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Hurricanes picked by media to win the ACC Coastal Division -- then lose to Clemson in the ACC Championship game

So much for compliments.

The Miami Hurricanes were selected by media members at the ACC Football kickoff to win the Coastal Division, but lose in the league title game to expected Atlantic Division champ Clemson.

 Clemson also had the preseason pick for ACC Player of the Year -- in a landslide. Tigers quarterback Tajh Boyd got 105 votes, with Hurricanes running back Duke Johnson earning 4 votes as the runner-up.

The preseason prediction garnered 102 first-place votes for Clemson --which leads all ACC teams with 14 conference titles -- in Atlantic Division balloting. Defending ACC champion Florida State placed second with 18 first-place votes.

  Clemson was named on 95 ballots to win the ACC title, with FSU getting 15 championship votes and Georgia Tech, Miami and UNC each getting 3.

  Miami was chosen by 65 voters as the expected Coastal winner, while Virginia Tech got 27 first-place votes and North Carolina, 22.

  Predicted order of finish:

Atlantic Division

1. Clemson (102 first-place votes and 815 total points)

2. FSU (18 and 731)

3. NC State (490)

4. Wake Forest (392)

5. Maryland (373)

6. Syracuse (320)

7. Boston College (211)

Coastal Division

1. Miami (65 first-place votes and 736 points)

2. Virginia Tech (27 and 654)

3. North Carolina (22 and 649)

4. Georgia Tech (6 and 522)

5. Pitt (313)

6. Virginia (230)

7. Duke (228)





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What does the media know? We have the Great Golden to lead us and his field general Dnofrio will have our defenders ready to go this time around.
Morris will mentor young Olsen and get him to kick the habit so he will be ready come next year.
ACC coastal is ours then on to the ACC ship and the NC!


Isn't it STRANGE when the delusion does not become an ILLUSION but becomes REAL?.

Start packing bro, because REALITY of the 'Canes re-emrgence is REAL.

Go 'Canes

delUsion, illUsion, same old same old, but REALITY yes, face your reality. Face the facts, face the music, numbers don't lie, U are who U are.
Your REALITY is U are a 7 - 6 team with the #117 ranked defense in the land.
There is no re emergence unless U say going from 6 - 6 to 7 - 6 is re emerging, what U speak of is more DELUSION. Or just an ILLUSION.
FACE your DelUsion bro

Your REALITY is U are a 7 - 6

You do realize Miami only played 12 games last year, right?

How sad, the Gators are picked third in their division, Miami picked first in theirs, so instead of going to their blog to defend their team, they come here to attack ours.

Gaor Clause needs yor help, troll, the blog has come alive after its hibernation and you are missed. Of course, since you judge teams based on their performance of last year, the Sugar Bowl blowout loss to #21 Louisville despite being spotted 14.5 points by Vegas lets us know what you hink of you beloved Gators, right?

nope.....dorsett 6/19/2010 and johnson was 9/20/2010.....golden wasn't even on campus then, lol.
good try.....my stats are all 100%
Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner, we see "Jim Gallo", gator fan pretending to be a Cane fan. He claims Duke Johnson was signed by the Canes on 9/20/2010. Funny, I saw him playing for NORLAND in 2011. And Dorsett was class of 2011, so that is wrong, too. You can't rip Golden for Bridgewater leaving, but then ignore the guys that he retained, hypocrite troll.

DING DING DING! We have a three knockdown rule in place, and Gallo is on the canvas, hopefully for the last time.

sorry...those are the day they both gave UM verbal commitments, but who cares, believe what you want.

just admit it..if it wasn't for Shannon this team would be win less....that's a fact

just admit it..if it wasn't for Shannon this team would be win less....that's a fact

Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 04:25 PM

How can it be a fact if your premise is based on an assumption? "if it wasn't for Shannon"

How do you know that it was all Shannon who recruited these guys and not the assumption that you keep bringing up: "they want to stay home and go to school in Miami so its not Golden getting reqruits"

If Johnson and Dorsett only committed because of Shannon then why didn't they go elsewhere when he was fired?

