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Dorsett latest Hurricane to end up on preseason watch list

NEW YORK -- It's that time of year when just about every top college football player in the country ends up on a preseason award watch list. 

Hurricanes receiver Phillip Dorsett became the latest player at UM to end up on one Tuesday afternoon when the Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation selected him as well as nine other receivers from the ACC to the preseason watch list for the Biletnikoff Award, given to the game's top receiver each season.

The list, which includes 75 names in all, won't get cut down to 10 semifinalists until Nov. 18 and three finalists until Nov. 25 before the award itself is handed out Dec. 12 during the The Home Depot College Football Awards Show on ESPN.

Of all the Hurricanes nominated for preseason awards Dorsett, sophomore tailback Duke Johnson and quarterback Stephen Morris are the players who I think have the best shot at actually reaching the semifinal stage and perhaps beyond. 

Other Hurricanes on preseason watch lists:

> Paul Hornung Award (most versatile player in college football): RB Duke Johnson.

> Maxwell Award (College Player of the Year): RB Duke Johnson and QB Stephen Morris.

> John Mackey Award (top tight end): TE Clive Walford.

> Rimington Award (top center): C Shane McDermott

> Ray Guy Award (top punter): P Pat O'Donnell

> Outland Trophy (outstanding interior lineman): OG Brandon Linder


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Okay, it's not just C[]_[]bans. I see all kinds of greasy latins wearing []_[] gear no matter where I go. Just filthy people. Typical []_[] dirt.

Jose, from a non-hispanic: you are an @ss!

We dont need that kind of talk here. Jose, move around

Manny I agree with your evaluation.

In fact I think with Duke adding weight, Steven pumped and ready; those guys are our best bet for the many Watch Lists, notated.

The O at the'U' is going to be awesome.

Don't forget that Seantrel is serious and should have monster games on the line.

We will have a high scoring machine in waiting. D will catch up but give them games to settle in.

I will catch as many games in person just to see Duke do his thing..Last year seeing him make those moves was a thing of "Beauty".

The sound of the fans chanting "Duke, Duke, Duke" sends chills down your spine, as we see a once every decade player perform in front of our eyes.

Let's start the season now. I can't wait.

Trophies and watch lists are great but I am sure the Coaches and fans "just want wins BABY".
Thanks Manny.

It's that time of year when just about every top college football player in the country ends up on a preseason award watch list.

So according to this U got 7 "top college football players", so sad all of them are from the offense.
Not one defensive player is considered a top player, but then again what do U expect form #117 Onofrio.

Just Sayin:
When the season starts and the 'U' starts putting up basketball points numbers in games and the W's start coming, you will quickly forget #117. In fact that is "old News".

The team starts this season #1 and #1.

Just sayin the "O" is where the 'U' is.
Don't know if you can understand that----Just sayin.
Go 'Canes

I smell Pig fat. You still suck blog Pig.

#1 Miami Hurricanes.

As a an alum of The U, people like Jose make me laugh, I am glad your hatred keeps you going. Keep it up big guy a myocardial infarction is not to far down the road in you future.

MJ, that post by the blog PIG is simply meant to get a rise out of other posters here. He is mentally unstable and says ridiculous things first because he is a Pig and second the only fun in his life, other than happy hour at Club Ramrod, is when Cane fans fire off posts back at him.

It is really all the maggot has.

I'm bloody laying " 3:5 " odds, that both Stevie Morris and THE DUKE reach the bloody SEMI-FINALS of their respective award nominations. hUh

And please Cane brUtes. Bloody CEASE with the notion, that Marky Mark's defensive ploys are going to ELEVATE Miami, into a LEGITIMATE Top 50 defensive unit.

Because I SERIOUSLY doubt the Hurricanes D-unit breaks the Top 50 lofty, barrier. But then again, I could be wrong, again naturally. But I doubt it! Eh. What say.

By the way, as I've SAGACIOUSLY blabbered previously. Miami's home game with Florida will be the absol U te TELL. On Goldie's final regular season record.

In other words, it's a SAFE, solid-on-down wager, that the Canes will end up with a... 8-4 record in '13!! Get outta' here's, weirdo oUtsider!!

Hmm, we actually have another on the preseason watch lists, our punter. But since our offense is going to dominate this year, he will rarely get the chance to punt.

As for "jose", it is obviously the namechanging troll that likes to type the letter U with five characters, because he has nothing else to do all day.

Let's not judge all Hispanics by his actions, just like we will not judge all Gators by Aaron Hernandez.

