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Canes reel-in another one from Booker T., land highly-touted DE Chad Thomas

This was the big fish the Hurricanes really wanted.

Defensive end Chad Thomas, the defensive line MVP at The Opening combine in Oregon two weeks ago and a consensus four-star recruit according to Rivals and 247Sports.com, committed to the University of Miami on Saturday morning -- a day after Miami Booker T. Washington teammate and star cornerback Nigel Bethel did the same.

Like Bethel, Thomas (6-4, 245) used his team's trip to Alabama and Florida State this past week to make sure that Coral Gables is where he really wanted to be.

"I added everything up and Miami had the best offer," said Thomas, who chose the Hurricanes over Florida State, Alabama, N.C. State, Louisville and LSU. "Florida State and Alabama are both great programs. But Miami has got what I’m looking for in terms of opportunity and academics too."

Thomas earned All-Dade and All-State First Team honors last season in helping lead Booker T. to the Class 4A state championship. He racked up 57 tackles and six sacks and along with Bethel and fellow Hurricanes commitment and defensive end Demetrius Jackson will anchor this year's nationally-ranked Tornadoes team on defense.

"I've been to Miami like 50 times," Thomas said. "Coach [Micheal] Barrow has been recruiting me hard since my sophomore year. Coach Barrow was a great player in the NFL and he's been telling me I can be the same down the road."

A two-year starter at Booker T., Thomas said he's gained over 40 pounds since the start of his junior year and the added muscle helps his body recover a lot faster than it did before.

"I work out three times a day with a trainer and basically I eat more," Thomas said. "I used to miss breakfast a lot. Now I eat my breakfast everyday. In fact, I eat four times a day. I’m gaining muscle."

Thomas said he's bench-pressed 225 pounds a total of 16 reps (UM aims for its college linemen to produce at least 20 reps) and was timed at 4.8 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

He said he learned a lot at The Opening from Ndamukong Suh, his position coach at the combine and plans to show off what he learned there this season.

"I feel like I'm not only bigger, but faster," Thomas said. "I just can't wait for the season to get started.

As for his college decision, Thomas said: "That's it. I'm done. Now I can just focus on football and school."

Thomas is the 23rd commit in Miami's 2014 class. As of Saturday morning, Miami had the No. 3 ranked recruiting class in the country for 2014 according to 247Sports.com.


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Yeah yeah we know Calvin.. Al Golden DOIN WRK!!!

This is horrifyingly bad news for...Calvin and Gallo!

Yo Lady Calvina! Did Miami's offensive coordinator also recruit this defensive tackle?

Go Canes and Go Big Al Golden!!!

Like I said the last blog. Al Golden and staff knows what they are doing. Wow we are loaded with South Florida talent. Also just like another fellow blogger said I will take South Florida talent over any other state respectfully Cali,Texas, IMO also Pennsylvania.












It is all about the U baby. The Golden Era is moving full speed ahead. Love this.

"The Golden Gate" is also in South Florida.

Andrew Moten decommitts fro the Gators, Canes doing work

I sure hope we have more scholarships available. Once we go through the regular season undefeated, there are going to be a lot more guys decommitting and jumping on the U band wagon.

Hurricanes on the horizon. They're coming.

What up gallo, these are the same hypocrites who not to long ago kept down talking BOOKER T.WASHINGTON, saying we don't need playrs from there and ice harris is this & that, all of a sudden we get 2 verbal commits from their and these same clowns are back to being happy like they're back in the blue oyster or something. These are the same clowns that said "ice harris has a vendetta against UM" lol, they said the same about luke, but as soon as kids from those schools commit, they start slurping goldie as if it's him, when 2 years prior, goldie has been here, we saw none of this, those who understand know james coley is doing work, not coach goldie.

That's not to say coach goldie is not a strong recruiter and is not a good representative of UM, but even he said he's only been here for 2 years and is learning the area. Now watch later on if these players don't pan out how quickly they go back to blaming coach ice, or the players and not coach goldie, lol, a bunch of hypocrites, it's useless talking to these clowns.

don't know if any of these kids will pan out but its nice to see UM reeling in the local talent once again.

If these players stay the course this year and sign, look out 2014! This year is the last transition year, meaning out with the undisciplined, trouble makers, and IN with players committed to hard work, their studies, and representing the university with class.
Too bad these kids can't see a guy like Mike James, who, if not football, will be a success no matter what his final career destination.
Go Canes, and welcome Chad and Nigel!!

Each administration that has ever coached at Miami has had problems with different players, please knock off the crap as if all of Coach Golden's players have been problem free because they have not.

Calvin.....if it is useless.....why do u keep talking? Just askin'....!

All the experts have Moten coming to UM....

