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Coach Al Golden on Hurricanes D: "The biggest thing was to not change...''

I watched and listened to Al Golden as part of ESPN's "Car Wash'' today, and I was impressed by his answer to Samantha (Steele) Ponder, when she asked him...

"Defensively I know you wanted to make some changes this last year. What are the things you think need to change in order to get the defense where it needs to be?"

Golden's response:

"I think the biggest thing was to not change, was just to take all the young kids, the 14 or 15 freshmen we played over there and just to quiet their minds down, settle them down a little bit. I felt different about the defense in the spring – there was a calmness, they were communicating more. And then of course getting [defensive tackle] Curtis Porter back and then giving everybody another year in the weight room.

"[Linebacker] Denzel Perryman grew up on the stage for us, played at 208 and then 212. He’s 243 now. [Linebacker] Jimmy Gaines is 240. [Linebacker] Alex Figueroa is 238. [Defensive end] Anthony Chickillo is another guy who played for us at 45 and 50. He is now 275. So those kids had to grow up and were forced to play before they were ready. Now, they’re settled in, they know the system and we’re excited about who we have coming back on defense."

The Canes ranked 116th (of 120 FBS teams) in total defense last season, allowing an average of 486.4 yards per game. They ranked 112th in rushing defense (217.9 yards allowed per game), 102nd in pass defense (268.5), 105th in tackles-for-loss and 113 in sacks.

We'll see this season if Golden's patience pays off and if the D-linemen get free to attack the quarrterback. That will make all the difference to a team that appears to be offensively gifted.




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Donofrio is terrible. The proof is in the play. Golden is a good friend, an excellent recruiter and a first class organizer. That being said, he is not a good manager. Good managers care about results, not friendships. Hes had three years. The results are in and his scheme doesnt work for our south fla personnell. Its a shame, with any other coordinator in the country we would win the acc. The drop back zone nonsense that he runs will cost us at least 3 games.

Posted by: MR MIA | July 30, 2013 at 06:24 PM

He got our linebackers at around 240lbs across the board, lol, we'll be looking like Georgia techs defense under al groh pretty soon. The thing I don't understand is, if coach goldie saw what our offense did to a seasoned Georgia tech defense under their mentor al groh, than why is he trying to turn round and run the same thing. I'll say it again, the weight management on defense has been piss poor since goldie and his minions got here. You don't need 240lb linebackers to play defense in college and on a lot of pro teams, so this non-sense about we're bigger now, cause no way you're going to tell me dzp at supposedly 243lbs is faster than he was a freshman or even last year, come his senior year, they'll be telling us how dzp is up to 250lbs now.

In the nfl right now:
dj Williams=242

What UM tapes have coach goldie & his boy clown 117th been watching!

I'm looking at a guy like Gaines. If he increases in weight, I don't want him playing off the line. Gaines is an example of coaching gone bad.

The Oklahoma game a few years back was a great atmosphere...The Joe Robbie was rockin!!!

Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | July 30, 2013 at 02:59 PM

SOUP: Now doesn't THAT game bring back memories of "The JSQ" in her prime? LOL

This idiot has no CLASS WHATSOEVER!


Gallo has been rooting for Stephen Morris to go down with an injury as he has gleefully pointed out countless times that Miami doesn’t have an experienced back-up.

Then, low and behold his Gator QB Jeff Driskel goes down with an appendectomy operation and the headlines are screaming that since Briskell quit the Gators…wait for it…they have no back-up QB!

Karma’s a beatch Gallo and once again…YOU LOSE! LMAO!!!


Based on the Gators losing their QB and they have no back-up that means your Willy "The Bagman" Muschamp is a big dummy and should be fired and the Gators need to bring in a Florida guy because Muschamp is an outsider...right??? LMAO @ you AGAIN!

Poor ole Lady Calvina/ Shallow Gallo…you’ve been pointing to the huge size of Bama’s backers for months as a slap at Al Golden that he doesn’t know how to recruit and doesn’t understand defense. Yet, he builds his backers up to the size of the Bama backers and you start sniveling they are too big and can’t move. Honestly, you have reached the point that you don’t even realize when you are lying.

I guess the size of Bama’s backers mean Nick Saban doesn’t know what he’s doing…

Alabama Linebacker’s:

- LB Reggie Ragland (259lbs.)

- LB Denzel Devall (250lbs.)

You smell that. ......smells like....

What do driskel and his appendix have in common? Their both. ...

