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VIDEO: Watch UM President Donna Shalala throw up The U with her hands during NCAA hearing

INDIANAPOLIS -- I'm not sure exactly why she decided to do it, but Donna Shalala showed some Hurricanes swag Thursday afternoon.

The University of Miami's President flashed The U for the cameras on her way out of the NCAA hearing with the Committee on Infractions during an afternoon break. Does that mean good news is in store for the Canes? Maybe.

Watch Shalala and others -- UM AD Blake James, Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith, former UM assistants Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez and Louisville defensive line coach Clint Hurtt -- here for the hearings as they stroll through the hallway. 


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Duuuuh, can Scottie Billiken get some weeed ovah heah?

Hey, Pres. Machen, watch out for that caaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr.

classy gesture

Guaranteed one thing: Frank Haith comes out of this smelling like a rose. He's at an $EC school now. Therefore, he skates.

That was some supreme confidence in her body language. I like it. Good sign.

classy gesture

Posted by: CANE HATER | June 13, 2013 at 04:51 PM

Here's classy for you: some inbred toothless hillbilly doing that gayass gaytor chomp at reddddneeeeck heaven, the stinking sewer dump known as the swamp


Shapiro is going to be wheeled in like Hannibal Lecter

I'm glad that Frank Haith is at an SEC school, that means Miami should get served punishment...

Nice body language, smiles....all but haith....he looked worried.

First off THIS CASE IS OVA. Secondly, the Gator Girls Head Coach aka; the cross eyed hillbilly, is known to have paid players directly at his desk under Chizik...It will surface again, believe you me. See ya'll on September 07th at The Sun...THEY WILL ALL COME, THEY WILL ALL WIN AND THEY WILL ALL PLAY ON SUNDAYS...BEACTHEZZZZZZZZ

caneghater....thats what it looks like when U are proud of your school. She actually had some pep in her step....good sign....

Its all about the U we love U haterz JUst like heat haterz

She was also reportedly chewing gum at one point. Could also be a good sign...

U just can't go throwing up da "U" just like that....To do dat, U have to earn it. Lotz of people over the years have earned that right.

Uncle Luke earned it, Shapiro did not.

When U are part of the family you can throw up the U anyfreakin' time U feel like it...!

New respect for Shalala. That was a little old school swag. Prez seems to be fighting for the "U". Go Canes.

Shalala threw up the U
Ocho cinco slapped his lawter in the butt
Stupid is as stupid does

Shalala threw up the U
The NCAA threw up as soonas she left the room
Good sign

Old School Cane here so the throwing up the U is new school for me. Wore my colors today and will tomorrow.

My crystal ball sez "Canes" are going to be OK. Don't expect to see much more that a few less free rides. Time to focus on Football which UM will return 10 starters on Offense and 9 on D-fence. ACC should be ours and the rise will begin. GO CANES ! stay positive!

Its all about this mutha f......ing


no swagger from shalala....she is so full of it......that was all optics.....she was the one receiving investor money gleefully plastered all over the media.....

all he bravado was silenced today as she sat there getting her ass reamed.....

the NCAA today just listened to UM's case.....no need for smiles......shalala and company are totally looking the wrong way today if they think they got a pass.....foolish expectation

Gallo always has his two cents to put in....your reaching for anything.....if they had a story about paying UM for its inconveniences....you would have something negative to say.....hahahaha....you're UM's little bit€h and u cant stop thinking about us.....

Ha! []___[]...nearing the end...after this, then what Gallo??? You were never a Cane fan and never will be!!!
All signs, articles, opinions concerning this program are all positive!


[]_[] will get []_[]rs

Why wasnt shannon ever interviewed to show we were putting a stop to the shapiro crap....why is that never included in all these stories? The only good thing shannon did as hc and noone wants to use that for arguments.....

If C. Hurt escapes punishment,it will be because of tainted evidence and nothing else. Of all the people involved in this saga, he deserves to get hammered the hardest. He has caused more problems for UM than anybody else. He should be out of Div. 1 football for at least a couple of years. I'm a long-time UM fan so this is not an anti UM rant. He's the one bringing a lot of the trouble to the Canes.

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