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Sellout alert! UM Hurricanes vs. Florida Gators single-game football tickets are sold out.

We knew this game was hot from the start -- and we're not talking about the noon kickoff.

The University of Miami has announced that "following an unprecedented surge in ticket sales, all seats allotted for single-game purchases for the September 7 game vs. Florida are now sold out. The only remaining opportunity to buy a ticket to the Florida game is via a season ticket."

Season tickets begin at $20 per game for the least expensive package, according to UM.

The seven home games: FAU in the season opener at 8 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 30; the Gators at noon Sept. 7; Savannah State on Sept. 21; Georgia Tech (the Atlantic Coast Conference opener) on Oct. 5; Wake Forest on Oct. 26; Virginia Tech on Nov. 9; and Virginia on Nov. 23. 

Tickets are still available on a single-game basis for all other home games, according to HurricaneSports.com. "Hurricane Club members may purchase seats now through their online account. Season-ticket holders may first purchase single-game tickets on Monday, July 29. Seats become available to the general public on Monday, August 5."

For more information or to order by phone,  call the UM ticket office at 305-284-2263.



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there'ass got to be like 10-12k real fans from Miami that understand since 1988 right ?

where's Melvin and Alonzo when u need them ?

Bratton n Highsmith

bad boys

any jolly ranchers anyone ?


ice T ?

whats he talking about....if he thinks he was light why then did he get rid of almost all of them......you only rid them if you have replacements.

2013...excuse after excuse....watch

Posted by: Jim Gallo | July 26, 2013 at 04:50 PM

it is just what THEY do J.G.

they just can't help it.

Can't believe all the chatter already. It's simple Gaytors struggle on Offense. They will need to score at least 30 points to win. I just hope our Defense is better than last year.

Does it really matter what happened at the Virginia tech game, anyboy that knew anything about football know by the time we got to that game that stupid offense coach nipple was running was going to get exposed, you got j70 under center with no backs in the backfield, of course bud foster was going to blitz that formation all game long, matt pipho as your starting right tackle. Add to that fact, no hot read receivers as well in nipples offense.

At the same time, we were just a few jimmy graham dropped balls from getting back into that game. When you're top 10 going into the 7th game of the year, you're in contention. You want to point out the V-tech game but fail to point out the first 3 won that same year will we be top 10 in goldie's 3rd year like shannon was.

Again, nobody's claiming coach shannon was a top notch headcoach, the point is, what was the purpose of getting rid of shannon if and paying coach goldie all this money to be only 13 & 11 after 2 years. Unlike alot of people, coach goldie gets no credit from me just because he stayed at UM when the investigation news broke, so what, shannon would've stayed to. Who told coach goldie and his agent not to ask UM any questions about did they know of any pending investigations. Like with most interviews when an organization ask do you have any questions of us, that's the time you ask questions, but since coach goldie wanted the job so bad than if he was real about it, him sticking around is something he's suppose to do.

Had he rolled out, like it was with saban with the dolphins, SO WHAT, neither him nor goldie have proven they could have brought a championship here, you guys crying over coaches who haven't done anything yet are pathetic and desparate. In 2009 when this team was 5 & 1, alot of these same hypocrites didn't or wasn't saying what they're saying about shannon now. shannon was sabatoged, & nipple was in on it after the Clemson game.

I got news for alot of people, while i do think james coley will be a batter oc than finess fisch, until we prove we can score points against real defenses and until smo17 proves he can run and efficient offense and make wise decisions, i have no confidence in us scoring over 23 points. I do have confidence that james coley understands what needs to get done and as long as we're using maurice haggens more than we'll score more points but i'm not expecting us to just roll over the gaytors defense, if we do, than we definitely have a legit offense.

Last year our offense looked more explosive than it actually was because of alot of broken plays and against weak defenses, k st. notre shame 16 points combined, naw, that's not a legit offense.

Proof the sec is overrated- Texas a&m was a middle of the pack team in the Big 12 and they dominate. He11, they beat the supposed national champs?.And dont blame it on Johnny Manziel, his most famous play was when he fumbled a snap ,barley got it back,and threw a short td pass.