Who is this clown, you won't see me post anywhere where it's said our linebackers are to small. I've been saying it for the longest about goldie and his weight management issues. First it started off with the tight-ends, when asante Cleveland ballooned up to 270lbs and dyron dye ballooned up to 275lbs, for a coach to start crying about we need to get more out of the tight-end spot, the question is, how can you ask junior left tackles you created to try and out run even 245lb linebackers, in what world does he live in.

This team is being built off of the slow man's concept, we're asking ahayon green to cover chris Thompson, we're asking curtis porter to come out and cover backs, about the only d-linemen they don't ask to cover anybody is 3g. We sending 275lb tight-ends out in pass patterns, we got jimmy gaines playing press-man on the out-side on a runningback, the name of the game is to put your players in position to succeed, but clown 117th continues to put our guys at consistently disadvantaged situations.

Fact remains that the defense is horrendous..with that said it can't get any worst, can it?

Fact remains that the defense is horrendous..with that said it can't get any worst, can it?

Posted by: T | July 30, 2013 at 08:09 PM

Yes, the way it can get worst is as if coac hgoldie said, "don't change anything" 2 years in a row of this non-sense would mean absolutely a waste of talent, if they think getting bigger is going to make the players better on defense, dzp had a more impactful year as a True freshman at 208 than he did as a blown up linebacker last year. And why doesn't goldie apply this same logic to the offensive side of the ball, because coach goldie and crew are to busy looking for guys to past the "eyeball" test and not concentrating on football players.

They have that leon Williams syndrome, looked like tarzan, played like jane, but somehow the coaches stll kept putting him on the field just because he pssed the eyeball test. Gotta gve coach goldie credit though, he's doing a great job of putting together an excellent nfl combine team, we might not win games Miami style, but we'll show them scouts at the combine wassup, like I said, coach goldie is an outside until he gets this team playing like it's suppose to be.

Coach goldie got rid of coach petri dish and john Lovett and didn't want coach crime dawg, mgriff, so he brings his minions in in p.w., jethro and the one who can't put it all together in clown 117th. When you're at Miami, you don't wake up and hope to play defense, you wake up and eat that for breakfast, it's part of our daily bread. All this talk from goldie about their is a calmness with the defense now, let's hope not, we need a bunch of eddie "bath salts" johnson out their headbangin.

Lady Calvina quote: "This team is being built off of the slow man's concept."

Okay. Then you need to start posting on the Bama site and tell those folks you've got all the answers and Saban is an outsider who doesn't know what he's doing...because those Bama backers are even bigger than the Canes backers.

So, run along Calvy, the Crimson Tide folks are going to love your act...LOL!

Lmao at calvin and driskel andtyler murphy. Kid is probably peeing his pants sending muschump a text saying"but i was supposed to be third string"" omg" " Im not ready"

Ron zook how stupid can you be I said that the sanctions have worked out well for golden not the U. Golden has a Miami defense ranked 3 or 4spots from the bottom and said we didn't need to change anything and some of you all are acting like he is the best thing that has happened to us because he stayed here while while sanctions are looming. Where was he going with a 13-11 record that would be better than Miami? His record was the same if not worst at temple. You can say whatever you like but I would take Mickey Andrews any day over our dc. Any time a wr can run a simple dig route and sit down on the seams to get a first down for two years straight means the the scheme doesn't fit. 3-4 Linebackers are normally a little bit heavier than 4-3 lb's. picking up weight doesn't make you a better player but picking up power does. Who drinks tap water anyway?

Looming sanctions has worked out well for golden because he has been full of excuses. He looks the part but it has to translate on the field. Dominant defenses in football on any level win championships. I don't mind having the three four as our defense if they run it right. Labaeu and Bellicheck San Fran and Denver have very good 3-4 defenses. If that's what he wants to do then fine study those defenses. Even study Alabama defenses but don't have us running this suffle version of a 4-3 that's ranked at the bottom of the league. Johnny football won the heisman as a rs freshman and notre dame qb was a freshman. There are other examples of freshman that are out there balling. These are excuses.

