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They're all here in Indy for NCAA hearings -- UM, Haith, Hurtt and the rest of the crew

INDIANAPOLIS -- As the unofficial attendance taker here I can tell you everyone is present for breakfast on the day of the NCAA hearings with the infractions committee regarding allegations made by former booster Nevin Shapiro and the University of Miami.

UM President Donna Shalala heads upstairs before hearings with the NCAAWell, everyone but Nevin. He's still in jail. But the main parties involved are all here.

University of Miami president Donna Shalala -- accompanied by her legal counsel -- made their way upstairs here at an undisclosed downtown hotel near the NCAA headquarters around 8 a.m. for breakfast after meeting with all her staffers in a private room.

Hurricanes football coach Al Golden, not among those alleged to have broken rules but here because he's supporting his program, gave a fist pump as he left the breakfast area for a moment.

Current UM basketball coach Jim Larranaga, athletic director Blake James and Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford were all among those who were in UM's private meeting room before breakfast.

Missouri coach Frank Haith, charged with a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance during his time at UM, was among the handful of former coaches who also made their way up to the breakfast room.

Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt, facing allegations of receiving and providing impermissible benefits and the dreaded 10.1 rule of unethical conduct for providing false and misleading information during the investigation, was one of the last people to enter the breakfast area.

Also spotted: new Carol City football coach Aubrey Hill, former Western Kentucky assistant Jake Morton and former UM basketball assistant Jorge Fernandez.

The doors to the breakfast room closed at 8:30 a.m.

UM has said it will not comment publicly before, during or after the hearings over the next three days. 

The NCAA isn't expected to render a decision for at least six weeks or more.



> UM basketball coach Jim Larranaga and deputy athletic director Tony Hernandez leave the meeting room where President Donna Shalala met with her staff and lawyers before entering the hearings.



Photo-4> UM athletic director Blake James (right) walks with Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford toward UM's private meeting room around 7:30 a.m. before the hearings with the NCAA.




Photo-6> UM football coach Al Golden (middle) takes the escalators upstairs to breakfast before the hearing with the NCAA. Senior associate AD Jen Strawley walks in front of Golden.


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Here come the UM leghumpers (also known as UF fans) in 3...2.....1.

Hope you are all proud of your institution!

Meanwhile, an orderly polished up the ELECTRIC CHAIR!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA []_[] cheating thugs.

Randy "Mr. Integrity" Shannon is dodging a major bullet as the stench of this is all over him.

Actually CANE HATER, yes, I am very proud of my institution. They handled this the right way. Suspended players involved, often severely even when the "take" was a $150 of dinners. Self-imposed very vigorously, moreso than seems necessary given the actual violations that occurred. Now, they are standing up to the corrupt NCAA and their despot, Emmert, against the witch hunt and NCAA getting far cozier and intimately involved with Shapiro than UM ever did (accepting everything he said twice as true - despite him being a convicted liar who also just admitted lying in court, buying him a burner phone for jail and paying for his commissary debit account, etc.).

@UMpride - right, because no FSU, FIU, UCF, USF fans or fans of the other 108 DI institutions think UM brought this on themselves.

If only the NCAA punished felonies and bloody credit cards, the UFailure would be reduced to a piece of manure on their otherwise stench-filled trailerpark.

50 felony arrests under under Meyer and Muschump.

Actual crimes, not kids eating a free hot dog.

100 years of felonies, cowardice, and choking.

See you in a few weeks in the 305.

'nuff said

cane ghater:

Actually we are all proud and so should everyone else bc UM has stood up to the NCAA fraud. The NCAA bullying. The fascist gestapo bureaucratic monster that claims to give a d-m about the student athletes.

FSu has an athlete accused of rape.
So does Ariz State

Um has nothing of the sort

But what is good is that Nevin Shapiro is being sodomized on a daily basis and he will not smell the ocean or a woman's perfume for another 18 years

Posted by: DK72
"They handled this the right way. "
suspended players, blah, blah, blah
self imposed, blah, blah, blah

Only did what you say cause they got caught and were exposed.
Handling it the right way would have been not allowing Shapiro to run the program and buy as many coaches as he did and pay as many players and prospects as he did.
Handling it the right way would have meant having a President who hired an AD who cared and had a clue.
It would have meant having a compliance officer who was allowed to do his job.
Too late for that now.


Making up sanctions as you go along (see last year's post season ban) hardly makes for vigorous self-sanctioning.

On the bright side, everyone is pulling for UM on this. If they skate away every coach in America will dance on and over the line of compliance, and when caught, they will simply flash the 'U' to the NCAA as precedent.