Yep, wasnt sure of actual record so i looked it up
Last 5 Big12 seasons
And they dominated the sec

BS.....shannon (linebacker coach) 2012 stats at TCU #16 national rank:

1. team leading tackler - kenny cain (86) LB
2. second team tackler - joel hasley (79) LB
3. second leading tackler for loss - jole hasley (8.5) LB

vs UM at #116 national rank:

1. team leading tackler - denzel perryman (64)
2. third team tackler - gionni paul (61) with eddie johnson next at (59).....which both are not here because of goldens insanity.....

I wont support those 2 until they are gone.....there is NO WAY those 2 can bring UM to the BCS NC.....so why bother supporting them? they both dont have it like meyer or saban.....

UM has a tremendous rich history in the most trendy town in the us......there is no place like it.....these 2 don't DESERVE to coach here yet, until they prove themselves first which they haven't since temple types don't count.....

REAL teams like ohio state hire guys with 104-23 records / 60-18 conference and 7 major bowl wins......what does UM do?

27-34 / 20-12 conference and not 1 bowl win in the weakest conference in the whole NCAA.....give me a break.....keep drinking the kool aid

calvin after morris....we have NOBODY at QB.....i saw olsen at the UA game....he cant handle high caliber players plus he just stinks for what I have seen so far.......

williams is gone after this year, thompson left...who knows whats going on with dewey.....what do you have? olsen and crow?.....crow has never been on the field, he could be enrolled at FIU and nobody would know.....

whats golden been doing the last 2 years?

Reading the posts of Calvin/Gallo confirms that he has never played organized football and has no understanding that football is a team game.

Every time I see one of those lists of players Big Al Golden has “CUT” posted by Calvin/Gallo it puts a big smile on my face.

Don Shula took over the Miami Dolphins and he cut a truckload of so-called star players that the clueless general public (Calvin/Gallo) howled about and claimed Shula had no idea what he was doing. Don Shula changed the culture of the Miami Dolphins that was made up of a bunch of ‘me only’ players who were not willing to pay the price in the off-season and on the practice field and believed the rules didn’t apply to them, only others. Obviously, history proves that Shula knew precisely what he was doing.

History will also prove that Big Al Golden also encountered a toxic culture with a bunch of ‘me only’ players who weren’t willing to pay the price necessary to win and had no concept about T_E_A_M...and like Shula, Al knows precisely what he's doing!

I’ve been around the Canes program since the Andy Gustafson era so I howl with laughter when Calvin/Gallo claims that he knows all about the history of Canes football and the others on this blog don’t have a clue. Little girl your lack of Canes football knowledge would fill the Atlantic Ocean…you don’t know what you don’t know.

To the real Canes fans…we have the best coach in America who will rewrite the Canes records books—let the good times roll baby!

Gallo, you speak of our backup qbs like there is nothing. Give olsen a team and get them accustomed to each other u never know. You cand say that about any team. Hell, look at uf, no REAL starter and noone behind him.proof u are not a cane!

after morris there is NOTHING......

keep supporting these loser coaches golden/dnofrio.....you will all see that I was right all along

matador, keep laughing, if you're seriously trying to use overrated don shula who wasted marino's career as the litmus test for UM, you sir have no clue either. In fact, tho, you bringing up don shula is a perfect example and I've said this several times. goldie coaches just like shula which is exactly why it was always said The Hurricanes could beat the Dolphins. If you know so much about Miami football than you would know shula never wanted to draft Miami guys, shula was a big 10 drafter. shula's philosophy is the same philosophy coach goldie is trying to use to win with, try and get a high powered offense(and your name is correctly appropriate) and a matador defense.

