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Booker T. speedy cornerback Nigel Bethel commits to Canes on bus ride back from Alabama, FSU

Although he grew up a UM fan and had an inkling his future was in Coral Gables, Miami Booker T. Washington star cornerback Nigel Bethel wanted to confirm his feelings.

So, he took a trip with his high school teammates and head coach up to the University of Alabama and Florida State this past week to make sure there was no doubt in his mind he wanted to be a Hurricane.

It didn't take Bethel long to make up his mind. On the bus ride home from Tallahassee Friday, Bethel called UM coaches and announced his intentions. He's Coral Gables bound.

"I committed to Miami because I didn't want to leave my family and I wanted to be teammates with guys like Artie Burns and Tracy Howard," said Bethel, ranked a four-star recruit and the nation's 28th best cornerback according to Rivals.com.

"Miami is the only place I feel comfortable."

At 5-9, 175 pounds, Bethel has been a two-year starter for the nationally-ranked Tornadoes and is one of the fastest corners in the country. He ran the secod leg on Booker T.'s state championship 4x100-meter relay team and also placed second at state in the 200 meters (21.13) to earn All-Dade First Team honors. His coach Ice Harris said Bethel ran a low 4.4 the last time he timed in the 40-yard dash.

"A lot of the time our kids need to go out and see different things so they realize the best opportunity for them is at home. That's what happened in this case," Harris said. "Alabama, FSU, those are national championship programs just like Miami. Looking at where he was at and his situation, going to Miami in this case was his best fit."

The Hurricanes now have 22 non-binding oral commitments as part of the 2014 recruiting class and four defensive backs in all. Bethel is the most highly touted alongside Miami Northwestern's Ryan Mayes.

"He's a player that has a great upside," Harris said. "He's shown his development to keep getting better from year to year and is a true cover corner. We want to keep developing him. The next thing he's working on is continuing to show he can tackle going to the next level."

Bethel picked the Canes over offers from Tennessee and Kentucky according to Harris. Bethel said he has a 2.7 GPA and scored a 19 on the ACT. He wants to major in sports medicine at UM.

Bethel, who announced his commitment on Twitter, is already having a little fun with Booker T. quarterback Treon Harris, a Florida State commitment.


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Golden killing them doubters, its leaving them with broken face.

Calvin and all "DA Haters" are going nuts. There big a55 racist heads are spinning

Thanks coach G and staff.

This is one example of the rise of the U

Chapter effen 7

Ch 1. 1926-1938
Ch. 2. 1939-1983
Ch. 3. 1984-1995
Ch. 4. 1996-1999
Ch. 5. 2000-2005
Ch. 6. 2006-2010
Ch.7. Aka the Golden yrs

The press is already talking up the U. But seriously, college football is reeling. It needs the U. Ok. It would love to have the U. Bottom line

We baaaaaaaaaaaack!

LOL, if idiots think this is "coach goldie killing it" than where was this before coach james coley got here. These goldie slurpers continue to try and find anything to get on there knees in front of coach "jalen grimble" goldie. Again, to be clear, I could careless who's committing 7months away from signing day, aNd under coach goldie, it's not about who commits or signs it's who's going to be allowed to stay on the team. We'll see what happens, maybe that's what coach goldie meant withmario cristobal came on board about him handling "a lot of the ancillary things".

With james coley being here, alongside, art kehoe and coach barrow as well as hurlie brown, recruits will always take a look at what we're doing at UM. If coach goldie wanted to go overboard, he would've brought back don soldinger before hiring that new runningbacks coach with the Jacksonville jaguars these days and would'n't havehad to worry abou having to look for a runningbacks coach no time soon.

It's funny though how that man left O.T. got to them country towns and didn't even wait til he got back and pulled the trigger.

I keep hearing people say our defense is stronger, bigger & faster, lol, since when has ever getting bigger translated into getting faster, to many unrealistic clowns blogging these days.

to many unrealistic clowns blogging these days.
Posted by: Calvin | July 19, 2013 at 05:47 PM

At least you got one sentence correct...

