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Canes reel in another 2014 commitment from their own backyard -- Ely LB Terry McCray

Blanche Ely football coach Charles Hafley has been around Broward County for about a decade, long enough to see how the University of Miami has been run differently under its last three head coaches.

Terry McCrayWhen it's come to building relationships in the Hurricanes' backyard, it's the current guy in charge -- Al Golden -- whom Hafley said has figured out the best way to establish real meaningful connections, one that netted UM another commitment Tuesday morning in Ely linebacker Terry McCray.

Listed at 6-3, 220-pounds according to Hafley, McCray is ranked a three-star recruit according to 247Sports.com and the nation's 58th-best inside linebacker. Although rated just a two-star recruit by Rivals, McCray had BCS offers from Syracuse, Minnesota, Cincinnati and West Virginia and is a player the Hurricanes have been on since last October, Hafley said.

A Third Team All-Broward selection by The Miami Herald, McCray finished his junior season with 89 solo tackles, 13 sacks and 20 tackles for loss. Hafley said McCray has a 2.5 GPA and recently took the ACT, but still hasn't received the test score. He believes McCray will qualify at UM.

"They're recruiting him as an outside linebacker," Hafley said. "They really like his hybrid ability there, the way he rushes the quarterback and makes plays. What separates Terry is his knack and ability to be a student of the game. He comes in and watches film. He does what it takes to be a better leader. He's a 305-pound bencher, 200-pound power cleaner and 505-pound squatter. Runs a 4.6 [in the 40]. He's a phenomenal football player. We're going to move him around so teams can't get a beat on him.

What makes McCray's commitment significant for the Hurricanes is that he's the first player from Ely since four players from the Tigers last state championship team (2002) -- Tyrone Moss, Andrew Bain, Teraz McCray, and Cyrim Wimbs -- decided to head to Coral Gables. UM tried unsuccessfully to recruit others from Ely after that including star cornerback Patrick Peterson and most recently Rashard Robinson a year ago. Both went to LSU.

McCray's commitment gives the Hurricanes 24 total in the Class of 2014 including 15 from the South Florida area. Ten are from Miami-Dade, three from Broward and two from Palm Beach.

"Coach [Paul] Williams and Coach Golden did a great job of recruiting Terry," Hafley said. "South Florida has always been and always will be UM territory. Coach Shannon, Coach Coker knew that. But at the end of the day, Coach Golden is just going beyond the call of building relationships. His coaching staff and his support staff as well.

"To me, it's community service projects, the camps. They had Stephen Morris, [Denzel Perryman], [Tracy Howard] at the park down here in our neighborhood recently. The players are the ones really selling the program. Howard did a great job communicating and telling the kids what UM is all about, about it's family atmosphere. It's something that is big for the high school kids and younger kids to hear it from someone from their own backyard."

Hafley said Golden, who took over in 2011 after coming over from Temple, has built stronger relationships with head coaches and programs in South Florida.

"When Coach Golden came to recruit a previous player from here last year [Robinson] he took time to speak to staff members so he can build those relationships," Hafley said. "He's really winning over the South Florida coaching community by doing those things and the clinics they have.

"He's invited myself down to speak with him one-on-one. He's done that with a lot of other head coaches. It's that personal relationship he has with all the coaches that helps them in the long run."

Rivals.com currently ranks UM's class third behind Tennessee (24 commitments) and Florida State (22 commitments). 247Sports.com ranks UM's class fifth behind Tennessee, FSU, Georgia (16 commitments) and Alabama (15 commitments). ESPN, which moved UM up five spots after last week's commitments from Miami Booker T. Washington defensive end Chad Thomas and cornerback Nigel Bethel, had UM ranked seventh prior to Tuesday's commitment from McCray.


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Welcome to the []_[]

every linebacker we're getting now is at least 6'1 215!

Great piece Manny, thanks for the update!

Coach Shannon, Coach Coker knew that. BUT......

but they know not what they were doing!

Drops mic......

