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Breaking down the Hurricanes roster by scholarships

With the NCAA expected to make its announcement regarding infractions in the near future (we have no idea exactly when) and a few former scholarship players leaving the program of late, I figured it might be a good time to go over exactly where the Hurricanes stand in term of scholarship numbers by position.

Unless something has changed since Monday (in terms of walk-ons and whom Al Golden has awarded a scholarship to) my estimation is the Hurricanes have 76 scholarship players, nine fewer than the 85 allowed.

> Offense: 36 scholarship players (5 QB, 6 RB, 7 WR, 5 TE, 13 OL); 9 walk-ons
> Defense: 38 scholarship players (16 DL, 9 LB, 13 DB); 8 walk-ons
> Special Teams: 2 scholarship players; 8 walk-ons
> Totals: 76 scholarships; 25 walk-ons

QUARTERBACK (5): Stephen Morris, Sr.; Ryan Williams, Jr.; Preston Dewey, R-Fr.; Gray Crow, R-Fr.; Kevin Olsen, Fr. Walk-on (2): Garrison Lassiter, Fr.; Michael Welch, Fr.

RUNNING BACK (6): Maurice Hagens, Sr.; Eduardo Clements, Sr.; Dallas Crawford, So.; Duke Johnson, So.; Walter Tucker, Fr.; Gus Edwards, Fr. Walk-ons (2): De'Andre Johnson, Jr.; Brandon Yosha, So.

RECEIVER (7): Allen Hurns, Sr.; Phillip Dorsett, Jr.; Rashawn Scott, Jr.; Malcolm Lewis, So.; Herb Waters, So.; D'Mauri Jones, R-Fr.; Stacy Coley, Fr. Walk-ons (5): Garrett Kidd, So.; Stephen Sweeney, So.; Malik Mayweather, Fr.; Greg Golden, Fr.; Josh Johnson, Fr.

TIGHT ENDS (5): Asante Cleveland, Sr.; Clive Walford, Jr.; Beau Sandland, Jr.; Jake O'Donnell, R-Fr.; Standish Dobard, Fr.

OFFENSIVE LINE (13): Jared Wheeler, Sr.; Brandon Linder, Sr.; Seantrel Henderson, Sr.; Jon Feliciano, Jr.; Malcolm Bunche, Jr.; Shane McDermott, Jr.; Hunter Wells, So.; Ereck Flowers, So.; Danny Isidora, R-Fr.; Taylor Gadbois, R-Fr.; Alex Gall, Fr.; Sunny Odogwu, Fr.; Hunter Knighton, Fr.

DEFENSIVE LINE (16): Curtis Porter, Sr.; Kelvin Cain, Sr.; Justin Renfrow, Sr.; David Gilbert, Sr.; Shayon Green, Sr.; Luther Robinson, Sr.; Anthony Chickillo, Jr.; David Perry, Jr.; Olsen Pierre, Jr.; Ufomba Kamalu, Jr.; Jelani Hamilton, So.; Corey King, So.; Earl Moore, So.; Dwayne Hoilett, R-Fr.; Al-Quadin Muhammad, Fr.; Naim Mustafaa, Fr. Walk-on (1): Anthony Naser, Jr.

LINEBACKER (9): Jimmy Gaines, Sr.; Tyrone Cornileus, Sr.; Denzel Perryman, Jr.; Thurston Armbrister, So.; Raphael Kirby, So.; Tyriq McCord, So.; JaWand Blue, R-Fr.; Alex Figueroa, Fr.; Jermaine Grace, Fr. Walk-ons (2): Akil Craig, Sr.; Jared Goldenberg, Fr.

DEFENSIVE BACK (13): A.J. Highsmith, Sr.; Kacy Rodgers, Sr.; Ladarius Gunter, Jr.; Tracy Howard, So.; Rayshawn Jenkins, So.; Antonio Crawford, So.; Deon Bush, So.; Nate Dortch, R-Fr.; Larry Hope, R-Fr.; Artie Burns, Fr.; Jamal Carter, Fr.; Ray Lewis III, Fr.; Corn Elder, Fr. Walk-ons (6): Hugo Delapenha Jr., Sr.; Alex Irastorza, Sr.; Nantambu-Akil Fentress, Jr.; Jordan Tolson, Jr.; Andrew McClelland, Fr.; Wyatt Chickillo, Fr.

KICKERS/PUNTERS (2): Matt Goudis, So.; Pat O'Donnell, Sr. Walk-on (4): Josh Bacon, Fr.; Austin Barnard, Fr.; Ricky Carroll, R-Jr.; Grant Coffman, Fr.

LONG-SNAPPERS - Walk-ons (4): Sean McNally, Sr.; Paul Kelly, Sr.; Ronald Regula, Jr.; Frank Gabriel, So.


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Yikes...the truth is told!

CODE RED: immediately change ID, evade the facts, ignore the topic, discredit the source and finally--send insults in hopes of redirecting the person into personal attacks back & forth and away from the truth-telling.

Yikes is a puppet, indoctrinated, self-hating, elites loving slave.