Scary thing is that he hasan rss feed on this blog and all other Canes blogs, eager to derail conversation with his weak comments. Notice that his Gator blog has not been updated in over a month, because he already killed that one.

For some JOVIAL laughs. PLEASE go to canespace/eoth. Because them Cane LOUTS be bloody TOUTING Marky Mark's D-unit as a Top 35 squad in 2013. Huh

Oh, isn't the definition of INSANE. Bloody REPEATING the same Hurricane mantra of... team defense will be Top 40 in 2013.

Cane team defense will be Top 40 in 2013, bloody etc., etc. Eh. What say, fool!!

They caught the blog Pig on film. Look at this loser. BWWWAHAHAAHA. Fat, stupid and an ass-kisser to the Bagman.


Jose....your a gringo correct?

Is that the "Pig" or a ressurected Chris Farley?

No doubt it is someone just like the Pig. Ass-kisser decked-out in his ugly "erng 'n blue" Gatr Trash gear.

The blog Pig couldn't spell 'pig" if you spotted him the "p" and the "g".

Dumb. Gatr. Trash.

The players will excel. But the achilles heel will be the coaches. The OC will open it up a little more than usual, b/c UM has those kind of players. Sadly, there is nobody on a national "watch list" on D. Guess why?

Sadly, there is nobody on a national "watch list" on D. Guess why?

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

Common on man. U's gotta' have bloody faith in Marky Mark's QUESTIONABLE defensive ploys and what not. hUh

they may score 31 points/ game but will give up 38-42- the D co-ordinator is out of it Should be gone. Early in the seasson he said it was lack of experience, now, he sez the new incoming frosh will help. I'm so old, I remember weh DEEFENCE was the name of the game at the U

### FSU will play Massachusetts in the Orange Bowl basketball classic in Sunrise in December, with UF playing an undetermined opponent in the other game. UM again decided not to participate, instead opting for a Thanksgiving tournament in Anaheim.

Lets hear yalls spin on what muschump said about golden in the media days today.....he said al is doing an outstanding job and he is a good coach.....? Tell us how muschump is not credible.....or espn says.....

Outstanding.....doesnt that mean stands out from the rest?

Hopefully the information below clears up the post above where someone used my screen name to post nonsense. Thank you!


I'm bloody laying " 3:5 " odds, that both Stevie Morris and THE DUKE reach the bloody FINALS of their respective award nominations. Uh-hUh!

And please gator girls. Bloody CEASE with the notion, that Brent Pease (of Sheet) offensive ploys are going to ELEVATE the cowardly gator's, into a LEGITIMATE Top 150 offensive unit.

Because I SERIOUSLY doubt the cowardly gator O-unit breaks the Top 150 lofty, barrier. Eh. What say?

By the way, as I've SAGACIOUSLY said previously. Miami's home game with Florida will be the absol U te TELL. Coach Golden will be taking up where other Canes coaches have demolished the cowardly gators.

In other words, it's a SAFE, solid-on-down wager, that the Canes will end up with a... 12-0 record in '13!!

PuuuuuuSSY u?seems like miami always plays a good out of conference schedule in basketball and the holiday tournaments they play in have good teams in them too.how far did miami go last year in the tourney?did fsu make the tourney ummm no .the gators made it but went just as far as the u.

UM had one of the toughest scheduls in bb last seson you moron

Another person using my screen name to pervert what I think...my real thoughts are as follows:


### FSU will play Massachusetts in the Orange Bowl basketball classic in Sunrise in December, with cowardly UF playing an undetermined opponent in the other game after being forced to participate in the tournament and are already trying to wiggle out of their committment. UM decided not to participate, instead opting for a much tougher and competitive Thanksgiving tournament in Anaheim.

If we beat Florida and F$U twice, the whole team will leave early for the pro's..

### Golden is encouraged that “we’re so much stronger than a year ago.” And bigger, too, which was a priority across the defensive front seven.

Linebacker Denzel Perryman, who came to UM at 208 pounds in 2011, bulked up to 239, Golden said. Linebacker Raphael Kirby has gone from 215 to 230, end Anthony Chickillo from 255 to 270, among other examples.

Morris -- who ended 2012 on an 11-touchdown, no interception streak and finished with the fifth-most passing yards in a season in UM history -- drew raves for his work at the Manning Passing Academy last weekend.

He won the skills competition, hitting short, intermediate and deep targets on a moving golf cart – beating out projected first-round pick A.J. McCarron of Alabama, Florida’s Jeff Driskel and others. And he also performed well in a passing exhibition with receivers, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen mentioned in an e-mail.