Calvin...this is a good pick. But bethel is a waste.....way too small, who is he gonna replace kacy rodgers at 6'2" 212?, lol

beside we don't need any more in the secondary.


Anthony Chickillo DE, 6-4, 265
Olsen Pierre DT, 6-4, 296
Curtis Porter DT, 6-1, 308
Shayon Green DE, 6-3, 260,
Kelvin Cain DE, 6-3, 245
Jelani Hamilton DE, 6-5, 271
Tyriq McCord DE, 6-3, 236
Jalen Grimble DL, 6-2, 292
Dequan Ivery DT, 6-1, 303
Corey King DT, 6-1, 292
Earl Moore DT, 6-1, 300
Luther Robinson DT, 6-3, 290
Ricardo Williams DE, 6-5, 251

chad thomas - DE 6'4" 245.....we had bigger guys last year and we were #116 ranked defense.....what difference does it make....golden/dnofrio suck

2007: #33 defensive rank
2008: #28 defensive rank
2009: #29 defensive rank
2010: #22 defensive rank

Al golden
2011: #45 defensive rank
2012: #116 defensive rank

2010 - Before Al Golden
total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 – Al Golden
total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 – Al Golden
total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

"Al Golden tweets:.......TEAMe®:“One man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is doing wrong in any other department..."~Ghandi

"Look, Gandhi made some stirring statements in his time, statements many humans would do well to live by. But do we really want to be associating a football team that has last season’s 116th-ranked defense with a standard-bearer of nonviolent resistance, Miami?".......fan tweeting back

"Because there’s “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” and then there’s “Allowing 32 points to Boston College.” Not trying to tell y’all how to do your jobs. Just saying".....fan tweeting back

al golden is the perfect "power point" presenter....advise, al...keep it to 20 slides for maximum effect!

he is suck an idiot, lol

Gallo.....its Saturday. Go outside and spend some time with your family. ..if you have any.

gandhi was a freak and charlatan....

from thugs to non-violent resistance...you can kiss the national championship goodbye.

jerome brown is turning over in his grave..RIP

Bethel ( Patton) happens to be one of the fastest guy in the state. That is saying a lot considering that Florida has the fastest core of sprinters in the country. He cam keep up with ANY receiver. You can always bulk a guy up. You can't teach speed. I rather have him over Harris. Though Harris will decommitt to the U when it's all said and done.

Gallo and Calvin, must be one in the same! Did u just want someone to agree w u! Once we are rid of the,soft like tissue Shannon player's, our defence w be OK.Stfu w ur BS. Golden has done an excellent job w all the NCAA crap hanging over his head,and yet he's still doing wrk. Now keep ur BS to itself and beat it! Try and say something that u haven't said over and over and over and over and over and over again. 11th yeah yeah yeah..that was last year.

Gallo and Calvin are the same person. Calvin is Gallo's black imaginary friend.

Gallo is a cowardly Gator girl who posts on Barry Jackson's site under the cowardly screen name "Reality Bites'.

Gallo/Calvina, Big Al Golden proving every one of your delusional statements to be lies is not lost on the members of this Canes blog.

With the season rapidly approaching your 5 o'clock Charlie off target attacks will soon end and you will be forced to fly off into the sunset to never be heard from again...bye-bye you Gator coward!

By the way...how 'bout your cowardly Gators being picked to finish 3rd in the SEC West...F'ing hilarious!!!

Oh yeah! Even Muschamp is singing the praises of Big Al Golden...you f'ing coward!

The canes are hot right now. We just need to win every game this year.

Time to bring Moten in the fold and give the stiff middle finger to Clark. GO CANES!

this gives the Canes the #1 class in the country.
hates gonna hate - but it's all ova 4 them now
it's this U vs the world
and this U gonna top 'em all

this U on top, baby!

GatorSports.com | - DT decommits from UF

Re: DT decommits from UF. Andrew Moten

Christian Miller Decommits from Florida: Gators Lose No. 3 Overall ...

May 17, 2013 - Christian Miller Decommits from Florida: Gators Lose No. 3 Overall OLB Recruit.

DT Caleb Brantley decommits from Gators

Jan 2, 2013 - “Just Decommitted from Florida by text message !

Not only is just about the entire defense back and a year older and stronger, but there are as many as five new defensive linemen coming in this year. They are AQM, Bond, DeRosier, Gilbert, and Ufombu. It's a no-brainer to see that the defense is going to DRAMATICALLY improve!

Lady Calvina/Gallo,

It was you that swore up and down that Tim Harris and Booker T wanted nothing to do with Al Golden and the Canes. You went so far to include that lie on those stupid lie filled lists you author and posted it countless times.

