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A "Thriller" of a practice: UM Canes finally get to put on the pads and hit -- multiple injury updates.

Quick hits from Day 3 of University of Miami training camp (Please keep in mind that we talk to the players and coach before practice, not after):

*** The Hurricanes finally got to use their pads and do some hitting Monday, and in the time we got to observe them at the beggining of practice, they appeared to be having fun.

*** Injury wise, I saw defensive end Anthony Chickillo walking near the practice facility limping pretty heavily and wearing a boot. Coach Al Golden said he turned his ankle yesterday but didn't elaborate on the severity.

*** Also on the injury front, two-sport prep star Corn Elder, Mr. Tennessee Football as a running back, was in a red jersey for injured players who are not allowed to have contact -- seemingly hurting as he did stretching exercises next to safety Deon Bush.

  Bush, who had hernia surgery in June, is getting closer to being fully integrated into practice. Not sure yet what's wrong with Elder, a cornerback and special-teamer. Elder is a two-time basketball state champion for Ensworth High in Nashville, and there's a good chance he could bounce over to Jim Larrañaga's basketball team for practice before this football season ends - especially if he redshirts, Golden said.

     A few weeks ago at the ACC Football Kickoff, Golden told us:  "[Jim] watched him practice this summer, and he's excited about him as a basketball player, which is great to hear."

   *** Golden didn't elaborate on redshirt freshman guard Danny Isidora's foot injury, just saying he wants to wait until he sees a foot specialist. I learned from two sources yesterday that Isidora broke his foot and is supposed to have surgery before the weekend. Situations are always fluid, but we'll see what transpires with that. Golden has been pretty candid about injuries, but he's understandably very cautious and keeps it vague for what he calls privacy issues.

*** Freshman offensive tackle Sunny Odogwu (foot from before season) was back in limited-contact yellow. Golden expects him back fully Monday.

*** In positive injury news (if you call any injury news positive), Seantrel Henderson is already out of his "limited contact" yellow jersey after turning his ankle on Saturday. Golden was happy about that.

*** One of my favorites, running back Eduardo Clements, is so appreciative to have been cleared after sustaining a neck injury midway through the season.

*** Golden raved about 6-5, 220-pound punter Pat O'Donnell, who graduated from Cincinnati and can thus immediately play as UM's starting punter. Golden said he is the "most impressive'' player he's seen the first two days of practice. When I told Golden that O'Donnell looked like a beast, he responded: "He looks like a SAM linebacker.''

*** Quarterback Preston Dewey is still not at practice.

*** Michael Jackson's Thriller blasted from the loudspeakers at one point, making it a lively affair. Well, at least I liked that part!

*** Freshman walk-on QB Michael Welch, from Winnetka, Ill., was added to the roster and participated in his first camp Monday.





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Everybody seems to be content with the offense and the defense has major issues based on last year performances. We should be worried about the offense as well. Do we have a capable backup quarterback. What about game changing backs besides the duke. Are the offensive weapons truly developed. Putting on extra weight and muscles doesn't always workout. You become slower and muscle bound limits your natural range of motion.

HARRIET TUBMAN Cane, that post is to deep for them man, you can't transform devil's, they will only keep dying a 1000 deaths before the final time. One of the main reasons they latched on goldie's sac so strong is just because of is subject/verb agreement talk, but gives that nothing. They are infactuated with all the artificial stuff when it comes to coach goldie who's jumping around like a pig in slop just because he luv's how his team looks from a physical standpoint. Reminds me of "thee incompetent one" who coached here before Shannon, he was the same way.

The difference is, coach goldie is young and has a chance to evolve but if he thinks he can do it here the big 10 way, that'll abuse and mis-use of prime talent. riley cooper is just the microcosm of the macrocosms my man. The Truth is not in these clowns man, they try and bash everything shannon. What idiot is going to try and refute the fact that shannon won 9 games with a lot of the team he handed over to coach goldie when they were younger players with a real schedule, it doesn't matter what the record was the next year, although they could've easily won the same amount of games or more, the fact is, coach goldie took that same team and didn't win but 6 games with them.

So what's really happening is and it's clear, coach goldie is not a better coach/gameday coach than Shannon and that's clear, his only saving grace and hope is does coach goldie have a better system/plan in place than what coach shannon had, and he should based on the fact that he's going into his 8th year a headcoach, that's all coach goldie has to rely on is the hope of the system because it's clear he's not outcoaching anybody on gameday's.

