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Reports: UM hoops to add Texas guard Sheldon McClellan

According to a couple of published reports the Miami Hurricanes basketball program has another talented guard transferring in from the Big 12 conference.

Texas' Sheldon McClellan, a 6-4 slasher who averaged 13.5 points a game for the Longhorns last season, told UM coaches late Sunday night he's headed to Coral Gables, choosing the Canes over LSU and Oregon.

Former Cane guard Shane Larkin, expected to be drafted in the NBA's first round next week, had a hand in McClennan ending up at Miami according to Canesport.com.

"Shane was the first person I called when I found out I was transferring," McCellan told Canesport. "I talked to Shane and he told me what type of guy Coach [Jim Larranaga] is and how he coaches. I like his style of coaching."

McClellan, who will have to sit out next season per NCAA transfer rules but will have two years of eligibility left, joins Kansas State transfer Angel Rodriguez as new arrivals. UM is still waiting to hear if Rodriguez will be eligible to play next season.


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Once again, Sports Illustrated really did themselves proud…the mind-blowing, Watergate, we know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, University of Miami/Shapiro expose was, putting it kindly, a flat-out joke.

SI tried to tie Miami coaches and players to gambling only to be rudely interrupted by the NCAA who commented; “We want to believe anything and everything that Shapiro says, but even we knew over a year ago that the gambling claims were preposterous.”

SI has become an insult to fish wrappers, they are the National Enquirer of the sports world and are so desperate they are left to hyping a 3 year old story trying to create a splash that was no more than a rehashing of issues that have been discussed ad nauseam accompanied by an already disproved ridiculous accusation.

Based on the Canes and Sports Illustrated history it seems only fair that the Canes now call for the abolishment of SI, which in this case is a great idea.

Come on Miami Herald.. where's the article on the 5 players leaving the UM baseball team?

How about the linebacker from uf hitting a bouncer.

Check the Gainesville newspaper for the UF linebacker hitting a bouncer. The Miami Herald should have the best coverage of the LOCAL teams

Right on facts

Louisville just scored on Florida again.

Not surprised -- Bufford Pusser and his band of baton-wielding 'peace-keepers' in Alachua County salivate at the opportunity to smack some young African American around, especially if it's one that will be making some serious scratch on Sundays in a few years.

Saw a co-ed get clubbed like a baby seal about 12 years ago when she breached the cop-line circling the field after a UF-FSU game.

Trust me, this doesn't happen if it is anywhere else but Gainesville.

Hope next time Antonio gets drunk he will do like I do, just get in your car and drive home as fast as you can.
Make sure you are alone, don't bring anybody home when drunk.
Make sure you keep an eye out for trees and parked cars.

Hope next time Antonio gets drunk he will do like I do, just get in your car and drive home as fast as you can. Side-swipe a few cars and keep on going.

It's what the trailertrash leader of a trailertrash skeewl does. No biggie. Just more typical trailetrash.

UF just plain sucks and if Buford is hitting Gators they must deserve it for acting like jackasses all day every day. I do think however that if Buford went to Coach "Anuerism waiting to happen," Muschamps that he would find out that he has four hundred dollars in his desk to give to any Gator that can out run the law.

I hear that is a new recruiting standard at UFelony!

Sheldon McClellan ? Big deal. Just an average scr[]_[]b added to an already now depthsless' g[]_[]tted Cane Cager team that will have the biggest Wins t[]_[]rned into Loooses turnaround in NCAA History Next Season... Can []_[] say 15 Wins MAX and NIT Bound AGAIN !!!

Now where is the story on This GATOR STUD CAGER ?

Florida guard Michael Frazier II survived the final cut late Monday and has made the Team USA 19-under roster.

Frazier was one of 12 players picked for the team by Florida coach Billy Donovan and assistants Shaka Smart (VCU) and Tony Bennett (Virginia). Frazier and Donovan will represent the Gators at the FIBA 19-under World Championships from June 27-July 7 in the Czech Republic.

Frazier will most likely be counted on as a 3-point shooter off the bench, similar to his role during his freshman season with the Gators, when he shot 46.9 percent (52-111) from beyond the arc.