If you go back like you say you do, than you would rememeber the days when the Dolphins had Lankford & Judson playing 15 yards of the widereceivers(just like we do now at UM), and just being and escort service for all offenses up and down the field, andre reed got in the hall of fame mainly for playing against us. You trying to prop up the same redneck shula that tried to convince people that j.b. brown was some top notch db.

john offerdahl leading the league in tackles after runningbacks already gained 7 yards or more, offerdahl never getting tackles for losses. shula had his time in the early 70's, after that, he was a trash headcoach, hell, if i coached for as long as he had, of course i'm going to be the all time winningest headcoach, shula was overrated, any headcoach that had dan marino as their qb for as long as shula had and only got to 1 superbowl is pathetic.

shula like coach goldie have a problem with Miami/Florida guys, they want a certain type of mentality on their team, shula couldn't coach guys like JEROME BROWN, Irvin, bennie & brian blades, perryman and so on and so on, he didn't want clayton on the team but marino is a stand-up guy, not into that old type mentality like shula has.

Coach goldie is of the same mentality, it's one thing to cut the players that were here before you got here, but it's another thins to stand up after national siging day and tell whoever's listening how great a class you just signed and how this class was recruited based on "your core values" than turn round and keep cutting the same players you just recruited and told us how great they are, that's how the word hypocrite comes up.

I want goldie to succeed because that means Miami is doing what we're suppose to be doing, but don't think i don't see what type of mentality coach goldie has. It's also one thing to cut older players, but when you cutting 1st & 2nd year players, that tells me you not giving these young men a chance to grow up and mature you want them to be a certain way right now. So coach goldie like shula is mediocre, i do think coach goldie has the potential to be a solid headcoach, but he's going to have to make some serious mental adjustments.

He cries to much to the media like he's the only headcoach in America that has players that don't follow all the rules from time to time or like he's the only headcoach that's played good teams, here's the question for all you goldie slobberers out their, what 2 teams had the #1 & #2 schedules in the nation and who were their headcoaches and did anybody hear those 2 headcoaches complain about the schedules.

Coach goldie and his boy clown 117th are trying to have the biggest linebackers in the state, in the meantime, Fsu and the gaytors are sticking to our old formula, you don't need over-sized linebackers unless you're trying to play a power based defense.

This is why this year is going to go along way when we see what this staff does with a guy like jelani Hamilton & Dwayne holliet!

Miami will win this game 41-3. 4 td for duke. The road graters will run over the week gator front 7.

And to those who keep thinking jeff driskell is trash for a qb, lol, i'm not sure where that's coming from, that man has a strong arm and can run and clown 117th hasn't made any qb look bad since he's gotten here. Now the gaytors don't have top notch receivers although that's probably not going to matter when they play us cause we play 10 & 15 yards back no matter the team unless it's a MEAC school, tells you where coach goldie and clown 117th hearts are at.

This is the main reason why the gaytors are in the running heavy for ermon lane, because the roster of receivers that they have is piss poor. But we're top heavy with wide-outs so it seems and a True freshman coming here has to have balls to think he can beat out any of the widereceivers already here, so if ermon lane comes in, you know exactly where his heart is at or any other wide-out that chooses to come in.

Like shula tho, coach goldie recruits heavy to the offensive side of the ball, shula consistently drafted offensive guys even though the Dolphins always had one of the worst defenses in the league. When shula finally got back to the superbol, everybody knew we had no real chance except because of marino clayton and duper of winning that superbowl, this is the path that coach goldie has UM on, we might win games, but who seriously thinks we need to somehow get to the big-stage with this mickey mouse defensive scheme only to get embarrassed.

If Bama embarrassed notre shame's defense and that's the vision that coach goldie and clown 117th see our defense as being than you should already be able to see the future.

Gallo, you speak of our backup qbs like there is nothing. Give olsen a team and get them accustomed to each other u never know. You cand say that about any team. Hell, look at uf, no REAL starter and noone behind him.proof u are not a cane!

Miami will win this game 41-3. 4 td for duke. The road graters will run over the week gator front 7.

