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Canes baseball coach Jim Morris is feeling like he does every time this time of year -- anxious over MLB Draft deadline

Five weeks after being released from a hospital in North Carolina following a near-death, two-week bout with pneumonia, University of Miami baseball coach Jim Morris is definitely feeling better these days.

Jim MorrisIn fact, he's pretty much zeroed in on one thing -- Friday's 5 p.m. deadline for Major League Baseball Draft picks to sign with their pro teams.

As usual this time of year, Morris, 63, is hoping to get lucky and have a few of his high-end recruits pass on big league money and head to college.

"We've got six guys, counting two guys on our team [pitchers Bryan Radziewski and Javi Salas] we're waiting on," said Morris, who is still receiving chest x-rays and having blood drawn once a week by doctors monitoring his recovery.

"You just don't know. I can give them a scholarship and tell them I love them. But the pro people can give them a scholarship plan, tell them they love 'em and give them a million dollars. I don't have to tell you which one they're going to choose."

Morris, 63, already lost two-high end picks who signed with their respective teams: outfielder Matt McPhearson (4th round, Diamondbacks) and right-hander J.D. Underwood (5th round, Dodgers).

The players the Canes are sweating out most are power hitting Hialeah Mater Academy outfielder Willie Abreu (Reds, 14th round) and Derik Beauprez (25th round, Red Sox), a 6-5, 210-pound right-handed pitcher from Cherry Creek, Colo. who can hit 95 on the radar gun.

Other Hurricanes signees who were drafted include C/1B Zack Collins of Plantation American Heritage (27th round, 825th overall, Reds) and OF Jacob Heyward of McDonough, Ga. (38th round, 1,153rd overall, Braves). Collins is already enrolled in classes at UM. Heyward is the younger brother of Braves right fielder Jason Heyward.

"Most of our guys are coming and most of our position players are back," Morris said. "I thought we would lose [outfielder] Dale Carey but we didn't. He's back. Tyler Palmer, our leadoff hitter, is back. We've got to replace Chantz Mack in right, but our catcher Garrett Kennedy is back. Kennedy is maybe our most improved player or MVP for last yer. Our pitching rotation, the strength of our club, should be back. B-Rad, [Chris] Diaz, [Andrew] Suarez, Salas our closer. You can tell I'm excited. I think we're going to have a good club next year with these guys and our recruiting class."

That's assuming of course Morris doesn't get a dose of bad news on Friday around 5 o'clock.


Freshman standout David Thompson, who had corrective surgery on his throwing shoulder last month, said Tuesday he's out of a sling and feeling better than he did a year ago when he had surgery the first time to repair a torn labrum.

"I've got a while to get 100 percent and get ready for the season, but I'm feeling great. We're taking it slow this time," said Thompson, who on Monday earned Freshman All-American honors from Perfect Game.

"Flexibility wise it's better. The strength obviously isn't close to where it needs to get to, but we have a great training staff and I know it will get there."

Morris said Thompson will be able to field grounders at third base when fall practice opens Oct. 21, but said he probably won't begin throwing again until January. Morris said he expects Thompson, who paced the Hurricanes with six home runs, 46 runs batted in, 84 total bases, a .462 slugging percentage and 14 multi-RBI games, to be able to play third base moving forward. Thompson split the season between first and third.

Thompson, a two-sport standout when he was a star at Miami Westminster Christian, called giving up football and playing quarterback for the Hurricanes probably the hardest decision he ever had to make last month.

"It hurt a lot. I spent a lot of nights in tears just wondering if I made the right or wrong decision," Thompson said. "But ultimately I think it was the right decision to focus on baseball. I hadn't had a healthy season in a couple years. I always thought I would end up playing baseball in the long run."

Morris said the fact Thompson played football in the past is a big reason he was able to fight through the shoulder pain during his freshman season.

"Thompson worked very hard through his rehab, played through pain, sucked it up and played the whole season for us even though he was hurting," Morris said. "It takes a tough kid to do that. Sometimes it takes a football guy. I love our guys to play football because it makes them tougher."


