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News from UM Canes coach Al Golden: highlights from my one-on-one interview at ACC Football Kickoff

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Just finished speaking with UM coach Al Golden in a solo interview at the Grandover Resort. He's here for the ACC Football Kickoff.

Some quick hits before he speaks in the late afternoon to the masses:

* He said he has no idea exactly when the NCAA penalties will be announced or are coming. He did not want to comment on the hearing. I asked him to "fill in the blank. If the NCAA penalizes UM another bowl game, I will....''

Golden's answer: "That's a great question. I will refrain from answering that as I have the last two years. I don't want to come this far with the investigation and then start commenting on something. We've shown a lot of restraint and discipline throught the whole process and I don't want to screw that up now.''

* Golden said he has not decided whether freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen, already on campus and working out with his teammates, will redshirt. "We'll see,'' he said. "They all deserve an opportunity to prove themseslves. I'm not into predicting someone's status in the future. It sets a bad precedent. We're then telling someone not to compete, which is contradictory to what we're trying to do in our culture.''

 * He said no one has been punished or suspended for the beginning of the season.


* Golden expects newcomer defensive linemen Ufomba Kamalu and Al-Quadin Muhammad -- "we call him Quan,'' Golden said -- to arrive in time for the first day of fall camp on Aug. 3.

* He also expects DL Julio Derosier, a jr-college transfer, to arrive on time.

* The verdict is still out on RB Eduardo Clements, who had neck surgery and missed spring. "He's seeing the doctor this week. He's been working out with the team. We're all praying it's a clean bill of health.''

* DL Dyron Dye (Achilles' tendon surgery) is not ready to practice.

* TE Clive Walford is recuperating from an injury, as is S Deon Bush.

* OL Sunny Odogwu had minor surgery and will be OK.

* DL Kelvin Cain and WR Rashawn Scott, who have been in and out of the dog house under Golden, are "doing really well,'' Golden said. "Kelvin is stronger and heavier and is closing in on 250 pounds.''

* Two-sport star Corn Elder, Mr. Tennessee as a RB, is playing cornerback, kick returner and punt returner with the Canes.

* Ray Lewis III is now a cornerback.



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don't worry...the season hasn't begun yet....I am sure punishments are on the horizon. Olsen has to be red shirted.....the QB position at UM after Morris is extremely weak.

already seeing injuries....now is the time to see how great this so called recruiter (golden) is since shannons starters are injured.

all this talk and no action.....lets see results, not excuses this year. don't want to hear NCAA stuff anymore.

I'll take 20 3 star south florida kids over any north florida or out of state four star fraud.Golden recruits off of potential and gets what he wants.UFelon should be worrying about yer selves and your next trip to Miami.

Posted by: Caneair | July 22, 2013 at 07:56 AM

what worries me from an overall depth standpoint is all the 2-3 star/ unranked kids (that were elevated from unranked to 2-star and 2-star to barely 3-star because we signed them) that we have signed the last 3 years from out of state. And there have been close to 25-30 of those kids now on the roster. Does that then make them and our depth full of 1-2 star kids because they're not Florida High School kids? I've seen High School Football spreading out over the entire South. There's not any difference with the kids that can play wherever they are. La., Ms, Al. Ga. have some serious talent. Albeit per-capita compared to Florida. Don't get me wrong. I like what Golden has done with keeping some good local talent home, but 23 commits is a lot for July. And realistically half seem to be decent "projects" with good character. I hope we can still add another 8-10 solid 4 star kids but the numbers aren't there to do so. I'd like to see us at around 15-17 commits and those 6-8 "projects" be a backup plan so we can get some higher profile impact players that can develope like the Bama kids do. We are playing too many youngsters too soon that aren't ready lately. And when injuries come, and they will for all teams, we could have some seasoned upperclassmen Jrs./redshirt Sophs. in their 3rd. year that could step in. That is what we lacked and have for 7-8 years now.

Long way til Feb. we shall see.

Jim Gallo if you need to see how good a recruiter Coach G is then you need a miracle to open your eyes.

You apparently have been living in the dark. To reference Coach "G" and call him out as a "so called recruiter" and interject shannon is tantamount to being comatose!!.

Get into reality, and realize that the 'U' is moving on without you, and I am certain you will be a non factor on this blog as the 'Canes get ready for a great year.

