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New 2014 bowl lineup for ACC sets up chance for Canes to head to new post-season destinations

Although it's been awhile since the Hurricanes have gone "Bowling," there was news this week regarding the Atlantic Coast Conference and its future bowl lineup that could affect UM once this NCAA mess is behind it.

A day after ESPN first reported the ACC and Big Ten appear as though they've agreed to start a new annual bowl game in Detroit beginning in 2014, ACC commissioner John Swofford formally announced the conferences partnerships with seven other bowl games (from 2014 to 2019) including the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York City.

The other bowl games who are tied into ACC teams: the Discover Orange Bowl (Miami), Russell Athletic Bowl (Orlando), Hyundai Sun Bowl (El Paso, Texas), Belk Bowl (Charlotte, N.C.), Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl (Nashville, Tenn.) and TaxSlayer Gator Bowl (Jacksonville).

The Gator Bowl, Pinstripe Bowl and potentially whatever the bowl game in Detroit is called are new destinations for the ACC.

As it stands for 2013, the eight bowls where ACC teams can go are the Military (Washington, D.C.), Russell Athletic, Belk, Music City, AdvoCare V100 (Shreveport, La.), Sun, Chick-fil-A (Atlanta) and Orange.

As you know in 2014 college football will go to a four-team playoff. Assuming the ACC doesn't send a team there, the conference will send its champion to the Orange Bowl in the seasons the Orange Bowl doesn't serve as host of a playoff. If the Orange Bowl is hosting a playoff, the ACC champion will play in one of the other host bowls of the playoffs -- Fiesta or Chick-fil-A.

The Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando will have the first choice of ACC teams after that. As part of the agreement, an ACC team will also play in the Capital One Bowl whenever the Discover Orange Bowl hosts a Big Ten Team to play the ACC champion.

As for the Gator Bowl, where the ACC sent teams from 1995 to 2008, and Music City Bowl, each will get to host an ACC team three times during the six-year cycle.

What does the ACC get out of all this? More money, reduced ticket obligations, added flexibility in post-season matchups and more of a presence in Florida.


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I love my Canes but even I wouldn't go to Detroit in late December / early January.

Gators picked to finish third in SEC East

The Gators lost 14 starters off last years team that got whupped by Louisville, in the Sugar Bowl. They'll be lucky to win 8 games this season, with such an inept passing game.

The Chick-Fil-A bowl is not called that anymore. Its now back to being the Peach Bowl. It was required for them to be part of the playoff format.

I believe we may beat fla by 17 points. I feel like if the dc can follow the luisville Charlie strong blueprint we can beat them badly. I will take a W any way we can get it but I have a strange feeling we are about to be good this year. It sets up nicely our new oc nows fla state and that always has to be an advantage. We need to make an example of fla and then need to take care of a gt team that will come in with a young qb and beat them like we should have in Atlanta. Then anything can happen. Fsu could have one loss by the time the see us. If the d gives us two to's a game we could win every game we play in. Can't wait till sep 7.

I believe ... I feel ... but I have a strange feeling ... Then anything can happen ... Fsu could ... If the d ... we could win ...

u ever listen to uR delusional selves ?

17 points!

Delusional like that black eye big mck gave Alex brown on burbon.lol

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We dont want any dumb a55 canadians on here

I think UM will beat UF by 17. It would be interesting to see how the ACC media and coaches rank UM or pick UM to finish in the ACC this year at the end of Media days.

I also believe FSU will struggle with their new QB. EJ Manuel was a bonafide threat and now is potentially a rookie starter IN THE NFL so let's not overlook that fact. UM did beat an NFL starter in Ponder in 2010 in what amounted to be Jacorry Harris finest game in his 4 years at MIami.

Clemson ans FSU are the favorites in the conference. Virginia Tech and Miami are sleepers.

We have 22 starters back and we're a sleeper. Probably beacuse 11 of those were onthat defense. Defense better be much Iimproved this season.

i don't think there are many acc fans that will head to detroit for a bowl game.detroit is a city in decline and crime is rampant and city gov't is corrupt.

There wont be any bowl game again after the NCAA comes calling for the final penalties!!!!!!!!!!!

Cane Hater.....your a tool.....haha....our time has been served....it will all be revealed shortly.

I have said this many times....the Turds are NOTORIOUS for starting off slow....how many times have they started a season against a "nobody" only to find themselves "in a game" in the 4th quarter. The Turds are not coming down on Sept 7th at 12:00 noon and "balling out"....plain and simple.

You are who you are....

DETROIT will do just fine once the bankruptcy is settled and the police are being paid. A bowl game inside Ford Field against a Big Ten team would be terrific. If it's the CANES playing Michigan or Michigan State, I'm there.

Playing in Detroit on December 30 would be no different than playing at Syracuse in late November and a lot warmer than it will be on November 29 in Pittsburg when the CANES take the field on the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving. If it's a night game, the trainers could be treating more than one CANE for frostbite before it's over.

We need to stop the cold weather nonsense. Man up snd stop whining when it is 50 degrees. You can tell the Canes will lose when it is 50 degrees and they show up with big coats.

If I were golden, I wouldn't bring coats unless it was 30 or colder.

Delusional like that black eye big mck gave Alex brown on burbon.lol

Posted by: Tallycane | July 19, 2013 at 02:21 AM

Scratch that, make that AL BLADES my man!

