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UM lands '14 commitment from Miami Northwestern sack master Mike Smith

UM netted one of the nation's top pass rushers and arguably the best defensive player in its own backyard in the Class of 2014 Saturday morning when Miami Northwestern High defensive end Mike Smith committed to the program.

Smith, 6-3, 210 pounds according to his high school coach, made the commitment while attending another session of the Al Golden Summer Camp on Saturday.

Last season, Smith produced 73 tackles and finished second in Miami-Dade County with 18 sacks.

"He's a great character kid," Northwestern High coach Stephen Field said. "Defensive coordinator Luther Campbell has done a really good job making him aggressive. He's the type of kid you want leading your team."

Smith played exclusively as a defensive end last season, but is being recruited to UM as both a linebacker and defensive end. Field said he will play both linebacker and defensive end as a high school senior.

Florida State, Georgia and Tennessee were all finalists for Smith, who told Field before heading to UM's camp Saturday he was ready to end his recruiting process and commit to the Hurricanes.

"He's a good one," Field said. "He's got a 3.0 GPA, already qualified. He runs a 4.6, 4.7, benches well over 300 pounds. He made his decision, told me he wanted to do it and was ready."

A consensus three-star recruit, Smith is ranked the 21st best defensive end in the country according to Rivals.com; 32nd by 247Sports.com and 71st by ESPN.com.

UM struggled producing sacks last season, ranking 113th out of 120 FBS programs with 13 sacks.


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Personally I don't see Jacory Harris's name ever being spoken in the same sentence as all time great QB's at the U such as Torreta, Dorsey, Testaverde, Kelly, Kosar, Walsh or Erickson for the reason that he never sniffed a championship or championship game of any kind. He and Brock Berlin would be considered maybe at the top of the group after those greats and thats as good as he can get. Now as far as the CLarke kid goes, he isn't a Gaytor until he signs on the dotted line in February, so that is pretty much null and void for now. Plus I happen to remember not too long ago a young man who was considered the top DT in the country who did absolutely nothing that was signed by Randy SHannon, who never developed and was one of the biggest busts of all time at that position. So I wouldn't be too upset about this at this point. Plus how long do you think that commitment will last when we blow those Gaytors out of the stadium in september. Muskrat will blow a fuse.

Chit, Goldie and his INEPT defensive coordinator, Marky Mark, STILL recruiting like they back at Temple U. Huh
What the FREAK' is it with ALL these 3-STAR emerald's in the rough crap.
Yeah, yeah Goldie gets a few 4/5-Star prep players, here and there and what not. But not enough to SEE Miami return to LEGITIMATE Top 15 status. Duh
Oh, CALVIN still bloody well SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER. Eh. What say.

Damyum, those Good Ol' Boy Cane brUtes at the canespace/eoth be all GIDDY and what not, bout' ALL those THREE-STAR h.s. player's Miami bringing in to the Hurricane family. Huh
Yeah, yeah Goldie and the INEPT d-coordinator get a few 4/5-Star prep players.
Too bad THE U will continue to be an AVERAGE 8-4 team this season and PERHAPS down the long and bumpy country bumkin road. Eh. What say.
Of course, the Hurricanes are NO LONGER a legitimate Top 10 program. So Goldie and Marky Mark have to recruit those 3-Star H.S. ballers to FIT into their SYSTEM and what not.
Maybe that's WHY Goldie and Marky Mark RAN OFF all those 4/5-Star prep players. Eh. What say.

What HURT Coach Shannon, among other serious factors, was HE and his staff put ALL their green and orange marbles on the Northwestern H.S. players.
And HALF of those player's turned out to be BUST's and what not. For whatever reason(s). Huh What say.
Bon jour et Bonsoir

This is is how idiotic the tools cool cat gallo and calvin are (they are all the same):

Cool cat says, "even the miserable cokerkne that there is an instutional network out there to help you"


See thats what happen when you go on the internet when you are on crack

First to call coker miserable is so racist and stupid it shames me that there are some igaants like this in so fl

Coker went 12-0 nat ch
12-1 stolen nc
11-2 won bcs orange bowl
9-3 beat uf peach bowl
9-4 lost peach bowl
7-6 won bowl

I mean so the team deteriorated under his watch... But he won a nc. We are now on our second coach after him and nothing yet...

How can a dooch bag be so disrespectful?

You 2 niggazz cool cat and calvin are so effin racist, you all shouldnt be canes... Shooo go cheer for famu or bethune

UM has always been city. And i get it. UM has had inner city soul. But it also had a sprinkling of white and hispanic players... Even from canada. So for you losers to display this much hatred for Golden and Coker... Its sad.

DESPITE the rantings of the three loser amigos cool cat calvin and gallo, Al Golden will bring OUR UM canes to 11-3 next year:

They will be 10-2 reg season
They will then play in the ACC ch and lose
They will the play in a major bowl and win

And the babble mouth trio will be crying in their traylers oit in l city and opa locka

He!!, it don't take no major college pigskin Einstein, to know the PERCENTAGES of ALL those 3-Star prep player's becoming All-Conference and whatnot. Are SLIM to none.
In other words, probably TWENTY-FIVE (25%) PERCENT of all of those 3-Star H.S. ballers Goldie and Marky Mark recruiting will be DIFFERENCE MAKER's at the B.C.S. level.
But then again, with the SOFT non-conferece schedule Goldie and Marky Mark be employing now, and the FACT that the A.C.C. ain't no S.E.C. or Big Ten or PAC-12. Perhaps ALL those 3-Star prep player's will eventually lead Miami to 8-4/9-3 seasons.
But NOT to the level of PAST Hurricane teams. SEE B.C.S. bowls and playing in both conference and national championship games. Eh. What say.
Bon jour et Bonsoir