That 47% FROM 3 !!! Waaayyy better than []_[]r one year wonder, []_[]nder 5-10, great in name only, soon to be D-League Star Shane Larkin...

Cane Basketball ? G[]_[]TTED... Cane Foosball ? G[]_[]tted... Cane Beisbol ? G[]_[]TTED.

Bottom line-Miami has beaten Florida 6 of the last 7 times they have played. See you in September- in Miami!

Posted by: # 1 GATORS | June 18, 2013 at 10:27 AM

When you were growing up did you ever think you would become such an internet nerd loser that you would spend all day every day obsessively trying to troll University of Miami fans on blogs in the Miami Herald into talking to you?

How embarrassed would you be if someone you knew in real life found out how much time you spent obsessing over UM football?

Can't help but feel sorry for you, hope your life turns around soon bud.

Who cares who the Gatr Trash pick. It's the same story every year. They choke.

See: Hoops, baseball and football post Timmy Communion.

Every year same garbage at my garbage skeewwl. Big hype from the blowhard Pig. Then, failure.

Ho, hum. Wake me when the Gatr Trash actually does something. In the meantime, give me a drink and some money to fix the leaking toilets.

I would like to see Stephen Morris do better in the red zone and when the chips are down, take over a game and as a senior leader, bring the canes back. H e showed glimpses of that against NC st and UVa last year but was discombobulated against ND and KSU.

These are just the TOP-5... There are another 5-8 in the 2013 Class, plus the 12 Red-Shirts and 9 TRUE FRESHMAN in the 2012 Class that played last year that will play when the GATORS Blow []_[] and others out... It's not just called "DEPTHS" []_[] N[]_[]MBN[]_[]T CL[]_[]cks... It's call "QUALITY DEPTH ALL AROUND" So enjoy all the yo[]_[]ng Ghosts with no names that will play D-Line for []_[] and the ONLY PLAYER on []_[]r ENTIRE Roster the Gators went after... []_[]hhhhh, what's his name ? []_[] know, the one that still can't start at Corner and when hedoes play, it's 18 yards of the ball for Depthsless' []_[]... # 3 I think ? And he would now be a THIRD STRING, if THAT Red-Shirt Freshman as a GATOR in that STACKED D-Backfield...



Five UF Freshmen Who WILL Emerge This Year ...

1. Kelvin Taylor, tailback — The son of former Gator great tailback Fred Taylor showed in the spring why he finished his high school career as the state's all-time leading rusher. At a position lacking depth, Taylor got considerable reps — and displayed considerable skill. And he's only scratched the surface in terms of learning the offense. With Matt Jones sitting out the spring game, Taylor appeared to be the best tailback on the field, exhibiting a natural running style along with the power to run through defenders for extra yardage. He'll start camp in August as the No. 3 tailback behind Jones and Mack Brown. But once he knows the offense and finds a comfort level in it, Taylor is going to get an opportunity to carry the ball and show what he can do in the fall.

2. Demarcus Robinson, wide receiver — Another early enrollee who is way ahead of where he would have been had he not arrived until this summer. Although he was still in the early stages of learning the offense in the spring, he showed enough playmaking ability that the coaches think he's capable of having an immediate impact in the passing game this season. He's a big, fast, (6-3-210-4.4) athletic player who will give the Gators the downfield threat that they need. UF is looking for playmakers at wide receiver and Robinson has future star written all over him.

3. Alex Anzalone, linebacker — Even though this early enrollee basically missed the entire spring after injuring his shoulder, he had a chance to go to all the meetings and get a feel for the defensive scheme — and he's still No. 2 on the depth chart at middle linebacker. The five-star prospect and former Notre Dame commitment would have been further advanced had he stayed healthy throughout the spring. But he still has the size, speed and potential to step in and provide important playing time behind Antonio Morrison.

4. Vernon Hargreaves III, cornerback — Even though the Gators are in excellent shape at cornerback with Loucheiz Purifoy, Marcus Roberson, Jaylen Watkins and Brian Poole, many believe Hargreaves, the highest-rated member of the recruiting class, is going to have a chance to contribute immediately somewhere, in some role, in the Florida secondary this season. The five-star prospect has excellent size, speed and cover skills, and he's shown at camps and all-star games that he's a tough corner to shake. He has a chance to make a strong Florida secondary even stronger — and deeper.