I believe ... I feel ... but I have a strange feeling ... Then anything can happen ... Fsu could ... If the d ... we could win ...
u ever listen to uR delusional selves ?
Posted by: woulda, coulda, shoulda, ifs, buts, maybes u | July 19, 2013 at 02:07 AM

So, in the offseason, a fan gives his OPINION on an opinion board, and you get up at 2AM to attack him for it? Do you have the GUTS to give your prediction on the game, or just attack others, namechanging coward?

You ever look at your obsessed self?

That was his opinion. To dumb it down for you.
We coulda, but we can't
We shoulda, but we won't
We woulda, but we didn't
That is who U are
Get used to it

The A.C.C. is a REAL winner in sending a conference squad to MO-Town. Huh.

Haven't the Johnny Rebel good ole' suits heard the news, yet. What.

Detroit is now an officially THIRD-WORLD enclave, and NOBODY with a sense of mind would take a step in the CITY of Detroit.

Chit, DESTITUTE Detroit makes that Hialeah look like Disney World. dUh

So, instead of stating Detroit as the host site. It would make a he!! of a lot more sense, to say the bowl game will be hosted by a SUBURBAN ENCLAVE of PUTRID, Mo-Town. Eh. What say.

But then again, Albu-THIRDWORLD-que hosts the New Mexico bowl, and that town is absolutely a trashy, drug-infested, violent THIRD-WORLD enclave. Huh

Bon jour et Bonsoir

We are ALWAYS champions in the SUMMER
December is another story. Our horrific defense will improve to around FIFTIETH and stout teams will still pound us as we haven't risen above a top team in YEARS. Softest schedule we've had since joining the ACC and we will still have 3-4 losses.



Seems to be a lot of people passing Jamie Winston off as a 1st time starting qb as if that's going to be a problem. He's going to be a redshirt 1st time starting qb, which is going to make a big difference. And as far as we're concerned doesn't matter what year the qb is in, what qb has clown 117th ever made look bad since he's been here.

I don't care who you are, or what qb we play against if you're going to give 8 to 15 yard cushions on the outside to unknown receivers, that philosophy wll make any qb comfortable, and comfortable arl which is stupid to do when a new qb is starting. Instead of starting out in press man where a qb will be forced to be accurate. But the tpe of press-man coach goldie and crew teach is the cotton candy version of press-man, always teaching that soft 1 hand jamming technique, everything we do on defense is based around a soft conservative philosophy and more predicated upon another team making mistakes instead of us playing our usual style of forcing teams to make mistakes.

I sniff the cane glue. We will win the ACC. I can feel it.

Go Canes!

Calvin....Winston will have a tuff year....

Turds will lose 4 games this year....
FSU will lose 5....
Canes will win 10....

Aaron Hernandez kill anyone the last few weeks?

Any toddlers been left in the car while dad goes into the strip club this week?

I was just checking what the heck do your posts have anything to do with Cane football. Another immature toddler posting garbage.
We better win at least 10 games this season and hope that Donofrio can improve and learn from his mistakes.
Seems like the O is primed to kick some butt but we need to be able to stop the other team as well.
We will soon find out our second game will tell if we can finally beat a top 15 team, if we do, the the sky is the limit.

Hey guys haven't been able to post in some time. Did you see how well my boy SMO17 did in the Manning QB camp?
Looking forward to learn from him this coming year.
Must say that my role model is Johnny Football though.
Don't get me wrong, for on the field stuff i look up to SMO17. But off the field, man Johnny is an animal.
Reached out to him and found out about all the good bars and pubs in Thibodaux, LA. Just in case I can go there some time you know.
Don't understand all the abuse thrown at Johnny just because he couldn't compete due to the dehydration.....
I mean I empathize I'm dehydrated most Sundays anyways.....What's the big deal.

Boring same from 1 Beat Calvin

You'd think even he would be bored to death.

Calvin comes here and drools spittle over jameis winston and driskle

Admit it, Calvin you are a punk a55, no football knowledge, chump. You are no cane. Gtfoh with your stupidity

Jamie Winston may have a tuff year, but against us, what qb has ever had a tuff game against us. Until this defense is fixed, I cold careless what we're doing on the otherside of the ball, because i'm tired of the efensive scheme negating whatever good the offense does.

A lot of bozo's said, "the defense got better at the end of the year" unless we played some games somewhere else after the duke game, a lot of people must really be on that good stuff, 45points to duke, lol. I'm wondering who the d-co is over at F.i.u. and how much is he getting paid, cause duke scored 46points on them, just one more than they did against us, i'm thinking we can get him over here at a cheaper price since their seems to be only a 1 point differential separating him from clown 117th.

Or do people really believe our defensive personnel was that bad.Let me put things in better perspective for the numb nutz around here, duke scored 45 points or more only 3 times last year, 1 was against us, the other 2, they scored 46 points against F.i.u. and they scored 54points against North Carolina Central, here is a list of school d-co's coach goldie might want to start taking a look at, duke scored 13 against standofrd, 38 against powerhouse Memphis, 34 against wake forrest,20 against Virginia tech, 33 against UNC, 7 against Fsu, 20 against Clemson, 24 against Georgia Tech, whoare these d-co's.

Calvin, gotta give you an F, because you failed to get the phrases "press coverage" and "8-10 yards off the line of scrimmage" into you post breaking a string in the 1000s. Still boring.

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