Win 10 games /Acc Coastal Division and a Bowl game and this program will start to move in the right direction as far as getting good players in the state. Some of the UM coaches seem to ignore the fact that "high school" players talk and compete against each other and they know who the good players are in the area. A recruit signs with a team that is winning and has some of his"boyz" from the area on the team. If canes start winning 10 plus games a year they will start to dominate S.Fla area again. Until that happens they should concentrate other areas of the country to get good players. I think that is what Golden is doing and I support him on that but if he wants to win and dominate on a national scale he has to win the recruiting battle in Florida. This can all happen this year if the 2 stooges improve their unit(defense) to a top 15 unit and create more sacks and turnovers the canes can beat both gators/seminoles. The Seminoles we may face them twice and the game to beat them would be the Acc Championship,that would improve recruiting 100%. As for the gators I see that game as a Cane blow out victory that will have pundits thinking either the U is back or the gators have fallen ? Go Canes!! Let the South Florida train ride continue! 1st Cane basketball/ Heat championship and next Cane/Dolphins winning 10 games or more each. "HEY NOW"

Chit, I don't be HATING on Goldie and Marky Mark. They be doing the best job they can and what not.
It's that the INEPT d-coordinator and Goldie still are EMPLOYING a system, which works at a University of Temple and what not.
In other words, that SYSTEM both Goldie and TONTO Mark use will get y'all Cane rUffians 8-4 and 9-3 REGULAR seasons. But ABSOLUTELY NO legitimacy as a Top 10 team. And definitely NO conference championship banners, and especially NO appearance in a B.C.S. championship game.

Soldy, It's hard to argue the note below...we are a bunch of ignorant, in-bred hillbillies. Hola my in-bred Brutha!


To all my Gator family currently incarcerated or otherwise:


I owe all of my criminal training to the University of Florida. They were the first to recognize that under their tutelage I could one day become a first degree murderer. My first few years I stumbled around and only shot two people (one critically, which I scored big with the coaches on that one)beat up a few women and did some petty strong armed robberies. But, being around so many other criminals during my years as a Gator taught me that being a Felon is hard work and to reach the mountaintop of being a first degree murderer would not be easy as my first real effort in that arena only saw me shoot a man's eye out. Of course I finally made my Gator bones and bagged my first murder victim (at least the first one they've caught me at...LOL!) and my twitter account has been lit up by Gator felons from around the world offering their heartfelt congratulations. I would be remiss if I didn't thank drunken hit and run UF President Bernie Machen, lying through his buck teeth Athletic Director Jeremy Foley, the biggest slime-ball on the planet Head Football Coach Urban Meyer and the latest warden of UF Football..."The Bagman" Willy Muschamp!

Ouch! Dat one hurts worse than when my momma gives my nightly enemas...Hola Soldy!!!


To my main man Aaron "Shoot'em Up" Hernandez and the thousands of other imprisoned Gators from Coast to coast:


My brotha from who knows what motha Hernandez! You got's to get yourself an AK47. You done capped yourself 3 dudes that we now know of with three separate weapons, when one Ronnie Wilson signature model AK47 could have cleared the decks with one squeeze of the trigger. Now listen up dude, instead of going to trial for your latest murder--see if Foley and the Willy "The Bag Man" Muschamp can't put together one of those Gator student kangaroo courts to hear your murder case and before you can say...Gators are cowards...they will have you back on the streets with the rest of us Gator felons committing even more grade 1 crimes.

Man Soldy...I thought Jamar was still in jail with the rest of our Gators...If I liked girls (and if they liked me) I would be hiding their credit cards, especially the ones in critical condition...Hola brutha...


Us Gators are Chillin before or next Killin…we Gators do the crimes, but Jeremy Foley and Huntley Johnson make sure we never do the time!


Yo big Aaron! Congrats my man!!! When I stole that credit card off my teammates dying girlfriend and went on that cross state spending spree I got's me some street cred with my Gator felon teammates. But, yo dude, if we ever have another Gator make the NFL Hall of Fame I knows the man will mention your name in his acceptance speech. You walk and talk it my man...it's a Gator thang baby!!!


We lose a so called top DT

After what happend with Marcus Forston and everythinghe didnt do at UM i could care less

Im surprised king doosh calvin hasnt said anything like Forston was better than sapp or something like that

haha!...look how much effort and "ink" they're wasting obsessing with us! I never realized we had "no depths".

No chatter here.

September 7. Be there.

we have more better players.

Posted by: marco | June 23, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Ahh the cry of the dUmb and delUsional cane clown! With a fine MDCC education to boot.
"Why do we sUck so much" "we have more better players"
Too funny
"why are we falling in the rankings, we have more better players"
So the 2014 recruiting rankings that you cane morons were touting so much last week are starting to change. Imagine that, who knew that was possible.
The only place on the planet where the canes were ranked higher than Gators and Noles was the very early 2014 freaking recruiting class rankings.
And now the canes keep getting shut out of the best players and settle for 2 and 3 star scrub projects.
Get used to it clUcks, there is more of that to come.
Why in the world would a solid defensive recruit wanna play for the #117 efense? Only a local kid who wants to stay home, your only hope. Pathetic.

Johnson was a great linebacker, but he screwed it all up and then left um.

6 commits, BUT NO DT'S!!?? WTF??!! D corch get out of town!!

Johnson was a great linebacker, but he screwed it all up and then left um.
Posted by: Canesjunkie | June 23, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Im glad eddie johnson went and started playing football somewhere, he's not the type that can sit out for a year at this point he'd do something o hurt himself. but it's a good chance he'll be back tho.

Again.....a three star guy from Miami is a four to five star guy in another state.

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