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A "Thriller" of a practice: UM Canes finally get to put on the pads and hit -- multiple injury updates.

Quick hits from Day 3 of University of Miami training camp (Please keep in mind that we talk to the players and coach before practice, not after):

*** The Hurricanes finally got to use their pads and do some hitting Monday, and in the time we got to observe them at the beggining of practice, they appeared to be having fun.

*** Injury wise, I saw defensive end Anthony Chickillo walking near the practice facility limping pretty heavily and wearing a boot. Coach Al Golden said he turned his ankle yesterday but didn't elaborate on the severity.

*** Also on the injury front, two-sport prep star Corn Elder, Mr. Tennessee Football as a running back, was in a red jersey for injured players who are not allowed to have contact -- seemingly hurting as he did stretching exercises next to safety Deon Bush.

  Bush, who had hernia surgery in June, is getting closer to being fully integrated into practice. Not sure yet what's wrong with Elder, a cornerback and special-teamer. Elder is a two-time basketball state champion for Ensworth High in Nashville, and there's a good chance he could bounce over to Jim Larrañaga's basketball team for practice before this football season ends - especially if he redshirts, Golden said.

     A few weeks ago at the ACC Football Kickoff, Golden told us:  "[Jim] watched him practice this summer, and he's excited about him as a basketball player, which is great to hear."

   *** Golden didn't elaborate on redshirt freshman guard Danny Isidora's foot injury, just saying he wants to wait until he sees a foot specialist. I learned from two sources yesterday that Isidora broke his foot and is supposed to have surgery before the weekend. Situations are always fluid, but we'll see what transpires with that. Golden has been pretty candid about injuries, but he's understandably very cautious and keeps it vague for what he calls privacy issues.

*** Freshman offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu (foot from before season) was back in limited-contact yellow. Golden expects him back fully Monday.

*** In positive injury news (if you call any injury news positive), Seantrel Henderson is already out of his "limited contact" yellow jersey after turning his ankle on Saturday. Golden was happy about that.

*** One of my favorites, running back Eduardo Clements, is so appreciative to have been cleared after sustaining a neck injury midway through the season.

*** Golden raved about 6-5, 220-pound punter Pat O'Donnell, who graduated from Cincinnati and can thus immediately play as UM's starting punter. Golden said he is the "most impressive'' player he's seen the first two days of practice. When I told Golden that O'Donnell looked like a beast, he responded: "He looks like a SAM linebacker.''

*** Quarterback Preston Dewey is still not at practice.

*** Michael Jackson's Thriller blasted from the loudspeakers at one point, making it a lively affair. Well, at least I liked that part!

*** Freshman walk-on QB Michael Welch, from Winnetka, Ill., was added to the roster and participated in his first camp Monday.





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7-5 ... here u come.

7-5 and December Bowl game ...


There's a higher chance of you posting your real name and address than the Canes winning only 7 games.

Injuries will come and go...we'll be ready. I just pray that Thursday, if in fact that is THE day, holds good things for the U and the corrupt NCAA doesn't screw us...

please....more gimmicks, now "thriller"......its always the same for the last 10 yrs.....euphoria via press then the reality sets in....

lets see how the season goes.....I say golden/dnofrio fail....they don't have it and either does dolphins...philbin is weak and so is his complete staff.....dallas had their way.....same stuff just a different year....

put up - shut up or get out......when will football be back in miami?

I'm not surprised at the lower extremity injuries, here's to everybody holding up, when guys start putting on all that weight to soon, it shows guys are working hard but you don't want them to max out physically either to early. To many juniors at 240lbs.

better to beat on on both teams than to support them......too many years of support only to be disappointed.....fans should make both teams coaching staff miserable until winning comes back.......

rent air-banner and fly over city...get rid of golden/philbin every day.....

thats true calvin since those weights are not their natural weight range.....risk is always injuries......you look at alabama recruiting LB's...they came in at 242/248 then added to 250/255.....

this a way to soon for injuries.....usually a pattern begins going forward....it gets worse more time than gets better.....

Let's Go Canes...Dolphins will make the Playoffs. Calvin and Gallo need to get off the Planet.

Jim Gallo, Al Golden here, I'm told you continually trash me for no reason. Just want to personally invite you to the florida game so you can watch our Canes smack the taste of the gaytors mouths. Than i'm gonna smack the taste out of yours.

tony romo sitting out, a second string QB in jason garrett directing traffic and miami could have easily gotten blown out and philbin had no answers.....

its unbelievable....ross should just fire him today..why wait, nothing will change

So when we were smaller people cried about us not hitting the gym. Now you all are crying we are getting to big to fast. And all we are talking about is twisted ankles. Nothing major.