And now that another of your endless lies has been disproven you claim it was really us Canes fans that didn't like Harris and Booker T.

You need someone to read and explain to you the definition of 'pathological liar'. And then have them define the definition of 'insane' for you.

The Turds will lose 4 games this year.....
FSU will lose 5.....

At some point you will see the 2nd string QB for the Noles playing.

Mark my words.....

Another defensive player from Dade...Golden.

Gallo/ Calvin, Chad Thomas is a high school kid at 6'5 and 240 and ur crying he sucks.U can't be that stupid.Four yrs from now,that kid is 270 and strong like bull.

Wow this blog has gotten bad. Listen Golden was proven before he came to Miami.He came in with the floor foundation fragile then deeply cracked. Now slowly but surely he is piecing that foundation back together and getting the roots back. Player Development is Key and I can tell you that he knows how to Develop. We had two players get drafted last year not off of stats but off of Football Intelligence and work ethic alone and talent. JIM Gallo and Calvin your silly. Like I said earlier the few Kids he got from South Florida last year are pure studs.Coley,Burns,Carter,Grace,and my sleeper Walter Tucker. I would take Quality over Quantity any time. 41 more days and we find out. Despite these past ten years we were still a top 25 teams among win percentage despite what has happen these past 5 years. CANES!!!!!

Lady Calvina, no need to reach out to Galloinda here on the blog, just reach around like you usually do.

calvin--- do yourself a favor


Rccruits are shying away from uf because of the wallstreet weekly story and arron hernandez puttinv a spotlight on all the arrests there....momma says no.....

gallo, it's definitely a good pick up but the tale tale sign to me is how are they going to use jelani hamilton this year, when he came in he was around the same size and right now this staff has no clue on how to use em. They keep blowing guys up weight wise, but yet some bozo said "we're getting bigger, stronger & faster" So 3g is faster now, lol, how about shayon green, those 2 better get faster, why is it we never see 3g being asked to cover runningbacks in the flats or open space, but curtis porter and shayon green keep being asked too, clown 117th is pathetic.

It's not about who commits, it's about how are they going to be used. This is the last year clown 117th will be able to have the opportunity to coach the type of players committing now, this defense will either show it's missing a few pieces or continue to look like we're missing a whole lot.

No matter who we've brought in under coach goldie, who on defense besides deon bush, looks like they're going to be a top notch defensive player. This defensive scheme is trash and doesn't highlight the individual talents of a lot of players. Somebody name me a top 5 of defensive players they know from penn disgrace off the top of your heads.

People claiming coach goldie and company can develop players, time will tell, I will say this though, their is some talent sprinkled around the nfl that has been coming out of temple, so player development might be there under coach goldie, but team development is another thing, we'll see. I'm not convinced especially when coach goldie keeps trying to convince anybody who'll listen why clown 117th should be here, when it's obvious this guy gets schooled every week, be it the whole game or at least 3 quarters of every game.

It's like the defensive philosophy now is, every player on defense is suppose to dominate the man in front of them on every play before we can have a dominant defense and that's just not going to be the case, the other teams got scholarship players to. I went back and was watching some of the BETHUNE COOKMAN game just to see how our db's were lining up and of course just like I thought, this coward still had our guys lined up of their receiver but tried to play a lot more man coverage with guys up on the receivers.

Why are we playing this type of coverage against a MEAC school but as soon as we play someone in the conference or who this staff considers has better talent than BETHUNE we go right back to 85% off man coverage, that's a cowards mentality and it doesn't belong at UM. Who cares about big plays when you giving up over 500 yards in almost every game this year.

I'm glad somebody realizes why recruits are de-committing from the gaytors, has nothing to do with coach goldie. Like gallo said, coach goldie would make an excellent power-point presenter, as a headcoach, he's mediocre until proven otherwise.

The only 2 bozos, Lady Calvina are you and Galloinda. You're the dope who doesn't think people can get bigger and faster. Moron.

The only thing you've ever wandered on that makes the tiniest bit of sense is that time will tell. It will. In the meantime STFU.

al golden:

40-45 with 7 years as a head coach. No titles or bowl wins

he sucks and his stats prove it. more loses than wins....in my book he is no better than a high school coach......ant the 40-45 was in the weakest division in the NCAA.......

so when he puts up successful numbers, come talk to me...until then he just plain SUCKS

Real Canes fans care about how he does here. Tough start primarily due to the NCAA fraudulent investigation and the barren cupboard left by RS.

So, Galloinda, just sit back,see what happens, and most important, STFU.