I love that we are recruiting size and we are getting quite a few under rated players. It tells me that Golden and his staff are getting out there and evaluating kids on the field and not just on tape.

The 6’2 220 pound rush end prospect gave his verbal to Miami and now states he is a strong commitment, but may be looking around in the future.

“It’s a hundred percent right now, in the future I’m not too sure, but right now it’s a hundred percent.”


I'm pretty sure my new favorite Lady Calvina bit is where he talks to his pud buddy Galloinda and concludes that they agree on some nonsensical thing so it must be true. Talk about a closed loop of morons.

Nice, this is the way a blog should read. Good news from the campus, from the local high schools, and nothing but fear from the folks in Indianapolis.

Golden is doing an incredible job getting the local talent to come to the "U". But two things need to happen before "U" fans feel safe with all the recruiting news. Get the NCAA to hand down its punishment and have a strong season. The "U" needs to finish at least 9-3. Get to the ACC Championship (win or lose) and win their bowl game. NCAA punishment and how well the "U" does in 2013 will go a long way in determining how good or bad this class will be when all is said and done. Go Canes.

jra, very true. If August through January go well, then February will continue the comeback. ave a few bad games, and a few players on the fence will run to teams that promise them more playing time just to get them to sign on the dotted line.

I agree...NCAA stuff behind us....good season....recruits will come. I do believe Calvin was right when he said AG needs to "fully understand" the types of recruits come from South Florida and learn how to cultivate it. I think "many people" have been in AG'S ear letting him know what the deal is.

Everything else Calvin says is hogwash.

1 of 4,

If your premise is right, sounds like golden rectified it. Lady Calvina would never understand that.

he's way too light......UM needs to start using the Alabama model for LB's.....average 250 lbs

plus this kids is not committed to UM.....why do they even post these oral commitments?

You're ridiculous Gallo.
This guy is a high school Jr. already 220lbs, and if you read the word "commitment" is there. We have a top 5 class coming in dude, deal with it.

Please make no whine before it's time.

Too light..idiot.
6'2 220...he's in high school u idiot..

Too light..idiot.
6'2 220...he's in high school u idiot..

Too light..idiot.
6'2 220...he's in high school u idiot..

Galloinda you moron, no incoming Alabama linebackers weigh 250 lbs. If you do bring in one of those, know what they are called in their junior year?---defensive tackle.

The entire state of Alabama has tooled itself to win football titles: a tough competitor. Who can compete with that kind of support? The entire state of Alabama would gladly give up all its money and eat mud and weeds if it meant another national title.

But maybe--just maybe--if Golden can get around to recruiting all the best talent in South Florida, the U will get back around to playing at national title level and line up against the 'Tide some January.

Maybe, just for old times sake, the U defense will put all 11 players on the line. Maybe, for old times sake, the U's defensive coordinator will note that, on Nick Saban's teams, the quarterback is usually the weak link.

mountain your an idiot as is most here.....no 220 LB is gonna bulk up to 256...

starting LB 2013 Alabama:

adrian hubbard 6-6 252 soph
ryan anderson 6-2 255 freshman
xzavier devall 6-2 250 freshman
trey depriest 6-2 245 soph
reggie ragland 6-2 259 freshman

LB average 6-2 252....freshman no less that is right out of high school

this guy is third team and will NEVER be 252....useless press clippings

This is a motivated kid with something to prove, and is perfect in his lift program, and attitude.
6'2 amd 220 is great because he is still growing. Cut him lose with Coach Swaze and he will be up to 235-240 as a Sophomore. Junior year I guarantee he will be 240-245.
So Gallo head you know not what you speak.

Coach Hafley you are a Class Act.
To call it as you see it, and acknowledge respect and professionalism for the community, school, and personnel, shows that Coach G walks the walk and talk the talk.

This guy is REAL and the Coaches in Florida see a Class Act, and an A-1 Program being run by all the 'U' Coaches.