To many shallow people these days. Coach goldie trying to create a lot of artificial 1st round picks buy doing all this combine training, if they go in the 1st round, as long as they're worthy it'll be a good thing, but let's be sure hen they get their they'e worthy.

This system that coach goldie is running here would have negated a lot of the GREATS that came thru here's talents, this is the main reason i'm not impressed with coach goldie, he came in talking "think players not plays" but continues to allow and do the total opposite for the defensive players, it's sickening.

The word freelancing is another word for them wanting robots on defense. Now if tracy howard and company actually start snatching picks left and right based on the scheme, i'll start becoming a believer, but I all we're seeing are completions after completions like last year, coach goldie and clown 117th need to GTFOH, cause nobody is going to want to see that soft crap.

Everybody seems to be content with the offense and the defense has major issues based on last year performances. We should be worried about the offense as well. Do we have a capable backup quarterback. What about game changing backs besides the duke. Are the offensive weapons truly developed. Putting on extra weight and muscles doesn't always workout. You become slower and muscle bound limits your natural range of motion.

Posted by: canesallnight | August 05, 2013 at 08:28 PM

They act like the offense did work against every defense. All this pre-hype about smo17 being one of the best qb's in the nation, until he proves it, that's just noise. You can't be one of the best and have an offense that stalls to many times in games, if we become a prolific offense no matter who we play, than all the hype is warranted, but smo17 doesn't show in a games as well. He showed up early in the notre shame game but i'm telling yall, if james coley has smo17 coming out from under center to much, smo17 will start going back to throwing those bad picks because he can't pick up the linebackers that well.

true. should be worried about the offense, defense, coaching and depth also. possibly some progress but nothing has been proven yet. been treading water for 10 years now. power lifting alone can add muscle and possibly restrict range of motion. that is why there is always and emphasis on flexibility, agility and explosion drills also.

Good little laugh of the day from dumb dumb D.

D---your ongoing rant about others not being savvy would carry a tiny bit more weight if you didn't always spell it savy. Man are you dumb.

Calvin so ongoingly desperate to pick at the Canes that he uses the improper measure for their lousy defense. They were a lousy 85th in points given up. They'll be much better this he.

He of course is a big wimp and won't give a number as to where he thinks they'll finish in points given up. I've got them about 50.

So, make a prediction or STFU.

Canes17 I think is the best QB in the nation.He has a NFL caliber arm and good speed with his legs.He can lead this team to the championship game. Play calling maybe the Achilles heel. Can the coaching staff design the offense to exploit his and Dukes talent. Short passing game let the receivers make a play. Hand it, pitch it, toss it and throw it to duke.Ball control offense. Keep defense off the field.

How do you not have a kicker and an Offense that was rated about 85th last year and get preseason ranked 5th in the AP ??
Join the SEC

or any sort of a back-up QB, or depth at OL, or depend upon 5 freshmen WR's to help the worst offense in the SEC.

That is why preseason polls are garbage. But the Gatr Trash, in all of their logic, will say they matter but early recruiting polls don't.

Hmmmm, that is what passes for logic in a skewwwl that boasts a major in Instagram with a minor in Vine and specialty in StarCraft.

That crap skeewwwl abandonded its academic mission a long time ago.

But at least they are still a top 10 party school. That has to make any serious academic or school president (not looking at you, Hit-and-Run Machen) proud.

How do you not have a kicker and an Offense that was rated about 85th last year and get preseason ranked 5th in the AP ??
Join the SEC
Posted by: Hoggtowne just got flushed with 1,000,000 gallons of sewage, P U wee | August 06, 2013 at 09:11 AM
Nobody expects you to have any clue about depth cane fool. Not to mention, you don't have a CLUE about big picture stuff. U exist in your little ignorant cane fishbowl


Clue about depth? With no QBs or WRs? Is dat duh depths you's be talkins abouts, ignorant Gatr maggot?

Big picture? You mean like the embarrassing run of thieves, felons, dope smokers, murderers, lunatics, aggravated batterers, unsportsmanlike conduct on the field and a spittle-flinging head coach that cant' keep his cool on national tv, all of this since Jan. 1, 2013???

Is that the big picture you are referring to, Gatr maggot?