And please don't start embarrassing us by letting everybody know where our recruiting class is ranked by these outside nerds. The real UM fans don't care about a recruiting ranking, there is only 1 ranking that matters and that's from the games that are actually played on the field, anything else is uncivilized!

Hey Gallo....does this go on casualty list?

Were laughing at you and Calvin once again!!

This Canes, Coach Al Golden, recruiting class, currently ranked 3rd in all the nation (wow!) may very well end up being the #1 class in the country.

With the brutally destructive NCAA investigation still hanging over the head of the program this year's recruiting will go down as the best EVER in college football.

Go Big Al!!!

So u mean u stole a WAY uNdersized 5-7/160lb 3-star midget corner from FIU, FAU, UCF, S.Fla., Indy, Cincy, Marshall, W. Kentucky, and Duke that NOT ONE TOP 25 TEAM like Bama, FLORIDA, LSU, Texas AnM, S. Car., Oregon, Georgia, Louisville, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC, Ohio St., Michigan, Notre Dame or TOLEDO even offered ?

That's the same continuing sad Goldy recruiting formula story with 18 of uR 22 commits... More of the same as it ever was fo u... Ova hyped, under performed and wanted by Top-Programs.

and spare me the FSU offer. that was a bone thrown in by Jimbo to get Treon Harris to commit. And Nigel the Midget found that out yesterday in Tally.

Miami just moved up to #2 on Rivals.....but....in all honesty Miami technically has the #1 class on Rivals and ESPN.....WHY you ask?

Well we currently have 8 4* commits....HOWEVER....


Are all from South Florida....AND WE know what that means....

A 4* from South Florida really = a 5* recruit in 49 other states excluding Cali and Texas respectively.

SO....if you do the math were BLOWING AWAY every other school as far as ACTUAL TALENT.

Miami is at 2.....UFelony is at 22....hmmmmmmm.....

Are you aware that if WE get past the NCAA stuff and win at least 10 games....we WILL have the number 1 class without a doubt.

Hey Stephen Morris was a 3* coming out of South Florida....he played his freshman year like a 4* recruit if not a 5*.

We have 5 3* prospects from Miami Dade alone....



READ BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the moron Calvin (and his alter ego, Gallo) is trying to sell us on it wasn't anything Coach Golden did to snag cornerback Nigel Bethel (or any other of the many recruits), but it really is do to our offensive coordinator.

I don't know about the rest of you Canes fans, but for me reading every stupid Golden attack courtesy of Calvin (Gallo) being shoved upped his arse makes me roar with laughter.

Now he claims he's not impressed with the players committing 7 months before National Signing Day and doesn't believe in class rankings. Yet, only a few short moths ago he was wailing about the lack of commitments, especially from the 305 and pointed to the class ranking of Florida, FSU, etc.

Sorry Lady Calvin, but what all of us once thought was someone ACTING stupid has proven you weren't acting--you really are stupid!...and, oh yes...a liar!!!

To any aspirin jack that thinks I ever said coach goldie wasn't recruiting well based on some non-binding commitments, need to go back to reading school. I specifically based recruiting off of reslism, with guys who have actually signed on t the school. Go and see the last class just signed and if you come up for air off of coach goldie, you tell me how well has coach goldie been doing in recruiting locallys since he's being here and the ones he's actually signed.

But you butt cheek lickers keep up the great job, now I can understand now why coach goldie doesn't want to go anywhere, 13 & 11 and these bozo's keep talking like he's one of the most winning coaches of all time anywhere.

Great pick up for the Canes. Love the way things are looking for us in recruiting. Presonally the whole star rating thing for me is either hit or miss.Some 4\5* guys are only such at the high school level and don't pan out in college.Glad Coach Golden and company are on pace to greatness,can't wait for them to sush up the haters. GO CANES!!!