Here's what's bad, after this year, 3 guys from the d-line will be graduating in porter, luther robinson and shayon green. Two d-tackles rolling out, so another smart move by coach goldie for letting dequan ivery, this guy continues to go out on the limb with a saw. coach goldie consistently cuts defensive players from the team, just not smart to keep cutting the young guys from the team, if coach goldie was cutting the older guys, that's on thing, but to cut guys in only their 1st and 2nd years on the team tells me a lot about how coach goldie thinks. He doesn't give them time to develop.

To the hypocrites on here, when you see sam shields on Sunday's doing his thing, just remember, if he was under coach goldie, he would've been cut from the team, that's the type of mentality that's in charge here now, someone in the mold of tad foote.

mountain oyster's fake wanna be Cane fan, shut yo sissy self up. Time is needed for bozo's like you who don't know football and keep feeding on the b.s. that coach goldie and how boy clown 1117th keep feeding yall. Did 3g get bigger and faster, how about jimmy gaines, let's see how much faster tyriq McCord will be this year. Did dyron dye or asante Cleveland get bigger and faster, lo, this is easy work.

You clowns are not original UM fans and it shows, to many bandwagoneers in here, always crying about "support coach goldie" he needs to support himself by being a national championship headcoach and quit lying about the defensive side of the ball. Until he becomes apart of a national championship team here, he'll always be an outsider to the real UM family, you don't just come up in here and become credible just because you got the job. goldie hasn't done one thing to earn all this blind hope yall got, I've said it before and i'll say it again, coach goldie has potential to be a real solid headcoach, but i'm not confused, he's not a championship coach nowhere and from the moves he's been making, he won't be here as well, he'll get close if we start playing real defense but that coward's scheme we have for a defensive philosophy will not get us there and we will get embarrassed on the national stage if the time comes.

In the meantime mountain oyster fake Cane, come up for air off of coach goldie so he can go and look at real UM teams/defense with all the archive footage he has available to him at UM. Also, becareful, his wife wants to fight you.

Lady Calviny with more bs. Shields was horribly used at UM--oh, yeah, by his bro Randy S.

Ivery cut himself from the team, moron.

Lady Calviny with more bs. Shields was horribly used at UM--oh, yeah, by his bro Randy S.

Ivery cut himself from the team, moron.

Posted by: Mountain Cane | July 20, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Again another idiot that useless to talk too. I'll say this and let you continue to be stupid and this is how I know you not connected. First off bozo, Shannon was the one who went to shields and told him he should move to the defensive side of the ball, shields didn't want to do it and fought it all the way. So in 2008 when Shannon recruited all those wide-outs he basically went back at em and told em that's your best bet, after a while shields started falling down the depth chart and thought Shannon was playing favorites etc. etc. So Shannon stuck em on special teams to toughen him up or don't play, so anyway, finally in his senior year after shannon told em he was putting himself before the team, finally shields moved over and the rest is history.

I told em shields should've been a db after his first year here but the widereceiver #'s were to low at the time. Anyway dumbo, have fun posting your stupidty and not knowing.

Let's re-read this post as it covers a lot of ground concerning the nutcase Lady Calvina/Gallo:


Lady Calvina/Gallo,

It was you that swore up and down that Tim Harris and Booker T wanted nothing to do with Al Golden and the Canes. You went so far to include that lie on those stupid lie filled lists you author and posted it countless times.

And now that another of your endless lies has been disproven you claim it was really us Canes fans that didn't like Harris and Booker T.

You need someone to read and explain to you the definition of 'pathological liar'. And then have them define the definition of 'insane' for you.

Calvina argues similar to a 3 year old. With not fact number 1 he asserts that Golden would have cut Shields from the team. No support points. No nothing. Just believe Lady Calvina because she is connected, to something. Not sure what it is in total, but know it involves reaching out and around to Galloinda.

Once.again,117th ..say it again and again.Why are u e even a cane fan,u say the same thing over and over.Let it go,support our "U" and a bright future. I wont lie, I kinda like reading ur nonsense,then reading other people just drill you!! Lmao.

bozo's that don't know football don't bother me, they make me laugh. Seeing so called UM fans slobbering and clamouring for anything to be relevant, when you hear people start bragging about what nerd website has a bunch of verbal commitments ranked as some sign of success, that shows just how desparate a lot of these clowns are. Here it is coach goldie is 13 & 11 and people acting like he already won a national championship, he's an outsider that's trying to "Uphold the Legacy".

I was about UM before coach goldie and pathetic 117th ever thought about coming here so they mean nothing to me until they earn the right to be here. Most of the so called UM fans now are like women who give it up on the first date and than wonder why they didn't get a call the next day!

If these players stay the course this year and sign,,,,

Posted by: IMAWriter | July 20, 2013 at 01:03 PM

silly silly uNranked cane fan

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