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Coach Al Golden on Hurricanes D: "The biggest thing was to not change...''

I watched and listened to Al Golden as part of ESPN's "Car Wash'' today, and I was impressed by his answer to Samantha (Steele) Ponder, when she asked him...

"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"

Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.

"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

The Canes ranked 116th (of 120 FBS teams) in total defense last season, allowing an average of 486.4 yards per game. They ranked 112th in rushing defense (217.9 yards allowed per game), 102nd in pass defense (268.5), 105th in tackles-for-loss and 113 in sacks.

We'll see this season if Golden's patience pays off and if the D-linemen get free to attack the quarrterback. That will make all the difference to a team that appears to be offensively gifted.




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AQM gets to campus today as well. Perrymen at 243? I think we'll see much improvement from this defense this year. Not saying it will be an elite defense but it will be heavily improved thanks to bigger and more experienced players. In two years this defense could be one of the best.

golden is copying whats happening with the 3-4 defenses.....LB's at 250 and DE's at 290....

but dnofrio is not alabama.....what is this 14/15 freshman he is talking about?

golden is always managing the expectation and putting an excuse up front to pad failure...golden f...cked up, the pressure should have come from a bulked up perryman - johnson - gains and paul......figeroa was lost in the spring scrimmage and will be lost in real live game situations until he gets experience.....

expect no change in 2013 defense.....just a continuation from last year......

here is a reminder:

BC - 537 yrds
KSU - 498
NC ST - 664
ND - 587
NC - 486
Virginia - 482
Duke - 583 (can you believe that!)

dnofrio defense will be the same this year...florida/fsu will crush dnofrio.

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit".

translation....I am not getting rid of dnodrio....

team goes #116 defensively but NO CHANGE and a team like clemson loses a bowl game and immediately fires DC kevin steele the next day who in two of the last three years finished in the top 25 in the nation in total defense and scoring defense. His defense also finished 13th in the nation in scoring defense, 19th in total defense and 24th in pass defense in 2010. Five members of that team made NFL rosters in 2011.

But at UM...no change, lol its unbelievable...

Please? One. Trick. Pony.

Pass rush is the obvious key to the defense this year. If they can put pressure on the quarterback and get occasional sacks, there will not be as much pressure on the secondary. Last year they made nearly every QB they faced look like a Heisman winner. I think they will be better, but we'll see. If they can't get pressure with just the front four they need to be more creative with blitzing. You can't just allow the QB all day to throw.

There's no question the defense will be better this year, but it will still be the team's weakness. It's not quite ready for prime time and will cost the Canes a game or two. I'd be pleased if UM goes 9-3 and finishes 10-3 with a bowl win. I would consider that a good year for where this Program stands currently. They could definitely lose 4 games this year, but I'm hoping for no more than 3.

Get the hell of the Miami sites Jim Gayllo! You're abviously NOT A FAN!

If they defense is just average (60th in the country), they win 10 games.

Cote unknowingly refutes all of Shallow-Gallo's lies


Poor Shallow-Gallo...now even Greg Cote is showing him to be full of sheet...too funny! Canes fans read on for another slap down of Shallow-Gallo/Lady Calvina.


By Greg Cote


Al Golden operates with remarkable composure for a guy with a guillotine over his head. The unrelenting threat and weight of a seemingly endless NCAA probe would have splintered plenty of other college football teams and beaten plenty of other coaches, had them surrendering, running away.

Golden stares unblinking at that glistening blade. He keeps climbing uphill through the chaos and doubt he inherited, and somehow winning.

This is the one man who has most held the University of Miami together under this three-year cloud — what Golden calls “this whole ordeal we’ve gone though.” His players see his we-shall-survive constancy and buy the belief he is selling.

So, apparently, do guys who want to be his players.

Guys who want to sign on even amid all of the doubts, and all of the ominous predictions and lies cast by rival schools.

We saw that again Monday. That faith in Golden, and in better days.

Trent Harris, a highly recruited defensive end from Winter Park, made official his oral commitment to UM for 2014, and it was significant both literally and, I thought, symbolically.

Literally because the kid is a four-star recruit who ultimately picked UM over Florida — whose colors and mementoes fill his bedroom — and Urban Meyer’s Ohio State, where his position coach would have been recent NFL Patriots star Mike Vrabel.

“I liked Florida since I was little, but I’m not little anymore,” Harris said Monday. “I needed to make a grown man’s choice.”

The 22 schools that offered him a scholarship also included reigning champion Alabama. If Nick Saban wants you, you are really good. You are blue-chip, national-caliber good.

Instead, Harris puts his faith and future in Miami, despite the Nevin Shapiro-related investigation that has caused two seasons of self-imposed penalties and could bring yet more sanctions when the NCAA finally concludes the case within the next two weeks.