Hurricanes sophomore lefthander Chris Diaz, who earned one of 24 coveted roster spots on the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team, traveled to Japan to this week compete for Team USA in its international schedule. He's made one relief appearance thus far, giving up one hit over two-thirds of an inning.

Upon returning home, Team USA will play a pair of exhibition games before opening up a five-game series against Cuba on July 18 in Des Moines, Iowa.

He's the first Hurricane to play for Team USA since Yasmani Grandal in 2009.

"I'm very excited for Chris," Morris said. "He had a great year. We didn't score any runs for him, but he still had a great year.

"I'm excited for him. I love to see these guys get an opportunity to play for their country. He's a Cuban-American kid. One of happiest days for Yonder Alonso's career was at the University of Miami was the day he got his citizenship. Sometimes I think everybody who is born here takes it for granted that you're a citizen of the U.S. and doesn't understand what it means. For a kid like him to put on a USA uniform and represent his country is very special."


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14 W's of the last 15 ...

How many national titles in baseball do the Gators have again? Enough said

Who knows...maybe in the next millennium or two the Gators might even have one baseball title...and one undefeated football season...nah!!!

gators did good this year at regionals didnt they 2 n que! and still no ring in baseball enough said is right.i believe we still have 4 of those titles in baseball.

The canes have 4 national ships

And for those who constantly argue why we get in these blog fights and name calling with gaytor vagginas,

All you have to do is look at the 10:56 am post

First post of the stream. No need for that. They seem to be waiting in their trailers to say something stupid.

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That is the calling card of the petty jealous little school girl who wasnt picked to dance by the boys

The 10:56 pm post was the blog Pig. It is all he has. Just all fat and zitty with nothing to do right before his graveyard security shift at Costco.

You still suck, Pig.

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Aaron Hernandez arrived at the University of Florida in 2007 with a few disadvantages: He was far from his home in Bristol, Conn., and was only 17 years old, having graduated early from high school. But because he played for the Florida football team, he had a powerful ally from the moment he arrived on campus: criminal defense attorney Huntley Johnson.

Typing in their trailers or waiting until the "The Urban Liar Computer Center," at the Alachua County Detention Center opens. And that won't be until they complete their Detention Center class for the day, "Self Defense in Nightclubs and Bars." I hear they are going to get a visit from a graduate of the class... a Gator that did well in the course. I hear he graduated with honors!

What is the difference between accepting free legal services (which would likely cost thousands of dollars) and accepting a free meal at a steakhouse (or Denny's or McDonald's)? Total hypocrisy by the NCAA.

So the first post on this thread is a gator troll. But that is followed by 8 posts responding to him and ignoring the gist of the story. With the last three talking about Aaron Hernandez, Urban Meyer and Hunley.
I guess the troll did his job and got a bunch of fools to respond to his garbage with more garbage.

You forgot to mention that it was followed by a post recapping the previous posts that ignored the "gist of the story." So who is the dumb one? While I don't like the back and forth between Canes and Gators trolls, I don't think there a requirement that the entire discussion on this blog post is limited to Canes baseball.

Just pointing out the idiocy going on Eye on the U for a while now. Take offense at your own choosing. Don't think anyone will comment about baseball anyway but the so called back and forth has sunk to an all time low.

who the ---- cares about miami baseball anymoe anyway. With the old goofy coach still here (should have een canned 5 years ago) UM will not recruit or play at a level even remotely close as 2001. He is complacent, stale and boring. So is his brand of baseball. There. I talke about baseball- and you know the only reaosn we even give a rats a55 about David Thompson is bc he was formerly a QB. So who cares he had shoulder surgery.

Yo Cane trash

Yo been quiet too long thought I jump in and enlighten Ur sorry arses
Too funny U clUcks r chiding each other
Yo sunnydouche U come on like some reasonable dude taking offense and such at being called out
Relax clUck U r one of the more reasonable chUmps here
Not saying much but there it is

Yo Mr dUmb and dUmber where U been fool
It's only a matter of time before the Cane Pig fires off 10 different posts using 12 different names
All will say something bout Hernandez, Machen, Muschamp, Meyer and trash, failure, dump, worthless, maggot, etc.
How original

Yo most of U dUmmies wish Morris would not come back as coach, too bad for U seems like he will
So in baseball U will remain 3rd best in the State
Just like in football

Speaking of which on Sept 7th U will be exposed as what U r
A very mediocre team that has a terrible defense and gets in "shootouts with bad teams and is not close with good teams"like Calvin said.
Sorry Cal now that I quoted U, the clUcks here will tear U apart, but they already do that.