Where will you go?.

It is lonely isn't it?, because the 'Canes with Coach G have left you behind.
Pity the gallows.
Go 'Canes


Galloinda is a girl gator and a fraud cane fan. She knows nothing about football. Makes all kinds of predictions, eg, punishments are on the horizon----they won't come to pass but she just keeps making more .

Was in love with well intended but clueless shannon.

Look at slurping Sarasota in here snorting KoolAid like the ignorant fool that he is. UM is still a huge mess u fool. Keep trolling Lil Soda pop. Change your name to UgoCane. Doesn't change a thing fool.

The Miami Herald should stop denying the rights of readers to engage in free speech by opening up the blog and post boards so everyone can have a voice. Stop being the tool of government and return to more open policies so everyone can be heard--you bunch of cowards in management.

UM will still be the 3rd best college team in the state maybe.

Short of Johnny football, starting a freshman is usually not good stastically. FSU can believe all the hype, but he's still a young guy with potential, not a veteran that has proved to be an elite qb. BTW - The same potetntial EJ came in with if I recall.


WR 1 ALLEN HURNS - shannon
LT 79 MALCOLM BUNCHE - shannon
C 75 JARED WHEELER - shannon
RG 65 BRANDON LINDER - shannon
TE 46 CLIVE WALFORD - shannon
FB 33 MAURICE HAGENS - shannon
QB 17 STEPHEN MORRIS - shannon
RB 8 DUKE JOHNSON - shannon

P 18 MATT GOUDIS - golden

2013 DEFENSE (4-3)

DT 96 CURTER PORTER - shannon
DT 91 OLSEN PIERRE - golden
DE 51 SHAYON GREEN - shannon
MLB 59 JIMMY GAINES - shannon
S 30 AJ HIGHSMITH - shannon
CB 3 TRACY HOWARD - golden

2013 starters are all shannon......roll out via injuries and graduation puts golden right where the rubber meets the road.

show me.....recruiting in the herald doesn't count...just results from all these recruits.....golden/dnofrio will not take UM back to where it needs to be.......these guys do not have it.....you will all see

Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 11:49 AM

Sit....stay.....good boy.

Just so gallo knows. Steven Morris was hand picked by Mark whipple. And is kinda sad that you go on about the kids that will be suspended which all turn out to be Shannon's recruits then say the only starters are Shannon's recruits yet the say that these kids can't play last year. Your just not a fan of miami. You pretend to be one. But your just a bandwagoner. With no real input into this blog. Go root for thug UF since those are all the kids we should be getting according to your great and powerful (bulls@&$) talent evaluations. You bash just to bash and if we win a championship you'll just say its cuz of Coleys recruiting or the other team had an injury or something else just as lame and useless as all the other garbage you post on here. Go canes.

sorry green pea.....without shannon, golden goes winless......dnofrio is a complete disaster....this whole team is so fragile right now under all this BS media coverage. A few key injuries to shannons guys and the 2013 season will be OVER.....keep drinking the kool aid and believing all is well. It sounds like coley is not going to change the offense that much....

spring practice was mediocre and the defense was weak if you read between the lines.....thats because dnofrio is terrible, just watch him on utube.....he is an idiot.

all this euphoria is just like last year, then when the team got on the field the fiasco begun......BC, GT, Virginia, DUKE.....not to mention KS and ND.....please.....just wait, UM will find a way to self destruct because golden really doesn't know much...he isn't an innovator like dennis erickson as an example on offensive play calling and dnofrio is just a distaster that keeps on getting worse....

Of course they are Shannon's recruits stupid. Its only been two years and they are still here. What killed Shannon was that ZERO quarterback and terrible wideouts. That is recruiting and coaching. So lets move on. Lets hope the new OC can but up the numbers like last year and the D will hope we have more number skill. This should be a year good year

Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 12:22 PM

I didn't tell you to speak....

Whether a fan of Miami or whoever......why would you want to rant on your team by being negative?Isn t sports a fun game or enjoyable leisure activity to watch?I mean it s not about war and killing.Without getting Freudian or analyzing someone.....isn t it just easier to be positive???????

shannon QB's:

1. harris
2. morris
3. bridgewater

golden QB's:

1. williams
2. crow
3. olsen

shannon WR's:

1. hankerson
2. benjamn / streeter
3. dorsett

golden WR's:

1. scott
2. waters
3. lewis

sorry, I see your point now, lol

Jim Gallo, you really need to get a LIFE!!!!!

