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Sellout alert! UM Hurricanes vs. Florida Gators single-game football tickets are sold out.

We knew this game was hot from the start -- and we're not talking about the noon kickoff.

The University of Miami has announced that "following an unprecedented surge in ticket sales, all seats allotted for single-game purchases for the September 7 game vs. Florida are now sold out. The only remaining opportunity to buy a ticket to the Florida game is via a season ticket."

Season tickets begin at $20 per game for the least expensive package, according to UM.

The seven home games: FAU in the season opener at 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 30; the Gators at noon Sept. 7; Savannah State on Sept. 21; Georgia Tech (the Atlantic Coast Conference opener) on Oct. 5; Wake Forest on Oct. 26; Virginia Tech on Nov. 9; and Virginia on Nov. 23. 

Tickets are still available on a single-game basis for all other home games, according to HurricaneSports.com. "Hurricane Club members may purchase seats now through their online account. Season-ticket holders may first purchase single-game tickets on Monday, July 29. Seats become available to the general public on Monday, August 5."

For more information or to order by phone,  call the UM ticket office at 305-284-2263.



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I wish this was a night game. Statement game for Miami

Gators are in for quite a shock.Their fans are acting like their team is a super team.They only have Driskel.We have Morris.Miami is gunning for them....big time and Florida s biggest nightmare is gonna happen.Gator trolls and fans will be depressed ALL SEASON AFTER THEY LOSE TO THE cANES.tOO FUNNY.

Wow you know the team also knows this game is sold out.Talking about billboard material and motivation. This game means a lot.

Anytime, Anywhere is what we need to get back to, i like the 12p.m. game myself, that way we don't have to wait all day for the game and the earlier you beat a team they got all day to soak up that lost. Now do i think we're going to win, i have no clue with the majority of this coaching staff, do we have the talent to win, all day long. Will we be put in position to win, it's funny watching that Fsu game, it's 3rd & 2, we're basically in the redzone and we throw a fade route to a receiver who basically didn't play all year in Robert lockhart, in the meantime, mike james was wide open in the flats all gae long including that play where he probably would've scored and we would've took the lead, instead we kick a fieldgoal and was still down by 3.

morris is not a good fade route thrower with tight coverage.

I wish this was a night game. Statement game for Miami

Posted by: Kenny | July 26, 2013 at 03:13 PM


It would be a night game if DuH u had been a good Team the last decade. ESPN was force to go with 12pm and show Big-Ten in primetime because u jackballs have screwed the pooch since 2004...

Statement game HuH ? u haven't beat a ranked team in years. And u only play two ranked teams this season. Yes only 2 ALL SEASON. ur 2 in State Big Brothers and not one other ACC team is ranked that u play. Where as the Gators play 8 ranked teams including 4 in the Top-10.

Says it all.

If coac h goldie was talking about the Fsu game and how him being an outsider didn't realize how strong the rivalry was until he got, he's going to be in for another rude awakening come Sept. 7th, this game is just as intense but add the hate to it. goldie will definitely either start transforming to the way of Miami or he'll get run out of town.

No more games where we're getting out-coached up & down the field, we're either dominating or making it a dog fight all game long, no other options.

If any college athletes were using illegal drugs (from Bosch or Calvina or galloinda or whomever)they are responsible for their own behavior. It is not an NCAA issue unless team/university officials were proven to have orchestrated the usage.

Simple, but still too complex for Lady Calvina/Galloinda and other gayturd trolls to comprehend. If the NCAA were in the legal arena, the Gators would have been shut down in the Liar era.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/07/um-canes-fans-should-be-happy-heres-why.html#comments#storylink=cpy

Wow you know the team also knows this game is sold out.Talking about billboard material and motivation. This game means a lot.

Posted by: frostdog0819 | July 26, 2013 at 03:53 PM


Makes no difference since u'll still only have 30k cane clucks in the stands.

But get the victory one way or another and goldie will be in the driver's seat, win the war canoe and the floods gate will open. Mess round and get ermon lane here along side Stacey coley, lol.