Truth hurts clUcks
shootouts with crappy teams
get blown out against every single good team U play
that's why Golden Retriever is running from competition
running scared like a little puppy
flea infested pup can't fetch a decent record any other way


"the so called back and forth has sunk to an all time low."

Just like our #117 efense
all time low
get it

love Al Golden and whatever he does is alright with me.
The 17 TE set is genius. Can't wait for the season to begin and I'm thinking of going on the wagon and taking Kevin with me. Maybe he can help me shape the bushes in front of my duplex in the likeness of Golden and Donofrio.

not me again.....looks like jlo(aka canetrash) is at it again....

If u are going to pose as me at least get something right....U cant spell or add, product of ufailure.....why do u even try....everybody knows i wont speak negative of my school....gators will be exposed by toledo then UM inan 8 day stretch,you see yall start off slow and toledo is gonna prove it then u will have a loss hangover and UM will beat that secondary down.....hahahaha,cant wait

Yo,canetrash here
Just because our offense at uf correctional moves lime a house with flat tires doesnt mean nothin
our freshman secondary is on the money yo. Even though we havnt seen them play ,they is ballahs. Wez gonna do our bestes when we come down there.we may not win but you will still be a looser.

I love Willy "The Bagman" Muschamp and whatever he does is alright with me.
The 17 gator felon set is genius. Can't wait for the season to begin and I'm thinking of going on a killing spree and taking Aaron Hernandez with me, along with 20 other gator convicts. Maybe they can help me shape the bushes in front of my duplex in the likeness of Urban Meyer, Jeremy Foley and our most valuable player, gator criminal attorney Huntley Johnson.

Oops.blew my canetrash cover .oh well.wez be doin roids thats how we gain 45 pouns in the offseason.

Oops.blew my canetrash cover .oh well.

Wez be doin roids up in our houses with wheels. How do you thi.ks wez be gainin45 pounds in the offseason?

Yo Canetrash......slurpee booyyyyeeeeee in full effect.....

Canes goin up

UFelony going down....

Hey.....Tebow just got cut again....and yes....Louisville just scored another one.

The SEC where its ALL smoke and mirrors!!

LSU has 8 home games this year? WOW!!!!!!!!

Yo Cane trash

Just like I predicted the cane Pig aka sid The Moron fired off 9 trash posts in a row using 3 different names
Just another day in cane fantasy land

Yo U still have no D
U still run from competition
U still need a shootout to beat a crap team
U still lose to every single good team U play
Same old dUmb clUcks
now tell me about Hernandez
or Machen or Driskel
Pig got no come back


our freshman secondary is on the money yo. Even though we havnt seen them play ,they is ballahs.

If you must trash talk then at least know what you are talking about. The secondary is one of the deepest squads for the Gators, none of the 2 deep are freshmen.
Purifoy, Watkins and Roberson are some of the best in the nation at corner.
Guess it's too much to ask for a cane moron to have even some basic knowledge of the team that's under their skin and that they can't stop thinking about.
Your day of reckoning approaches, talk your empty trash now before your beatdown arrives on Sept 7th.
BTW it is your secondary that is in shambles and weak. Actually it's your whole defense in shambles.

duhhhhhhhhh I'm a cane and a moron
duhhhhhhhhhhhhh is that an oxymoron?
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duhhhhhhhhh gator trash
freshman secondary
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Wow. When I thought that a Gatr maggot could not be more brain dead, don't you mean "redundant" not "oxymoron?" Do you even know what an oxymoron is, you moron?

"Stupid Cane" IS in fact an oxymoron. Intelligent Gatr IS also an oxymoron.

