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Alabama lists secondary NCAA violations -- former UM assistant Joe Pannunzio linked

The University of Alabama released an annual report of secondary NCAA violations on Thursday, including one by an unnamed football staffer who "provided impermissible benefits to a prospect and his family and introduced prospects to a booster while at another institution.''

That staffer, according to an Associated Press source: Joe Pannunzio, a former UM tight ends coach/special teams coordinator and current Crimson Tide director of football operation.

Al.com first reported the release of Alabama's public report, which did not identify the person involved.

A source told The Miami Herald earlier this year that neither Pannunzio nor former Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland -- now the O-line coach with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles -- were charged in the NCAA's Notice of Allegations in the case involving former UM booster Nevin Shapiro.

"The penalties levied against the staff member, which also included a trip to a NCAA regional rules seminar and 90 days without any permissible recruiting communications, were self-imposed by Alabama,'' cited the al.com story. "Pannunzio, who makes a $170,000 salary has not received a raise during the past two years."

UM hopes to receive its sanctions from the NCAA in that case sometime before the season begins (Aug. 30 against FAU).



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Annual report, he left Miami in Feb of 2011. Saban must be getting worried that Golden is doing something right here at the "U". I am glad Susan did her fine incompetent reporting as usual. Would someone please assign her to cover the Gators?

Hell, Joe Pannunzio's NCAA violations pale in comparison to the violations he committed as our special teams coach.

During his tenure opponents returned most every kick-off past mid-field, which fed in to more losses than about anything else as that left teams 40 to 45 yards from a touchdown or 10 to 15 yards from a field goal attempt...Coverage on punt returns were non-existent, not to mention the punting was atrocious...Field goal kicking and protection was laughable.

Suffice to say...the man was one of college football's worst special teams coaches--EVER!!

Guys....Bama is just acknowledging what "is already known".....the guy was not even mentioned in the NCAA report...so...Bama's probably using it as an excuse so they don't have to give him "that raise".

The University of Alabama has a football team? Since When?

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Did Alabama self report that its boosters gave Dee Liner (DL recruit) more than $5,000 in cash to sway him from Auburn?

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