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Miami Hurricanes pre-camp depth chart released

Here is the pre-camp depth chart released by the University of Miami sports information staff a little after 9 p.m. Wednesday. Fall camp begins Saturday.

UM FB 2013 Preseason Camp073113


> In case you missed it, our Barry Jackson had a stellar preview of the top position battles heading into the start of fall camp in Wednesday's edition of his Sports Buzz.


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These guys are stout....I am really worried now

I like the size and depth listed in the front defensive 7. I am expecting a big improvement this year from those guys. It was unfair judging them last year when on some plays we had an entire defensive line of freshman. They just were not physically developed enough. I guess we will find out if that experience will pay dividends now.

Go Canes!!!

ALL MUSCLE! Pain & Gain

12-0 after we spank UFelons on 9-7. VT at home, and @Fsu with a new QB and lost their entire team

Sorry haters.............THE U

Am I missing something, who are all these freshman we played on defense last year, h said 14 to 15. And why does he keep talking like he had them all on the field at the same time.

So tyriq mcCord is behind alex figs, how is that possible when coach goldie told us that he/tyriq, nobody could tell coach goldie he wouldn't be better at 245lbs than he is at 218lbs, if you were going to make him and outside linebacker the time to do it was whe he was 218, but why did we have him on thed-line making plays at 218 and now that he's bulked up he's being moved out in space, once again another arse-backwards move by coach goldie and crew. No way tyriq can beat out figs for that position, figs is naturally 230 and fits what coach golie is looking for whereas tyriq is about to all of a sudden get his time reduced tsk tsk.

simple math Calvin

a 218 lb linebacker tackling a 220 lb running back or a 250 lb tight end,- the rb and the TE wins.


Lady Calvina doesn't understand math, simple or not. She does have an extreme fixation with player body types and weights. Has some fantasties about "natural" weights. I think that's the weight the player looks like in her mind.

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