5. Daniel McMillian, linebacker — This early enrollee may have the best chance among the true freshmen to earn a starting role in 2013. Muschamp was so impressed with McMillian's performance coming out of the spring that he recently said McMillian will be battling for a starting position at outside linebacker during camp in August. A mature and instinctive athlete, McMillian picked up the defense quickly in the spring and consistently made plays. Even if McMillian doesn't start, he figures to see significant playing time at linebacker, where depth is an issue. He's a guy who also could have an immediate impact on special teams.


And don't []_[] forget who will be minding the Middle on DEFENSE ... 6-2/245 ANTONIO "HEADHUNTER" MORRISON !!! Too bad []_[] don't have anything close to this ANIMAL Headup on the Q.B. Oh, and he'll be free and good to go, all charges dropped. I was there, it wasn't him and the Bar has already dropped ALL Charges...

Dear Bottom-Line Cane Cl[]_[]ck... i.e.- Posted by: raymond roy | June 18, 2013 at 10:33 AM

The Gators have BEAT []_[] Down the LAST 18 o[]_[]tta 19 times in recent Games in Football-Beisbol-Basketball the last few years... Welcome to recent 21st. Cent[]_[]ry times boy.

DEEPER Bottom-Line... []_[] ARE OWNED...

19 0[]_[]tta 20 soon son ... .950 Winning % ova []_[]

Now tell us aaallll about the 80's n 90's again ?

[]_[] have won 1 ... ONE ... []_[]NO !!! National Championship in over the last 22 YEARS ... TWENTY-TWO YEARS !!!

join the 21st. Century []_[] fools.


Blah, blah, blah. We get it, you insecure Gatr maggot. UFailure recruits (alleged) top kids every year. After flunking out, transferring, decommitting and being dismissed from the skewwwl, the rest fail at what they do. Without Timmy Eucharist, you have nothing to show in football. Nothing. 7 years ago.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Posted by: Sad times | June 18, 2013 at 10:36 AM

If we met, and after I kicked []_[]r Arrsse into a Bloody Cane p[]_[]lp mess, []_[]'d look []_[]p at me with swollen blood filled eyes and think to []_[]rself that I was the Coolest M[]_[]' F[]_[]' that []_[] ever met... Simply put... I ... AM ... THE ... BEST ! ALL GATOR !!!

btw... The College Football Team with the MOST Wins the last 2-Decades ?

y[]_[]p, []_[]r finally right for once abo[]_[]t something Football related... Congrats []_[] g[]_[]essed it...



and []_[] ain't even listed with []_[]r 4 p[]_[]hthetic Losing Seasons during the same time period.

wh[]_[]s fa[]_[]lt is that ? The Officials ? The NCAA ? Coker or Shannon ? Exc[]_[]ses... It's THE Tr[]_[]e Cane Thang.

We have more National Championships idiot....does not count if you cant "win it all".

Turds....never an undefeated season? Ever? Ever ever?

Never able to run the table...12-0 with a National Championship....

Tr[_]ly pathetic.....

Especially with all he talent in Florida....

"I was there"....haha....I bet you were you little jock sniffer.....

UFELONY - 70 arrests and counting....

Timmy Tears on TV
Bama beatdown every year
Bulldog beatdown every year
Urban Meyer the liar Ohio Hire
Muschump with the $400 fist bump
UFelony still going strong - "But I'm a UF football player"!!
Louisville romp in the swamp (by a Big East team?)
Hey...they just scored again!!

Some Gatr Trash maggot has an elevated opinion of himself.

Fat, smelly and with an unkempt beard is not a good look, Gomer.

Insecure? check
Stoopid? Check
Worthless diploma? Check.

Yep, fits the profile of Gatr Trash.

Hey Turd boy....I can assure you of this....Your Turds had difficulty beating us 4 years ago with Timmy at QB.....it wasn't till the 4th quarter when you pulled away....we were a young team then....

Your coming here this year....you lost guys to graduation and NFL last year....our offense is potent....our defense will be much better....