Though NFL Network’s Mike Mayock called North Carolina’s Bryn Renner the most polished quarterback there, he said Morris was “the guy I really enjoy. He threw a beautiful football. He’s got a big arm. Stephen Morris has great mechanics. You can see he has really been developed well the last couple of years.”

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks said Morris “might be the most talented quarterback in college football,” and that he “spins the ball with exceptional velocity and zip while showing a deft touch on intermediate and deep passes. Most impressively, he is deadly accurate, capable of making pinpoint throws to every area of the field. He displays terrific anticipation, awareness and timing in the pocket.”

UM coach Al Golden said Morris can throw the ball at least 65 yards in the air.

Earlier in his career, Morris was so unassuming that teammates couldn’t hear him in the huddle. He fixed that by practicing in the mirror. Now, “I watch Stephen talk and am amazed by his maturity,” Golden said.

Philip Dorsett has incredible potential. I hope he worked out the cobwebs and the dropsies from last year. I dont know what the issue was with him- but later in the season, he caught some key passes although he was never the same after that Notre Dame game. Was it confidence? IS it his vision? I just hope he worked on it this off season.

I also hope Duke Johnson doesnt do the same thing that others have done and leave early. I believe he needs at least 3 full years here to mature physically and football wise. Barring injury (which canhappen anytime anywhere-look at Shane Larkin) he should stay the full 3 yrs if not 4.

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Lewis coming back also. He is hard to defend. D will be improved with added conditioning. Cant wait....see yall August 31st. If FAU doesnt score.....neither will our second opponent.


I agree. Lewis will play big this season and be a factor in many games.
We need him to step up, and I think that he feels that he has something to prove.

Lewis will come to play.

Go 'Canes

Why do idiots keep saying "they hope dorsett has gotten rid of dropping the ball" it's comical, the man played for the first time in below 50 degree weather. All the players hands were like bricks that night and if anybody whoever played football for the first time in that type of weather will tell you, for one, the ball travels faster thru that type of air, and your hands don't open up like normal. dorsett doesn't have a problem dropping balls, he caught that all year, a lot of yall are like women that, no matter how much you've done for them, they only bring up something they perceived to be negative from 10 years ago or more.

All of our receivers have hands, that game only sticks out because it was just 2 balls that would've been touchdowns, other than, all year that man was balling.

Those hoping we play defense this yearjust goes to show you why a lot of people have a whole lot of blind faith in coach goldie, at what time at UM have we ever had to hope to play defense and than what's worst is, every time I hear coach goldie talking about how the defense is going to be improved just because a few guys put on more weight than they needed to, I know than that coach goldie has no clue about ever being able to bring a dominant defense in here and if he doesn't know, his boy clown 117th(who's way worst than what tim Walton ever did, coach goldie trying to cover for em by trying to have an offensive machine) but since when did adding all this extra weight mean a team is going to start ballin on defense, it's comical when I hear coach goldie start pointing out, chick is up to 270 now(so what, means he'll be slower) dzp is up to 239(so what, when he came in at 208 he was still ballin).

It reminds me of when coach goldie was discussing the Georgia tech defense before that game last year, you could tell he was more hype about the personnel on that defense, and couldn't stop slobberin over the measurable. He kept saying, they got about 3 linebackers at 245lbs, got two 6'6 defensive ends, this and that and saying "yeah, that looks like he way an al groh defense is suppose to look" the same defense we torched for over 40 points, if coach goldie can't see that, than he won't be here long anyway.

I'm tired of watching this sissy defensive scheme, people getting hype over morris winning some dressed up qb competition, we'll see who actually wins the game him or driskell when it actually counts. I could careless about some off-season qb battle, driskell lead the gaytors to a win over Fsu(on a bad ankle), so no matter what happened against Louisville, from all accounts, teddy bridgewater, the one coach goldie couldn't reel in, is a better qb than smo17 or driskell, so Louisville beating the gaytors led by teddy b, let's see what smo17 can do, he on deck.

And I like smo17 being our qb, he goes out their and plays the game, but now is the time for him to start being more of a playmaker out their and from I saw in the spring game and what it seems like james coley has gotten smo17 to see and being able to throw more anticipation throws which is something j70 did naturally. A lot of the throws j70 made comes from just knowing how to play the game, like the one to travis Benjamin against Fsu in his first year starting, or the touchdown to epps against Oklahoma, or the throw to stretch em streeter against Fsu and against ohigho fake the season before and many others.

