with, make no mistake about it. From a personnel standpoint, guys made plays regardless of year in college. When brandon harris was a True sophmore you can't really find a time when he looked lost out there, he just got beat a few times because guys were just more physical than him at the time. Unlike under this regime where guys look lost in the secondary because we keep running all this zone.

So the whole thing is, had shannon been giving enuff money, marc trestman(new chicagoe bears headcoach) or dirk koetter(Atlanta falcons oc) would've been here instead of mark nipple, and we would've won alot more games.

Here goes cAlvin SPECULATING again... how do you know that Marc Trestman or Dirk Koetter would have been the OC? Wishful thinking doesn't mean it would have happened.

Posted by: SEC sucks and the cowardly gators cant compete | June 11, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Sorry copy cat wannabe but starting with the name you use and then going down the line, none of what you say is remotely true or feasible. You come out sounding stupid. You can't come up with your own thoughts, you don't have any brains and your feeble attempt at the copy and paste fails miserably. What a douche!

Shannon recruits left for golden:

QB Jacory Harris: 2nd all time UM QB

AT - 1170
COM - 703
% - 60.09
Total Yards - 8826
TD - 70
Int - 48
Yards Per Game - 134.99

QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones

Shannon gets kyle wright......golden sucks as per the stats.....totally objective

and heres more proof:

2010 - Randy Shannon
total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 – Al Golden
total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 – Al Golden
total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

Why are you changing your qoute that about what Shalala said? First you said that Shalala said that they were recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami and that they had commercials of her saying that. Do you smoke an enormous amount of weed that you have no perception of time?

Now you're taking her qoute from the press release after the on field brawl with Florida International University and twisting it to fit your comments.

Here's the link to that press release.


Correction above post:

UM finishes the regular season 10-2
Loses the ACC and wins the bowl
Finishes 11-3
Ranked top 15

Anyone care to put your money where your mouth is?

this is no accomplishment.....anybody can go 10-2 against UMs 2013 schedule.....thats why you have Um loosing the ACC.....top 15 is a disgrace for a brand like UM......

Wow the level of intelligence is always astounding coming onto this blog, and once AGAIN leading the pack of IDIOTS ladies and gentlemen the one the ONLY Jim Gallo, who is the master of his own little world. Let's see we haven't been ranked in about 7 years, and being ranked in the top 15 IF it even happens is a disgrace? Anybody can go 10-2 with the schedule we have?????

How many teams last year had a schedule like that and went 10-2? Everyday you show more and more that you and Uncle Luke are just like an old pair of under wear, and your minds jsut vaporize in the wind. Just plain STUPID is the only was to define you both.

I don't think idiot Gatr Trash knows what "feasible" means.

Of course, when it is convenient for the StarCraft major maggot, most of the top recruits haven't decided, then when Miami signs some guys it is, "most of the top recruits have already decided."

It's always the same idiot-speak with you, Gatr Trash.

Just admit your skewwl prepared you for nothing.

I can see it now..

Calvin hittin the 'pipe' and making up all those histrionic dumb posts.

shannon was ALWAYS quote cAlvin "Not given a Chance"
The talent laden Canes were not Coached, and based on performance at that Position coach shannon has NOT received even a cursory glance from ANYONE as a HC.

Good 'Cane, but the worst Coach and Decision Maker on the sidelines.

We know it....little pipe puffin' cAlvin knows it too, but just stirs the blog to get a rise.
Then he takes another hit.
I swear for him it is a game.

Go back and read all his posts for months. It is the same rant.. and then he takes another hit.

