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August 22, 2013

UM season-ticket sales surge -- yes, Gators helped for sure. But winning is potion that will help most

In my MiamiHerald.com story today -- click here -- I wrote how UM's season-ticket sales have gone from 22,800 in 2012 to nearly the 30,000 expected to be sold by the Gators game Sept. 7.

It's "the largest year-to-year record growth we have on record,'' according to Miami associate athletic director for communications and marketing Chris Freet.

UM Athletic Director Blake James told me he realizes some of that surge has to do with the Gators game during a season when UM travels to FSU.

However, we all know how empty Sun Life Stadium was much, if not most, of the time last season. It had to be embarrassing for the program.

Bottom line is if the Hurricanes win, fans will begin to fill more seats. I'm curious to see, however, how many folks show up to the 8 p.m. opener against FAU Aug. 30th, a week from Friday. UM said it's too early to give an estimate, which tells me there are a LOT more tickets to be sold. If I'm wrong about the LOT more, somebody let me know.

If you're a fan, Friday night opener sounds fun to me. You get the whole weekend to recover and chill.

Anyone out there besides season-ticket holders going to the opener? And if you are a season-ticket holder, did Florida game have anything to do with your purchase?

Have a great weekend. I'm headed out of state to my nephew's wedding this weekend. Hello, NCAA? Anyone home?