Harris’ decision so close to the NCAA decision makes it a symbolic victory for Miami as well, a final verification that Golden has navigated the program through this.

Last season, the Canes played their way into the ACC Championship Game only to remove themselves with a self-imposed ban. All he could tell his 2013 recruits was, “Hopefully, that opportunity won’t be taken away from us this year” — while rival recruiters surely whispered ominous speculation about harsh penalties that might still be in store.

Despite it all, UM’s 2013 recruiting class was ranked a respectable 15th in the country by ESPN.

And the 2014 class that just added Harris looks even better. It is presently ranked seventh in the nation. The 24 oral commitments are tied with Tennessee for the most in the top 30. The 12 four-star recruits are tied for second-most.

Is there a guarantee all of those commitments will stay committed? No.

But I’d bet on Golden’s track record.

On Monday he flew to Bristol, Conn., to spend Tuesday as one of six ACC coaches participating in an ESPN “Car Wash,” jargon for a day of interviews with various network properties. He carried the Harris news in his pocket like a winning poker chip.

Golden has taken the NCAA mess that might have fractured this program, turned it upside down and used it as sort of a rallying point for his team and in recruiting.

“If anything it motivated our guys,” said Golden, whose team opens his third season with UM on Aug. 30 at Dolphins stadium against Florida Atlantic. “During this whole ordeal we’ve gone through we haven’t had one family say, ‘This is too tenuous. We wanna get out of Dodge.’ It speaks to the commitment and the brotherhood that is University of Miami football.”

Golden says “the adversity we’ve endured” has made his team “internally focused and driven.”

Future players such as Harris are electing to be a part of this because UM was smart to take its medicine early with those self-imposed penalties, hard as those pills were to swallow. Though no one can predict what the at-times-dysfunctional NCAA might soon do with possible additional sanctions, Golden is able to tell recruits the worst is over and logically believe it.

Meanwhile, as players like Harris assure the cupboards are full for the future, the present looms more exciting for Canes fans than it has in years.

The team is a preseason favorite to win the ACC Coastal Division, and the opportunity to play in a major bowl game is there (NCAA willing).

Quarterback Stephen Morris and running back Duke Johnson lend star power to what could be a great offense. And the defense should be greatly improved after losing only one player from the unit’s two-deep depth chart.

“There will be more of a poise and calmness factor on defense,” Golden said. “We’re bigger, stronger, and we have a lot more experience coming back. The guys are charged.”

This coach inherited a program that has been confined three years to something of a long, dark tunnel, but the light at the end is visible now at last, and it is getting bigger.

Can you hear it yet?

Can you feel the rumble?

A locomotive is about to blast from that tunnel into daylight.

when was the last time you smiled?

Gallo, when was the last time you got laid.

By a woman, I mean.

Wow! Wow ! & Wow!...the following are stunningly positive numbers.


"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense

You did a good job in explaining as Coach G has ALWAYS stated, that his system is a "PROCESS" that has to have a buy in from all the players on the team.

With another year of higher football IQ and the diet and weight program of Coach Suaze we are starting to see the results.

The process has to have time to percolate and evolve.

This year will be a lot closer to where we need to be, and with excellent recruiting great things are happening.

The foundation is being laid, for the LEGACY of the
"U", to be carried by a great bunch of gifted athletes and Coaches.

It is GREAT to be a Hurricane.

Great article Cote.
Go 'Canes

I think the sanctions have dine more good for golden than bad. He came from temple where they didn't have a program and and any record he in a traditional football state would be a plus. He built a team from the ground up and that was good. He gets to miami and he is bringing in some good talent but he still has some deficiencies with defensive philosophy and adjustments but he is given a pass because of possible looming sanctions. The sanctions had nothing to do with us losing ball games. Regardless of the sanctions the product on the field has left a lot to be desired. Urban went in to ostate and had a perfect season while sanctions could be possibly looming. Adding weight and muscle doesn't make you a better player in Miami it takes away our advantage and that is speed. Hopefully we will get better but the way he is starting out doesn't sound good. We could go undefeated this year if coached right.

Please forgive typos trying to rush.

Why everyone hatin on gallo and dont have a problem with what AG said. U just finished 116th in defense and u dont think nothing needs to change. wtf! i love AG but that got to be the dumbest thing i ever heard

Ernest and Julio Gallo

Your wine is horrible...as well as your football knowledge.

