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Canes baseball coach Jim Morris is feeling like he does every time this time of year -- anxious over MLB Draft deadline

Five weeks after being released from a hospital in North Carolina following a near-death, two-week bout with pneumonia, University of Miami baseball coach Jim Morris is definitely feeling better these days.

Jim MorrisIn fact, he's pretty much zeroed in on one thing -- Friday's 5 p.m. deadline for Major League Baseball Draft picks to sign with their pro teams.

As usual this time of year, Morris, 63, is hoping to get lucky and have a few of his high-end recruits pass on big league money and head to college.

"We've got six guys, counting two guys on our team [pitchers Bryan Radziewski and Javi Salas] we're waiting on," said Morris, who is still receiving chest x-rays and having blood drawn once a week by doctors monitoring his recovery.

"You just don't know. I can give them a scholarship and tell them I love them. But the pro people can give them a scholarship plan, tell them they love 'em and give them a million dollars. I don't have to tell you which one they're going to choose."

Morris, 63, already lost two-high end picks who signed with their respective teams: outfielder Matt McPhearson (4th round, Diamondbacks) and right-hander J.D. Underwood (5th round, Dodgers).

The players the Canes are sweating out most are power hitting Hialeah Mater Academy outfielder Willie Abreu (Reds, 14th round) and Derik Beauprez (25th round, Red Sox), a 6-5, 210-pound right-handed pitcher from Cherry Creek, Colo. who can hit 95 on the radar gun.

Other Hurricanes signees who were drafted include C/1B Zack Collins of Plantation American Heritage (27th round, 825th overall, Reds) and OF Jacob Heyward of McDonough, Ga. (38th round, 1,153rd overall, Braves). Collins is already enrolled in classes at UM. Heyward is the younger brother of Braves right fielder Jason Heyward.

"Most of our guys are coming and most of our position players are back," Morris said. "I thought we would lose [outfielder] Dale Carey but we didn't. He's back. Tyler Palmer, our leadoff hitter, is back. We've got to replace Chantz Mack in right, but our catcher Garrett Kennedy is back. Kennedy is maybe our most improved player or MVP for last yer. Our pitching rotation, the strength of our club, should be back. B-Rad, [Chris] Diaz, [Andrew] Suarez, Salas our closer. You can tell I'm excited. I think we're going to have a good club next year with these guys and our recruiting class."

That's assuming of course Morris doesn't get a dose of bad news on Friday around 5 o'clock.


Freshman standout David Thompson, who had corrective surgery on his throwing shoulder last month, said Tuesday he's out of a sling and feeling better than he did a year ago when he had surgery the first time to repair a torn labrum.

"I've got a while to get 100 percent and get ready for the season, but I'm feeling great. We're taking it slow this time," said Thompson, who on Monday earned Freshman All-American honors from Perfect Game.

"Flexibility wise it's better. The strength obviously isn't close to where it needs to get to, but we have a great training staff and I know it will get there."

Morris said Thompson will be able to field grounders at third base when fall practice opens Oct. 21, but said he probably won't begin throwing again until January. Morris said he expects Thompson, who paced the Hurricanes with six home runs, 46 runs batted in, 84 total bases, a .462 slugging percentage and 14 multi-RBI games, to be able to play third base moving forward. Thompson split the season between first and third.

Thompson, a two-sport standout when he was a star at Miami Westminster Christian, called giving up football and playing quarterback for the Hurricanes probably the hardest decision he ever had to make last month.

"It hurt a lot. I spent a lot of nights in tears just wondering if I made the right or wrong decision," Thompson said. "But ultimately I think it was the right decision to focus on baseball. I hadn't had a healthy season in a couple years. I always thought I would end up playing baseball in the long run."

Morris said the fact Thompson played football in the past is a big reason he was able to fight through the shoulder pain during his freshman season.

"Thompson worked very hard through his rehab, played through pain, sucked it up and played the whole season for us even though he was hurting," Morris said. "It takes a tough kid to do that. Sometimes it takes a football guy. I love our guys to play football because it makes them tougher."


Hurricanes sophomore lefthander Chris Diaz, who earned one of 24 coveted roster spots on the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team, traveled to Japan to this week compete for Team USA in its international schedule. He's made one relief appearance thus far, giving up one hit over two-thirds of an inning.

Upon returning home, Team USA will play a pair of exhibition games before opening up a five-game series against Cuba on July 18 in Des Moines, Iowa.

He's the first Hurricane to play for Team USA since Yasmani Grandal in 2009.