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Outside of Vandy, that is the norm in the SlimeEC.

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Canetrash......thats just what u are....i post under my name and am man enough to stand behind my words unlike u...you hide behind names and steal others like a 9 yr old....is this what we get with our tax dollars? No wonder we cut your budget.you are the loser and will continue to be until( unless we are unlucky)u hit puberty . Have your mom explain it....

Lets call it as it is, canetrash, lets speak the truth.

The gators are horrible. And you know that. Driskel? Seriously? he was bailed out by Gilleslie.

For a team to basically lose to U Louisiana Lafayette if not for a miraculous blocked punt run back for a TD, it would have been Appalachian state vs Michigan all over again.

Plus you all struggled against Bowlin Green.

I do not know how you mustered enough luck to beat FSU. Honestly. I do not.

You suck and you watch. 09.07 will be a beat down. Just like in 2000 when you all were talking smack about Rex Grossman this Rex Grossman that.

Beat down.

be prepared trash.

Be prepared to get all you funny poems about clucks this clucks that

Jim Morris is happy. He has good health insurance. And job security. And an endless supply of reasons why his baseball teams suck. Would you be happy too? Too bad none of the decision makers were around during the good old days. They think these are the good old days. Baseball is ruined in Miami for many years to come. The only Omaha these kids will see will be on a steak box.

This was a very young team this season and they got to play in the regionals . This team should actually be better next year. He wasn't making excuses , He does lose alot of recruits to mlb. The baseball team has to do better thats a given but morris has led this team to a championship something i don';t believe any of the other florida schools have ever got in baseball. Golden by the way is doing a great job recruiting despite 3 yrs of ncaa investigation He hasn't had a yr yet on the job where he could just go recruit without ncaa over his head. I never count the first class when a guy is just trying to keep guys his predacessor recruited and get as many flips as u can.

mainecane- Morris has been using that excuse for 7 years, He also likes the one about cane players bolting for the draft (like that doesnt happen to all big programs> bottom line is Morris has not delivered and he has been complacent in recruiting hard. In reality he has the Coker disease- yet he has been given a pass since the 2001 National ch win. Coker was here for 5 years after taking the U to two ships winning 2 BCS bowls, and finishing in the top 5 3 years in a row. Morris is going into his 12th year without a CWS ship and incredibly has lucked out by the reviolving AD door at UM.

^^^^^ ignorant gators (yeah that includes you canetrash^^^^^^^

"University" of Florida= That is an oxymoron

miamicane, agree on Golden. As for Morris, you are saying the same as he. Wake up, enough with the same lame excuses year in and year out. One thing for sure, you will have plenty of room at Mark Light to stretch your legs. As for the other state schools, at FSU -biggest chokers of all time, FU - well, born losers.

This has been well-documented, but a lot of Meyer's Florida players seemed to major in getting thrown in the back of a police car. So many Gators got arrested that the Orlando Sentinel started keeping a running count. The New York Times reported last week that from 2005 to 2010, Gators were arrested 31 times. More amazing: of the 121 players on the 2008 national champions, 41 have been arrested either in college or afterward.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130710/aaron-hernandez-urban-meyer/#ixzz2Yq4ClULs

Lmao at Lil Dukey that averaged 28 yards against stout teams. It would be one thing if he was in a spread option like Rainey and Demps were. Very effective. But Lil Dukey in a pro-set? LMGDMFAOROF. If []_[] think that Lil pipsqueak is an every down back then you are smoking krak. Just who I your every down back?


LIL Dukey averaged 28 yards against FSU, KS, ND,NC. On 9/7 []_[] clucks will see a D that exceeds all those.

Now get busy telling us how dominant you will be.

Ummmm Duke was a freshman jagoff....I think he did just fine.

The SEC...where its ALL smoke and mirrors....

LSU HAS 8 HOME GAMES??????????


Hey under-employed cane pig maggot, make sure you spend your day refreshing this site every 10 minutes ALL DAY LONG. And make sure you copy cat this and drive off all cane fans...pathetic LOOSER.