Posted by: Rc | July 27, 2013 at 11:21 AM

Our o-line vs most teams d-lines coached by art kehoe is going to give any team a dog fight or dominate them, no more walk in he parks against our o-lines like under jeff stoutland(i could care who he's coaching for, but he has shannon to thank for resurrecting his career that's for sure), so that's going to be one of the keys to games all year when we play the tougher teams and this is where i think oc coley is going to make a difference where jedd fisch abandon running formations in 3rd and short situations james coley will run/have a more power based offensive approach which will actually help increase our offensive efficiency.

As far s the qb situation is goes, for coach goldie to be going into year 3 and we don't have a back-up capable of leading this team just yet is comical, for all those people who try make it a negative and use the fact that under shannon those other sorry qb's rolled out/transferred, and than they try and criticize shannon for using both marve and jacory the 1st year when that was the smart thing to do, shannon left UM in a better qb situation than what goldie is doing riht now and the Truth be told, if it wasn't for james coley coming in, jedd fisch & apparently coach goldie had no clue on recruiting highschool qb's, james coley definitely does.

coachcoley has come in and has instantly upgraded the qb position if those verbal commits stick, somebody is going to be breathing down olsen's neck real soon.

The key to beating the Gators is making them one dimensional plain and simple. Actually they already ARE one dimensional as Driskel's passing game is not the best. I think the key to beating them lies right here:


If our corners can shut down the outside....if Bush and Jenkins can secure the middle.....then we would force Driskel to have to tuck and run the football OR they would have to run the ball effectively. I am VERY confident that we have the linebacker to get to the ball....we just need the D-Line to handle their business up front. I think they will as the Gator O-Line does not boast any "big time" talent.

Gallo read below!!

Lady Calvina and Galloinda in a perpetual loop. LBs too small for Galloinda and too big for Lady calvina.

What a pair of yawners.

Hope Calvina keeps writing the same long posts because they are easier to skip. You know when you see the length, you know who wrote it and what stupidity it says.

Wonder what he's trying to make up for?

Calvin read below!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Calvin/Gallo now claims that Don Shula ruined Dan Marino's career and doesn't know how to coach...Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well...your discovery would certainly be a newsflash to Dan Marino who has consistently thanked Coach Shula for his career and refers to the man as the best coach ever. Ha! Ha! Ha!

By the way after your first sentence I stopped reading your trash filled post.

There is 'NO ONE' on the planet that has ANY knowledge of football that doesn't acknowledge that Don Shula is, if not the best coach in the history of the game, he's in the top 3.

Thank you for your comment as now everyone can see what I was saying in my earlier post...you are either completely insane, a liar, a fool or all 3.

Thanks for the laugh junior...Ha! Ha! Ha! Don Shula ruined Marino's career...that's rich!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Posted by: Mountain Cane | July 27, 2013 at 11:43 AM

As I SAGACIOUSLY mentioned a few moons ago. This Cane LOUT will fit in easily at the canespace/eoth. Simply because he protests too much bout' the TRUTH, regarding Hurricane matters. hUh

Chit, mountain LOUT and his ILK are the STEPFORD WIVES incarnate. Because they be too ZOMBIE-esque and DELUSIONAL to know the difference between the TRuTH and falsity. When it comes down to Miami pigskin happenings. dUh

There is 'NO ONE' on the planet that has ANY knowledge of football that doesn't acknowledge that Don Shula is, if not the best coach in the history of the game, he's in the top 3.

THE DON was very, very good at Baltimore, but became average with the Dolphins. eH. What say.

And THE DON is a Top 10 All-Time N.F.L. head coach. But NOT a Top 3 best of the best coach in the N.F.L. hUh

Posted by: Mountain Cane | July 27, 2013 at 11:43 AM

As I SAGACIOUSLY mentioned a few moons ago. This Cane LOUT will fit in easily at the canespace/eoth. Simply because he protests too much bout' the TRUTH, regarding Hurricane matters. hUh

Chit, mountain LOUT and his ILK are the STEPFORD WIVES incarnate. Because they be too ZOMBIE-esque and DELUSIONAL to know the difference between the TRuTH and falsity. When it comes down to Miami pigskin happenings. dUh
Posted by: D | July 27, 2013 at 11:58 AM

Rofl, you already know playa!

