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UM set to meet with NCAA infractions committee Thursday morning

INDIANAPOLIS -- There aren't many direct flights from Miami to Indianapolis so naturally odds were pretty good I was going to bump into University of Miami representatives on their way up to meet with the NCAA infractions committee Wednesday morning.

UM coach Al Golden works on his laptop on his flight up to IndyAnd that's exactly what happened.

UM President Donna Shalala, football coach Al Golden, basketball coach Jim Larranaga, athletic director Blake James and several top-end UM staffers along with UM's general counsel boarded a small flight -- along with me and about 10 other people -- bound for the city where the NCAA is headquartered. Coach Golden, Larranaga and James were nice enough to say hello to me before and after the flight -- including when we all went to grab a cab at the same time. But that's probably all I'm going to get from them over the next three days.

UM has said it will not comment before, during or after its hearings with the infraction committee.

Thursday morning -- somewhere here at the downtown hotel I'll keep secret -- UM and several former assistant coaches will get together with the committee on infractions and NCAA investigators inside of a meeting room. I'd love to be a fly inside the room to hear it all, but instead I'll be sitting outside, keeping my fingers crossed to learn something from the hearings. 

As our Barry Jackson wrote today in his Sports Buzz, procedural issues will be heard Thursday and UM and at least four of the coaches again will ask for the case to be dismissed, which UM doesn’t expect to happen.

All of the football allegations will be addressed in a marathon Friday session, and basketball charges will be dealt with Saturday.

I will be here, hoping some bit of news trickles out of those doors. Who knows maybe Shalala will come out of the meetings doing a touchdown dance and this will all be over.

Odds are, though, we won't hear much. Plus, sanctions won't be announced until six weeks or later. So, unless the case gets dismissed -- which would be huge news -- the news will be light.

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Thanks Manny... finally a new post to the blog. Any more info coming about the recent commits? Is it possible for the Herald to pay InsideTheU to do a weekly column in the paper or on this website? Hurricanes content is being posted too slow on the website. Thanks.

Changing topics. How is Jim Morris doing?

d[]_[]mmmm, d[]_[]m d[]_[]m d[]_[]m ...

It's Time and []_[] will be ...

B[]_[]RIED !

Good luck to the 'U'.

We have paid our penance 10 times over..

Be done with it, and let's move on to a new era of Canes football, and basketball, and begin a new era in 'Canes Athletics.

Enough of the NCAA.

Go 'Canes

We might get buried, but you still have no life.

Funny, Miami's thread is the only one to get no life, lives with mom at 40, losers. Follow your sorry-ass, no history, no legacy team. []_[] are an idiot!

Good luck to the 'U'.

We have paid our penance 10 times over..

Be done with it, and let's move on to a new era of Canes football, and basketball, and begin a new era in 'Canes Athletics.

Enough of the NCAA.

Go 'Canes

Posted by: UGoCane | June 13, 2013 at 07:29 AM

I can see why there is no interest in posting current news on this blog. As soon as something is posted,the site becomes littered with infantile comments and stupid back and forth bickering by fools that have nothing better to do in their lifes.

It is an always will be "all about the "u"!!!

Thank you for finally posting a new story and taking me out of the limelight.
Are there any Total Wine and More stores close to the UM campus?

Hope that ESPNU showing the "U"s 30/30 doc. and Spring Game last night was a good omen. Good luck to all involved in this hearing. Go strong and lets put this sh.t to bed already. Go Canes.

The U may get severely punished but one good thing will always be true: we are not gators or seminoles

Go canes

Hope CNBC showing the Shapiro episode of American Greed
doesn't come back to bite us. Good luck to all involved in the hearing. Always good to see Al wearing that tie.

Go Canes


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