Wow Jim Gallo and Calvin are still trolling on the Blog. I always had faith in Coach G in and the staff. Coach G plainly said on The Joe Rose show that last year numbers were down and scholarships were limited. Regardless we still got Coley,Grace,Burns,Carter,and my sleeper of the class Walter Tucker who is a freakish athlete with top rank amateur speed. So the notions of him not recruiting South Florida are void and utterly stupid. The out of state guys he got oh Dobard,Olsen,Al-Quadin,Elder,Griffith,and Sandland who had national offers from around the nation. The rest of the class is good also. You clowns (Gallo and Calvin) try to come with facts but end up coming up with words put together make up nonsense.Also may be our starting SAM Lb is from this class too. CANES ALL THE WAY..Actually seen Bethel I think with Matt Thomas yesterday while I was running (I stay in Tallahassee and go to school) asked Thomas why he didn't commit to Miami he said FSU is where it's at but Bethel kept silent. CANES ALL THE WAY!!!

Didn't know who he was but I remember the head band.

Wow how hard did Golden Boy have to work to get this kid?
First thing he said was he wanted to stay home. No kidding.
Calvin is right to say only fools get so exited about an oral commit with over 7 months to go.
But go ahead and boast and laud Golden Boy as the greatest all you want now. You are always "back" in the spring and summer. We will soon see if anything has changed from your mediocre slot in college football.

"I'm picking you off next year"...like T5 is ever going to play qb at fsu.

Way to go Al Golden....hell I'm a fan also!

Hurricane Al is blowin it up. We're coming Gallober and calvina

Just Sayin,

• One of your countless felons was indicted for being a serial killer.
• You were picked to maybe, if all the stars align, to finish 3rd in the SEC West.
• Muschamp was recently accused of being a bagman while at Auburn when paying players off.
• Urban Meyer, who you circus clowns claimed to be a Gator for life, turned you cheaters into the NCAA.
• You were annihilated by Louisville.
• You were humiliated by Austin Peay.
• You were made to be even bigger laughing stocks by Valparaiso.
• You still cower and refuse to play the Canes in a home and away series.
• For 29 years you have spinelessly refused to play an out of state out of conference regular season game.
• I could go on and on and on....

Yet, you slither onto a Canes site taking shots at Al Golden that as of this writing has the #2 recruiting class in the nation and his team is projected to play for the ACC Championship.

Just one question for you...do you ever stop to think how enormously clueless and stupid you are?

Good pick up. Hope the dc is in the game film of fla/ luisville. we win we get the recruits. Simple winning on the field solves everything. Fla is a must win.

I can assure you he is not 5'7........idiot....

Great class! Of baby Canes coming up. Love to see another local kid staying at home. That is what we need to see. I would like to get another D-Line guy. A lot of our current kids seem to be having academic issues. Go Canes!

Good pick up. Hope the dc is in the game film of fla/ luisville. we win we get the recruits. Simple winning on the field solves everything. Fla is a must win.

Posted by: Tallycane | July 20, 2013 at 01:26 AM

LOL, it's a sad day and time when we know we got a coordinator at UM that has no clue on how to play defense. coach goldie & his boy clown 117th are going to stick to their core vaues and not change much on defense. One of the biggest problems with this defense is the mis-use of the linebackers. To many times they are being put into position to be non-factors, the biggest emphasis they have in this scheme is to check run, when I saw that clip about defending play-action, this defense is going to get picked apart all year again.

All teams have to do is continue to go to a short passing game like most of them do. Now we do have a chance to be better against the run which should help, but to many times we get teams in 3rd and long and than play a automatic zone, and pass rush or no pass rush, playing zone, advantage=offense.

I tell you what, but we don't do it, but if we get a team in 3rd and long and since this staff coaches defense in cowards manner, they should play press-man on the inside receivers, which is where a lot of teams got a lot of their yards on the seams and outside routes which is where this defensive philosophy is easy to attack, this is why this staff is always putting emphasis on the batted ball which means they have no clue on what a dominant defense looks like.