The University of Miami has announced that "following an unprecedented surge in ticket sales, all seats allotted for single-game purchases for the September 7 game vs. Florida are now sold out.

Funny how the words unprecedented ticket sales is only used when u play Florida or FSU ... Gee wonder why that is HuH ?

FAU in the season opener at 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 30; Savannah State on Sept. 21; Georgia Tech (the Atlantic Coast Conference opener) on Oct. 5; Wake Forest on Oct. 26; Virginia Tech on Nov. 9; and Virginia on Nov. 23.


that Broward cement outdated dump will look like the old Tropical Park Drive-In or Santas Enchanted Forest from Feb. through November... Might as well show a double feature on the big screens and hand out jinglebells for the 15k season ticket holders that actually show up...

we are going to lose to Florida....their running backs will be too tough to stop....dnofrio is no match for muschamp and defense wins games......

morris will not be able to out score florida since they will eat up alot of clock with their backs.....and if driskle gets hot...forget about it.....UM could easily get blown out....just look how the defense play calling went last year against BC, virginia, ND, KSU, duke and GT....

koolaid drinkers dont realize how weak golden/dnofrio are vs the top ncaa coaches....

35-14 florida

I done did it again...I'm so patently stupid I post things that I simply don't mean...its a mental condition that include me drinking from the toilet...oh well...please read below what I meant to post:


It would be a night game if DuH cowardly gators had not been slammed, eviscerated, butt rammed by Louisville. ESPN was forced to go with 12pm and show Big-Ten in primetime because u cowardly gator jackballs have screwed the pooch, not to mention the serial killer Hernandez and the bad press that brings...

Statement game HuH ? we cowardly gators haven't beat a ranked team in years. And we only play two ranked teams this season. Yes only 2 ALL SEASON. our 2 in State Big Brothers Miami and FSU play each other, but us cowardly Gators will only play the Canes every 5 years and even then we are forced to play that game.

Says it all.

So sick and tired of gators fans saying we cant fill stands. A**holes, if you do research you will find that Miami has 15,000-20,000 students A YEAR MAXIMUM! Gators have 50,000-60,000 students a year. Do the Math! Plus GAYtours dont have anything on campus like a city of Miami so of course they are going to go to their football games and walk by foot. The Canes fans and students have to commute, until they have a stadium on campus we will not sell out! So get over it and understand that is not what makes a team. Your first defense in anything you all say is "we can't fill stands." You can;t say anything else about our program because you have sucked for years. And get over your Teblows era!

Also, in years past, and still till this day we play FSU and Florida in the afternoons to help avoid the all day drinking before the games that brought on more fights and riots which occurred in the past. It was the gators that didnt want to come play us in the evening or even to Miami because their fans used to get beat physically and cars would get vandalized. You all need to be a part of history and understand the truth. Gators are a bunch of Cowards!

You think a team that plays in the SEC and has won multiple National Championships from that conference is full of a bunch of "cowards"? Get real man.

Before we’re telling everybody how to make changes, I hope we’re looking at Mark’s record in terms of playing defense, in terms of his track record, in terms of player development,’’ Golden said. “And to be honest with you, Mark should be as mad as anybody, because imagine coming to the University of Miami and having to play a bunch of kids. Imagine being saddled with that. He’s the one who should be mad.

“To come in here, and he’s got one corner in the program, Brandon McGee. He should be mad. And he is mad. And he’s going to fight.

“The guys we have that played gave up a 99-yard touchdown the other day. You want me to sell out what happened on the play — that a young kid [safety Rayshawn Jenkins] went the wrong way and gave up a 99-yard touchdown? I think everybody knows.

really?....what a idiot golden is...

defensive backfield for al golden before he took over:

1. ray-ray armstrong
2. brandon mcgee
3. kacy rodgers
4. aj highsmith
5. vaughn telemaque
6. jamal reid
7. keion payne

whats he talking about....if he thinks he was light why then did he get rid of almost all of them......you only rid them if you have replacements.

2013...excuse after excuse....watch


copy n paste this ... maybe some smoke n mirrors perhaps ?