Congratulations. I am proud of my 'U' and all who represent her.
Go 'Canes

Perryman came in at 217 and now is 243. 26 pounds in two years is awesome. This kid will be close to 230 by the time he steps onto campus, so seeing 250 shouldn't be a problem.

Dude those weights you listed are inflated. Those guys are not that size. It is just like when they say a guys hieght in basket ball. He is never that tall. If ur listed at 6 foot 6. He is probably 6 foot 4. If he is listed at 250lbs he is probably more like 230.

And the guys you listed, most of them will red shirt and then in a year they will actually be 250 but they will be listed at like 260.

Gallo is just pissed because 6 months ago we didn't sign enough south Florida talent. Now we have a class with talent and most of it is from south Florida which kills his whole argument from 6 months ago. In all honesty, I use to get my daily laugh from his posts but I have actually just stopped reading anything he posts on here because about 99% of the time he is so wrong and has half truths and opinions he calls facts.

I am with you...Guy used to be funny as hell but now is just boring and repetitious..
Go 'Canes

I guess Calvin is steadily preparing his "statement" at this time...haha.

You aint the president dude....we really don't care!!

Fervent hope that Mr McCray has an excellent Sr. season, and carries that further to glory with UM.
UM is the 1st FAMILY of college football, and always will be. Terry, 10 years down the road, whatever you're doing, you'll be welcome on the sidelines with the legends of UM football.

Galloionda just mad that Miss Calvinda didn't ask a question to pretend his pud buddy knows anything. The clueless corroborating the idiots. It happens here on every Lady Calvina Lady Galloinda interaction.

they can recruit the best defensive players in the area- ain't going nowhere with the defensive co-ordinator they have just opinion

Ray Lewis 6'1" 245
Michael Barrow 6'2" 245
Even in their pro careers they couldn't play for Alabama?

How much did Sean Spence weigh when he came in? He's 5'11" 230 now?

Shut up Gallo! The U doesn't do 250 lb linebackers.. c'mon man!

Yeah, that John Vilma(maybe 215 or 220lbs) REALLY sucked at The U, not to mention his pro career(1st round).

What idiots those highly paid college and pro personel people must be, huh?

perryman came to UM at 230.....good try green pea....

look at todays 3-4 defenses....most are at or trying to be at 250 or more for LB's....ND, Alabama, Georgia, Stamford..etc

in the 4-3 you see lighter LB's.....so the pattern is for larget LB's and DE's (290)....

its all irrelevant since dnofrio will sink the ship anyway....watch UM vs florida.....all your answers will be there

Mase and MovingZen , do you really think that college and pro personel people know more than Galvin and Callo? How crazy are you? Those are the standards that all coaches and personel people should be held to. If it has to do with football they have mastered it . I mean have you seen those amazing stats that Callo is somehow able to come up with ? Just anyone can't do that . I for one would feel much better if they were running this team so we would be assured a NC how about you guys? Go Canes

NO GaCane
There would be too much "green pea" around the new Athletic Center, and Calvina would have a stress and Shannon meter before entering.

Would not work. No NC, but they would surely talk and cAlvina would publish books which were tautologic.

These two would not know how to set a rat trap much less run a team. I digress, maybe cAlvina would but with green peas come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go 'Canes

Hey Gallo,

Sean Spence 211 as Freshman
Tavares Gooden 220 as freshman
Darryl Sharpton 218 as a freshman
Jonathan Beason 220 as Freshman
Rocky McIntosh 219 as RedShirt Freshman
Jonathan Vilma 215 as Freshman (220lbs as a Senior)
Dan Morgan 220 as Sophmore
Ray Lewis 216 as Sophmore

By your logic, none of them could play for Alabama. If you are so infatuated with Alabama and Saban, please read their local paper and leave us alone.

KPCANE for the most part that's true , they couldn't play for Alabama because most of those you named are successful in the NFL and we all know that is not the case with Alabama LBs . And you are right UGoCane I guess I did not do my homework on that one . Go Canes

This team has no heart. 7 win season.

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