Any coach that keeps getting hype about a d-linemen that he's coaching getting batted balls, that's a coach that doesn't need to be here, this ain't volleyball, get to the qb. To many times we have one or 2 linebackers engaged with offensive linemen doing nothing. Let's see what happens this year, we already saw the spring games.

Great class being recruited which is great for the future, but want to see 2013 be a turn around year. We've got the people to make it happen , if we can avoid a key injury (Morris/duke).

Oh and for those of your bored to death and couldn't wade thru, here's some recent gems from Calvina:

1. You can't get bigger, stronger and faster at the same time
2. D linemen batting down balls is all hype. Be sure to mention that to JJ Watt and his agent.

It doesn't get much dopier than Calvina and Galloinda.

Chad Thomas commits to the U. Welcome. What a great opportunity to catch the latest surge in U football!

The high school kids see it coming, but the blind, eg, Calvina and Galloinda, have no clue.

Anthony Moten decommits from Gators. He's seen the light, but not even a remote flicker from Calvina or Galloinda.

first of all he was recruited by coley, not golden.....lower tiers guys is all. Golden has not done anything since he has gotten here. when the stats say differently, then you can talk......

a loss against florida/fsu will validate my opinion more that golden/dnofrio are weak and suck.....

there will be no more kool aid drinker excuses...

I can Talk anytime I please with or without your permission , I don't need it nor do any of the other "real" Canes fans . Be as negative as you please the proof is in the pudding and AG is doing what he is supposed to do you two clowns Gallo and Calvin are really looking stupid and keep backtracking and talking and changing their tunes. I love whats happening at the U right now even though I know that how these recruits turn out is a mystery but its the same for every team in the country and as long as anes coaches are working hard I think we will be good . Go Canes

Oh and Galloinda, that's been Calvina groping you. It wasn't a girl with a deep voice.

Gallo....Golden has not done anything...again...another moronic statement. AG basically went into FSU and pulled Coley from their program....gave him the OC job and recruitment duties....AG for sure "did something".....HE IS THE HEAD COACH FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!


What up gallo, these are the same hypocrites who not to long ago kept down talking BOOKER T.WASHINGTON, saying we don't need playrs from there and ice harris is this & that, all of a sudden we get 2 verbal commits from their and these same clowns are back to being happy like they're back in the blue oyster or something. These are the same clowns that said "ice harris has a vendetta against UM" lol, they said the same about luke, but as soon as kids from those schools commit, they start slurping goldie as if it's him, when 2 years prior, goldie has been here, we saw none of this, those who understand know james coley is doing work, not coach goldie.

That's not to say coach goldie is not a strong recruiter and is not a good representative of UM, but even he said he's only been here for 2 years and is learning the area. Now watch later on if these players don't pan out how quickly they go back to blaming coach ice, or the players and not coach goldie, lol, a bunch of hypocrites, it's useless talking to these clowns.

Calvina, no need to reach out to galloinda here, just reach around to that pud next to you. Like you usually do.

...I'll take a sub-4 second guy any day, regardless of size or position...

Good job coach.

9.7.13...Be There

Ryan Mayes has just started to run tack and in in the low 11's in the 100m--he also has length at almost 6.2.

2014 CB Ryan Mayes (6’2, 177, 4.47) Dr. Krop High in Florida was selected to be part of a talented secondary unit for the Florida Fire 7-on-7 team. He was also named to Larry Blustein’s Top 75 prospects in Dade and Broward Pre-Spring Watch List, coming in at #58.

In 2012, Mayes played both ways, including special teams. He recorded eight receptions for 280 yards and five touchdowns at wideout. At corner, he registered 42 tackles, three forced fumbles, a sack, and 12 passes broken up, and two interceptions returned for 110 yards. He was also a force in the return game and had a 70-yard punt return for a score and six kick returns for 290 yards.

He also competes in track, running the 100M, 200M, 4x100M relay, and the triple jump. His personal best time in the 100M is 11.3 seconds..

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