I bigged up the positive that people from desolate urban communities created from the negatives that surrounded them. I'm not bragging about being from an impoverished and dangerous inner city. I mean who would really do that??? Although I'm not ashamed either. I was simply referencing that a coping mechanism that came out of it--is and was the first ingredient of the recipe for Swagger--and thats a fact sir!

If u don't believe me then watch The U documentary again and pay closer attention to what the white and black players, coaches and administrators reference as the root of Swagger. U want to re-write history or something, because your fandom has roots in the hoods and with people U detest and/or don't want to recognize with.

U wouldn't have 5 National Championships nor even be a fan of The University of Miami without the hood. I know, I know, I know...it stings, but it shouldn't even matter. And it definitely shouldn't sting, if so, then U have a problem and it aint me, Calvin or any other Cane fan. I'm not bragging...you're deflecting. Its nothing to pound ones chest about or claim individualized or group superiority for..it is what it is...your problem hearing that is the issue at hand. Some of yall can mention, food stamps (like the racists 9<5<2 and rocket do) and other ills of the hood, but when someone references a positive borne out of it---then they're racist...huh?!?! We can't advance, overcome, or be success without your guidance, permission or tutelage. L.O. effin L!!!

harriet, blah blah blah. Harriet blah blah blah. Mom is calling.

" They ( Good Ol' Boy's! ) want their imprint on everything they hold dear and recognize with. They have a superiority and God complex. "

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 25, 2013 at 01:38 PM


H.T.C. has bloody spoken TRUTH TO POWER, again.

And yes, in my decades of existing among Boss Man and Captain Charley, and their female partners, I have noticed their Almighty Deity complex and what not.

It just goes to indicate that The Man, and Captain Charley don' seem to change their egotistical ways and what not. hUh

I mean thats where our (UM football program) Swagger derives from. That isn't the only Swagger there is and certain IS NOT the best or most ideal form of Swagger. If Swagger doesn't have to be borne out of frustration, despair, or victimization then OF COURSE it shouldn't be. To be confident, successful, intelligent and well-prepared emotionally, mentally and physically DOES NOT to have roots in a struggle of some type. Ideal Swagger is internal determination REGARDLESS of your environment, a nemesis, or a an antagonist present. U shouldn't need a villain to get pumped, focused and determined. So for coaches whose player's neighborhoods and qualities of life are stable, safe, and harmonious on all levels--there is no need to recreate an issue or struggle in order to acquire or encompass Swagger. There's more than one way to Swagger. Ours just happens to be ours. We don't evade, ignore, or become embarrassed of our roots.

BTW, the hood encompasses black, white and hispanic demographics--all who played and left it on the field for those championship we claim. And yes, many of those player's parent's and grandparent's were on public assistance. That doesn't prevent u from claiming the rewards of their blood, sweat, and tears--now does it?

If UM football Swagger doesn't have roots in Little Haiti, Cuba, Italy, Black and other urban communities, then U tell me where it stems from?

Manny, what happened to Corn Elder, RB , Freshman?

Calvin thinks you get paid by the word here.
In my business, we say "less is more."

less should be more now

There shouldn't be anything left to say on that matter. This aint your business--its a blog, I write better than U for free, thus the hating.

Harriet calvin tubman cane:

You dont need to talk about swagger if you have it.

You wouldnt know swagger if it hit you in the mouth

And calvin i.e. You, have brought up some racist crp too. So dont be a hypocrite.

LOL ok!

36 scholarship players (5 QB, 6 RB, 7 WR, 5 TE, 13 OL); 9 walk-ons

DEFENSE: 38 scholarship players (16 DL, 9 LB, 13 DB); 8 walk-ons

Special Teams: 2 scholarship players; 8 walk-ons

Totals: 76 scholarships; 25 walk-ons

DOES AG know what he is doing?

We have 5 QB and 3 committed, yet we can only play 1 at a time. Next year, 7 QB's for 1 position?? SMH..

We have 7 WR (he kicks Carter off the team) and only 2 committed, yet we play 3-4 WR at a time. Next year, we will have 10-11 WR's...Which is good, but this year its borderline...

We have 9 LB, we play 3 at a time, and have 4 committed...Which is good.

We have 13 DB, we play 4 or 5 at a time, plus have 3 committed...Which is good.

Why so many QB's??

Please posters I am leaving the Calvin (Lady Calvina) and the HarrietTubmanCane show.

What a cro**

cAlvina talking to herself.

Go sit in the SoFla sun and read a book, cAlvina/akaHarriet TC...I started saying e-book but changed my mind. I-pad forget it.

Go 'Canes

Thats a great idea, go reload, come back and try again--I'll be here.

Sony Michel aint looking all that great so far in this game. Ermon Lane didn't either.

More interested in everyones major, I want to see where we hide our special Ed kids, you know we have them, the one we took in on talent alone. All the schools do it. They are special majors to keep them eligible and a path the be abbe to steal a useless degree. Again everyone does it, so calm down I just want to see how many.