IGNORE the ignorant, and when he is called out we are all racists and putting down everyone from the 'hood.
What a fakeout...

cAlvin means no credibility, no facts, just spewing and hoping that someone will believe. Well we don't
ccccccccccccAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAllllllvvvvviiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn. put it down, it rots your brain.
Go 'Canes

Sorry Cola but Gallo is right. Any self respecting team should easily go 10 - 2 with your weak schedule.
10 - 2, lose the bowl game, a banner year for you

Shannon names President Shalala as his recruiting MVP

by THE MIAMI HURRICANE on Feb 11, 2008 •

When football Head Coach Randy Shannon faced the media last Wednesday to discuss his new recruiting class, one reporter asked who his “MVP” was; who was most important in capturing ESPN’s No.1 ranked class?Michael Barrow, the rookie linebackers coach who made such an impact in Miami-Dade County? Clint Hurtt, the defensive line coach with recruiting abilities second to none? Without skipping a beat, Shannon gave his answer: Donna Shalala. Chuckles could be heard in the room.President Shalala? The five-foot tall woman known more for her expertise in the field of health than the field of football? For Shannon, there was no doubt. For Shalala, the praise came as a shock.“I talked to him last night and said, ‘What are you talking about?’” Shalala said in a phone interview Thursday night. “‘People are going to think I’m not doing my job!’”Shalala’s work isn’t exactly selling the football program per se, but selling the school around it. It’s a tradition that dates back to her time at the University of Wisconsin.“Coach [Barry] Alvarez said he wouldn’t take the job unless he had my full support,” Shalala said. “And that meant selling recruits on the school. I never heard of anyone else doing it until I got to Wisconsin.”Shalala not only sees recruits from football, but from every sport that requests to get some of her time. Shalala says she’s had some experience in the field.“Today I saw three different recruits, and none of them were athletes. They were all professors we’re trying to recruit,” Shalala said. “Since I’m an excellent recruiter of faculty and deans, it translates well.”Despite not receiving the accolades, Coach Hurtt could not agree more when asked about the unorthodox pick following Coach Shannon’s press conference.“She does an unbelievable job,” Hurtt said. “Parents say the most impressive thing is sitting down with President Shalala.”She’s had her work cut out for her this recruiting season, as Coach Shannon put together one of the most ambitious recruiting classes seen at Miami in many years. Including all sports, she spoke to about three dozen families over the course of the past year, many of those with the football team. Despite her effort, she doesn’t accept the enormous recognition given to her by Shannon.“I take pride, but I don’t take any credit. They worked as hard as any people I know,” Shalala said. “At the end of the day, these young men want to play for Randy Shannon, want to be at the University of Miami.”Ultimately, by taking on this unique role in the football program, Shalala’s simply trying to fulfill her duty as president: improving UM.“I’m a very junior member of the recruiting squad over there; whatever I can do to make us a better university I’m in favor of,” she said.

well the problem with a chump like Calvin is that no matter what anyone says he will never see past his hatred for Golden. His basic premises are idiotic"

Goldn keeps donofrio for his first 2 years
The defense is ranked 117 (actually its 116).
Therefore Golden sucks
Golden isnt from L-town or O-town and he never set foot there
therefore Golden will never understand UM players
Golden is 13-11 (in two years)- thats the laugher
SO he suks as a coach








gallo, alot of these bozo's luv to try and even refute stats. They are in luv with coach goldie and his mediocre ways, it's comical. The facts are, shannon was a better headcoach than coach goldie on the front end. They say shannon was a bad game day coach, lol, than what do they call 2 fade routes to robert lockhart, a receiver that basically didn't play all year and than attempting those passes with a qb, whose accuracy and touch is nowhere where it needs to be.

Gameday coach, the game is tied 10 to 10, Fsu is around their own 10 yard line with under 2 minutes to play, somebody calls for a prevent defense and let Fsu score 3 more points right before the half. Than after halftime, you're only down 3 points, somebody comes out and calls for an on-side kick. Going for 3 points instead of a touchdown with 4th and less than 2 yards, and all of this in just 1 game.

As long as the "We're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" mandate is still live and well, expect to never be dominant. butch davis wasn't going for the shalala crap, he rolled out, he understood that he saw this same mandate years prior. They won't let don soldinger back in the fold right now either cause they know what type of mindset he brings.