Gallo....fyi so u dont keep looking stupid.....bridgewater is strongs qb....shannon never got him...

Gallo your lists are always off. Never 100% correct.....better rechech that starter list....

no bridgewater was shannon......he left because randy got fired.....his explicit reason for not coming to UM.....bridgewater had an oral commitment to come to UM.....if randy was here, so would teddy....

Ok nevin (gallo)

Duke Johnson is definitely a Golden recruit. So is Phillip Dorsett. Get your facts straight. Golden is a really good recruiter. Especially under the circumstances. Once this NCAA cloud goes away, he will be turning guys down. Just wait and see Gallo.

nope.....dorsett 6/19/2010 and johnson was 9/20/2010.....golden wasn't even on campus then, lol.

good try.....my stats are all 100%

All the Canes have to do is win and re-establish the dominance they had in Florida and all this gayturd talk will go back to the pre-spurrier days!!!

Posted by: Coach Perry | July 22, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Good call and that's why i'm pissed off at the defensive scheme we're running, creates to many opportunities for opposing offenses and relies to much on hoping a qb is not accurate or is rushed to throw a pass. 4-3 based defenses let you know right away who has the better athletes and that it's going to be a long day with not to many open windows to throw the ball too. spread offenses are zone killers a lot of times and in the 3-3, in fact we don't really run a 3-4, but they have our linebackers and db's running a 3-4 coverage concepts behind a 4 man rush which is why we're getting torched.

The days of running primarily zone coverages have been gone, this is why coach al groh is out of a job at Georgia tech and his 2 protégé's are following in his same footsteps. All they need to do is bring shannon back to run this defense an we'll instantly start playing better with the same exact personnel. All this talk about it takes time is b.s., as soon as al groh got fired, Georgia tech immediately started playing way better defense with basically the same personnel.

So come the gaytor game, if jeff driskel lights us up, it'll have nothing to do with being young on defense.

That's the thing though Shannon is not comin back to take a dc position after he has been the hc. I guess we just have to wait and hope the d can get better under their scheme. Their defensive scheme can work if run right. They need to go to a camp with bellicheck or lebo.

I really hope that Walford and Bush's injuries aren't too serious. Also, it would be nice to have Clements and Dye available for depth. Hopefully we're not decimated by injuries this year like we have been every season since 2005.

I guess you are not looking at the great 2014 class rated in the top 5 in all the rankings especially on the d line

Corn Elder should be a mini version of Duke Johnson. He should play RB

Corn Elder should be a mini version of Duke Johnson. He should play RB

Posted by: Ba Smith | July 22, 2013 at 04:11 PM

a mini-version of a situational mini-back ? Great, whose 3rd. string ? Mighty Mouse ?

Why is there a delay regarding the paperwork of david gilbert, the transfer from Wisconsin? He is extremely important to this year's team. Does anyone know anything?

How many wins this year will change your mmd about the future of Cane football?
serious question

randy shannon is as good a recruiter as you'll find but he cant coach or evaluate talent. the canes improved alot last year but there dline was just too undersized and young, i expect a breakout season from them led by golden, duke, and morris





The thing that's important about this year is, style of play, that's what's going to determine win's & losses, along with a manufactured schedule by coach goldie trying to buy time for him & his boy clown 117th. All i'm saying is, FAU can't be marching up and down the field on us like BETHUNE COOKMAN did, the 2 years we've played BETHUNE COOKMAN, they've gained 777yards in 2 years on us, how is that happening. The 1st year, a veteran squad, the 2nd year blamed it on young guns. 777yards to a MEAC school and they should've had more than that if it wasn't for dropped/bad passes on perfectly executed screens plays.

Their oc was out-scheming the heck out of oach UH-NO!
If we start playing real defense around here, than i got no problems with coach goldie being here, but if he's going to try and make excuses and keep trying to convince anybody who'll listen why we gave up 41 points to mediocre teams, his time is running out to.