Just so you all know I made this pick 6 months ago. And I have no media "credentials"

UM goes 10-2
plays the ACC ch
Then plays a major bowl and wins, finishes 11-3, ranked in the top 10.

Take that to the emmeffen bank

The first week of cfb will be interesting

Will it be a continuationof thebowls?

When Clemson beat LSU?

First week or so:

UGA vs Clemson
VT vs UA
UF vs UM

Let the talking and trolling stop TO-DAY.

Let the players do the talking

So a bunch of zit faced, never played the game nobodies with hand held mini-tape recorders predicts u as the winner of the Coastal Division by default huh ? So why even play the Season now since it's a sure thing? u know, it might mean something if there was an actual team in the acc-coastal that was even ranked.

get those acc-coastal division and acc runnerup ring designs ready corch golden... and I bet if u happened to stumble uR way into second in the acc, they'll hand out tin-rings to the players as some sort of big deal being a barely Top-35 team overall.

just admit it..if it wasn't for Shannon this team would be win less....that's a factPosted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 04:25 PM

really the same Shannon that signed jacory the interception machine Harris? our the same Shannon that allowed that troll Shapiro to cause years of damage? I'm confused... and you're a moron! Shannon was the worst coach in um history! check out that recruiting class without the NCAA hanging above our heads! golden is fixing Shannon's mess. got my tickets to the U gayturd game today! gonna be a butt kicking for the gayturds! go canes

I can't help but wonder why immature, defensive types like whomever Gallo is feel the need to spend countless, unproductive hours pretending to be someone they're not. "Gallo", is your real life so pitiful that you come in here with half truths just to0 stir things up?
Randy Shannon is GONE, and finally found employment. Good for him. He did the job as DC back when.
A true UM fan would be not nearly so cumbersome to be around.
Then again, from your postings, it's clear you don't care a whit for the program, at least not UM's.

Why has there been a delay in the paperwork of David Gilbert, the DE transfer from Wisconsin? He is extremely important to the success of this year's team. Does anyone know anything?


Do they have trailers in Montreal too???Donkey!

Are the 6 bama players that sere named for using the same peds cheats or doe it only count if they are from UM?

"just admit it..if it wasn't for Shannon this team would be win less....that's a fact"

Gallo....so....basically your saying Randy was a great recruiter but COULD NOT coach....correct?

ruff....ruff ruff ruff....ruffruffruffrufff

ruff....ruff ruff ruff....

ruff ruff ruff!!!!!

I think Gallober meant to say if Shannon was coaching this team we would be winless. Only a complete moron would say the opposite.

spring practice was mediocre and the defense was weak if you read between the lines.....thats because dnofrio is terrible, just watch him on utube.....he is an idiot.
Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 22, 2013 at 12:22 PM

ROFL, i know that's goldie's best friend and all but i'm sure even he knows his boy is in over his head. The first time i heard him talk i started laughing knowing full well, he wasn't going to fit in here.

We Are all missing the point. Why does UM have a great class coming in already next year with 20'plus commitments ? Why is Al golden finally exhaling ? Why did al golden say, it finally feels like a "normal program" ?? Why are we getting 4 star plus recruits now?
UM and al golden must know what the NCAA verdict is???they have too. I assume they have been told when the verdict is coming out and when..,, if not why all the recruiting success and comfotableness??? Are we out of the weeds ???

I agree. Gallo and Calvin should be coaching somewhere. Not commenting all day. You two are a waste of talent by just sitting here commenting all day. Keep educating me with your brilliance. Sure wish D'no could get his hands on the film you guys evaluate. Your football IQ is off the charts. Keep it up. Just brilliant.

The Great Golden!!! What a Joke!! Golden couldn't coach his way out of a paper bag. This lame has turned UM into student body right and student body left and will likely get Duke Johnson killed! Look! anybody who follows ACC football can see this Coach is in over his head. A good football camp coach does not make a good Coach on Saturdays.

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