If yall think these bozo's/double agents that have infiltrated this administration were just targeting players, they were also identifying coaches who were cornerstones of what UM football was all about. So a guy like soldinger, with his proven track record was let go, based on what, lol, a guy like art kehoe, heargraves, get real. These agents wanted to tear Miami down along time ago so they did it by getting on the inside and taking over and hiring more minions. They knew coach shannon was of that same school, but he tried his best to distance the team from that, but they knew it was still in em.

So of course, get rid of shannon and bring ioutsider goldie, with all the coach speak, and 300 page binder and his deserve victory & core values talk, come game day, we don't see none of it. He came in saying "we'll luv our players" as soon as some of them get into trouble, good bye. It's funny how people try and give the troll alot of credit for standing up for UM after the F.i.u. brawl and during this investigation, it's comical when i hear people say that. Next thing you know, players signing contracts saying they'll be kcked off the team if another brawl happens, and this and that.

Seriously, how often does a football fight that big takes place, so all the overreacting was comical. Anyway, coach goldie and most on here can talk all they want, but until goldie produces a national championship as the headcoach here, he is and will always be an outsider. You don't come to UM from the outside and don't win a national championship, his only saving grace will be what the n2a tries to hand out to UM. But losing 3 to 4 schalorships a year should not affect your ability as a headcoach to produce a national championship football team at UM, "NO EXCUSES"!

Correction above post:

UM finishes the regular season 10-2
Loses the ACC and wins the bowl
Finishes 11-3
Ranked top 15

Anyone care to put your money where your mouth is?

this is no accomplishment.....anybody can go 10-2 against UMs 2013 schedule.....thats why you have Um loosing the ACC.....top 15 is a disgrace for a brand like UM......

Posted by: Jim Gallo



You can stop the lies by posting as a Canes fan...we caught you using your moronic "Reality Bites" screen name on Barry Jackson's Miami Herald "Sports Buzz" blog where you were ripping the Canes. It's over fool!

We are the canes............
Haven't done much in the past decade
We are the canes...........
Like to live in the ancient past
Those glory days were such a blast
Some of us now try to live in the far future
Giddy about next year's recruiting class
Finally ranked ahead of Gators and Noles
Who cares if any of those kids ever come
We are the canes and our future is bright
If only Kevin will see the light
Refrain from the driving
if you have been imbibing
Never mind that all star game
when you performance was so lame
We are the canes

Calvin.....the weak 2013 schedule has come back to bite early.......

Athlon sports...pretty good college football magazine 2013 rankings;.....

#13 - Florida
#15 - FSU

#29 UM.....

"Miami’s defense was awful last season, allowing school records in virtually every important statistical category. Much of the blame goes to a defensive line that couldn’t rush the passer or stop the run. Despite leading the team with four sacks, end Anthony Chickillo endured a sophomore slump. Shayon Green, playing the end opposite Chickillo, is solid against the run but didn’t have a single sack despite starting every game. When Curtis Porter is healthy — which isn’t often — he might be the team’s best defensive tackle"

golden is completely incompetent to rid the team of Paul and Johnson.....f...ck his discipline BS.....

congratulations of being ranked #29.....Vanderbilt is happy I am sure at #28.....how embarrassing

but even though UM couldnt stop the run or rush the passer 2012.......Um could have entered the 2013 season with this brawler line up across for 3-4 defense (best defense to confuse the QB with)

gionni paul 6'1' 230 jr - denzel perryman 6'0" 230 jr - eddie johnson 6'1" 234 soph - jimmy gains 6'3" 231 sr

4 thugs across - how many think that was a good move by golden? you have to have your head examined to throw that away.......and when gains graduates here comes alex figueroa 6'3" soph

will go down as the worst move in cane history.....

Tim Tebow visited Ohio today and gave his allegiance to Ohio State.

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