It will not be as easy as you think....


TOUCHDOWN Louisville!

"We have more championships", the 80s and 90s were such a blast!
All the talent in Florida and we have nothing to show in the past decade. We even paid the players and recruits and got nothing back.
Heck it worked in the 80s with Uncle Luke. That darned Shapiro must have done something wrong.
Anyway this year we are back. We have the right schedule. Maybe we can make it to that mythical ACC championship game. The ACC is sooo hard to win, that Virginia is such a force.

we were a young team then....

our defense will be much better....

Posted by: U R DUM DUM!! | June 18, 2013 at 11:58 AM


[]_[] still are d[]_[]m d[]_[]m... Yo[]_[]'ve Been yo[]_[]ng since 2008. More Exc[]_[]ses...

Atleast []_[] were right abo[]_[]t one of []_[]r two statements.

Watch out, Gatr maggots. Dem Kentucky Wildcats are comin' for ya.

Comprenede, Pig?

Don't look now, another Gatr maggot gets arrested.

Fine institution you have there, trailer donkeys.

"our offense is potent....our defense will be much better...."

Really clucks?

1- your offense was shut down by every single good team you played last year.
Your offense wasn't good enough to beat a very mediocre UNC team and a very bad UVA team.
Your offense is only potent in practice and against pansies like Duke, Bethune, USF, BC and the like.

2- why will your defense be better?
Cause it was so bad it can't get any worse?
Or cause you got rid of EJ, GP, TF and other defenders?
Addition by substraction right?
Too much wishful thinking it seems.

You haven't won squat since '07, maggots.

Stop living in the past. Yeah, the mid 2000's were great. Maybe Busta Rhymes can come play at your Gatr Trash Growl again.

No gator puke- not just the 80s and 90s. But the 2000s as well- lest you recall the beatdown at the sugar bowl in 2000, the beat down at the Peach bowl in 2004 and the beatdown in the OB after you had us down by 28.

Plus, let us not forget that UM as robbed of playing for the NC in 2000, was UNDEFEATED (SOMETHING YOU LOSERS ONLY WISH FOR) IN 2001, and were robbed again in 2002- Miami effectively played or should have played for 3 NCs in a row 2000 2001 2002 and finished in the top 5 in 2003- SEE GATOR COCKROACHES, IT WASNT JUST THE 80S AND 90S, ALTHOUGH THOSE WERE GOOD YEARS TOO.


On its way to an undfeated season

1987 and 2001- probably 2 of the 3 beats college football teams of all time- You gators can only wish year in year out, and get over it- Timmy the bench warmer clipbaord holder will not be back. ever.com

By the way- This just in as reported by CBS sports:

the pathetic UF football program wil have to PAY BACK the money that they were paid for last season's bowl against Louisville...because// and this is what crakc me up--- They didnt sell their allotment of bowl tickets hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

And ll of these years the trailer loses have talked shmack to us about attendance!!!

What was it gator losers/ You knew that Teddy Bridge was going to demasculinize your overrated overranked overhyped "SSSEEC" defense?

Hola Soldy. I believe that is what's called being taken behind the wood shed. No doubt these guys are all wearing white slacks and a pastel jacket and some sweet 80's loafers.

22 years and one ship. If ANY OTHER program had that record these morons would be calling them a nobody. But a cluck got SWAGGA. So everything is "on track" in Coral Gables, home of the meanest Sudanese DT's yo[]_[]'ll ever see. Goldenfraude is moving through the plains. He already has a fence around Kenya, Botswana, and Chad. Those guys are all 6-star players in the motherland.

Hey kids, get your tapes in to Goldy on the double. You know, the highlight reels of you playing catch at a training warehouse. That'll get yo[]_[] an offer at TE right quick. Don't worry about that little lack of stars and offers problem you have. UM is recruiting a different kind of athlete. Jus axe Donna.

Can't wait to watch Morrison the head hunter snap Lil smurf Dukey in half. Great job using a spread back in a "pro set" UM. He's just not an every down back. Not that a cl[]_[[ck
Will understand this. He'll be snapping his head around looking for Morrison when Fowler will appear out of nowhere. It's gonna be a fun night.