Galloinda and her gal Calvina way, way too obsessed about "natural weights". How much time do they spend studying guys bodies and how much weight they should carry?

Gallo's meaningless predictions implying they are based on fact are truly humorous. As if that moron knows that a couple early injuries foretells the future and that they were caused by too much weight gain. Henderson lost weight and hurt his "lower extremity" so what does that mean? It means people get injured in a violent sport.

Who is more injured at this point, Miami or the Gators? I guess your Gators are not carrying their natural weight either, Cliff Clavin.

Shannon would never play Thriller during practice lol. These clowns don't know football or music. Real cats know Off the Wall is superior. No wonder we have the 116 ranked defense. lol.

an expert in young men's weight.

Shannon would never play Thriller during practice lol.

Your right....Shannon probably couldn't figure out how to turn on the sound system...

Now Gallo/Calvin (one in the same) is attacking the current Miami players saying they are not Canes due to their choice of...music!

He's also attacking the Dolphins Joe Philbin saying he should be fired.

This comment section really needs an Admin

A short Gallo/Calvin (one in the same) review:

He said our basketball team quit during the NCAA tournament.

He said Donna Shalala is incompetent and should be fired.

He said Al Golden is incompetent and should be fired.

He said Mark D'onofrio is incompetent and should be fired.

He said Joe Philbin is incompetent and should be fired.

He said Don Shula was incompetent and not a good coach.

He said Al Golden is not allowed on the Booker T campus.

The list goes on and on, which leads me to ask other Canes to post their recollection of the hundreds of Gallo/Calvin lies that we can form into a master list.

Ignore them. Dont feed the trolls

one lie I can recall is that Gallo said he does not love the KAK.

the circle of life,
unity council,
community organizer,
cookouts by the campfire,
we are family I got my sisters and me,
bar B Q,
7 - 6, can't stop anyone,
Duke hung 500 yards on us,
we are young, heartache to heartache,
but we are U strong
record setting efense,
but we will not change a thing
Golden knows best
and he has a record to prove it
Fun and games in practice
throwback days dancing to Thriller
hope the D doesn't look like those slow zombies
at least they are U strong
hope they are U fast too

C'mon, gatr Trash, don't you have another criminal to offer up for an arrest

Another week, another Cane HOFer.

Another week, another Gatr Trash in cuffs or showing what type of garbage that skewwl pumps out. Riley Cooper, please come forward to claim your white sheet.

Don't forget Gallo and or Calvin said Ken Dorsey was overrated .RS was a better coach than AG , Calvin knows football and all sorts of retarded stuff . Go Canes

I just pray that Thursday, if in fact that is THE day, holds good things for the U and the corrupt NCAA doesn't screw us...

Posted by: ATLCANE | August 05, 2013 at 11:27 AM

Praying ain't gonna' help. And wishing ain't gonna' help.

Because this is the N.C.A.A. I yapping bout', and distinguished N.C.A.A. has ABSOLUTE animosity towards the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program!!

Chit, the N.C.A.A. always has and always will bloody DOUBT the Hurricanes. When it comes to " extra-curricular " behaviors and what not.

It's too bad that mountain cane LOUT and ronzook and their Cane ILK don't have the savy, to realize the degree of DISDAIN the N.C.A.A. has for Miami football. dUh

By the way, YOuR boy Johnny M. will bloody ESCAPE the clutes of the N.C.A.A. Eh. What say.

Bloody well gurantee it!! hUh

Chit, y'all Cane brUtes be wondering about Marky Mark and his unit, when they face Florida.

Heck, y'all Cane bUbba's should be focusing on MIGHTY Florida Atlantic and what not. hUh

Thankfully, Miami has a HIGH OCTANE offense and will BAIL OUT d'Onofrios' fat arse game after game.

But then again, the Cane offense CAN'T bloody CARRY d'Onofrio the entire season. Eh. What say.

"It's too bad that mountain cane LOUT and ronzook and their Cane ILK don't have the savy, to realize the degree of DISDAIN the N.C.A.A. has for Miami football. dUh"

Damn, this guy is one of the dumbest humans to walk the earth since the last Gatr Trash valedictorian graduated.

We know the disdain they have, maggot. If you could read, you would have seen it here millions of times.

But you be soooo stooooopid. Eh. What say. dUh, I's be UFloriduh Gart Trash.

@ron zook, i remember him going on a rant about how golden should have never kicked anyone off the team and that,"butch davis would have never kicked anyone off the team"...still laughing bout that 1.