Ahhhh, I get it now. The big picture you are talking about is duuuuuhhhh "SEC, SEC, SEC." You are taking credit for Alabama's championships. I get it now.

That is convenient in a trailerpark, roach barbecue and rat-ke-bob sort of way.

BWWWHAHAHA, dumb gomer. Go back to your meth trailer.

Depth? You have nobody to back up drippy dik, and no kicker desicion still. You frigin loser. Keep drinking the kool aid of that preseason ranking. But leading up to the Miami game Vegas will have it even. That will make you nervous. Then when u see we have 3 guys on offense that nobody on your team can catch, crap your pants then its ok lil maggot

overrated every friggin year
I agree. Or should have said every friggin spring. Then is the fall it's bact to "wait til next year".
In the summer is Jacory or Morris for heisman.
In the fall it's How many picks?", or
"What happened in that KSU game again?"
Then you have 11 guys on defense that can't catch anyone, can't tackle, can't rush the QB and can't cover.
Then your defense ends up ranked #117.
Then your genius coach says it is very important not to change a thing.
Then he creates a unity choir boy council, makes a campfire after practice, eats smores while listening to Thriller and tells the # 117 defense you guys look so big!
Good luck with that.

Timmy Teblow and Urban Liar ain't walkin' through that door.

How delusional do you have to be to think that Driskel is the answer? And behind him? Zero. Nada.

Yep, Saban and Miles must have nightmares thinking how they will possibly stop a crap QB, a career backup RB, freshmen WRs and a banged-up OL with no kicker to speak of.

The Toledo game, loons, meth zombies of Trailerville.

Remember how the Gatr TRash loved to say:

"John Brantley would start for any team in the SEC other than UFailure."

How did that work out for you, maggot. The logic doesn't get much dumber than that.

Pssssst: Driskel is worse than Brantley. Rut roh, here we go again.

dumb logic you have nobody on offense that can run a sub 4.7.
our defense will be fine, against you guys cuz your offense absolutely sucks we're going to destroy you. you have in a quarterback that averaged 150 yards a game last year and you're leading rusher is on the Miami Dolphins now

whether it is the dolphins or canes.....all the same. you have to perform and neither team has......in today's environment success does not wait.....just keep firing HC until you get one that performs.

philbin 7-9, same dolphin look....always coming up short of achievement.

al golden 13-11, if you look at all the successful coaches either in ncaa or nfl...they all come out of the gate winning.....

both these guys are really not "premier" head coaches....no franchise should have to wait for success (its too expensive).....low probability that either of these will come thru......

philbin looked lost sunday.....

Miles must have nightmares thinking how they will possibly stop a crap QB, a career backup RB, freshmen WRs and a banged-up OL with no kicker to speak of.

Is that the same QB who already beat Miles' team? Yep it is. Is that the same QB who won 11 games? Sure is.
A crap QB is the one who only wins 7 games. A crap QB is the one who disappears against all the top 25 teams he plays.

How can a sophomore who got tons of playing time as a freshman while backing up the senior be a "career backup". You are posting crap for the sake of posting something. You have no argument.

Keep obsessing about Tebow and Meyer, can't get them out of your tiny head. And now you bring up Brantley as well, good for you but that is besides the point. Then again you all love to dwell on the past. Cause you got nothing in the here and now.

it's close to gametime and something evil's lurking in the sidelines
Under the stadium lights you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as the opposing QB looks you right between the eyes,
You're defense is paralyzed

'Cause this is Donofrio, Donofrio it's gonna be a long night
And no one's gonna save you from the offense about to strike
You know it's Donofrio, Donofrio what a long night
You're fighting for your life inside a worthless defensive scheme, Donofrio sucks all night

MJ - I've got to admit that was quite hilarious.

Miami 52
uf 6

Thanks Sunny at least you have a sense of humor.

The Gators were 118th in the nation in passing last year but had the 5th ranked defense in points allowed and finished 11-2. I'd take 11-2 this year for our Canes in a minute. The difference this year is that we lost nobody, everybody got bigger and stronger on both sides of the ball, and our younger players have been through live action games and now understand what it takes to man up late in the game. ND and KS games sucked for us, but it's in the past. Fla lost key players on both sides of the ball and now will be playing freshmen and sophomores who have never seen the field. And we get them early in he season. Go Canes!

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