FACTS []_[] Axe ? Try these... THE LAST DECADE !

The Last Decade...

[]_[]- 66-46 Overall Record... ZERO ACC Coastal Titles and ZERO ACC Championships... ZERO National Championships... 2-4 Bowl Record... TWO NON-Winning Seasons. 1 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THE LAST @@ YEARS !!! And mind []_[], that []_[]r 66-46 OVERALL RECORD Includes Wins over[]_[]r 2 Yearly Bethune's and FIU's/Coastal Car./FAMU/FAU plus 3-4 ACC Ch[]_[]mps BC's-Duke's Maryland's and Wake's 5 W's a year or []_[] would be looking at...

21-46 Record Minus the Above Scr[]_[]b W's...

[]_[]'ve Won Barely 20- TWENTY GAMES !!! Verses "decent" Teams the last TEN YEARS, and "decent" is being Kind since only Three ACC Teams have even Sniffed BCS Bowl Games in... Well Forever.

Barely 20 W's verses "decent" Teams over the last Decade ?

2 quality W's a year over teams like NC-NC St.-Ga.Tech? While FSU-Clemson-Va.Tech even Vir. Own []_[]...

New Cane Thang h[]_[]h ?

Next Year Riiieeet ?

Again... []_[] Looose.

GATORS The Last DECADE? - 90-28 Overall Record... FOUR SEC East Titles and TWO SEC Championships... TWO National Championships... 6-3 Bowl Record... 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS THE LAST 15 YEARS !!! No NON-Winning Seasons in over 25 YEARS.

[]_[] COMPRENDE ? []_[] are what []_[] are and the last DECADE and back to '92... ?

[]_[] S[]_[]CK !



Golden Balls
Golden Retriever
No matter the name, he's still over his head
Look there's another Ethiopian TE

QUE PASA ARTURO !!! Si ju @ Senor Satchel's Pizza en Septiembre maaanng !

you like to make things up don't you from Gatyturd Wikipedia ? 66-46 Overall record the last 10 years for Miami? that can't be right. 90-28 Overall Record? you play nobody and duct all good teams. check your math Gayturd. and get it right. we will have a better record than you the next 10 years easyly. mark it down.

Go Canes !

Arturo, Senor Satchell's Pizza tastes like my taint after a 12 mile run in the stench-infested trailerpark.

Arturo, you know I am a closet sack-lover.

Oye. comprende? Los Gators are trash.

gator talkingtrash about their record the last ten years? 2002-2012?

2002- UM beat down on their beethces the gayturds- in case you forgot it was 41-16 at the dump I mean the swamp

2003- UM beat s the lowly loser turds 38-33 despite being handed a 28 point advantage by mid 3rd quarter

2004- Beat down at the Peach Bowl

You said what?

2006 with 11 freshmen, UM hangs with eventual NC Florida 9-3 by the early 4th quarter. A horrendous call on 4th down keeps UF's drive alive Um would have gotten the ball on the 50 yd line.

Urban the slime ball esophageal spasm liar kicks a fg with 33 seconds left being up by 2 TD for the sole reason he wants to cover the spread.

karma is a beetch gators. 09.07.13 Yopu'll get yours

Gayturd sez what?

Duh Cowardly Gators are still trying to get out of the upcoming game with the Mighty Canes.

Hola Soldy. I believe that is what's called being taken behind the wood shed. No doubt these cowardly Gators are all still wearing overalls, pork pie hats and shoes made out of Clorox bottles as the cowardly Gators were charged with 107 NCAA infractions and Pell, along with the next cowardly Gator coach were fired.

25 years and still no out of conference, out of state games. If ANY OTHER program had that record these morons would be calling them a nobody. But us Gator cowards got FELONS. So everything is "on track" in toiletville, home of the dumbest criminals []_[]'ll ever see. Muschamp “the Bagman” is moving through the prisons. He already has a fence around Raiford, Atlanta State Pen, and Mississippi Correctional. Those guys are all 6-star felons in the motherland.

Hey kids, get your tapes in to Muschamp “the Bagman” on the double. You know, the highlight reels of you playing catch at a jail. That'll get you an offer right quick. Don't worry about that little lack of stars and offers problem you have. UF is recruiting a different kind of athlete. Jus axe Bernie “Hit and Run” Meachem.