Johnny M. and R. Copper are a few of the football PATRON SAINTS of Cane GOONS. Eh. What say.

Chit, one is a PAMPERED, SPOILED, greedy good ol' boy.

And the other is an IN-THE-CLOSET bigot and or racist. Go bloody figures'. Eh. Cane MINIONS.

The list goes on and on, which leads me to ask other Canes to post their recollection of the hundreds of Gallo/Calvin lies that we can form into a master list.

Posted by: Ron Zook | August 05, 2013 at 02:11 PM

Both that ronzook and mountain cane LOUT, and THEIR cane HENCHMEN are the PAR EXCELLANCE spreaders of MISINFORMATION and FALSIFICATIONS. Eh. What say.

yeah, you dumb maggot D. Cane fans really look up to an Aggie and a Gatr Trash.

Are you stoopid or is it just your fake ghetto-speak?

Shannon would never play Thriller during practice lol. These clowns don't know football or music. Real cats know Off the Wall is superior. No wonder we have the 116 ranked defense. lol.

Posted by: Calvin | August 05, 2013 at 01:29 PM

1st off clowns this wasn't me who posted this,i'm not petty. Whatever I post I can back it up, I don't hide behind names, what's the point of that, the content is going to be the same. I could careless about what music they playing practice, if it was me, it would be luke, trick daddy, poison clan and jam pony all day at practice. Other than that, yall can keep looking at these outside schools and not paying attention to your own. Here's what I don't want to see, is people talking about how 3g was a bust/overrated If he doesn't get more sacks than he had last year, along with more qb pressures.

If runningbacks get around the corner and we're all still wondering where the linebackers at, don't worry, they're about 15 lbs behind.

OK. I have truly lived a full life. UM football playing Thriller in the backdrop. JJ never did it. Howard never did it. Heck, that lame Coker never did it. RS NEVER did it.

Memo to 'Goldy: these days its Lil Wayne, J-Zee or somebody along those lines. If "Goldy's trying to put the players in a certain mood, he ain't going to do with Thriller, with all respect to Mike Jackson.

Imagine that: The defense getting ready by listening to Thriller. Dumb, pathetic, but characteristic of things with UM football. I have never laughed so hard since that stupid QB shuffle against FSU.

Ga Cane: Get your info straight, Sir: I said Dorsey was the most overrated player ever in college sports. I said 'Goldy isn't performing any better than RS, so why change.

U put any QB on Dorsey's teams and he excels. Reminder: Joseph, Portis, Johnson, Reed, etc. Ken "7th Round by the 49ers and b/c he's a native Californian" is the only player on that team to not go anywhere: Guess why?

Seriously, the trolls are desperate, when they are looking at the second to last comment, and then ripping a SONG that was playing at the time the Canes were practicing.

LOL at the sad trolls. And Jay-Z, not J-Zee, is the name you are looking for.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 05, 2013 at 05:43 PM


5 titles, shouldn't you being spending more time at canespace/eoth. And not nitpicking about mundane matters such as music and what not. hUh Just a suggestion, bUbba!!

By the way 5 titles, take that ronzook and mountain cane LOUT back to canespace/eoth with you. dUh

I think d is trying to pull off a pirate accent like in that recent pirate movie.by the fourth word i know its him and skip his posts.

Let's see, bloody NO worries about the Hurricane offense.

And of course, naturally there be NO concerns about the special teams. Especially with the addition of Cincinnati Kid. hUh

It's just too bad that, that there's still MUCHO questions, about the BELOVED Marky Mark and what not. Eh. Cane MINIONS.

Just saw a kevin sumlin inteeview....and i quote....."uhhhhh ummmmmm errrrrr uhhhhh ummmmm we ummmmmm errrrr ummmm ummmmmm he uhhhh" too funny. The xperts on this show also said now bama only has a 1 team schedule. Thats lsu....also said the sec east plays nobody. Not everyone is blinded....

Lmao.....D stands for donkey......

Canes 45 gaters 13

Thriller lol!
Everyday Exposure--I couldn't make this weak stuff up even if I did hate Golden.

We Canes are and have been self-sanctioning ourselves with this blind-following routine. We've penalized ourselves literally and figuratively the last several years. Totally dependent on two glorified Big Ten position coaches (at best) to leads us back to the promise land.

The head vampire Shalala is incompetent--all of the debacles of oversight and administrative mismanagement of the last decade has been on her watch. Her only strength is raising money--enter parasites like Nevin Shapiro.