To the real Canes fans…we have the best coach in America who will rewrite the Canes records books—let the good times roll baby!

Posted by: The Matador

I seriously suggest you get back on your MEDICATIONS!! Because Goldie AIN'T even the best coach in the LAME ARSE a.c.c. HuH

Nonetheless, I do give you credit for one point above and the rewriting of Cane football matters.

Because Goldie's BOY, Marky Mark, did REWRITE Miami football history with the ABSOLUTE worst team defense in 100 years or so. Eh. What say.

d, that clown is mentally pathetic, if he has don shula in his top 3, there is absolutely no need in talking football with him cause he can't no football, the Superbowl Trophy is named after who, i'm not going to rank him but that tells you right their, there are only 2 spots left if we going top 3, than you got Bill Walsh, jimmy johnson, chuck knoll, marv levy was obviously a better coach than shula, never won a superbowl but he kept getting their and should've had one if he had a kicker that could make a 50 yard fieldgoal. In fact you can name a whole lot of headcoaches better than shula, dick vermeil, tom coughlin, tony dungy, mike Holmgren, dan reeves, i'll just stop their, forget a top 3, lol.

THE DON was very, very good at Baltimore, but became average with the Dolphins. eH. What say.

And THE DON is a Top 10 All-Time N.F.L. head coach. But NOT a Top 3 best of the best coach in the N.F.L. hUh

Posted by: D | July 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM


Yeah...Don Shula was average in Miami...He led the Dolphins to two Super Bowl victories, and to the National Football League's only perfect season. He currently holds the NFL record for most career wins with 347. Shula only had two losing seasons in his 36-year career of coaching in the NFL. He has been head coach for a record six Super Bowls. In his first Super Bowl, he set the record for the longest period of not allowing an opponent to score (not scoring until 3:19 remaining). His next Super Bowl he set the record for the lowest points by any team (with only one field goal). The very next year he turned that all around during his perfect season, breaking his record of longest period with a shut out, this time with him on the winning side (not giving up any points until 2:07 remaining). As of 2012, Shula's perfect NFL season remains unmatched, and his three Super Bowl records and total NFL wins remain unbroken.

