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They're all here in Indy for NCAA hearings -- UM, Haith, Hurtt and the rest of the crew

INDIANAPOLIS -- As the unofficial attendance taker here I can tell you everyone is present for breakfast on the day of the NCAA hearings with the infractions committee regarding allegations made by former booster Nevin Shapiro and the University of Miami.

UM President Donna Shalala heads upstairs before hearings with the NCAAWell, everyone but Nevin. He's still in jail. But the main parties involved are all here.

University of Miami president Donna Shalala -- accompanied by her legal counsel -- made their way upstairs here at an undisclosed downtown hotel near the NCAA headquarters around 8 a.m. for breakfast after meeting with all her staffers in a private room.

Hurricanes football coach Al Golden, not among those alleged to have broken rules but here because he's supporting his program, gave a fist pump as he left the breakfast area for a moment.

Current UM basketball coach Jim Larranaga, athletic director Blake James and Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford were all among those who were in UM's private meeting room before breakfast.

Missouri coach Frank Haith, charged with a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance during his time at UM, was among the handful of former coaches who also made their way up to the breakfast room.

Louisville assistant Clint Hurtt, facing allegations of receiving and providing impermissible benefits and the dreaded 10.1 rule of unethical conduct for providing false and misleading information during the investigation, was one of the last people to enter the breakfast area.

Also spotted: new Carol City football coach Aubrey Hill, former Western Kentucky assistant Jake Morton and former UM basketball assistant Jorge Fernandez.

The doors to the breakfast room closed at 8:30 a.m.

UM has said it will not comment publicly before, during or after the hearings over the next three days. 

The NCAA isn't expected to render a decision for at least six weeks or more.



> UM basketball coach Jim Larranaga and deputy athletic director Tony Hernandez leave the meeting room where President Donna Shalala met with her staff and lawyers before entering the hearings.



Photo-4> UM athletic director Blake James (right) walks with Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford toward UM's private meeting room around 7:30 a.m. before the hearings with the NCAA.




Photo-6> UM football coach Al Golden (middle) takes the escalators upstairs to breakfast before the hearing with the NCAA. Senior associate AD Jen Strawley walks in front of Golden.


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TOB - Those are good points. It seems recently though that UMs out-of-conference games are scheduled way in advance. This years Gators game, for example, was scheduled a long time ago. Miami is now trying to schedule games with Penn State sometime after 2016. Anyway, regardless of the reasons, it's a shame the teams won't be playing each other for a long time after this year. Hopefully this year's contest will live up to its potential.

I'm with you, I'd like to see the series start up again. At the very least switching off with FSU in some sort of rolling home-home sequence would make it do-able. I think it will steal the ratings for that weekend!

The good news is, this thing is coming to a close one way or another. So let the nc2a put all the b.s. on the table and than force them to bow down. The nc2a will come in hoping we don't make them look to bad later on, but i'm sure they'll know that they've been duped just like alot of the same people snitch duped for money as well. This was the only reason it took this long, they knew they had nothing and than like looking so called WMD's, found basically nothing.

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