I hate to admit it it, bu Gallo is right Defense used to be the hallmark of those great UM teams- big linemen like Sapp, Cortez Kennedy etc.etc.etc. Obviously our talent is not 116th in the country on defense, our coaching is. This defensive co- ordinator should be GONE, GONE Gone. he blamed youth and in experience last year, but he obviously taught them nothing if they gabe up 580+ yrds to Duke at the last game- They did better against ND. I haate to say it if we play the gators we may score 31+ points nad give up 40+. If I see another buble screen to the right with the defender playing 1`2 yrs off the receiver, like the last 2 years, I will scream

pete Cane, why you hate to admit anything Truthful that gallo has been saying. He's been accused of being a gaytor fan me too for speaking the obvious Truth, when in fact anybody that's defending the tradition of UM is more of a UM fan than those who keep crying about supporting an unproven and ridiculously 117th ranked defensive staff minus coach barrow from that because he's been here long enuff and has already coached with a defense nowhere near that. You know, some of the best patriots are those who went against/opposed the government, not the once singing the national anthem but going along with everything the government says right or wrong.

So it is with UM, those of us who know the standard will not sit by and let coach goldie put his friendship[ over these players, if he wants to keep his boy, make him a positon coach and move him to the offensive side of the ball so we can get rid of this escort service defense. But don't try and tell us how he's the best out their and how you'll challenge anybody when it comes to clown 117th's track record. challenge them to what, he didn't even have the best defense in the mac conference after 5 years.

If he was actually worth his weight, we wouldn't consistently see mismatches by opposing offenses, against, shayon green on chris thompson, are you serious, what year is he suppose to be able to cover him, when he's a 25th year senior, or when he puts on 20 more pounds, GTFOH. And this is why i'm not hype for Alquadin Muhammad to come in, they can't wait to put him in pass coverage.

To those trying to bring up Bama's defense, please know or be able to explain that point, because we are in no way shape or form running that same version of the 3-4. First off, saban doesn't have his outside db's playing 10 to 15 yards off the line they play more of a 3-4 with a 4-3 concept on the back-end, this clown we have is trying to play a hybrid 4-3 running zone blitz concepts behind it and is getting abused because the object of is to get immediate pressure on the qb, instead he has linebackers coming in on delayed blitzes after 2 & 3 secs.

And tallyCane, no need in explaining yourself to these clowns, several of us knew exactly what you meant when you said coach goldie has benefited from the investigation/looming sanctions, just bought him more time but make no mistake about it, this wasn't the butch davis situation where he really had to come in and start from scratch, this man goldie got left with an o-line full of future draft picks. linder & Henderson, solid draft picks, mcdermont will get a look, feliciano, that mauler will get drafted, malcom bunche has a real good chance once he moves insie, he doesn't have the lower body to be a left tackle, he'd be a way better fit on the right side, but inside is where it's at for him.

How come the coach with the weakest unit is the coach that's always jumping the highest and greeting the players first when the team makes a play, case in point, see jethro franklin after Gunther make that give me pick against V-tech.

Lady Calvin,

You and your brofriend Galloinda are both clueless, redundant and boring. Seems like the new dummy, D, is trying to place himself between the big and little spoons you 2 make.

Bummer about the Driskell appendix. Built in excuse for you dolts.

UM was 83rd in scoring D in '12. They were 17th in scoring D in '11.

I gotta believe the lack of experience due to key players going early to the NFL (Vernon, Forston) and injuries, had something to do with that.

Excuses?? Maybe.

This is really a no-excuse year.

We HAVE TO score vs. good defenses and we HAVE TO get back to giving up less than 20 ppg. We did, by the way, do that at home last year

From this point on, I will stop responding to rival fan's post for the rest of the season. However, I will remind all that JG is on record that there will be NO improvement in the Canes D this year, and, he predicts we will lose by 3 TD's to uF.
Calvin, on the other hand, although blinded, seems to now be in the wait-and-see mode.

Be There.

12 losses the last 3 seasons and ZERO championships with some hot-shot recruiting classes in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE lil' gator???

yes UM loses by 3 TD's....driskel will be fine, plenty of time before the UM game....

florida has TE at 6'4" 253 and the OL averages 6'5" 310......dnofrio's defense will not get to him....plus they have those 2 good backs.....

sorry to say UM will lose big.....florida will wear us down.....the team has better athletes than UM....they have all the top players from the state.....


You mustve not paid attention that year bc forston and vernon barely played any that year. We had sean spence and thats why we were 17 th in scoring defense. Donofrio is conplete garbage with our type of players and athletes. No excuses. Hes trash. Giving up less than 20 points against usf and bethune cookman wont do. Everyone has figured out his drop back scheme. Everyone. Its no mistake that every singlr team runs the exact same plays on us successfully. I would gladly take any dc over donofrio. Seriously any dc. This aint temple. This aint the mac. They played one decent team every year and got spanked by that team while they were at temple, they play quality coaches in the acc and donofrio is outclassed by every single one.