His retirement following that regular season ended one of the greatest coaching legacies in NFL history. He set numerous records in his 33 seasons as a head coach. He is first in most games coached (526), most consecutive seasons coached (33), and Super Bowl Appearances—six, appearing once with the Baltimore Colts and five times with the Miami Dolphins.

~~~ Here's what I've learned--this blog is infected with imbeciles who are not Canes fans, but due to their jealousy are desperate to at least feel like they are touching greatness by having Canes respond to the.

d, that's the main thing man, they keep slobbering over coach goldie and i said it just like you said, he's not even the best coach in his own conference, he's way down the list. mike London owns em 0 & against), we know goldie is no frank beamer 1 & 1 against, gumbo fisher 0 & 2 against, 1st time headcoach in fedora UNC 0 & 1 against, coach cutliffe is obviously a better coach than coach goldie, 45 points against us, lol. turtles 0 & 1 against, randy edsall a proven winner.

Forget how does coach goldie stack up against the nation, that's why it's comical to hear these clowns slobbering over coach goldie, he has a long ways to go before even being mentioned as one of the best coaches anywhere. Does he have the potential to be one of the best, mentally for me don't see it, organizationally it's possible, but his philosophy/mentality right now is not cut out to bringing us back to being dominant again.

He cries to much, complaining about other schools negatively recruiting against us, lol, "hey mommy, they talking bad about me whaaaaaa whaaaaaaa".

So What, other schools are going to do what they gotta do, if you winning on the field can anybody say much. How much can you say about Bama, look, if you go there, you won't be part of building something or you'll be on the bench, etc. etc. With us, all another school has to do is show them our defensive stats, did they do that or did coach goldie and hos boy clown 117th do that. See our sack #'s, and it's obvious why d-linemen went to Fsu and the gaytors no matter how stacked they already were.

Come sept 7th, brent pease vs clown 117th, this should be against the law. I gotconfidence in the players we have on defense, not the scheme.

this may be the only time this year Sun Life Stadium will be full - for either college or pro

this may be the only time this year Sun Life Stadium will be full - for either college or pro

Posted by: rc | July 27, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Rofl, one of the stupidest moves in Miami of all time, moving to joe robbie stadium. When the Dolphins moved their no more home field advantage, now that we're their, we got a better chance of making it seem like we got home-field advantage but at 12p.m. man, you know how we do down here.

Bottom line is we will definitely know what we have in a dc after the fla game.

If Randy Shannon was such a good HC he would still be a HC. But he's a LINEBACKERS coach. So I guess university is stupid and Jim Gallo knows the truth of how good Randy is. And you can't diss Golden because he had to recruit under the cloud of sanctions. Randy never had that situation. Them canes are coming!!

gator fans are going to take over joe robbie or whatever they call the place!fsu,Fla and maybe ND, are only games that will ever be sold out and that is because of unprecedented amount of tix purchased by these 3 schools. sorry state of attendance at miami,also has been.

I see that the moron Clavin/Gallo/D has been posting its daily dose of stupidity. Now he's claiming that Don Shula was not a good coach and is a redneck and ruined Dan Marino...

By: Ryan Michael (Senior Writer)

When you think of the greatest coaches in NFL history, names like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, and Bill Walsh come to mind. There is, however, one man who stands tall above all the others.

Since the game of football has changed so much over the decades, it can often become difficult to judge a player's production. The restraints of various time periods usually have a major impact on how well players from different eras produced.

One thing that has not changed over time is a coach's ability to win. The game has changed in so many ways that it is an easier task to judge the coaches' winning records than it is to compare players' statistics.

That being said, Don Shula is, without a shadow of a doubt, the winningest coach in NFL history.

To give you an example, Tony Dungy, who retired a few weeks ago, won a total of 148 games in his career. Many would consider Dungy a sure bet to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The coach, who many often believe to be the greatest coach of all time, would be Vince Lombardi. How many games did he win?


Not bad for a man who only coached for nine seasons.

Even so, something has to be said for longevity, and that is the area where Shula excelled like no other.

Sure Lombardi might have the best winning percentage in NFL history (no small feat mind you), but wouldn't it be a safe bet to assume that the longer you coach, the harder it would become to maintain such a high winning percentage?

Shula coached for a total of 33 years. No, that wasn't a typo.

To put that in perspective, he coached from when Y.A. Tittle was active all the way until when Kerry Collins became active.