Funny that this sorry blog is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT UF

Funny that this blog is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LAUGHING at uf


Your diploma is worthless. It has not value. Thanks for playing.


Now, I wuz in duh class at UFirstdegreemurder, but don't recall being teached what an oxymoron is. I's knows what oxycontin is. Dats all over dat stank skeewwwl.

Worthless. Diploma. Mill.


Yo Cane trash

Yo holmie my boy
lets speak the truth, U know that's all I do

The gators are horrible.
Yo dUmmy 11 - 2 playing a top 5 SOS is horrible? This is why U clUcks r called delUsional and plain dUmb
Guess 7 - 6 with the worst defense in the world and getting beat by doormats like UVA, barely winning by shootouts against doormats like Duke and getting pasted by every single good team U play, while Ur SOS is not even top 30 is much better.
Yo clUck you r dUmb AND dUmber

And you know that. Driskel? Seriously? he was bailed out by Gilleslie.

Don't know what U mean by that but I agree Gilly was a monster.
Contrary to U fools I live in reality and have no problem saying Driskel needs to improve the passing game but he is far from what U maggots call him.
11 - 2 as a starter vs 7 - 6, again numbers don't lie, only cane clUcks do.

For a team to basically lose to U Louisiana Lafayette if not for a miraculous blocked punt run back for a TD, it would have been Appalachian state vs Michigan all over again.

There U go again with Ur almost won and barely loss crap, like all Ur close losses r almost won
It's either a W or a L, U fools
U see clUck good teams sometimes play down to the level of weak competition but in the end they find a way to win cause they have more talent.

The canes play down to the level of weaker competition routinely but they always find a way to LOSE several of those games.
When U can beat ALL the teams U r supposed to, then U are starting to climb back to respectability
When U can do that AND beat one or two good teams as well then U r a good team too
So far U haven't done either of those
That's why U still sUck

You suck and you watch. 09.07 will be a beat down.

Beat down.

be prepared trash.

Beat down for U maggots.
U sUck said the fan of the mediocre team to the superior team, what knowledge and insight!

Be prepared to get all you funny poems about clucks this clucks that

Yo dUmmy not only poems but truth and reality
Problem is U clUcks can't recognize reality
or facts even if they whack U in that ugly face

Be prepared for the cane Pig to fire off multiple garbage posts and copy and paste fantasy
There is not a single clUck that can refute my answers to Ur garbage post with a semblance of truth

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!


No one bothers to read this dribble, oxymoron. Duiuuhhh, oxy-gen? Ummmmm, oxy-wash? Duuuuuhhhhhh.

Too stupid for words, maggot. You are owned.



Lol. Cane trash WRECKED []_[]

Hey guys let's see if we can get a second page of posts here. Let's talk about Hernandez, Meyer and felonies.
I started working on the bushes in front of the duplex and the Golden one is almost done. Will post pictures when it's ready.
Gaytors suck and Hernandez is a murderer donkey or an oxy moron. Ha ha ha ha ha


Yeah I am "looser" as the no-spelling moron above said.

"Driskel was 11-2 as a starter" LOL, LMFAO.

Yeah. And he had his shirt heanded to him by Teddy Bridge of.... wait... The Big East!

And he basically lost the game against ULL Rajin Cajuns if it wasnt for one of his big linemen who blocked a punt and returned it for a TD.



That is how you spell it- and you and your minions embody the meaning of that.

Hey you all- did he really come on here bragging on the pointy eared deliverance wanna be QB form trailerville?

Sorry sidcane,couldnt help myself posing as you again....well ,off to work my door job at walmart. Look for me. I will be greeting you at the door claping my hands like a retard,chompchump.

So the first post on this thread is a gator troll. But that is followed by 8 posts responding to him and ignoring the gist of the story. With the last three talking about Aaron Hernandez, Urban Meyer and Hunley.
I guess the troll did his job and got a bunch of fools to respond to his garbage with more garbage.

Posted by: Dumb and Dumber | July 11, 2013 at 01:37 PM


Typical DuMB ewes... 1-19 in uR last 20 in Football-Baseball-Basketball verses the MIGHTY GATORS !!!


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