Thanks for those mug shots of the UM cartel lineup Manny.

you have a long history of scandals and shady operating starting with Howie Schnellenberger and continuing with slimeballs Jimmy and Erickson! What school has had more players in trouble,arrested or dead other than the U? BTW, if you are so passionate about your team, why are there 30,000 or more empty orange seats and tarps at every game?

Wow Just Sayin, you are utterly and completely ignorant of the situation...must be a Gator, ignorance and UF often go hand in hand. Shapiro's access to the program was no more, and in many cases less, than boosters at all major programs. As far as "paying coaches and players", thus far despite and extensive witch hunt there has been very little substantiated. Mostly dinners and club access.

Yo Cane trash

Yo chUmps time to pay the piper
U will get hammered as U well deserve

Yo speaking of tarps
Golden Retriever just won an award from the US Tarp and Coverings local South Florida chapter
Seems he is good for the tarp business in Miami
Brand new tarp will be unveiled at No Life Stadium
Enough tarp is on order to cover the whole upper section of the stadium leaving only the lower bowl available for games
This will be implemented right after the Gator game
Thanks to the Gators no tarp will be used on Sept 7

Mug shots of the UM cartel......good one
Wish I had come up with that myself

The hammer is bout to drop dUmmies


CANE HATER....history of scandals? Charley Pell and Galen Hall say hello.

As for attendance, so what? It's a relatively small school in an international city where they even have trouble selling out Miami Heat games during a championship year.

Oh, and "Just Sayin", as for Miami only instilling the sanctions when caught, Miami was the one that first notified the NCAA when they heard there may be issues with Shapiro. Even the NCAA admits this. Educate yourself. Though "education" and Gators usually don't go together.

ok,well be proud then!remember Pell grant situation? dont you people ever learn? really is a shame that a good private university is thought of so poorly because of out of control football program.

Charley Pell was a Gators coach. Busted for 107 NCAA violations. Galen Hall then took over. Fired for NCAA violations. The Gator program has a long history of trash.

could care less about the gators but at least they have a program with 92,000 crazies and some atmosphere at their games. UM game is like a morgue. USF actually has more atmosphere!

Poor CANE HATER. Couldn't get in UM, ended up at Miami-Dade Community College. Then UM whipped your favorite team repeatedly. Let the hate go, not only is it pathetic, it's unhealthy.

Cam Newton $180,000...Nothing happened..Trent Richardson a new car and money for autographs..Nothing happened..Kentucky top 5 class...thanks to $$$...Nothing happens..

most of America despises and is embarrassed by UM! Its a bad legacy! How many free tickets are they peddling? UF is going to be there in droves on Sept 7th.

No CANE HATER, you are just embarrassed that you couldn't get into UM. So was it Miami-Dade CC or FIU that you finally got into after being rejected by Miami? They pretty much are the same thing anyway.

As for the nation despising Miami. Some do, some don't. Same for any big school's athletic program. Miami has a huge fan base nationwide, and is still one of the biggest t.v. draws.

too bad everybody comes disguised as an orange seat or a tarp for home games!

Hell, we're only talking about a boat ride, a couple of dinners, and a few drinks at a club.....Miami has suffered enough. I think it's far more serious, cheating (Changing Grades) in school, than the piddly stuff Miami did!!

Miami is going to BuRN after their punishments are finally finalized. Huh It's just a matter of how SEVERE Goldie's program will be sizzled. dUh

And yes the n.CORRUPT a.a. still holds GRUDGES against the University of Miami, Florida football program for their SIN of being an UPPITY, FLASHY, COCKY, FLAMBOYANT football program.

So I'm guessing that Goldie's team WILL NOT participate in a bowl game in 2013 and the Canes will loose AT LEAST 10 scholarships in the 2014 class. Eh. What say.

Bon jour et Bonsoir

Shapiro's access to the program was no more, and in many cases less, than boosters at all major programs. As far as "paying coaches and players", thus far despite and extensive witch hunt there has been very little substantiated. Mostly dinners and club access.

Posted by: DK72

Dude you are out in force today with damage control. Truth is the coaches, players and prospects were all paid and given tons of illegal perks. Even if it can't be proven in a court of law, everyone knows it happened. Just look at your recent complaints about the NCAA investigation they all deal with how the information was obtained not the veracity of it. Or to dumb it down for you in the Gables your criminal University is whining that the truth was obtained by nefarious means. It's still the truth.
You are fast to call others ignorant when it is you who if not ignorant are at a minimum naive and blinded by being a homer. Guess you are ignorant as well.
Pay for play, pay for big hits and bounties, perks for players and recruits, rampant cheating has been going on since the 80s at U Cheat. Just because it hasn't been "proven" everyone knows what went on. Heck Dan LeBatard talks openly on his radio show about Uncle Luke paying the players all the way back then. And Shapiro took his nickname form that episode and continued his legacy of cheating and payouts.
Come up with a better excuse.
You got a lot of those.

exactly, the cheating and scandal has been going on back to approx 1980 when the University decided it would give up all morales/ethics to win in football. it worked but at what cost?kinda caught up with the U during the Pell grant scandal though. why else would all of these innercity players go to a half empty Orange Bowl if the payoff wasnt huge. If you wanted to be out of control and have coaches look the other way, the U was your place.