But they say U are the racist though Cal! Cal, U are the racist one LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What endears them to Coach Golden and D'No so fast and so hard as to begin to question our proven recruiting region and its players?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 25, 2013 at 01:18 PM

LOL, they do, oh well, ask them would they be as nice to shannon as they are to coach goldie & clown 117th if in any year any defense he was over or indirectly over was 117th in the nation, would they be as nice and understanding as they are with this regime, lol.

They ( Good Ol' Boy's! ) want their imprint on everything they hold dear and recognize with. They have a superiority and God complex. "

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 25, 2013 at 01:38 PM

ROFL, in the meantime they're frustrations will contuinue, just another example of why this man is luv'd and hated! A word to the not so wise, "You can't Defeat the Truth, you can only Fight it, but you don't have enuff stamina".

Calvin thinks you get paid by the word here.
In my business, we say "less is more."

Posted by: IMAWriter | August 25, 2013 at 03:24 PM

This is definitely not the type of guy you'd rob a bank with, less you be ready for the "Upper Room"!

All would pick him over you, moron.

The greatest example of a man's intelligence is his ability to summarize-

Lytton Strachey

Calvin D Harriet Tubman true cane- youre fos.

Go canes

U want your truth serum in a sippy cup.

"Calvin come on man!"......come on maaaaan!

Go Canes

Can't you trolls all go away?
What a waste of space.
Manny, please make this a Facebook sign in.

So, Al Golden switched the best RB in TN to db?
I wouldn't be surprised if Corn Elder transfers.
This is another Arthur Brown moment.

I'm sorry, but just because a player comes from Florida, they're not ALL Duke Johnson.

Elder wasn't the best back in Tennessee even tho I'm glad he representing the home.

The best back in Tennessee last year and this year us Jalen Hurd.

The second best back went to ole miss.

Elder as a rb prolly won't be as good as Graig Cooper.

So it prolly best he get moved to db.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 25, 2013 at 03:19 PM

Using Ms Tubman's name as your user name (or one of them) is in extremely bad taste.
That said, UM Swagger was a Jimmy Johnson thing, not a an "Urban, Haitian, Italian, etc) thing.
Jimmah's Cowboy teams played the same way.
Well, yeah, some urban colloquial dancing and showboating, but a LOT of that came from Johnson's take no prisoners attitude, as evidenced by the numerous beat-downs administered to most of our opponents, especially Notre Dame and Big 12 schools.
WINNING, and winning big helped, but Jimmah encouraged the fun. You don't see that from Saban coached teams, yet they often win just as decisively.

Hurd played on a better team, as Elder had to do much of it alone.
I saw both play, and Elder was far more elusive. Hurd is an amazing back, and may in fact, when it's said and done it might be as you say.
Your comparison to Cooper is, IMO not exactly on mark, especially from a talent standpoint.
Elder was also perhaps the best all around athlete last year.
Which MAY be a reason for the switch to DB.

My kids go to BHS, so I have no horse in this race!
Also, I do admit the Florida kids are as good as it gets nationally, as evidenced by the hurtin' BTW put on the GA team today.

IMA Hurd played on a better team???

You know like I know Ensworth is stacked to death with D1 players.

I've actively watched HS football in this area for 20+ years and Jalen Hurd is the best running back I've ever watch with my own eyes!

I thought it was Fred Lane (rip) that played a Franklin High

The truth? Where did you get all these guys 40 times, so you know all these times. The truth has just told a lie.
Tyrone cornelius needs to play saftey. as do jamal carter the recruit. he plays de, but 4.4 speed and his length would make great safety.
The problem with miami is they dont know what position these players are best at.
dion bush has cover ability. may need to put him at corner.
Don't forget these players leave because their attitudes get them in the dog house with the coaches.

let's just wait we play some games and then we can all pass... judgement

nobody get hurt week 1 don't show anything just get out of there win the game get ready for the Gators... like it or not they were better than us last year they are predicted to be better than us this year but that doesn't mean anything until 0:00... is on the clock in a hot day in South Florida in September will know then.

Posted by: Nash | August 25, 2013 at 09:36 PM

This corroborates my point exactly, concerning Hurd. My wife could get 175 yards on 15 carries with Beech's O-Line,. especially against no D. Several teams Beech played last year were WAY over their heads competitively. The quote from the Tennessean on tonight's game..
"And while Tennessee commitment Jalen Hurd did the most damage for the defending Class 5A champions with 177 yards on 21 carries and three touchdowns, he wasn’t the only one.

“They’ve probably got three kids that can start for anybody,” Station Camp coach Shaun Hollinsworth said. “That’s a big deal.”

Dorian Carter gained 175 yards on 15 carries, and sophomore Auston Vanzant added 32 yards on six attempts.
Beech gets the best in the best in the area. Nearly all the TD's scored, the RB wasn't even touched.

Apologies to Canes fans (and trolls) for the egregious off topic.

Bottom line, Elder will leave, go to Louisville or some such, and kill the ACC for the next 3 years, after he sits out the mandatory year.
Hurd is 5'8. Great running backs such as Barry Sanders (not comparing) were barely 5'9"".
VERY rare when 5'8" DB's make great cover guys against all the tall receivers these days.

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