Dawg gone it, I dang near drowned in the toilet gettin' me a cool drink of yellow water. We cowardly gators are sheeting in our pants as Sept 7th approaches...please, please, please Mr. Foley cancel the game with the Canes...puhleeessseee!!!


Wow you know the team (Canes) also knows this game is sold out.Talking about billboard material and motivation. This game means a lot.

Posted by: frostdog0819 |


Makes no difference since we'll still only have 5k gator cowards, toothless, hillbillies in the stands.



or these

You don't need 100,000 fans at every game to win. Go out and play good football they will come. Miami will beat the gators. This canes team has something special about them. They will overachieve and set the bar high for next year. The canes will end the SEC dominance. Canes play better in odd years.

Yes Mike, cowards, not until this year are the canes going to 7 home games a year and 5 away games. The gators did that for years to gain an advantage on their opponents, and they always play their tough games home to gain another advantage. They always seek to play their away games against 2 of their tough opponents and the other three out of conference like savannah st, middle tenn, etc. In addition, the Gators didn't want to play us these past 5 years unless we went to play them at their house first. Cowards! Do a little research during the old ball coach era, how he states he wanted to take us off the schedule because we were too tough. Even when the SEC was not tough at all...

Sucks that the SEC was 55% in winning bowl games while the ACC was 67% while winning bowl games, and the Canes didn't even play. The SEC is a real power conference, let me tell you! Get over yourselves, the SEC is not THAT good! Lets see, last year, LSU lost to an ACC team (clemson), Florida lost to a Big East Team (louisville), Alabama beat ND, South Carolina beat Mich, Georgia didn't play and neither did auburn, Tenn or Ark...so how good is their conference, really?

gallo, i'm not from Missouri but coach goldie and his crew gone have show me. Forget all this talking about process and how players haven't jut bought in as goldie said "they're locked in". So once again what that really means, it's all on coaching for sure from here on out.

Now from a talent standpoint, the guys are their, deon bush, physical and can close, tracy howard, a real physical tackler, rayshawn jenkins, seems like he has good range and gets to the ball. Gunther we know what he brings. dzp, physical, we'll see how this figs looks, if he looks as good dzp2 did when he was a freshman than that was a real good pick-up. jimmy gaines, just make sure we lined up right.

d-line, they're going to be in for a dog fight aganst that gaytor o-line, those boys are some of the most athletic o-linemen I've seen put together, they all seem to move like over-sized tight-ends. Our o-line will be ready, i have no doubt about that, coach kehoe hasn't lost to those cowards since the 83, he d on't plan on starting now. Our o-line will be one of the most physical o-lines in the nation, especially once they unleash "big red" flowers, he was handling bjorn werner and carridine by himself as a True freshman, ow with a real year off season in the weight room, etc. etc., that man is a 1st team all American in the making, he's just as good in run blocking as well.

I'm not sure if malcom bunche can play guard effectively but he definitely needs to be inside where he can get his hands on people a whole lot quicker, the battle will be between him and Feliciano who i don't see how bunche is going to beat any of those guys out myself.

We got the receivers but it's going to be real good to see our receivers go up against a press-man defense all game long, we will see who's offense gets punked, our our offense for going up against a soft defense the majority of the time in practice or the gaytors offense who goes up against a physical in your face style of defense all practice long.

We better ger to at least 30 points!

when I read the title SELLOUT ALERT I immediately thought this was about CALVIN and his girlfriend JIM GALLHO

To theidiot abovewith your reasoning of game time....our opener is at 8 pm so wouldnt that mean the gators are responsible for the early kickoff?

enough said about gators fans. Thank you mr. Farina

Tell em cenzo, than go and look at the schedule bama played this year, they are getting gift wrapped championships, but i tell you what, spurrier might come out of that sec this year with the trophy, especially if they have a running game. Defensively they're going to be real strong.