Rarely post here, but happened to see the article and the absolute stupidity of posters like you, so I decided to reply. "Truth" as you proclaim is nothing more than your speculation, tainted by your pathetic hatred. There is no evidence of the vast, vast majority of Shapiro's claims. I don't need excuses. You might want to come up with facts, not your sad hate-based fantasies.

Meanwhile, UF lost nearly $1 million because of poor attendance at the Sugar Bowl. Their fans really aren't much better than UMs. There are just more students, more alumni, and nothing else to do in Gainesville.

I have a really good source that a professor @ UF was asked to switch (which he/she didn't) a football players grade.....I won't name any names but I will give you a clue....He's on WQAM with Goldie at 1:00. The professor didn't follow football and had no clue who he was and he told the professor "don't you know who I am". The professors answer was "No, and I don't care".

I believe this player was the one who didn't know where London was or something to that nature, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did change his grades in other classes.

I have a really good source that a professor @ UF was asked to switch (which he/she didn't) a football players grade.....I won't name any names but I will give you a clue....He's on WQAM with Goldie at 1:00. The professor didn't follow football and had no clue who he was and he told the professor "don't you know who I am". The professors answer was "No, and I don't care".

I believe this player was the one who didn't know where London was or something to that nature, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did change his grades in other classes.

Truth" as you proclaim is nothing more than your speculation,

Kyle Right: " I was tricked into telling the truth, throw out my testimony"
Dyron Dye: " Police help!, Help! I was coerced into telling the truth, the bad NCAA man is really scary, help!"
Sean Allen: " I only told the truth cause they lied to me, throw out my testimony too"

posted by: Sunny Dee

Sunny poor attendance at the Sugar Bowl in contrast to poor attendance at every single home game, away game and any bowl played in the past 5 years.
No not the same, not by a long shot.
No tarp needed at the swamp
But for you:
too bad everybody comes disguised as an orange seat or a tarp for home games!

Posted by: CANE HATER |

It is what it is, you can't change the truth

Just Sayin...apparently you are too busy trying desperately to bring Miami down to actually read about what's really going on.

Yes, Kyle Wright was lied to to get him to talk. His transgression, not known to the school, was a Snoop Dog concert and a weekend jaunt to the Bahamas. Guarantee that similar things happen daily at other schools. Miami has severely punished players for doing a lot, lot less.

Dyron Dye: You are lying, or just too stupid to read. He never claimed he was coerced into telling the truth. He said he was threatened to tell them what they wanted to hear, and say what they wanted him to say. So he said what they wanted him to, not what actually happened. That's why his story changed.

Sean Allen: So what? The things that he did say were true, Miami has already punished players for and self-sanctioned. All things that occurred behind their backs. Allen's point, and UM's point, is that the NCAA broke many rules as well in their desperate witch hunt to prove the Yahoo! fairy tale true. Even with their "self corroboration" by Shapiro and their 3 year long desperate search to destroy Miami, they found $170k total of possible "pay outs", a tenth of the millions Shapiro claimed. Of that, the majority is completely unsubstantiated by anyone but Shapiro, including $50k to Wilfork in vehicles (of which the NCAA could find NO RECORDS and admit to just taking the con-man's word) and another $40k to a few other players, of which again, NCAA admits they have NO RECORDS and NO EVIDENCE other than Shapiro's "self corroboration." So that brings it down to $80k, again, mostly without a shred of evidence other than the minor stuff like dinners and club entrance fees.

Canes folks....its all good. We should all expect the haters to come out and get their licks in. I fully understand where they are coming from. Especially if your a Turd fan or Seminole fan.

How many wide right and lefts has FSU embarrassed themselves with against us? How about to 31-0 beatdown they received when being ranked #1 pre-season....haha.

Turds....8-1 against us last 30 years....it took them 100 years to win there first....we have won 5 in the last 30 years. Were basically like the Pittsburgh Steelers of college football....and...although I'm a diehard Dolphins fan....well...the Turds are like my Fins....pretty embarrassing.

The gators are going to get worked Sept. 7th. They have no offense. They'll be out of the stadium by halftime.