Tallycane...you claim the sanctions didn't hurt!? Are you out of your mind? And...you go on to take a slap at the fantastic size Golden's offseason training has brought to the players...again, are you out of your mind!?...stop drinking that Bobby Bowden Tallahassee water my friend--it's warping you brain!

its not even a freshman issue like he says it is 14/15 freshman on defense....what BS

take the duke game.....they are 6-5 / 3-4 conference (they totally suck).....there was ONLY 1 FRESHMAN that started that game (rayshawn jenkins) on the ENTIRE TEAM. UM gets away with a luck win 52-45 when in the last 90 seconds the game was a toss up.....the defense STILL after a whole year of coaching gave up 583 yards....the third worse showing all season with ND second at 587 and NC state first at 664....

its all pure BS....these coaches are weak as pond water.....meyer steps in a goes 12-0 with sanctions....

The tell tale sign of an idiot. Playing the result:

"UM gets away with a luck win 52-45 when in the last 90 seconds the game was a toss up."

Other than ND and KSU, you could say that about any of Miami's losses.

You type a lot but say nothing you stupid maggot. If you were any dumber, Gallo, I would swear you were a UFirstdegreemurder grad.

" the only question is what the new year brings. Golden not going anywhere. If O is great and D stinks, then the DC will pursue other interests, Al's friend or not. That's how big business college football works. "

mountain cane LOUT

Once AGAIN, that mountain cane LOUT bloody well PROVES, the " educated " MORON he be. hUh

Because ANY B.C.S. head coach would've bloody CHIT-CANNED his d-coordinator. Especially after having the absolute WORST team defense, among B.C.S. schools. ENTER No. 116!!!!

Heck mountain cane LOUT. At least HALF of the teams from the Sun Belt and W.A.C. and M.A.C. and Mountain West conferences, had HIGHER ranked team defenses than Miami. Eh. What say.

Yet, that mountain cane LOUT and his Hurricane HENCHMEN be STILL defending their BELOVED Marky Mark. dUh Go bloody figures'.

By the way mountain cane LOUT. Your boy Marky Mark bloody well AIN'T going nowhere. As long as Goldie is head coach.

And D-less Onofrio could have another TERRIBLE team defense this season, and still be in Coral Gables in 2014. What!

Yeah, yeah ANYONE with a degree of common sense knows the Hurricanes will improve on defense. The bloody question is IF Marky Mark's unit will improve beyond No. 77 or say No. 68. hUh

At least mountain cane LOUT be a FUNCTIONAL, educated IDIOT. Eh. What say. And I'll gladly give him beaucoup credit for that factoid!

Oh, didn't some A.C.C. head honcho bloody FIRE his D-coordinator, sometime during the 2013 season. Bloody thought so, mountain cane LOUT!!!

For mr. gallo I was at the duke game last year, yes one freshman did start, but a lot played during the game on defense, particularly on the 90 yards touchdown pass where guys were just out of place. I watch a lot of nonsense take place on this blog but there are two or three special morons out there. You sir are one of them. The D will be in the mid 50's this year i'm predicting and that will result in a 10 win season. Can't wait to see them twice in Carolina this year.

" Duke - 583 (can you believe that!) " bUbba jimbo gallo


And that was the 12th and final game of the season!!! Go bloody figures.

That final defensive game blunder indicates, there was NO DEGREE of bloody IMPROVEMENT, from Marky Mark's Hurricane unit. Eh. What say.

Yeah, yeah Miami played a lot of freshmen and what not, yet was their any indication of IMPROVEMENT. dUh

But the TWELVTH (12th) game of the season, and against that MIGHTY major college football power, in the guise of Duke!!!

A commenter here has a fixation on firing D'Onofrio at all costs.
He's even arguing whether Golden played 14 or 15 freshmen or not.The FACT is he did, and all of these freshmen showed they have a bright future.
Just like Golden says, they will be bigger, stronger and learn the system, so we will be improved, no doubt.
If the "D" sucks again next year THEN we look for another coach.
Only people who have a problem with that probably root for the Gators and are very worried.


You are a blubbering incoherent moron. Eh, what say. hUh.

The D will be in the mid 50's this year i'm predicting and that will result in a 10 win season. Can't wait to see them twice in Carolina this year.

Posted by: Cane For Life | July 30, 2013 at 04:40 PM


Look here. Just another delusional Cane fool and what not!!! hUh

And IF Miami is ranked in the Top 50 team defensive percentile. The Hurricanes will go UNDEFEATED!!! Especially with a HIGH OCTANE offense.

Nonetheless, I absolutely doubt the Canes will be RANKED above No. 65 in the team defense category!!! Simply because Marky Mark will be on the Hurricane sidelines. Eh. What say.

That's exactly what has killed the "U" over the last 7 years or so. Constant changes at HC, OC and DC positions. Seems that every year since about 2006 there has been little consistency at any of the coaching positions. These kids just need to stop learning a new system every freaken year. Stability is what is needed. Go Canes.

Playing the Cane guessing game. Let's say D'Onofrio's team defense does improve by FOURTY PERCENT ( 40% ). And it's an absolute the Hurricanes will improve defensively.