"I'm very excited for Chris," Morris said. "He had a great year. We didn't score any runs for him, but he still had a great year.

"I'm excited for him. I love to see these guys get an opportunity to play for their country. He's a Cuban-American kid. One of happiest days for Yonder Alonso's career was at the University of Miami was the day he got his citizenship. Sometimes I think everybody who is born here takes it for granted that you're a citizen of the U.S. and doesn't understand what it means. For a kid like him to put on a USA uniform and represent his country is very special."


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2013 NFL Draft Picks:

SEC (63)
SEC East (32)
SEC West (31)
ACC (31)
Pac-12 (28)
Big 12 (22)
Big 10 (22)

anything else ?

About half of those ACC picks came from FSU. Talk about a top heavy conference.

Great job guys we made it to page #2. Now let's go for page #3.

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There will be a huge celebration in Gainesville Saturday night as the Gator football team went a whole 24 hours without having any of their players arrested for murder.

While the Miami Hurricanes have been discussing what players would make their all-time best football team, the Gators have been busy putting together their all-time convicted felon team, which is a monumental job when considering all the Gator convicts that deserve consideration.

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Active NBA Players ?


THE U of FLORIDA... Could fill an entire NBA Team 15 Man Roster and make the Playoffs.

PED's strengthen muscles but weaken bones... Bosch and Biogenesis are next.

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SEC 63 NFL draft picks?

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Current players inthe NFL:

UM 45
USC 43
OSU 40
---where the sec at?
Oh here they are:

LSU 39
Texas 37
FSU 31
Alabama 30
Tenn 30
UF 28

You see, if you could add, you woluld not that between UM and FSU there are more players in the NFL than Alabama and LSU COMBINED!!



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The SEC - where black recruits can visit and take in a klan rally (barf)
The SEC - Inventors of the 7 game home schedule

The SEC - where its ALL smoke and mirrors....

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First year UF football team: 1906
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103 wins more than Miami in 21 years.

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There were 4 starting former UM players in the superbowl and 3 back ups for a total of 7 in both rosters.

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Bob U got the best post so far.
Hey Susan or Manny how about a follow up to this story, the deadline already passed, how many kids opted for MLB how many are coming back?

Miramar who cares about baseball. Did you know that the gaytors suck and are murderers? We have to be careful when they come to town in Sept, I'm a little afraid already.

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One tweak in UM’s offense from Jedd Fisch to James Coley: Expect, on occasion, more of a power running element, with guards pulling and extra tight ends.

This is music to my ears, i didn't criticize jedd fisch to much cause he's been one of the better oc's we've had around here in a long time, but to many times he went to all passing formations on 3rd and 3's/2's and took the threat of the run away instead of lining up with mo haggens and mike james, any defense would have to respect that formation for the run. Here's where i think our offense will be more efficient under james coley because i don't think he'll out-guess himself.

Had we used more of a power running game against notr shame, that would've opened up all the passing the game. Instead we played a finess offense and got our hats handed to us. If the offense is calling more physical plays in practice, the more physicial our defense will have to be. I don't know everything there is to know about football, but i do know this, whenever new offensive and defensive systems are installed at the same time, the defense is normally always ahead of the offense 10 out of 10 times.

Since coach goldie has gotten here, it has clearly been the other way around.

Florida, Georgia, Alabama have played easiest SEC schedules since 1992

The Gators, Bulldogs, and Crimson Tide have avoided the best conference opponents, while Vandy, Auburn and Arkansas received the toughest draws.

Florida, Georgia and Alabama have faced the easiest conference slates since the SEC went to an eight-game schedule 21 years ago, according to an analysis by AL.com. Vanderbilt, Auburn and Arkansas have had the toughest schedules over that time.

Its not a shocker. UF has lucked out from easy schedules over the last 10 years. They hide behind the media-driven hype of the SEC to claim they have such a tough schedule. The reality is, if you travel TO Tenneseee, Ole Miss, Miss State, Auburn or even Alabama year in year out, that is not comparable to playing 1-2 Out oc conference on the road teams in hostile territory withteams you have never seen before. NO, bowls dont count bc by then you are already in the final game. Play them during the regular season like UM used to-

For example, UM and FSu have both gone to Oklahoma to play he sooners. UM went to Chicago (a home game for Notre Dame) to play the Irish. UM also went to Ohio State as well. And Kansas State. How about FSU playing BYU? Or Va Tech playing Alabama or Clemson playing Georgia?

UF hasn't done that in years. How about UF having the b---ls to go to say Texas or Nebraska?