The sec is overrated, has been for years, the Truth of the matter about the sec is, that conference as a whole is the same as almost any other conference, they only really have about 5 schools that are strong, Georgia, Bama, Lsu, gaytors& South Carolina. I'm not counting Texas a & m yet. The strongest conferences have about the same amount of strong teams in it, which means basically no conference is that much more head & heels above another one.

powerhouse Ky, yeah right!

Since you can't stop posting list. Here's Shannon's last class

Starter (10)
• Stephen Morris
• Seantrel Henderson (LT, RT)
• Brandon Linder (G)
• Shane McDermott (G,C)
• Jonathan Feliciano (G,C)
• Allen Hurns (WR)
• Maurice Hagens (FB)
• Malcolm Bunche (RT,LT)
• Clive Walford (TE)
• Jimmy Gaines (MLB)

Backup (6)

• David Perry (DL)
• Eduardo Clements (RB)
• Tyrone Cornelius (LB)
• Asante Cleveland (TE)
• Kacy Rodgers (S)
• Kelvin Cain (DL)

Transferred (10)

• Storm Johnson (backup at UFC)

• Kevin Nelson (Dismissed)

• Keion Payne (Dismissed)

• Jeremy Davis (Academics)

• Darion Hall (Dismissed)

• Delmar Taylor (Academics)

• Devont’a Davis (Dismissed)

• Travis Williams (Dismissed)

• Jermaine Barton (Dismissed)

• Andrew Tallman (Backup divii)

Graduated (1)

• Chase Ford - currently on the Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad (you learn something new everyday…)

Hasn’t Played College Ball (3)

• Tavadis Glenn (Academics)

• Latwan Anderson (Academics)

• Jeffrey Brown (Criminal Investigation rapist)

Including Morris as Shannon's recruit is giving him to much credit. He was hand picked by whipple and offered by whipple and committed to whipple. I love coach Shannon as a defensive coordinator but he could make a team respond or develope the talent. I believe in golden and it not drinking cool aid it's supporting our team. Unlike little nevin (gallo) and baby nevin (Calvin) I stand by the U instead of just trying to crap on everyone. Go canes!

Just look at the SEC schedules, I dont know how in the world they have 4 Away games only, 5 max, usually Florida, because they play at a neutral site. In the past, Miami and FSU used to go 6 Home and 6 Away, up until this year, as they are pulling a trick out of the SEC book and playing 7 Home and 5 Away.

Noon start time for this game is a joke, not only for this caliber of game but the fact I have to start drinkin as soon as the gates open at 8 am.

houstanCane, what exactly has coach goldie done that shannon hasn't done, goldie coached teams have played embarrassing defense for 2 years now, has nothing to do with the investigation, only an idiot would say that, so i hope you're not one of them. When it comes to beating quality teams, shannon coached teams beat several of them, why coach goldie coached teams have flunked out.

People try and pen that last game in the O.B. on shannon, ok, he was the headcoach, but the talent on that team no matter who was coaching wasn't going to show up, he had 1-14 Kirby freeman and kyle wrong as his qb's, get real.

shannon went 9 & 4 and had this team ranked in the top 10 with a whole lot of the talent he left coach goldie, so when i say people keep slobbering over coach goldie, for all his organizational skills and plans, in 2 years he's 13 & 11, i'm not impressed. And being the headcoach residing over 117th ranked defense, most of yall are like woman talking about supporting that crap, heck no, not me, coach like you're suppose or get run out of town, it's a Miami thing.

Cenzo you are a big time moron. But not as bad as the idiot who pasted this: "Statement game HuH ? we cowardly gators haven't beat a ranked team in years. And we only play two ranked teams this season. Yes only 2 ALL SEASON." Dear imbecile you can't copy and paste and just change "gator" in place of "cane", when you do that it makes no sense and it's not factual, just makes you look like the idiot that you are.
Dumb and with no imagination to come up with a real come back.
What a doUche!