Actually in 2011 we were ranked the 21 st scoring defense. Regardless dc is terrible.

Bama Linebackers from Top to bottom AVERAGE 6-3.5/252lbs. AND LEGIT 4.5-4.6 FORTY times minimum with 6-4/282lbs. 4.6-4.7 FORTY D.E.'s and 6-4/310lbs 4.9-5.2 FORTY D.T.'s in front of them... That's the standard by which they and the TOP-8-10 PROGRAMS DEMAND... u know, like ur in State BIG BROS from up North UF n FSU.

u ? L.B.'s average 6-1.5/235 4.7-4.9 FORTY with D.E.'s 6-2.5/265 4.85-5.10 FORTYS and WEEBLES THAT WOBBLE D.T.'s at 6-1.5/300 5.2-5.5 FORTY LARDAZZES.

u see the difference and why u are still and have been unranked for years and years never even playing in a Conference Title Game during ur ENTIRE acc existance.

might wanna get ur D.B.'s in some sort of Cross Country, long distance running endurance program. They're gonna need it. Cause ur overall ENTIRE front-7 ain't gonna do jacksquat again this year just like the entire time Goldy and his Best Man No-d have been there.

6-6/275 and I run a 4.40 FLAT FORTY ... u know who I am ?

The S.E.C. is FULL of FREAKS like me... I ain't clowning.

116 out of 120 schools so go figure. They will improve on that guaranteed. Young players with talent don't need a season to gain weight to show potential. The stats don't lie. I would be very concerned from a defensive point of view with the guys we have returning. The odds alone say we'll see improvement. How much is anyone's guess.

If these kids are all playing 20-50 pounds above their natural weights its going to look like they're playing with ankle weights in mud. Hope I'm wrong. Chickilo was a good example. Made an impact as a frosh coming off the end, bulked up the next year and couldn't beat Betty White off the line.

The Gators just took another huge hit with Jeff Driskel going down for at least 2 weeks, but doctors familiar with the type of appendectomy operation he underwent believe he could be inactive for at least a month.

Yet, even if the overly optimistic 2 week prognosis is correct that is a major blow to the Gator program as Driskel and the already pathetic Gator offense will lose a significant amount of time to get on the same page.

During Driskel's absence the offense will be practicing with a couple of QB's that have starkly different styles than his, which will mean upon his return the first week back will be all about un-training what the offense learned, instead of working on critical timing issues and melding players into the scheme.

If the Driskel issue was not enough of a worry, people close to the program have been whispering that Gator Head Coach Will Muschamp and Athletic Director Jeremy Foley are deeply concerned about the horrendous recruiting cycle they are experiencing. This might be traced back to the many arrests the program has experienced that has attracted the NCAA's and national medias interest and the Aaron Hernandez serial killer story that has many parents very concerned about their sons attending Florida. Additionally, the poor recruiting could also be due to the brutal beating at the Hands of Louisville.

Bottom line, driskel doesn't need to try and play in that game, but than again, if we come with the pass rushing techniques we came with last year, he should be fine to play.

tbone, another independent thinker, he knows wassup, anybody with common sense should know that the frames of our linebackers at this stage, packing them with 20 to 35lbs is just asanine. You heard coach goldie all last season keep saying, "nobody can tell him that tyriq McCord won't be a better layer at 245lbs than he is at 218", than this year, they're moving him more out in space, he's not eddie johnson, eddie johnson had way more power in his lower body than tyriq, see eddie johnson play that tight-end from notre shame last year who went in the 1sr round to the bengals, tyriq can't do that.

eddie johnson was a natural 240lb guy, tyriq has to come up top that, but come next year you'll hear this staff talking about when 3g gets to 280lbs how much more effective he'll be. Well they said when he got to 260lbs he'd be more effective and he wasn't, now he's up to 275lbs, so are we expecting him to be more effective, more weight means slower players. Are defensive weight management is pathetic and I knew this when I heard coach goldie & clown 117th first talk, they're more interested in the way guys look physically on defense than guys who actually & consistently make plays.

You can tell the people who know football, people who want to dismiss the a 117th ranked defense being attributed to having young players, lol, ok.


The hallmark of a feeble mind. Only those that agree with your viewpoints are worthy of praise.

"bone, another independent thinker."

You are a bumbling moron that repeats himself continually.