Playing in conference is obviously mandatory for everyone. We get that. But unless we go to a serious playoff system (the one upcoming is far from that), the only thing that can disprove the idiotic nature of the BCS formula is for teams to go OOC OO state to play. Not just rivalry games like UF- FSU.BUt serious travel. Even if its say- UF playing Texas tech, Michigan state, or Cal. JUST LIKE UM USED TO.

trash I know that it hurts to be called out, but our 'Cane group are truly watchful for loosers who are 'Gators.
I may not agree, but you make me smile with your missives, and I feel that you make the effort to post on our site consistently.
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Mike Mayock said the 3 most impressive QB's at the Manning passing camp this weekend were...

Bryn Renner

AJ McCarron




What? No Driskel? He was not even invited? I can't believe it. He was a 5-star. That immediately means he is good.

Look, I know he is a pointy-eared inbred 'neck like every Gatr maggot but, please, there has to be some mistake. He is good, I tell ya. Good. Because most of Gatr Trash nation says so.

Forget the experts. I'm the expert on all things trash. I am Gatr Trash.

Driskel was there....didn't hear much about him though. Another good evaluation on Morris.

3) Stephen Morris might be the most talented quarterback in college football. I say that even while fully aware of the gifted passers across the college football landscape. The Miami signal-caller's natural talents made him stand out above the rest of his peers at the throwing exhibition at the Manning Passing Academy. Morris spins the ball with exceptional velocity and zip while showing a deft touch on intermediate and deep passes. Most impressively, he is deadly accurate, capable of making pinpoint throws to every area of the field. This was evident not only when Morris won the air-it-out competition by hitting a variety of moving targets, but also when he connected with receivers on a number of intermediate throws, particularly on deep comebacks and digs.

After cross-referencing the notes from my evaluation of Morris' game tape with my observations of his performance at the Manning Passing Academy, I believe he could rate as one of the top pure passers in college football. He is an outstanding rhythm passer who displays terrific anticipation, awareness and timing in the pocket. Although he only has one year of starting experience at Miami, Morris' remarkable physical tools and superb game-management skills could garner him high rankings on quarterback lists around the NFL.


Hey nerds, you do know that all this circle jerk trolling back and forth has nothing to do with college football and that nothing will change when UF and UM play in football, right?

More fodder for the trolls...

Former Gator arrested for child abuse for leaving 3 year old in car while he went to a strip club


It sounds like Morris has improved even more from last year. Morris should be a first or second round pick if he plays well this year. The offense will be explosive...if the defense can just be average this team can be really good.

I like smo17, hard-worker, plays to win, one of the fella's on the football team, but him being singled out as one of the top performers in a skills competition doesn't surprise me, it'll be like alot of our guys in the near future who are and who will be "combine ready" with the 40 & 30 club. Come game time though, we'll see if morris becomes better at using the pocket and hitting the open receivers in stride on a consistent basis, that's the improvement we should see this year. I always said smo17 has one of those all-time type arms, that you don't see on an everyday basis, so he'll stand-out no matter where he throws, all i care about is him standing out come game time no matter who the competition is.

People can say what they want about j70, but the one thing you can't say is, any offense he ran he was never held to just 3 points in any game he started and finished. Almost did against usF but that game ended with us having 6 points and a win.

To the guy who called me a fence straddler.....that. is canetrash stealing my screenname.I am a Cane to the bone. Got ink to prove it....

If they ever get another story on the gator blog, i suggest all go and say hi to jls14234....he is your blog pig.....

2,750 days and counting since the last NON-SEC BCS National Champion...


7 years and counting since Gatr Trash did anything. Only an insecure loser piggy-backs on their conference.

2.750 days since the last piece of Gatr Trash was arrested. Far too long. Pick it up, Gatr maggots. There are dozens of felonies you have not yet been arrested for. You are slacking. WE know you don't study at that trash heap skewwwl.

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Gator twins Maurkice Pouncey and Mike Pouncey were lambasted by fans across the nation over the weekend after they were spotted wearing hats in support of their former Gator teammate Aaron Hernandez, a serial killer being investigated for at least 5 murders or attempted murders.

The Pouncey Gator Morons were celebrating their birthdays at a night club Saturday night when they were photographed wearing hats emblazoned with the words "Free Hernandez." Mike Pouncey and Maurkice Pouncey both played with Hernandez at the University of Florida and were also questioned concerning an attempted double homicide.

Gators LB Monty Grow arrested for leaving 3-year-old in car at strip club.

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