Still love the envy though. Thanks for being here. Your insight is valued on this blog more than you know. Thanks again.

"GRUDGES against the University of Miami, Florida football program for their SIN of being an UPPITY, FLASHY, COCKY, FLAMBOYANT football program"

Why? The Canes don't hold a grudge because you are stupid redneck trailertrash with a worthless diploma?

Let's call it even. Now, back to your double-wide, Gomer.

UM=DEATH PENALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at these nervous desperate cane clowns. Being led to the gallows pole yet still in full denial mode. You are fans of TE dirtiest program in the history of college football. The NCAA DOES NOT LIKE your habitual offender behavior. They are about to destroy U the dragged out investigation is NOTHING compared to what awaits u thugs.
And let's
Be clear cane fools, we dont "hate" you. We laugh loudly at your garbage football program that thinks its relevant. YOU AREN'T. we LAUGH at you.

Years from now you will be struggling along, post sanctions with a new coach and U GD morons will still be yappin about being back. College football left U behind a LONG TIME AGO. Keep denying it and thinking you ate a few DT's away from being back.

The sanctions will eventually end but you will forever be ignorant. Good luck with your annual showdown with POWERHOUSE Virginia. I know, it's an ACC thing, I wouldn't understand.

The gist of the latest SI expose is that Shapiro provided plenty of proof to back up his allegations but that the NCAA bungled the investigation due to internal divisions, pressures and dealines. However the fact remains Shapiro corrupted the University and cheated for years with the knowledge and assistance of several UM coaches.

I think Louisville just scored again!!!!!!!!!

Anyone check how small the Gayturds starting safeties are. The biggest guy is 185....it's going to be hilarious watching them tackle our tight ends, which weight 260 each. What a joke of a team. Can't wait for Sept. 7.

Louisville just scored again!!!!

Cane news, of crime and punishment.
Don't get mad or bitter or defensive, it's not your fault that the University you root for has been engaged in cheating and criminal behavior for decades.
Blame your president, blame your many ADs.
Man up, suck it up and take your due.

Posted by Reality Bites

Like the headline says:

They are all here in Indy for the NCAA hearings -- UM, Haith, Hurtt and the rest of the criminals and stooges

Haters going to hate. DK don't waste ur energy. The gator trash doesn't listen anways. Miami isn't getting the death penalty. Miami will beat UF this year and make it 9-1 in thr last 250 years against UF. Gators are haters. That is what they are good at. Being jealous and hating on Miami. At least FSU and USF do not duck us and avoid us at all cost.

Sorry typing on my phone. 9-1 in the last 20 years

If they were ducking and avoiding the record would be 0-0 in the last 20 years. If they were really chicken they would've played the canes between 94 and 98 when the canes were down as well as the other down years since. In fact they would've traded off the entire '90's series with the 'Noles to play the canes, a time when Bobby B consistently beat them.

Keep spinning that Corbin-spawned mythology, gotta keep your pride up somehow.

Tired Old Blather - you know it takes years in advance to schedule games and UF could not just schedule a game against UM when they knew they were down. I'm guessing UF scheduled the 2002 and 2003 home and away games when Miami was on probation in the late 90s thinking they wouldn't be any good by the time the games rolled around. That obviously turned out to bite them. The 2000 and 2004 games were bowl games that UF had little say in. It is undisputed that UF quit the series when UM was destroying them in the late 80s. The UF-UM rivalry was much bigger at that time than UF-FSU or even UM-FSU. Why are you even on here if you aren't a Canes fan?

@Sunny: The out of conference games don't need the same time horizon for scheduling as conference games do. Teams make those scheduling changes late all the time. If UM was willing to take the $$ they could play in Hogtown every year and pocket an easy $1M. As far as bowls, teams can and do turn down bowl bids. In fact TA&M stated flatly LY they would not play UT in the post season (or reg season) when confronted by the BCS.

UM was having success when the series ended, but UF was trying to get out of that series for years before. SI did an article on the UM/UF game in ’82 that indicated that game could be one of the last ones played (a Sept ’82 issue?). The author notes Jim Kelly is wearing a ‘Gators eat Boogers’ T-shirt..LOL! Ends up the series went 5 more years. Having experienced those games first hand, they were fun games because of proximity. However, those contests never had the same weight as the Ga, Aub, and LSU games. Those three were circled every year in the off-season, while UM was a big deal the week-of only. In fact losing to UM didn’t preclude the Gators from playing in the Sugar Bowl, while losing one of the other three did. Going to the Sugar Bowl was the ultimate and only prize at that time for the SEC (conference tie-in).

Regarding your last comment - slow news day.

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