George Halas, who started coaching in 1920, was active when Shula was head coach of the Colts, and Bill Belichick was an active head coach when Shula retired.

That's longevity beyond words.

In that time span, he won 11 division titles, five conference championships, one NFL championship, and winning two Super Bowls.

In 1972, he led the Miami Dolphins to the only undefeated NFL season.

That brings his total career victories' to an astonishing 347!

That's more than double the amount of victories Joe Gibbs gathered (162).

If you combined the career totals of Hall of Fame coaches Weeb Ewbank (134) and Chuck Noll (209), they wouldn't equal Shula.

In his 33 years of coaching, his teams had a winning record 27 times. In 20 of those seasons, they won over ten games (11 times on a 14-game schedule).

He led the Baltimore Colts to a winning season his first year in 1963 (John F. Kennedy was president) and led the Miami Dolphins to a winning season in his final year in 1995 (Bill Clinton was President).

He also won the Coach of The Year award four times and is the coach of the 1970's All-Decade team.

His accomplishments are endless, and if you really sit back and look at his career objectively, you'd have to seriously consider him to be the greatest coach ever.

He coached three Hall of Fame quarterbacks—Johnny Unitas, Bob Griese, and Dan Marino.

Shula played a major role making those quarterbacks great.

Unitas was already established before Shula become the head coach, but with Shula’s leadership Unitas improved. We might have never heard of Griese had he not played under Shula, no question about it. Marino prospered under Shula, but markedly declined when Shula retired.

In my opinion, bar none, Shula is the greatest coach in NFL history.

If all shula has is 347 vitores in 33 years with 16 game schedules that should tell you all you need to know, he just ended up in the right organization at the right time, just to put it into perspective, headcoached for 33 years, didn't win a superbowl bowl for for over 22 years and only showed up for 1 in 22 years, what organization would put up with that type of mediocrity in this day and age. That's what you call a pathetic resume. I would be embarrassed to be a headcoach for 33 years and only have 2 superbowls to show for it. In the meantime jimmy Johnson came in and headcoached for 5 years nd won 2 superbowl so WTH was shula doing.

Than shula had the nerve to try and block jimmy johnson from come to the Dolphins, lol, i have no respect for shula and his mentality, mediocrity at it's best. If anybody coaches for that long they're suppose to have that many victories.

To give you an idea, the longest tenured headcoach that you can compare don shula to is jeff fisher, he has been a headcoach for aor about half the time shula has been a headcoach and is on paace if he's a headcoach for at least 33 years, he'll be close to where shula is, does anybody in their right mind think jeff fisher is the best headcoach in the nfl, the only difference between him and shula, shula has2 superbowls and jeff fisher got cheated out of the first one he went to by bill belli-cheat and his hall of fame filming crew.

So years from now, somebody will try and justify to generations to come how good jeff fisher was as a headcoach just because he stayed for 33 years, means nothing, or maybe he had some photo's of somebody somewhere.

A lot of these people in here who slobber over coach goldie are the same ones who slobbered over shula, no wonder coach goldie is home free by alot of these buzzards in here, lol. The old Dolphin fans who were crazy enuff to ever think shula was going to bring a Superbowl trophy to Miami.

In the meantime, pat riley comes in and helps to bring in not 1, not 2 but 3 NBA championships to Miami in his 18 years being a part of the organization. You can't even make the argument that shula is the best coach in Miami sports history let alone on the national stage, shula is tied right now with coach spo and if spo gets 1 more, shula will drop down to whoever the headcoach of the irrelevant hockey coach is when it comes to Headcoaches of Miami sports.

Reminds me of those who have the same mentality that they were glad teddy bridgewater wasn't coming her because of jacory, rofl, it's this type of stupid mentality that's on here, that's why it's comical to me in here.

jacory like teddy b understand ball placement, the difference between jacory & bridgewater is, bridgewater went into a better coaching situation than jacory but when it comes to raw physical talent, bridgewater is better than jacory.

Calvin....your posts are long and have no meaning.

J12 understood ball placement??

Yeah right....hahahahahahaha....he placed the ball MANY times in the defenses hands for sure. How many All American safeties did he create along the way?

Don't get me wrong.....I think J12 was pretty good QB for us in a lot of games. Just tooooooo many pics.

Calvcina (Lady) now an expert in offense (he KNOWS who should start on the O-line, without the benefit of seeing them practice), defense (you all know the boring drill---press coverage/no playing off the wides/ the 3/4 defense can't work,etc. and coaching. And not just in college buddy-----the NFL as well.

And CANES 35, love the pull out of Lady Calvina's comment of J12, who was somewhere between bad and average.

To the idiot that keeps saying that The SEC is overrated because TAM "dominated" but used to be a bad Big 12 team I just have to say, son you are one big moron.