.meyer steps in a goes 12-0 with sanctions....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 30, 2013 at 04:01 PM
Did you see the schedule they faced? And Meyer did a great job of scaring that little girl into dropping the charges against Carlos Hyde. One thing he learned from his time at Florida. Get locals to harrass crime witnesses, so that charges are dropped. Three game suspension for the same thing that Mike Tyson got 5 years for? That's good coaching right there.

Who is this Gallo guy? To many blows to the head in grade school or something. Clemson fired clear weaklink in fully formed team that seemingly is missing just one piece. Golden staff inherited a defense almost devoid of talent and only a few willing hard workers like Spence(who even Randy's best efforts could not completely ruin). Yeah, nobody is happy with the D but until there are more than 4 or 5 players on the field with skill AND experience, it is hard to judge the DC and assistants. We have been weak against qbs running up the middle back to our last season in the NC game. That is how OSU beat us. Good thing we fired that DC, wait we made him head coach later. When Ed Reed left, he took the best coach the D had with him--Ed Reed. If you admit Randy should have been fired with Larry because both had already proven they could not coach even a team full of NFL 1st rounders, then I will agree that Mark needs to go now. If not, then let Golden make his own bed -- It reamians to be seen if it will be a throne or casket.

Calvin quote: "Bottom line, driskel doesn't need to try and play in that game, but than again, if we come with the pass rushing techniques we came with last year, he should be fine to play."


Man! You are one clueless kid that endlessly pecks out nonsense on your mommy and daddy's PC. As usual your latest mind numbing diatribe makes no sense. How about this junior...take a bath, go get a job, move out of your parent's house...and grow up!

Calvin, you seem to know a lot about pass-rushing technique.

Instead of earning millions coaching those techniques in D-1 or in the NFL, you instead use your time more judiciously by posting non-stop garbage on this Canes blog.

Makes sense.

calvin the difference with the Alabama 3-4 (LB's at 250 and DE's at 290 is that those guys came in those weights.....that's their natural weights so the performance does not suffer....

as for clemson....steele takes over 2009 the defense goes from #18 rank to #20.....then in 2010 to #19....so far so good...then in 2011 the defense goes to #71 and the blow out with west virginia 70-33...the guy gets fired IMMEDIATELY.....

UM goes to #116 with almost 6000 yards defensively and the DC is still here.....no top team would allow that....no way

BTW: Clemson is favored to win ACC....as many sport writers have said.....UM alumni have become complacent with low expectations.....larry coker said back in the day you lose 8 games , your gone....

why are these 2 still here?

typo..win 8 games and your gone

Me thinks the better question, Gallo, you sick maggot, is why are you still here.

More ink on Driskel...


The 2013 Florida Gators are quarterback Jeff Driskel's team following an offseason in which the junior from Oviedo established himself as team leader.

But following apendectomy surgery on Tuesday, Driskel will be sidelined for at least two weeks, the school announced.

With fall camp set to open Friday, someone else will have to assume the reins of the team. Meanwhile, a passing offense in need of vast improvement will be in a holding pattern until Driskel returns.

Redshirt junior Tyler Murphy, who has never thrown a pass in a college game, leads an inexperienced group vying to become Driskel's back-up. The 6-foot-2, 208-pound Murphy has appeared in three games in his career and moved into the back-up role after Jacoby Brissett transferred.

Redshirt freshman Skyler Mornhinweg and freshman Max Staver join Murphy as the only scholarship quarterbacks on Florida's roster.

Driskel's absence is a big blow for a team looking to be more consistent and explosive in the passing game.

Florida ranked last in the SEC in passing as Driskel threw for 1,646 yards, 12 touchdowns and five interceptions in his first season as a starter. The Gators managed just 27 pass plays of 20 yards or longer and had a three-game stretch without throwing for more than 100 yards.

When Driskel begins fall camp he will have to play big time catch-up with his teammates and his conditioning.

Two weeks would put Driskel back on the field in mid-August giving him and by his absence the entire offense little precious time to prepare for upcoming season. But, a Gators' offense faced with loads of question marks did not need one to pop up with its quarterback the week training camp opens.



You brainless, toothless Gator hillbilly...those players did not come in weighing what they do now...you are a moron! Furthermore, their "natural weight?" What the hell does that mean? If it is your belief that kids that come in as freshmen should stay the same size throughout their college career, then once again you have removed any doubt as to your staggering stupidity. A friend of mine is the strength and conditioning coach for an NFL team and he commented on how impressed he's been with Coach Golden's off-season strength and conditioning program.

