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UM Hurricanes just got their 24th oral commitment for the Class of 2014!

Miami just nabbed a preseason victory over the Florida Gators.

The Hurricanes just picked up their 24th oral commitment for the 2014 season: 6-2, 221-pound defense end Trent Harris, a three-star athlete according to rivals.com and 247sports.com, and a four-star athlete according to ESPN.com. (The list of 24 signees doesn't count holdover signee Ryheem Lockley, who is is in prep school and is expected to join the 2014 class).

Harris, who had 50 tackles and 11 sacks as a defensive end last season as a junior at Winter Park, chose the Canes over the Gators and Ohio State.

Earlier in the process, he had narrowed his finalists to UF, Georgia, OSU, Alabama, FSU and Vanderbilt.

He grew up a Gators fan. 

"That was my dream as a kid,'' Harris told the Orlando Sentinel, where he announced his decision at about noon Monday. "But I grew up, and I've got to realize what's going to help me the most in my future, and that's the University of Miami.

"Yes sir, the U!'' he concluded in a video.

Before the announcement, he told 247sports.com that he knew what team he was choosing and that he had made up his mind recently. 

Oral commitments are non-binding. They do not become official until National Signing Day.



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tell me who the ncaa investigation affected the 2011/2012 stats and win/loss record.....what players did the ncaa suspend for the 2012 season that resulted in a defensive ranking of #116 (4th from the bottom of ncaa)

wasn't the basketball team also under ncaa investigation? how did that end up?

tell me how every green pea on this blog swore that al golden had nothing to do with self imposed sanctions that screwed the 2012 graduating players then to be told by players that it was his decision....

you think being projected to win coastal division is something to be proud of while ohio state/alabama/gerogia pass UM by....UM is not even projected to win acc?

the press and media can write all the glowing articles about golden all they want.....golden hasent even won 10 games yet....

here is a reminder:

BC - 537 yrds
KSU - 498
NC ST - 664
ND - 587
NC - 486
Virginia - 482
Duke - 583 (can you believe that!)

dnofrio defense will be the same this year...florida/fsu will crush dnofrio....youll see

and al golden will defend him and support him....Um has to cut the head off the snake...rid the brand of both these losers

Lady Calvina's man crush with driskell clearly driven by a trait they share-------nada between the ears.

Driskell completely clueless on when to throw the ball away. Looks like a slow Kyle Wright, if that is even possible.

Calvina can't do simple averages. Repeats the same 3 or 4 thoughts in a broken Chatty Cathy cycle.

Canetrash is my alter ego that i use when us felons loose a recruit to U. Kind of like that kid in the movie grandmas boy that would revert to acting like a robot. I know its stupid but its all i got.

how does duke after a whole year of coaching score 583 yards and being 6-5 / 3-4 acc? almost ever duke 3rd down with 6 or so yards to go...UM is playing 6/7 yards off receivers.....that's coaching green peas.....that has nothing to do with sanctions.....

these 2 guys are a level above high school coaches....golden wasn't calling offensive plays, it was jedd and even he was kinda weak at times.....maybe coley can bail him out but jimbo fisher called EVERY play at fsu...not coley....so there is an unknown there as well....

the spring scrimmage was bad.....defense suffered with as dnofrio put it to reporters "vanilla" defense played....the reporters were chucking at him....watch the utube interview....

Cant wait to hear the 1st gator claim Lousville got lucky, and they didnt destroy UF defense from start to finish. See the entire SEC only has 2 good QBs, A&M and UGA. And when you Bozos see one like Morris you will be done. Just like Teddy did to ya. Find the open man

You'd think even a moron like long list shallow gallo(inda) would know that nobody can do anything about last year. can't make the U's D any better. Can't make gayturds O any better.

Can't make Gallo's lists any shorter. Can't make him or Lady Calvina any smarter or less redundant.

the only question is what the new year brings. Golden not going anywhere. If O is great and D stinks, then the DC will pursue other interests, Al's friend or not. That's how big business college football works.

If anybody really knew what would happen, they'd be in Vegas and not posting here.

talent don't maatter until they get a compotent Defensive co-ordinator

mountain cane:
Last year is a memory because on D our guys have put on weight.
Studied and watched film for months. Ate nutritously, and have something to prove.

For Gallorina to even trout out a list is redundant, and has no bearing on this coming year. NOt even close

The kids of last year who played at 210, 220 are now the sophs who understand the playbook and are 245, 260, and have a LOT to prove to people like Gallerina.
I think also for all these month Coach D is sitting and can't wait to stuff those Gallerina lists down his sweet pea throat.
Calvina and Gallerina will slink away into the dark never to be heard from again.

A lot of fans are going to be Amazed at the size of our players. Make no mistake Alabama stole our template for size and speed, and we are coming to take back what is ours. It is a PROCESS.
Go 'Canes

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