TAM did not dominate, they lost 2 SEC games.
Last year in the Big 12 they posted 9 wins but more importantly than that they just got the QB/Coach combo needed for success. Johnny football and Sumlim have elevated that team, if they would have stayed in the big 12 with them they would have run the table. But in the SEC they are just another very good team. Like Bama, like UGA, like Florida, LSU or South Carolina. 6 of the top 12 teams in the nation. That would be half of the top 12 for those of you Gables morons. Or 50% for those you mentally challeged cane clowns.


Most of the time it wasn't a 16 game regular season schedule...stupid!!!

Look...you are the board moron, but trying to argue that Don Shula was not one of the greatest football coaches ever moves you from the head of the numbskull list into the certifiably insane category.

The Super Bowl trophy was named after Vince Lombardi who won 2 Super Bowls. But, Lombardi never had an undefeated season, nor has any other NFL coach.

Two good things loom on the horizon...under Al Golden's leadership the Canes will once be playing championship football and your lies and idiocy will soon have you hiding.

"Another reason is that Miami is coming off a disastrous season defensively, and most experts see little improvement in that area. In a season which Miami could face powerhouse offenses like North Carolina, Florida State and potentially Clemson in the ACC Championship game, the defense will have to play well to win. Unfortunately, last season gave voters little reason to believe it will".

"Right now Miami is not a sexy team. It is a small school, small alumni base. It hasn’t been nationally relevant in quite a long time"

golden/dnofrio are not the answer either for winning or solving the financial issues UM faces......get rid of these guys and get a BIG name in here.....you dont go from gruden type pool to a mac mediocre coach....

go to the NFL.....mimic the heat for buzz

Lady Galloinda is a fool, even by troll standards.

In the absurd paragraph he quotes, without attribution, how'd such a bad team potentially get in the championship game? The Noles powerhopuse offense? Now that's funny.

Looking forward to this game! morris is key ...every game but especially this one

Fact: Driskle sucks a55

Fact: UF has no offense

Fact: They lost plenty on D as well

Fact: UM is loaded but inexperience at QB after Morris is risky- I agree with that

Fact: Gallo and Calvin have each others balls in their moufs. And all that pounding on their foreheads have given them drain bamage

Fact: Calvin knows nothing about football and neither does pu55ie Gallo

Calvin aka 'Weird Harold', still spreading your daily dose of BS I see. Still sound the same "I ba de ba we ba dabba wabba" LOL. Learn English and then maybe we can all relate to your weirdness.

Found a funny fact! UM has been screwed out of as many nc titles as ufelo.s have won.
The penn st game
The ohio st game
The year fl st went and we beat them1999? I believe

Louisville is still celebrating!!!!!

Calvin....your posts are long and have no meaning.

J12 understood ball placement??

Yeah right....hahahahahahaha....he placed the ball MANY times in the defenses hands for sure. How many All American safeties did he create along the way?

Don't get me wrong.....I think J12 was pretty good QB for us in a lot of games. Just tooooooo many pics.

Posted by: CANES 35 TURDS 17 | July 27, 2013 at 04:07 PM

All i'm telling you is, be fair minded and go back and look at the games where j70 threw picks, most of his picks were no different than the picks ken dorsey threw in the National championship games Dorsey threw 3 picks in 2 championship games, his junior year, dorsey threw 11 picks and was 57.9% accuracy and 23 touchdowns. Now ask yourself, how in the world could dorsey be only 57% accurate with that o-line he had and 9 picks and only 23 touchdowns with the weapons he had.

Go and look at jacory's stats, the first time jacory got a real o-line which was his senior year, he only threw 5 picks up until the boston college game where of course they were disappointed it was their last game. You put jacory on those same teams dorsey was on and with the same coaching, it wouldn't have been fiar, jacory is head and heels better than dorsey and i liked dorsey except when he got a lil pressure he nutted up.

You put dorsey on any of those teams j70 was on and he wouldn't never made it as the starter. When i'm talking about a playmaker at the qb spot, dorsey never made throws that made people go wow, how did he get that one in their. He did it effortlessly, i'll give you a few examples, look at the touchdown throw to dedrick epps against Oklahoma, the touchdown throw to chase ford against ohigho fake, most know about that pass to travis Benjamin against Fsu, the passes to streeter against Fsu and ohigho st. see that touchdown pass he threw to allen hurns against ohigho st.

Fade routes j70 was money and let the Truth be told, as soon as jacory got better coaching you saw the result mark nipple was a terrible oc and qb coach, all our qb's combined led the nation in picks it wasn't just jacory under nipple throwing picks. Anyway, you seem like a sensible poster though, it's all good man.

Also let the Truth be told, if j70 had 1 more year he would've beat out smo17 again, why, because of offensive efficiency.

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