Why are Canes quoting, referencing, prefacing comments and setting their expectations of our teams performance on the predictions of preseason publications ran by dweebs and TV analysts who abhor the Miami Hurricanes and wish only the worst for us? I NEVER believed we'd only win 2 or 3 games last year--why would any true Cane fan? So, setting our bar with their biased opinion and saying that we overachieved because we won more then they predicted is weak. Proof expectations are super low around here.

Stop letting outsider dictate your loyalty. Some of y'all only root for the colors green and orange, and when the kids take those jerseys off yall feel the same way Riley Cooper does. Thats why your undying loyalty is with two outsider coaches from Temple-- No'D and Golden (whose undying loyalty is with No'D) and not our kids. Whenever one transfers, is disciplined, leaves the team or is dismissed--the Riley Cooper comes out in the posts.

Calvin has stated many times that he knows Shannon wasn't a great coach. The point of his posts is that Golden hasn't shown to be any better, but even actually worst since you guys want to demonized him like you do any ex-player as well. Calvin's posts seem to be reactionary, not proactive. Its the Tebow effect, people didn't really hate Tebow until they noticed how obnoxiously blind and unrealistic is fans were despite is obvious faults. You guys are the same way with Golden.

The unjustified loyalty and willingness to fall out with, demonize, and insult any lifelong Cane fan that questions is tenure = is what produces posts like ours and lists like Gallo's which you all cannot refute or challenge. His lists shut the "blame Shannon" racially motivated s%it down.

No one hates Golden--its the unconscionable glorification and defense of any critique posed towards him that elicits the response you guys can't stand or understand.

If the shoe that describe doesn't fit you then so be it. If it does, then we'll know by your response...pageantry cane.

Calvin's side of the story:

Shannon had a team that went 9-3 in 2009....

Shannon passed those players onto Golden....

Golden went 6-6 his first year with Shannon's players....many who were from that 2009 team....

Calvin states that AG is a bad coach because he could not win with Shannon's talent that was passed onto Golden....most from the 2009 team....


Shannon DID go 9-3 in 2009....

Shannon....IN 2010....with his same now "true juniors"....digressed and went 7-5 losing to USF the last game AND the bowl game....Shannon is fired...like how Calvin omits THAT fact from above??

Shannon does "pass" those now "juniors" onto Golden for his first year....

Golden does go 6-6 his first year with Shannon's guys now seniors....hmmmmm.....wonder why?? Was it because he was a BAD coach or perhaps the following:

Yahoo scandal breaks....

6 MAJOR starters are suspended for the first game against Maryland (loss) WHICH GOLDEN and Co. almost win....

More are suspended through the first six games of the season...including Olivier Vernon who perhaps COULD have helped us tremendously against KState for example....

Calvin...you try to spin your stories but it just isn't working for you dude....give it up already.

So....if AG could not win with Shannon's players in 2011....then you would be willing to admit Shannon digressed in 2009 by going 7-5....A HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT....CORRECT?

Here's one: Congrats to RS for putting Art Brown and Bryce brown in the NFL. It all started with RS baby!!!

Cool Cat I don't remember mentioning your name with the Ken Dorsey comment. I believe my facts are straight . Go Canes

Coolcat , was that statement on purpose?you do know bryce never played for rs and art went to play with his brother, right?

harriet u got it twisted.

Shannon won with Coker's players!!!

A lot of people ridig Bama'a sac, while they're talented and good, like I told folks before, if j70 was the qb with the receivers we had, in streeter, Benjamin & hurns, along with lamar miller we would've scored on them to, maybe not that many points but only 1 team held j70 without a touchdown in a game he started and finished. Those guys don't play that many strong teams for sure.

That's not to say they're not a strong team, but they're not invincible either. Dependingon how james coley does this year, we'll know if he's able to make adjustments and attack teams differently but effectively once they take something away. I know james coley knows the way, you can't grow up that close to UM and not know.

His impact on recruiting round the crib has been real strong. He's a straight shooter, pulls no punches and was a wise hire by coach goldie, although other sources put the bug in coach goldie's ear 1st. At the end of the day though, having james coley here, unless a headcoach position comes his way, he doesn't seem like the type that's trying to go to the pro's to quickly. His reputation for developing qb's is well established and now we'll see if it was gumbo fisher or james coley for sure now that coley has the key's.

Also, hearing Stacey coley is the Truth is nothing new to those who now coley, that man on talent alone is our best receiver besides herb waters. But the best part about it is, he's learning from allen hurns, one of the best you gone find to learn from coming in as a young receiver than hurns, but coley is driven by having that dominant nature inside. Somebody's spot is in jeopardy and if ermon lane comes in, some of the seniors will be sweating bullets.

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