Why am I a moron JS?

houstoncane likes to leave out shannon guys:

this list is miami herald/manny navarro print that was submitted to them from UM:

Starters (18)

QB Stephen Morris (8/3/09)
RB Duke Johnson (9/20/10)
RB Mike James (6/28/08)
FB Maurice Hagens (6/14/09)
WR Phillip Dorsett (6/19/10)
WR Allen Hurns (12/2009)
LT Malcolm Bunche (9/8/09)
LG Jonathan Feliciano (4/8/09)
C Shane McDermott (3/10/09)
RG Brandon Linder (12/20/09)
RT Seantrel Henderson (2/3/10)
TE Clive Walford (7/20/09)
DE Shayon Green (1/25/09)
DE Anthony Chickillo (9/9/10)
LB Jimmy Gaines (1/24/10)
CB Brandon McGee (8/11/08)
S Kacy Rodgers (7/20/09)
K Jake Wieclaw (12/16/07)
Backups (10)
RB Eduardo Clements (11/3/09)
WR Davon Johnson (7/17/07)
WR Kendall Thompkins (11/08/07)
TE Dyron Dye (1/4/09)
TE Asante Cleveland (2/3/10)
C Jared Wheeler (1/10/09)
LG Jeremy Lewis (4/9/07)
LB Tyrone Cornelius (8/18/09)
S AJ Highsmith (2/19/08)
S Vaughn Telemaque (2/1/08)

Scout team (4)

TE David Perry (10/23/09)
TE Cory White (5/14/08)
DT Curtis Porter (7/29/08)
DT Luther Robinson (4/29/08)
Shannon recruits Injured and out for the season (2)
LB Ramon Buchanan (2/6/08)
OT Ben Jones (2/6/08)

Shannon recruits that left the program under Golden (15)
S Ray-Ray Armstrong (1/4/09)
OL Jermaine Barton (12/20/09)
LB Kelvin Cain (1/8/10)
RB Darion Hall (6/10/09)
RB Storm Johnson (11/1/09)
DT Jeffery Brown (2/1/2010)
DB Devont'a Davis (10/7/09)
LB Travis Williams (10/20/09)
DB Jamal Reid (9/25/08)
LB Kevin Nelson (7/4/09)
DB Keion Payne (11/8/09)
TE Andrew Tallman (9/20/09)
TE Billy Sanders (2/4/09)
FB CJ Holton (12/22/07)
WR Aldarius Johnson (7/23/07)

Shannon recruits that Golden stopped recruiting and never signed (2)

WR Jeremy Davis (2010 -- now at UCF)
LB Nick Menocal (2010 -- now at Georgia Tech)

Shannon recruits that never made it into UM (8)
DT Tavadis Glenn (4/18/09)
DT Delmar Taylor (1/12/10)
DB Prince Kent (7/21/08)
LB Zach Kane (12/4/07)
LB Brandon Marti (11/24/07)
DB CJ Odom (10/9/07)
LB Antonio Harper (10/3/07)

Career cut short by Injury under Shannon (2)

TE Stephen Plein (6/19/08)
LB Gavin Hardin (2/5/08)

Shannon recruits graduated and now gone (10)

TE Chase Ford (12/8/09)
WR Travis Benjamin (12/21/07)
WR LaRon Byrd (2/5/08)
FB John Calhoun (12/5/07)
LB Jordan Futch (6/6/07)
DT Micanor Regis (3/28/07)
LB Marcus Robinson (7/15/07)
DE Andrew Smith (9/26/07)
QB Jacory Harris (6/12/07)
LB Sean Spence (8/4/07)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under Golden (5)

RB Lamar Miller (10/7/08)
DE Olivier Vernon (3/2/08)
OL Brandon Washington (9/25/08)
DT Marcus Forston (7/26/07)
WR Tommy Streeter (2008)

Shannon recruits that left early for the NFL under his watch (1)

CB Brandon Harris (2/6/08)

Um should have never fired randy shannon...plus UM would have teddy bridgewater

goldn/dnofrio just plain suck

al golden/mark dnofrio are not in the same league as randy shannon and the stats prove it all....