Going to be real interesting come the gaytor game on which qb manages there team the best and makes the most plays out their on that field. I'm also going to be interested in seeing how well our receivers do against press-man since they don't have to go up against that everyday in practice, we'll see if smo17 and crew can make a few plays on that defense over there, if our receivers get man-handled, it's going to be a long day, we know one things for sure, the o-line led by coach art kehoe is going to be ready.

Calvin just expanded the range of subjects that he knows nothing about. For the same amount of force, objects travel faster and further in hot air, not cold air.

But hey, you can't spell either. Hard to get there and their both wrong in one sentence, but you did it. Just stick to using 1 or the other to be right at least some of the time.

I agree, no matter where I go in Dade I see these same dirty latins that "Jose" was talking about. It's obvious that none of these guys attended college, much less, the U. Are they buying these items at Goodwill? I don't get it. Shouldn't they be rocking soccer gear or something?

Look at all the white trash rednecks that buy gator shirts at dollar general and walmart.....just sayin....

I buy lubricant for my barnyard friends at Dollar Store too.

Unread football blogs run my life

When I'm posting nonsense on football blogs, which is most of the day, I scratch my brownhole then sniff my finger.

Last 3 posts were jls14234... guess i hit a nerve with white trash and dollar general....haahaha

Calvin is back to his "mental" diarrhea ways. Plus he is back to writing A LOT about NOTHING.




NEWSFLASH#3: He did have the dropsies you blind a55 Steve Wonder idiot. DIdnt you see all the passes he dropped- NOT only against Notre Dame! Dude- Did you even put down the pipe once last season?

Last years defense would not have done well if Bill Belchick was the coach. Maybe Calvin thinks he could have done better than these coaches. Maybe he should apply for a job at UM- instead of being a food stamp and welfare rat.

But comments on Dorsett are not meant to be hate- at least I didnt read that. The kid is definitely talented and if he works on certain things will be a playmaker extraordinaire.

Calvin, you hateful mongrel-
Golden and Fisch limited Dorsett's plays after the Notre dame game bc he was showing some signs athat he was mentally discombabulated. That actually helped- and he made plays for UM later on.

Maybe cAlvin was confusing dry air with humid air but he obviously has no clue about "cold" air. Lol. Ever kick a football in mid December in the Northeast? Feels like a brick. What's even funnier is he's "your hands don't open like normal" comment. Are you kidding me dude? Unless your hands are full of arthritis at the age of 20 years old, the cold air doesn't have any effect on your ability to open your hands. Can't say I'm surprised at how ridiculous his comments are.

Who is this clown Calvin? J70 ...LOL.That dude was terrible until his senior season,the only thing that dude was good at was misreading coverage and throwing picks. He kinda remind me of Kenny Kelly..LOL Calvin,talk about something else,we get it, our defense can only get better. J Harris was a terrible qb, so beat it w non sense

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Stephen Morris has a better "pro" career than Jacory Harris. Lol. Yes that's sarcasm for the people who can't take a joke.

Calvin the quiet was great while it lasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Then you opened your yap and discombobulated hot air came out...

Silence my man is GOLDEN<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Go 'Canes

When the season starts and the 'U' starts putting up basketball points numbers in games and the W's start coming, you will quickly forget #117. In fact that is "old News".

No you won't cause you will only put up basketball numbers against bad teams, just like last year. And some of those bad teams will put up more points than you, just like last year. And the two good teams you play will not allow you to put up big numbers, just like last year.
The good news for you is you may still end up 10 - 2 just because your schedule is so pathetic.

You hear what Muschamp said about Al Golden, all nice things. This one time I agree with Muschamp, cause you all know I love Al Golden.
Gotta run to the Dollar store for more lube.
Did you all know I finished shaping the bushes in front of the duplex in the likeness of Golden? Was going to do one for Golden and one for Donofrio but will wait to see if he can improve the defense so both are Golden for now.
I do love Al Golden.

Is that the best u got j?U not even gonna try to discredit muschump? Are u mad because u cant argue with him? And for a hint....if u steal my name....i never say i love anyone and dont use 10 year old wisecracks about peoples brownholes.....hahaha....U are a slave to this site......

Oh yea....sorry about the white trash comment....its not your fault u were born into it....but it doesnt change the fact that the apple doesnt fall far from the tree....hahahahaha.....loser!

the blog Pig has been so crushed that is all he has left.

He loves the brown-eye. Just ask his "companions" at Club Ramrod. He is there every night.

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