@Calvin..I do agree with you about those schemes.They were very vanilla and easy to pick apart. Like I wrote earlier, The first game will give us a great indication just how far along they have came. In all honesty they should play the best defensive game then all of last season period.Then I will place judgement.I think they are gonna play a lot better, but just how much.

I think they have elder at a great spot especially on special teams. I really would rather Duke touch the ball less on special teams.

nope.....dorsett 6/19/2010 and johnson was 9/20/2010.....golden wasn't even on campus then, lol.good try.....my stats are all 100%

Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013

Still like to have to both ways? Verbal commits count for Shannon and de commits count against Golden. What a joke dude... dorsett and duke SIGNED to play for Golden. PERIOD.

Here's a STAT for you to give us. What DATE did Dorsett and Duke SIGN the National Letter Of Intent to play at Miami? Lol. Everybody already knows that but that doesn't fit your anti-Golden agenda!

spring practice was mediocre and the defense was weak if you read between the lines.....thats because dnofrio is terrible, just watch him on utube.....he is an idiot.
Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 12:22 PM

ROFL, i know that's goldie's best friend and all but i'm sure even he knows his boy is in over his head. The first time i heard him talk i started laughing knowing full well, he wasn't going to fit in here.

gallo, these jerks off will learn one day, they always try to their wits end to try and prove me and you wrong have yet to do so and they fail miserably. Which brings me to this point, been listening to the ACC media day and they had smo17 and shayon green up their for us, and those are some nice young men, but it's funny seeing this guy interview them and he's waiting to hear the normal Miami confidence that they're use to hearing and these 2 guys are giving them nothing, lol.

But back to the point though, the guy asked them how tuff was it dealing with the investigation and knowing you weren't going to play in the ACC championship game and shayon green's words:

" i mean, you know, it was tuff to deal with knowing we wasn't going to be able play in the title game, even tho things went out way in the coastal part(meaning they didn't earn it out-right) at the same time, that was a decision made by our president donna "troll" Shalala and DRUMS PUH-LEEZ, coach goldie"

As i recall you told these "green pea's" a while back coach goldie had a say in whether or not we played in the title game, rofl, these same buzzards tried to ridicule you for it, but now we have it straight from a players mouF. are they now going to say shayon green is lying. These guys are to stupid to be UM fans, to busy slurping everything goldie, we're leaving in the days of the "easily impressed" wanna be UM fans now, that's about as sickening as the defense. Guys wetting their pants over "verbal commits" when it's damyum near 7 months away from actual signatures.

Boasting about nerd recruiting site rankings, what the hell is going on around here these days. We use to have the majority of the realest fans in the nation, now we got a bunch of hanger-ons who have no clue of what a real UM mentality is.

We couldn't wait to show out every time we got back in the days, now we're talking like a mediocre school, this is what the troll and the dirty dozen always wanted, a kinder, gentlier Miami. I remember last year when we played k st. and one of the playa's posted up some of the Truest words ever posted, i got pissed off at first, but you can't fight the Truth, he posted during the game, "k st. is playing UM football"

It still pisses me off, but i laugh at it now too in a pissed off way. But that's the last game under this regime that i need to see like that. I keep reading where guys try and say this team doesn't quit, that's a lie, on the defensive side of the ball giving up 41, 45 & 52points ain't quitting, i'd hate to see what we ever give up if we do quit.

I agree. Gallo and Calvin should be coaching somewhere. Not commenting all day. You two are a waste of talent by just sitting here commenting all day. Keep educating me with your brilliance. Sure wish D'no could get his hands on the film you guys evaluate. Your football IQ is off the charts. Keep it up. Just brilliant.

cane in london.......he has to win both florida/fsu...thats a given but with the rest of the pathetic schedule......undefeated.

fla atlantic / 3-9
savanah state / 1-10
usf / 3-9
gt / 7-7
nc / 8-4
wake / 5-7
vt / 7-6
duke / 6-7
virginia / 4-8
pitt / 6-7

how can it be less than 12-0?

calvin: of course......golden is a lier. he had 100% say so in the decision.....he sacrificed the class of 2013 for his own gain. those guys got totally f...cked.

" I cant really comment on that because I could he held legally liable"....remember that statement?

Calvin and Gallo.. They arent smart!!!! SHHH little ones SHHHH!!!

You all need to get lives... smh

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