Can't wait to watch the latest UF felon Morrison plead his case down and snap the head of some co-ed—it’s a Gator thing baby—we don’t understand! Great job using a guard as a UF QB He's just not an every down QB. Not that a cowardly Gator will understand this. He'll be snapping his head around looking for anyone and everyone knowing he’s about to be broken in half. It's gonna be a fun UM night.


Here's more proof alot of people still don't know football:
The guys over at EA Sports released the ratings for their annual money grab they call NCAA Football 2014. Rather than pace the internet for the results I thought it may be best for my fellow fans of the game to display them here.









Somebody please explain to me the efense got an 88 ranking/only 3 spots behind the offense, you just can't make this stuff up. Somebody need to be fired.

What all you turd fans don't realize is all your national championships games, you were very lucky you even got into those game.....you turds needed teams ranked ahead of you to lose, which they did, the last games of the season.

Just let me know when you go undefeated!!! Your conference is way overrated.....even your former coach Bob Stoops thinks so!!!!

[]_[] enjoy playing in front of 2-3k fickle, fair-weather bandwagon Cane fans night after night playing .500 Basketball and going to the NIT Sheldon McClellan.

You enjoy getting beat by our 3000K fans jerky....

Posted by: # 1 GATORS | June 18, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Once again, there's nothing, absolutely nothing, you can say about any UM fan or about UM's football program that is worse than the reality of your life.

You're a loser internet nerd obsessed with spewing negativity on a UM blog in the Miami Herald.

Obviously you don't have a lot going on for you in real life, but if you did have friends, you would be absolutely mortified if they found out that you spent your time doing this.

You're a loser, plain and simple. Not UF, not the Gators - you. Personally. Are a huge loser with absolutely nothing going on in your life.

This has nothing to do with college football, nothing to do with UM-UF.

After the game this year you're going to be back here - with no chance of UM playing UF in the next 5 years, little chance we play again in the next decade.

Because the fact of the matter is you have nothing else to do with your time.

After the game this year you're going to be back here - with no chance of UM playing UF in the next 5 years, little chance we play again in the next decade.

Posted by: Sad times | June 18, 2013 at 06:33 PM


Well if []_[] could just Win a Coastal and ACC Championship and then play the Mighty Gators in a BCS Game that we play in nearly every year... Ahhhh forget it, []_[]r right. No chance for []_[].

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | June 18, 2013 at 04:07 PM


Maybe []_[] should pray for s[]_[]m l[]_[]ck and pizzzant Sched[]_[]les like back in the Independant and Big Least Conference days of the 80's n 90's...

Go Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and Matt Bonner !!! Either way a GATOR gets another CHAMPIONSHIP RING !!!

[]_[] ? Do []_[] even have a former Cane Cl[]_[]ck Ch[]_[]nking Ch[]_[]mp Cager playing the the D-Leag[]_[]e ?

Did joke keem noah get a title? Nope.

Did lsu (sec) beat unc (acc) in baseball? Nope.

Big least you say eh?

Isnt louisville from the big least? Eh, hypocrite?

And U smack on miamis indep schedule?


Undefeated. National Champions.

Vs arkansas
Vs florida
Vs south carolina
Vs notre dame
Vs fsu
Vs oklahoma
And others...

Go ahead find a tougher schedule. I dare you.

Sec sec sec. Except the powers that be put unc and nc state on the same bracket... Smells like emmert is at it again!

Wow, you actually think that UM's 1987 schedule was tough? Only 4 regular season teams had winning records. You only played 1 team with more than 10 wins in the regular season, only 1 team that finished in the top 10. I guess that is tough...by cane standards. UM's opponents's record 65-61, barely a winning record.

Nothing worse than a gator troll. Murder U finally showed what kind of people it recruits and puts out, the kind that can't even get IN The U. All the arrests during the Meyer years were whitewashed by Tebow and Aaron Hernandez was a murder waiting to happen. What are ya'll gonna' do when the academic standards are raised in 2016? That will also signal the end of SEC dominance

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