That will still leave Miami RANKED in the No. 60 percentile and what not! And with AT LEAST 3 losses in 2013. hUh

Oh well, there goes my UNDEFEATED tout and what not.*

**I was SAGACIOUSLY predicting an undefeated season based on Cane bUbba's prediction of Miami being ranked No. 54 or even higher and what not.

Heck, a MAJORITY of Hurricane dudes at the eoth/canespace are bloviating, that Miami will have a Top 40 defense this season. Eh. What say.

There is no 'D' in D'Onofrio. He should have been replaced.

Don't know if I can stand watching the same pathetic unchanging defense for another year.

Uf qb Jeff driskel had emergency appendectomy surgery. Hope he is able to play September 7th. Don't want any excuses from turd fans when we beat the brakes off them.

Al Golden is killing us on recruiting....and for God sakes he has better hair than myself. I just can't compete with him.

Poor baby nevin (gallo) still suckin that randy Shannon dick clean. Lol still sleeping with the Shannon body pillow and rubbin one out while screaming Oh Shannon! Lmao

David Gilbert-Post Graduate- All Big 10 Honorable Mention- 22+ years old-IMMEDIATE help THIS year- Is he coming?

Cote says that UM's d will be better since they only lost ONE player in the 2 deep.
They lost one senior corner to graduation
They lost E. Johnson, the team's second leading tackler
They lost G. Paul, the 3rd leading tackler
Thy lost T Finnie and one other player can't remember
That is 5 defensive players in the 2 deep

#116 and the most important thing was to NOT make any changes
Seems logical to me

Bad info on driskel.......he actually had a hysterectomy.

#116 and the most important thing was to NOT make any changes
Seems logical to me
Posted by: delUsionalcane


Literally LMFAO!!!

This absolutely is the POST of the day! Heck, it's probably the POST of the past month and what not.

Gallo: If you know that 600-plus years a game is not good, and I know 600-plus yards a game is not good, then why doesn't "Goldy know that 600-plus years a game is not good?

This whole coaching staff, minus Kehoe, is stuck on stupid. I'm going to give Hurley a pass, because he's obviously caught up in something that I can't put a finger on right now. The DC is out of his league and is causing the program players and prominence and money. Why won't "Goldy admit that the DC is a failure?

When this DC is gone, the U turns the corner.

At first I thought this was juvenile, then I thought it was silly and ignorant. Now I am convinced that these coaches just don't know nor care.

DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno.

The same stupid thing happened at FSU with OC Jeff Bowden. Bobby finally saw the light and look where they are right now.....

Why everyone hatin on gallo and dont have a problem with what AG said. U just finished 116th in defense and u dont think nothing needs to change. wtf! i love AG but that got to be the dumbest thing i ever heard

Posted by: futurecane | July 30, 2013 at 03:52 PM

That because it's been proven, they're all certified morons man. They don't know football and tr yto defend coach goldie and his boy clown 117th at all cost, like coach goldie hasn't done nothing wrong when it's obvious coach goldie is trying to find his way, better load up on defensive recruits before the season starts cause this will be the last year defensive recruits will want to start coming here with the majority of what's in place for defensive coaches.

So are we seriously bumping all of our linebackersup to around 240lbs, lol, we just got slower on defense, chick up to 275lbs, are they serious, this man is not going to be able to move.

Drjskel is out...had an appendectomy. That means no practice for 3-4 weeks. Take almost a year to fully recover from that. I bet he is out the first 4-6 games. No aggressive motions allowed when healing from that. No driskel for the UM game. If they do play him ,UM needs to aim for the gut.

No driskell, the stars are aligning for coach goldie to buy more time here at UM. I hate not playing a team at full strength myself, I wanted to see us go up against the same qb that helped beat up on Fsu, at the same time though, breant pease i'm sure will have somebody ready, you just need somebody who can throw it at least 8 yards against our defense!

Donofrio is terrible. The proof is in the play. Golden is a good friend, an excellent recruiter and a first class organizer. That being said, he is not a good manager. Good managers care about results, not friendships. Hes had three years. The results are in and his scheme doesnt work for our south fla personnell. Its a shame, with any other coordinator in the country we would win the acc. The drop back zone nonsense that he runs will cost us at least 3 games.

Calvin no ship....we ALL want a healthy Florida team....shut up already.

Vegas just called...

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit."


Sure, it makes perfect sense... If something is completely broken, why fix it right corch ?

that and constantly playing "14-15" Freshman excuse card year after year ...

ifs, buts, wouldas, couldas, shouldas, i think, i hope, we might and maybes all over again.

it's been the cane mantra for nearly a decade and will continue under Golden. EXCuSE u

Nothing to see here, trust me. I have a 500 page binder full of Penn State and Temple game and program plans...

Corch Goldy


ps- we're still young and inexperienced.

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