It's laughable when I hear people saying certain things about coach goldie, Truth be told, he's nice guy, but he's not really UM material mentally. Case in point, he wouldn't have been able to coach any of the teams butch davis coached. Especially that 99 team, with AL BLADES, nate Webster, Wilson and the crew, coach goldie would've kicked all them guys off the team. What I like about butch and greg schiano, they knew what kind of personalities they had on the defensive side of the ball and and was luvin it.

Like in that 99 game against Virginia tech, where portis fumbled, we get a personal foul from the offense making the tackle, they move the ball inside the 5 yard line, we stop them on 3 straight plays, but after the 3rd down play we get a personal foul which gave V-tech 1st and goal at the 1, the beautiful part about that sequence was, after the personal foul, butch davis or schiano didn't even flinch or get upset, why because they understood what was going on out their Miami style, coach goldie would've been crying in game and all after the game, lol.

Wasnt the Gators Offense ranked around 100th??
UM 37
uf 21
U loosers

Calvin, the one-trick pony.

Gallo, you stupid maggot, where is your ink on Muscrap? "Redshirt junior Tyler Murphy, who has never thrown a pass in a college game..." And only two other scholarship QBs on the roster.

Surely, a balanced critic like yourself will ask the same questions, albeit stupid and pointless, of Muscrap and his staff that you do of Coach Golden. Right? I mean, no depth, no experience. How can Muscrap keep his job?

Now, please swallow a gallon of bleach and don't stop until you see the bubbles.

gallo, exactly man, that's the biggest difference these clowns don't see, they're trying project guys that were recruited for different purposes out to 3-4 linebackers which has been arse-backwards since they got here.

Now watch what happens, I luv those arguments people tried to have with us about the players that thrived under coach goldie but they failed to point out how many didn't thrive which was way more. Case in point, let's see what happens with asante cleveland now that he has a real tight-ends coach, under Shannon asante was on the verge of doing big things here, as soon as coach goldie gets here, oh, he's to small, you need to bulk up, the man went up to 270lbs and all you heard coach goldie talking about during the offseason is, asante looks good, than come the season nothing, which means, eye-ball test.

This is the weakness with goldie, he doesn't know how to project current players, now maybe he'll do better with the guys he's brining in now, but so far everything they've done regarding the defense and tight-ends has been a complete disaster. asante, clive was going to do what he's doing under Shannon or goldie because for some reason they haven't asked him to blow-up!

Who cares hat the gaytors offense was ranked, what was boston college, Virginia, NC st. & duke offenses ranked before and than after they played us.

If somebody is dumb enuff to say Shannon should've been fired after the ohigho fake game, they, definitely don't know football. ohigh fake basically had no offensive stats and if it wasn't for ken Dorsey throwing the game away, they would've barely scored any points at all. If any coach going into a game was told craig krenzel would have to beat you with his legs, advantage other team every time.

That game wasn't lost because of the defense, in fact it was won because of the defense and than snatched away. To many idiots in here that don't know football, you actually find that on a lot of boards.

ohigho fake had 267 total yards including overtime 122 passing 145 rushing
craig krenzel 7 for 21 with 2 interceptions.
c.krenzel rushing 19 for 81 yards
claret rushing 23 for 47 yards

That's all the offense they had the whole game, if you take the overtime stats away, it's worst than that, Shannon knew WTH he was doing and he knew defensively while he was the headcoach here, never in a million years will you see a Shannon coached defense be ranked 117th, if shannon was the headcoach friend or not, if your unit is ranked that low, good riddance!

Driskel is going to be out longer than 2 weeks. The Braves Jason Heyward was out 1 month for his appendix and being that baseball is less strenuous than football doesn't bode well for Driskel.

It's probably good for the Gators if Driskell is out. That way, when they lose, they will have an excuse that their starting QB was out and their best linebacker was suspended.

A lot of people on here must be in recovery o relapse, does it really matter who the opposing qb is, until this weasel we have at 117th in the nation can stop anybody, be it back-up or starter, like it's really going to matter. Oh wait, I don't want to short change clown 117th, he did force 1 qb change that I can remember since he's been here and that was in the notre shame game, clap, but other than that, I have no faith in oach OH-NO until proven otherwise!

Who is more obsessed with other men's weight? I think it might be Ms. Galloinda, with Lady Calvina a close second.

To listen to those 2 morons you'd think that only at UM do 18 year old kids come in and never gain weight.

Teddy Bridgewater told LeBetard he gained 52 pounds at Louisville his freshman year. According to the lady Calvina theory the poor kid shouldn't be able to move.

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