2007: #33 defensive rank
2008: #28 defensive rank
2009: #29 defensive rank
2010: #22 defensive rank

Al golden

2011: #45 defensive rank
2012: #116 defensive rank

2010 - Before Al Golden

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 – Al Golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 – Al Golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

look at the job larry coker is doing compared to a brand like UM.....give me a break....these guys from NJ are over their heads at UM

without randy shannons efforts golden would be winless......take morris out and its all over...

shannon should be in the UM hall of fame.....

Lmao baby nevin (gallo) be suckin that Shannon dick dry.

But hey at least we all no now why baby nevin (gallo) such a cry baby. It's cuz the U fired Shannon. Wow. Let it go bro. Move on. Lol sometimes girls... Or boys on your part break up with you or it doesn't work out. But we move forward. Lol wow. I'm still sitting here wondering if you have randy posters on your wall or your body pillow is a full pic of Shannon. Lol I can't stop laughing at you now. You rub one out between the sheets think oh randy I love you!!!

at least i don't have al goldens d...ck in my mouth like you.....

Haha nice comeback. Baby nevin (gallo). I support the U. Never said anything about how great golden ever was. Just said I support him as long as he's the coach. He gets canned then ill support who they bring in next and hope for the best. But I'm not going to crap on everyone else hopes for the team just. Wait. Just because. Hold on I'm laughing again. Just cuz you have a hard on for a guy that left years ago. That was out of football a year. Is now a linebacker coach. Oh wait is he now a dc for tcu? Oh no wait linebacker coach for the hogs. Wow. Suck it dry baby nevin. I loved randy as a defensive coordinator. But he didn't make it as head coach. So life moved on. Take your posters down. Change the sheets. Clean up your tissue babies and stand by the U. Go canes!

Jim Gallhoe sure knows what it's like to have a whole cack in his mouth

Why does anyone argue with two little girls that don't have anything legitimate to back their arguments (Calvin & Gallo)? Just ignore them, and they can spout their nonsense to each other. Like how Duke Johnson is somehow credited to Shannon? LMAO...

Anyway the only concern I have this coming season is the front seven. I don't think they'll be nearly as bad as last season with more seasoned players as well as more depth, but we'll see. This offense is going to be explosive, though. I cannot wait to see what Morris and Duke do with that very impressive o-line.


Just like all the Canes message boards, everything turns into a pissing match between Shannon supporters and Golden supporters. Let it go people and cheer for the Canes no matter who is doing wjat.

I stand by the U no matter who the coach is. Been a while since I've been actually excited about a college football season as I am for this one. Last year of the bcs lots of talented teams. Can't wait to see how it all plays out. Go canes!!

Shannon was terrible!!

gallo, a lot of these clowns that were stupid enuff to complain about shannon playing 2 qb's in 2008 for the purpose of building depth, after morris graduates, and if coach goldie doesn't give at least one of the qb's who's going to be around some live game action/playing time, come next year/year 4 in the goldie era, he'll be giving some more of the same song & dance that these slobberers luv to eat up.

So in what year do all these goldie gobblets think we should be national championship contenders, shannon did it in his 3rd year, has us in the hunt for it all with bran new qb's of his own, here coach goldie gets left with the same qb's shannon won games with at a younger age, coach goldie barely cracking .500 with the same qb's that are older that shannon won 9 games with.

Just lie recruits that come here and Irvin said it best "the U is here, it's up here, and you guys knew that when you were putting pen to paper" well guess what, the same goes for coach goldie and his minions, they knew what the standard was before they got here, so they won't get less pressure or sympathy from me until they Uphold the Legacy. As far as i'm concerned, i have no allegiance to coach goldie or his minions, they must earn that right, it's not a given like the majority of these come out of nowhere Cane whores, at least graduate to being a prostitute, they don't give it away for free.

At what point were we in contention under Shannon? Being ranked early in a season and getting smashed when it counts qualifys,then sure.

Plus,we beat a Oklahoma team wo there qb.If I remember correctly, we go to vt and get freaking smasmashed.Harris w 4-5 picks

Shannon was a great Cane but sorry he was not head coach material. He looked lost on the sideline and in postgame.

PS...Gallo and Calvin are Gaytor fans just here to cause problems.


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