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Former Canes coaches Larry Coker and Curtis Johnson part of new-look Conference USA

Hi everyone,

Andre Fernandez here covering the Conference USA Media Day in Irving, Texas.

The morning sessions, however, had a distinct UM flavor with former Canes coaches Larry Coker (Texas San Antonio) and Curtis Johnson (Tulane) in attendance.

            Coker, who was proudly sporting his UM 2001 national championship ring, is in a much different coaching situation these days than he was at UM.


            Coker is in his third season at the UTSA, which joins C-USA this season after a season in the WAC. The Roadrunners are still not a full FBS member school and bowl eligible until 2014.

            UTSA went 8-4 and finished fourth in the WAC last season and Coker is 12-10 in his two seasons at a relatively new program that despite its infancy gets to play in San Antonio’s Alamodome (65,000 capacity) and averaged 38,000 in attendance over the past two seasons.

“I talked to Howard Schnellenberger before I got the job about building a program from scratch,” Coker said. “He said it’s one of the greatest things I’m ever going to do. But it’s definitely a challenge. I think the fertile recruiting environment in Texas and the Alamodome give us a big advantage.”

            Coker talked about the differences between the high-pressure environment he coached at while he was with UM as opposed to the “everything’s brand-new” feeling at UTSA. In a market where the only other big-ticket sports team is the San Antonio Spurs, Coker said when it comes to football, the San Antonio fans have embraced the fledgling program.

            “My athletic director said I’m on honeymoon right now,” Coker said. “We won eight games last year. In Miami, if you win eight games, you get fired. But that’s part of the pleasure of [coaching at UTSA]. It’s a tough task, but a good task.”

            Coker, who turned 65 last month, has no plans on retiring soon, but hopes to see the program through to a point where it can establish itself competitively on an annual basis.

            “I feel great and I love what I do and as long as I do,” Coker said. “I hope to stay. What I hope to do when I leave this is leave the program in great shape and [in a position] where they can really take the next step. I don’t have any illusions that we are going to be a national power while I’m the coach there, but I’d like our players to get a chance to play in a bowl game.

“I’d love to see these guys get that chance and to see good facilities built. Our practice fields and weight rooms we just put a half million into the whole weight room. We have a new lighted practice field on-campus. We didn’t have lights in Miami on practice field. Those are the things, I’d love to see continue to happen.”

Sitting at the Tulane table set across from Coker was his former assistant coach Curtis Johnson. Johnson was not sporting his UM bling Wednesday, however.

“I usually have my Super Bowl ring on one finger and national title ring on the other,” Johnson said. “My wife told me to wear my wedding ring to this so that’s what I brought to this.”


            Johnson, who is in his second year at Tulane, is coming off a 2-10 season and is preparing the team for its final season in Conference USA. Sitting across from Coker at Media Day, Johnson reflected on what he learned from his time at UM and what he still applies to his coaching at Tulane.

“We took a program on probation with the leadership of Butch Davis and Larry Coker and we were bad for one year. We started Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss and Dan Morgan and went 5-6 and were almost run out of town.

“But we built a program and once you do that, you develop toward winning a national championship.

“Miami had a great atmosphere, but I think the biggest mistake was not figuring out how to keep them in the Orange Bowl. When we walked on that field, we knew we’re going to win. That’s the kind of environment and culture you want to create and what we’re trying to build at Tulane.”

            Johnson and Coker will coach against each other Nov. 9 when Tulane visits the Alamodome to take on UTSA. It will be a rare chance for them to face each other since Tulane is set to move to the American Athletic Conference in 2014.

            “Larry’s like my dad so it’s going to be hard,” Johnson said. He’s got a tough, hard-nosed team. It’s going to be a competitive game and a big challenge.”


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Just when u thought is was all over ...

A-FRAuD, BRAuN and Grandal are just the tip of the iceberg...

Tony Bosch and Father are HuGE cane cluck fans and their PED candy store across the street from campus was a regular hangout out for multiple cane Baseball and Football players... Nothing to see here riiieet ? Yahoo lies and the NCAA is just out to get u HuH ?

NCAA has delayed uR sentencing until further notice... It'll be a SLEDGEHAMMER... u haven't come close to seeing the bottom yet...

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uRSOFuCKED... let the decommitting commence.

In other news...

Consensus 5-Star Homestead receiver Ermon Lane to commit to Gators during Friday Night Lights in The Swamp among other ESPN Top-150 prospects...

cAlvina I am sorry I have to write this, but I am going to lay it all out once and for all:

We peasants love our CEO. Coach G the "Head Cane".

You can't stand CG, and try in every post to belittle, and assume a condescending attitude when discussing CG and those who support him.
First you say he can't recruit. I check your posts on previous blogs, over and over, and over. Then he can't recruit SoFla. He does, and you can hear the crickets on YOUR post regarding this.

Then you say he does not know football to play certain players.

Then he does not know how to run a high powered team like the 'Canes.

Then he was left talent laden by shannon.

Then the defense will never work, because you have a personal vendetta against Coach D.

Then the players should do what they want and be unrestricted in actions because that was the old 'Canes did. Swag, Cussin, fussin, and getting arrested, and if we need to win we need to do get back to that.

Then he can't recruit because he is not "Ghetto" enough.

Then he is a pansy to show concern for an injured player.

He and his team does not know how to develop players.

And the coup de grace he is not anywhere as talented as shannon, and if shannon was here Miami would be winning, big time.

Never have you opined on the ncaa, the restrictions, and self impositions that we took for actions that occurred on randy's watch. Oh by the way Coach G was given this Coaching job, without any warning and preparation of violations.
Took it all like a MAN and never RAN.
Always was upbeat and optimistic and looking to move on to achieve what he knows Miami is all about.. Many other men, would have imploded.

I have some information for you, and also the other sites that you have polluted, and have run you off. I can start naming names.

Suffice it to say, all the above criticism is like warm spit on a hot day- it dissipates and goes nowhere.
So two words cAlvina.

We don't need you, you have nothing to contribute. Stop counting how many times you can get shannon's name into blogs, and continuously demeaning Coach G and his staff. You are tiring, trite, repetitive and know nothing about football. I won't even address making up lies and presenting as fact to justify your sorry opinion..

I hope you can understand what I am saying. I graduated from Miami, but it doesn't matter. All our 'Cane fans will know what I am talking about regarding loyalty to the 'U', whether they attended the 'U' or not. We are the 'Canes.

We are the 'Canes, we Love our Team, Coaches, Players, School, and everything 'Cane. You are non of the above, so
Please drift away from the 'U'.

Thank you,
Go 'Canes

Posted by: UGoCane | July 25, 2013 at 12:42 PM

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